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    I love flight simulation and have for almost 15 years...Oh, ok, beside that, I make and install vehicle wraps and auto window tinting. I have my own business, I work from my house and have been in business over 10 years.

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  1. signmanbob

    Just Planes Air Greenland

    Thank you for the review. I just went and bought it. I also love flying my Q400, so this being the Dash8 with a similar cockpit will be fun to watch. Anyway, looking at all of that snow makes me feel nice and warm in Alabama 😅
  2. signmanbob

    Very disappointed by the Carenado FA50

    I have both Falcon 50s and don't see the difference between using the GTN750 with FSW or using the GTN750 with Carenado. I really didn't mind the Proline system that much (I left it on some paints) and was actually getting used to it, even with its shortcomings, but I'm totally head over heels with this beautiful Carenado Falcon 50 along with the new built-in GTN system mod. Both Falcon 50s have great flight modelling and handfly beautifully.
  3. signmanbob

    New Custom CS 757 Sounds

    Thank you for posting this link. I've downloaded and I'm looking forward to trying it out. It sounds really good on the video.
  4. signmanbob

    Very disappointed by the Carenado FA50

    If you have the F1 GTN750, you can replace the navigation. I did it and now I LOVE this Falcon 50. It is perfect!, it's better than perfect!!
  5. I don't see where the download link is 😯 edit: Nevermind. I found it over at the .org 😎
  6. Yes, I remember that this was a well made simulation. I don't remember how to start it now though. I'll have to go download the P3Dv4 version. It looks like your having a lot of fun with it. Thank you for letting me know. Bob
  7. Outstanding pictures. Did Aerosoft upgrade the Catalina to P3Dv4?
  8. signmanbob

    Flysimware got a new texture artist

    WOW!!! That's awesome!! Flysimware will be the ELITE developer of corporate jets and turboprops if you can get those "dad-burn, gosh-darn" textures up to speed. Check out the size of your window and flap handle. They are just way too puny. You are really on the right track now. Wicketbacon will bring home the bacon 🥓💖 Bob
  9. signmanbob

    Bye Bye Miss America Pie

    I've got 5 computers, but only one has W7. I guess it's time to get it up to speed. 🤷‍♂️
  10. signmanbob

    Carenado FA50 EX FSX/P3D

    I don't seem to be having any problem with it so far. I can even use HDG select and get off of the flight plan, then DIR and get right back on it again and it will follow it to the destination.
  11. signmanbob

    Eaglesoft Challenger 605 under development!

    All 4th Generation releases will be for P3Dv4+ I have missed Eaglesoft Developers in P3Dv4 so much. I can't wait until they start releasing 64bit simulations. In FSX, they were always one of my favorites and now it looks like they have improved their texturing so that it is at a level with Carenado. Simply beautiful!!
  12. signmanbob


    So would this be compatible with Active Sky X, SkyMaxx Pro or Real Weather Connector?
  13. signmanbob

    Carenado FA50 EX FSX/P3D

    I believe that this Falcon 50 is the best bizjet that Carenado has offered to date. The avionics seem to be very good to me. I can put my flight plan in the FMC and add my altitudes and the autopilot does a very good job at following everything. The textures are so beautiful that I feel I'm sitting inside a real Falcon 50 cockpit. I can look around and everything looks so real. The flight model is excellent. When I disengage the autopilot this Falcon 50 flies and handles beautifully. I can go manual early in the approach and do a beautiful landing. I am very impressed with this Falcon 50 from Carenado. It's a real keeper! I also have the Flysimware Falcon 50 and it works great with the Flight1 GTN, but Carenado's Proline system is very good. Maybe it doesn't have all of the features of a real Proline, but it has enough to be very enjoyable. Flysimware's Falcon 50 does not have "modern" avionics. It uses the Flight1 or RXP GTN (or GNS) and only has older style avionics without that, although I do like that it works so well with so many different combinations of addon payware avionics. Carenado's Falcon 50 does have modern Proline and Collins avionics that work very well. This Falcon 50 is the best that Carenado has offered to date, in my opinion. I'm very pleased with it.
  14. To me "Study Level" is any aircraft that has a full array of systems along with failures that are simulated. It also has to have amazing visual textures, since if it doesn't then that takes away a lot from the realism experience. Some of the ones that I consider "Study Level" or maybe close, off the top of my head: • PMDG • iFly • Flightsim Labs • Majestic • Leonardo • TFDi • Flight Factor (X-Plane) • Toliss (X-Plane) • Aerosoft/Digital Aviation •Vertical Reality • Vertx • FlyJSim (X-Plane) • Flight1 • AirFoilLabs (X-Plane) • Eaglesoft Development Group (Soon to release the Challenger 605 and Citation X for P3Dv4 )