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  1. Don't try the "Auto" function. That's what I had it on.
  2. Try about 5 minutes at least. I got tired of waiting and shut down X-Plane through the Task Manager. I'll be shutting TerraMaxx off completely until they get some updates. I can't stand pausing indefinitely.
  3. It is well worth it. It will take a little bit to get used to it, but you will love it.
  4. It's ripe for the pikk'n Milviz C310 Redux
  5. Whoa! That's great! Thanks. Bob
  6. Better pushback XPlane11

    Check to be sure that your anti-virus is not interfering with the download. Also, try another browser.
  7. Hey guys, I just wanted to share this with you. I ran across these videos and I believe they are the best tutorial videos on the A320, or actually on many other aircraft, that I've seen. They are called CBT or Computer Based Training. They are really clear and easy to understand, but very thorough. Let me know what you think. Computer Based Training
  8. I have the FF A320 Ultimate, ToLiSs A319 and the FSL A320. All of them are outstanding, to say the least, and I love them all. I believe Rob's mini-review seems to be pretty accurate, but he is noticing things that I'm not picking up on. I don't have any problem with the VC knobs in any of them, although FFA320 has that +/- area around switches that I'm not real crazy about, but I think FF did the best that can be done using that system. I love buying the same aircraft, built to the hilt, by different developers because there are little differences. FF A320 Ultimate and ToLiSs A319 have one little advantage and that is X-Plane 11. I just think it is a better flying environment. On the other hand, I don't see how any aircraft can get any better than the FSLA320 in P3Dv4. All of them are great simulations, but I find the FSLA320 is a little easier to get a greaser landing with. I have no idea why. I did one landing with the FFA320 that was below -50fpm, but I can't seem to do it again and really felt like I was floating it in. I'm having a time getting ToLiSs A319 to get below -200fpm. FSLA320 seems to slip right into the runway centerline target consistently, like greased lightning under or just a little over -200fpm, but handles really well. I'll be honest with you though. Better Pushback is one of the biggies that draws me to X-Plane 11.
  9. New 310R from Milviz

    All this is just a grand conspiracy to put me in the poorhouse. The aircraft keep getting better and better and better and I have to have them all. It's an addiction. I hope I don't overdose. I wonder what that would look like? Milviz, you are making beautiful aircraft. I know that you work with a limited size team, but you sure do a great job. Two others that I am anxiously looking for is the KingAir and the 737-200 for P3Dv4.
  10. You can set up reversers using axis with FSUIPC on any throttle that has enough extra levers, but you will still just get full reverse. I don't think that the simulation supports idle reverse. I wish it did. Bob
  11. Milviz is a very legitimate company and I have no doubt that their KA350i will be outstanding when they release it. I believe that they are practically rebuilding it from scratch again. It was a very loooong long and frustrating wait before Flight1 released this KingAir for P3D too. I thought it may not happen at all, but it finally came. Milviz will come too. No one wants it until it is ready anyway. Bob
  12. Thanks for posting about this. I was getting ready to go to bed and just figured I'd take one more look at the Avsim forum. Bingo! What a find! I hope everyone is remembering to get their big, fat, beautiful discount coupon too.
  13. What is done differently to make a paint in P3Dv4 from P3D or FSX? Also what is the difference in making a repaint in X-Plane 11?
  14. I'll see if I can dig it up out of the closet and have a look. They may have changed it, but I know when I bought my JetMax 737, I was surprised to see that each reverser had a different button. I'm about 99.9% sure that the TQ737 did not. I know for sure it didn't have axis on the reversers.
  15. Regarding the TFDi 717...

    I'm just kidding Benjamin. I just thought I'd pull your leg a little. I've heard that simmers will go on a full-motion simulator and hand-fly the whole trip so they can get the most enjoyment out of it, rather than letting the autopilot have all the fun...I might do that too in that situation. I have both the 717 and the MaddogX. You can't loose on either. They're both great sims, but like you say, the 717 is still kind of in development