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    I love flight simulation and have for almost 15 years...Oh, ok, beside that, I make and install vehicle wraps and auto window tinting. I have my own business, I work from my house and have been in business over 10 years.

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  1. signmanbob

    Where Did You Start At?

    It is amazing, looking at what we are using today, to think how satisfied we have been with what was available. But I remember, even with FS2000, that I didn't think it was real looking enough. I still had to use too much imagination. To me what really took a step forward was the use of virtual cockpit and TrackIR. That's when I got addicted. Actually I have a friend that was deep into flight simulator and worked with me at a sign shop back in the mid '90s. He would tell me how much he enjoyed it, but I never thought that it would be something that I would like to do. My friend now has finished building his real world airplane and flies it pretty regularly while I'm addicted to flight simulator. That's as far as I'm going.😊
  2. signmanbob

    Where Did You Start At?

    I started with Flight Simulator 98. I didn't use it a lot, mostly just around Meigs Field. (still have the printed manual somewhere), but I started using it more when I replaced it with Flight Simulator 2000. That's when I took my first flight in a default tubliner and got hooked. I found this video that goes through all of the versions. I found it very interesting and brought back memories. Bob
  3. Hello, I was having problems with this trying to get my thrust levers set up in the new Aerosoft Airbus using FSUIPC. I remembered that I had the same problem with the old version and this document fixed my problem. Well, I found it again and it still works to fix the problem with the thrust levers and FSUIPC. If you are also having problems with this, check this guide out and scroll all the way to the bottom. You will see the instructions for setting up thrust levers with FSUIPC. It works the same way with the new Aerosoft Airbus Professional A3XX Pack for P3Dv4 Aerosoft Airbus Throttle Setup Guide with FSUIPC Bob
  4. signmanbob

    FSLABS - A320 - Thrust Lever Position

    Remember Erich, you are only setting the detents themselves with the settings in the MCDU. You are Not setting the lever travel. Your numbers should be very close together for just the area that you want to be the actual detent. Just enough so it will be comfortable to catch the detent. If the numbers are too close, you will be missing the detent and have a difficult time with it. If the numbers are too far away from each other you will take up the whole travel with the detents and not have any smooth travel, or not enough.
  5. ..and you can pilot in your T-shirt and PJ bottoms.👌
  6. signmanbob

    Best MD-80/90?

    Love the Leonardo Maddog. Can't get any better than that.
  7. signmanbob

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Not sticking up for one or the other, Aerosoft intends on adding holds to their Airbus along with several things that are missing on the release version. It is still a WIP. I purchased the Aerosoft version and also have FSLab's A320 and A319. (also have the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate) I haven't tried the Aerosoft yet, but I do like the look of the FSLab's cockpit a little better.
  8. If you can pose like that you need to get yourself to an orthopedic surgeon.
  9. signmanbob

    Aerosoft A318/9

    It seems that you can categorize it as "study level" as long as you are talking about "Normal Procedures" and not including failures in consideration. It has been said by real commercial pilots (Blackbox 711, I believe) who use these simulations that no airliner available is "study level" when they enter the realm of system failures. The more failures that happen, the less "study level" they are. In other words, an airliner that simulates failures will not takeoff, fly or land accurately with those failures active, but under normal procedures they will be very accurate. So Aerosoft's Airbus doesn't fall short in that sense.
  10. Thank you Rob. You're such a big help. I appreciate it so much.
  11. Rob, what do you think about the 7900X with one Nvidia Titan Xp GPU? Would that be a better fit for P3D/XP11?
  12. Thank you Rob. I just didn't know how else to say it. I wanted to see what the best possible setup for P3Dv4 and XP11 would be. I know a lot of it is opinion and preference, but I wanted to take down the barriers and see what the general consensus would be on the ultimate flightsim PC from what is available today. Even the best Jetline system looks like it could be better to me, and I know that it is the standard of excellence in todays flightsim PCs. Price to performance might be a better way to say it.
  13. Wow!! You sure knocked my socks off! But that is what I wanted to see. I'm spending a lot on a computer (a whole lot for me), but I wanted to benchmark what would be the ultimate flightsim PC and how far I'm going to fall short of that even with what I'm spending. Then use what I'm learning here to see if it would be practical to up the ante just a little in some areas. What I get now, I will be living with for a few years so I want it to be a solid choice. I should have specified that I'm not talking about a full cockpit experience, just the PC. I have a "sim-pit" now and I'm satisfied with it. Also, I'm using PFC and JetMax controllers and I love them. Someday I may go VR, but maybe not either. I hate the thought of having something over my face....yuk. Thank you for putting so much good information into your post, with links and everything. That was so awesome! What do you think of one Titan vs 2 1080Ti/SLI? I will be getting the 18 core Intel i9 processor. Bob
  14. I need some opinions from this expert community. If money was not an issue, what would be the most perfect desktop PC available in todays market for running P3Dv4, X-Plane 11 and DCS? MOTHERBOARD = HARDDRIVE (SSDs) = GPUs (SLI) = RAM = DATA STORAGE HARDDRIVES = POWER SUPPLY = COOLING = CASE = SOUND = OTHER =
  15. signmanbob

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    Christopher, you need to get your priorities straight man! 😝