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  1. F4RIO

    747-8 FSX Purchase Page Error

    Question answered. I ran the installation program for the first time on the aforementioned computer. The first dialog box to appear offered the choice of installation under P3D V3 or V4 or both (i.e. it recognized that both were present). the 737 now runs under either version. I was asked for my serial number only the first time I ran P3D. Well done PMDG!
  2. Didn't sign my post, so.... Eric Dziura
  3. Your point concerning how the installer would react if the product has already been installed for one of the two versions of P3D is well taken. Another reason to ask if there is a procedure for the situation described in my post. In answer to your question, I have a fair amount of scenery that runs only under P3DV3 and not P3DV4 that I would like to continue to use. Thanks for your response.
  4. Gentleman, Just purchased a licence for the P3DV3/4 version of the 737. I have a computer with both versions of P3D installed. I would like to install the aforementioned software for use in either version. Your EULA states: "One user may use the Software on the Customer's computer where the software was installed; you may use the Software on a second computer so long as only one copy is used at a time and only after having secured a second license permission from PMDG." Question 1: Is it possible to install the software on my one PC so that the 737 is available in either version of P3D? Question 2: Do I need a "second licence permission" to do so? Questions 3/4: If the answers to the previous questions are yes, how do I do the installs and how do I obtain the "second licence permission"? Thanks
  5. F4RIO

    747-8 FSX Purchase Page Error

    Problem solved (operator error). Ignore all of the above. My browser displays things like fillable windows using VERY thin lines with VERY low contrast. Didn't see the correct box and was trying enter "YES" in the quantity window, which is why the page kept responding with a request for an integer (Doh!!!!). Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. F4RIO

    747-8 FSX Purchase Page Error

    Additional info: Tried again on a separate PC. Could access my account but could not make the purchase. Same symptom. Thanks
  7. F4RIO

    747-8 FSX Purchase Page Error

    No Go! Tried the current Microsoft browser (Edge) and the symptoms remain the same. Can't make the purchase. I think there may be a problem with my account. While using Edge, your site tried to get me to change my password. Something about new security features. I can still download previous purchases. I'm confused. Made a number of purchases previously without difficulty. Help! Eric Dziura
  8. Gentlemen, Trying to purchase the 747-8 (FSX version). After typing YES in the FSX-only acknowledgement box and clicking ADD To Cart, a popup says Please enter a positive integer in this field. Can't get past it. I am logged into by account. Thanks, Eric Dziura
  9. F4RIO

    Simcheck A300 P3D v3.4

    Brian, Thank you for posting these shots and the other information you have provided. I am having difficulty trying to get the FMC Update installation to work. I am running P3DV3 and using the Flight Estonia Migration Tool (I assume when you write "EMT" this is what you are referring to). The A300 installs and runs without problem; but the FMC Update installs but does not appear in the aircraft (I ran the Texture Tool as directed by the FMC Update user guide; I assume this is to install necessary .NET versions). Any suggestions/tips that I might have overlooked to get the FMC Update to function? Thanks
  10. That solved the problem. Thank you, Kyle Eric Dziura
  11. F4RIO

    Correcting FMC Clock While Flying

    Wow! Bad bits somewhere...
  12. F4RIO

    Correcting FMC Clock While Flying

    Good advice; don't want to crash at this point; adding it to my list of things to learn about for the next CTP. Eric Dziura
  13. F4RIO

    Correcting FMC Clock While Flying

    Thank you for the suggestion. Tried that; did not correct the time. Not sure how it got so far off in the first place; suspect that I didn't update my FSX-SE date/time when I first started this morning. Eric Dziura
  14. Is is possible to change the FMC UTC time, possibly on the POS INIT page (enter say 1400Z and press LSK4) without causing a major disruption/crash? I'm currently over the Atlantic during VATSIM CTP 2017 Eastbound and the time is off by 3+04. Thanks, Eric Dziura