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    I love flight simulation and have for almost 15 years...Oh, ok, beside that, I make and install vehicle wraps and auto window tinting. I have my own business, I work from my house and have been in business over 10 years.

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  1. Here is a very nice video tutorial on landing, made by a real 737 pilot and using the PMDG 737NGX.
  2. Well, I re-installed FSX-SE and put some of my addon airports into it, bought the QW787 and I'm enjoying it. Very well worth having the 50% off deal to be able to enjoy it now and get comfortable with it.
  3. I highly recommend Mike Ray's Airbus manual. I have the color wire bound version and it makes the Airbus so easy and understandable. Cpt. Mike is a great teacher.
  4. Me too! Been a while since I went through it, but I'll be studying it again. I think it's at the bottom of my box of manuals
  5. I re-installed FSX-SE the other day, so I'm going to pull the trigger on this version tonight. 50% is worth flying it for a few weeks/months to be at home with it when it is released for P3Dv4, even though I'll be sending this version to the Mohave Desert scrap yard after that.
  6. Thanks, but what do we search under in the library? I'm not getting anything searching under "awreaper" Bob
  7. For those Interested: Prepar3D Version 4 As we previously mentioned, our priority is to wrap up the issues that we have on the FSX version of this product and then we will have a stable post release product to move into the current Version of P3D, which as of October 10, 2017 is P3D V4.1. A popular question over the last week has been “If I purchase the FSX version of the product, will I receive any discount on the upcoming P3D version?” Customers who purchase the FSX version will receive 50% off the cost of the P3D version but this offer will expire 2 months after the release of the P3D version. After that time period, the FSX and P3D versions will be separate costs (69.95 USD each). But this shouldn’t be a big deal...all we keep hearing is that FSX is dead ;-) Thank you for your patronage and helpful feedback on the forums. Your QualityWings Simulations Team
  8. I think so too.
  9. Hello Matt, Do I have to return everything back to default before installing 2.60? Thank you, Bob
  10. It looks great,but I think I'll be patient and wait to see what others think of it too......Not! Skid marks on my credit card again!
  11. This all is just wonderful news. This is exciting news. I have purchased the Q400 since it was a Q300 and absolutely love this aircraft in all versions. I actually had the honor of having a real world retired Q300 pilot come to my home and show me how to fly the Majestic Q300 correctly. He loved this addon also and it's something that I will never forget. It's funny that it is version 4.1 ready, because it would be the only addon that I have that is certified for 4.1. I'm not putting 4.1 on my computer until I see other developers saying that their software is ready for it, but I'm glad that the Majestic Q400 will be.
  12. I see that they extended the "WebSimConnect" to a 3-year free subscription. I'll go ahead and try it out now. That seems like it would be worth having.
  13. I don't know a thing about what your talking about, but those screenshots look amazing. Obviously you know what you're doing. Bob
  14. This is a great story and it is well deserving to save this 737-200 as a memorial. I love it when the good guys win, but I am very sorry that the great captain was killed. The tip of his finger was worth more than all of those hijacker's lives put together. Alan, thank you for all of the additional information. That was a very good read. Thank you, Bob
  15. Yes, I can understand that. It has been a very long wait for this 787 as it is, but for me, having it released for FSX is like not having it at all, so I'll just have to keep waiting. My FSX has been parked in the Mohave Desert for about a year now. Which is not really so bad because I have plenty of outstanding aircraft to fly while I wait, and I'll be studying along with Angle of Attack 787 training, so that I'll be ready for it when it is finally released for v4