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  1. FS Global Ultimate mesh for P3D is 70gb. It covers the whole world with mostly 30m mesh, and the moutains look much better than MSFS after the update.
  2. The elevation data looks very low from the pics posted above. Is there really an update of mesh?
  3. There is an updated elevation map that shows most areas have been updated to 32m and 16m, and it can go as high as 50cm! But the mountains that I see are nowhere near 30m. I'd like to know the impression of elevation data change from the others.
  4. My most anticipated update is the elevation data / terrain mesh. So I downloaded the update (9GB program update + 4GB from the market), and took several flights to some famous mountain areas. To my biggest disappointment, I can see no change. It’s still the flat, rounded, and smooth mountains everywhere. Have I missed something or done something wrong? Have you notice some elevation data / terrain mesh enhancement after the update? Or is your experience the same as me? I am eagerly looking forward to your opinion.
  5. My biggest complaint is the trees everywhere look like broccolli from above. On the ground they look OK. Wish there be more varieties.
  6. Can anyone forgive my ignorance and educate me what slew mode is?
  7. We are probably referring to two different things. I am talking about digital terrain elevation, which is quite lacking in MSFS. You might be talking about ortho resolution, which is mostly very good even for default maps.
  8. I really wish there be a MSFS version of FS Global. Why not!
  9. I checked the mountains near Hiroshima in the new Japan scenery. It's still quite flat and rounded. It's definitely not 5m, more like 70m or worse.😭
  10. 1m resolution digital elevation? This must be a dream coming true. My biggest complaint of MSFS is the low resolution mesh. I think the default mesh might be below 100m and it makes the mountains too smooth and rounded. The free HD mesh for XP11 is 30m and it looks so much better than that of MSFS. With 1m mesh resolution the mountains will look like real mountains. Can't wait!
  11. That's very much my concern. I have been an long time fan of Microsoft ever since DOS era. They seem to have the capacity to create a lot of good things ahead of time, and kill it very abruptly. They have so much money, creativity, and commercial power that they can afford NOT to care much as us. Just wish it were not the case this time.
  12. I'd really like to know how it is selling. Any clues? I cared about MSFS so much that I am also concerned with its future. Is the revenue big enough to maintain the cloud server? I did not have so much concern back in the FSX days. I know even if it is discontinued, we can still play it and even improves on it, as it turns out to be the case. But not for MSFS. I know there is an offline version, but it makes much less sense.
  13. What do you mean by saying "Orthos4XP already works in FS2020"? How and why? Doesn't FS2020 already have global orthos built in?
  14. I think terrain mesh (DEM) is one of the weakest link in this otherwise beautiful sim. The mountains and hills look too smooth and rounded. If you fly above the same area in P3D or Xplane with high resolution terrain mesh and you will see the difference.
  15. My most recent post on Chinese social network Weibo praising MSFS but criticizing MS/Asobos’s lack of sign of support for VR. It has 360,000 reads, 54 comments, 207 retweets, and 160 praises within 2 hours. Most of my followers are neither flight simmers nor VR users, but they want MSFS in VR. https://www.weibo.com/1687198333/JblSjEDBW?from=page_1005051687198333_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime&type=comment
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