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    I love flight simulation and have for almost 15 years...Oh, ok, beside that, I make and install vehicle wraps and auto window tinting. I have my own business, I work from my house and have been in business over 10 years.

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  1. signmanbob

    Warbirdsim Took My Money, No Product

    Yeah, don't waste no time. File a dispute with Paypal right away. I believe you only have 45 days and that will go by fast. "We place support as the number one and respect all our customers needs." - Warbirdsim 😒
  2. signmanbob

    PMDG MD-11 P3dV4

    Hello bnm, The first thing that you will be told here is that you need to display your real full name on your post. I just thought I would warn you ahead. Next, I believe this question has been asked many times because, along with myself, many badly miss having the MD11 in P3Dv4. Bad news is that we probably will never see it and even if one could alter the code, PMDG would not allow for that (or even the suggestion of it). Like I'm doing, just keep FSXSE on your computer for the MD11 and a couple of A2A's aircraft that are wonderful, but are not available in P3Dv4. There will eventually be a decent MD11 for X-Plane 11 which will be made by Rotate. I'm looking forward to trying it, but don't expect it to be PMDG quality.
  3. signmanbob

    Family shot.

    Great picture. Very real looking. I'm glad no one got hurt.
  4. signmanbob

    P3d Wont start up!!!!

    This works the same way. Just turn off any added scenery and try to start the sim. If it starts, then just turn on the added scenery one at a time.
  5. signmanbob

    P3d Wont start up!!!!

    I would first download "Scenery Config Editor" and use it to turn off any recently added scenery. You most likely have some scenery that isn't playing well. Be careful to only use scenery that is specified for P3Dv4. Sometime it is advertised as for "P3Dv3 and up" which is not necessarily P3Dv4. Scenery Config Editor Just point it to your P3Dv4 in the settings. When it comes up it may even show some conflicting scenery. Even if it don't, turn off any scenery that you might have added. Save and try to start the sim. Bob
  6. signmanbob

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    I'm not having any problems with FPS. I'm staying at over 30 about all the time. I'm also using the F1 GTN750.
  7. signmanbob

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    I'm loving this airplane. What I pleasure to fly. A2A has done an awesome job, as always, way beyond expectations.
  8. signmanbob

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Nice news to wake up to!...Thanks 😀
  9. signmanbob

    A2A Accu-Sim Bonanza V-tail promo video is up

    That looks awesome. Flight simulation is so exciting now days!
  10. signmanbob

    MD88 Iberia Malaga-Madrid

    Beautiful!! I love the Rotate MD80, but the only thing that gripes me about it is that the CDUs are locked together. That's just distracting for such a beautiful simulation.
  11. signmanbob

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    He probably means so you can set up a joystick to use as a tiller without using the rudder and actually see the tiller moving in the virtual cockpit, like in the Majestic Dash8 Q400. I always set up my tiller with FSUIPC and it seems to work on most aircraft, but some you don't see the tiller moving, or you can't steer with the tiller in the virtual cockpit using your mouse.
  12. signmanbob


    Linky Dinky Dink?
  13. signmanbob

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    That's GREAT news!! Let me slick up my credit card....
  14. signmanbob

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Unfortunately, knowing myself, I'll buy both....😊 Thank you for that link. Bob
  15. signmanbob

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    Umberto, I want to suggest that if you find you have a lot of spare time and want to fill it with constructive development...I mean like if you see that you are hanging around the family too much and just getting on your wife's nerves...please make GSX v.2 for X-Plane 11 and I'll be glad to pay the full price for it all over again. 😉