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  1. Pimax is learning from past experience, and Pimax 8KX has evolved into quite a premium headset. I have more faith in the upcoming Frontier headset as I have more contact with Pimax executives. In fact I am a part of this project, more or less. We are in a good age. The future of flight simming is very bright indeed. This plus MSFS would be ... Metaverse.
  2. I'd rather have a broken product and wait for the fix than delayed and delayed.
  3. How is the trim wheel? Does the lack of axis assignment cause any problem?
  4. I have never achieved ideal trimming with buttons. It's either less or more. Is it normal? Any tricks?
  5. Yes there are now many training materials out on Youtube. Maybe too many of them. I mean they are scattered around and one needs to dig hard to get the gems. In comparison FSX lessons are very focused and structured so that beginners can easily learn step by step, and other levels of simmers can easily find lessons suited to their needs as well. FSX lessons also integrated manuals, text instructions, pictures, graphs into unified courses, and you can hear the instructions during your tutorial missons. The Youtube videos are...just videos.
  6. The current built-in MSFS lessons are fun but very shallow. The FSX lessons are very comprehensive, covering many aspects and defferent levels of flying airplanes. It's no comparison.
  7. I just reinstalled FSX to take some lessons again, and I am in awe. It's comprehensive. It's deep. It's step by step guidance with text, pictures, and real mission tutoring with the legendary Rod Machado. I really wish these fantastic lessons can be incorporated into MSFS. Good lesson is a necessity for any flight simulation, and it's especially so for MSFS as it is meant to attract a much larger new population into this hobby.
  8. I have given the Flightvelocity trim wheel some look, and the user review is mixed. It seems to have compatibility problem with MSFS.
  9. This looks quite inexpensive and interesting. I mean the nav panel. 😀
  10. Where can we download driver 450.48? The oldest on Nvidia site is 457.30.
  11. I am tired of trimming with joystick buttons. It's so awkward and frustrating. I'd really like one with a wheel or slider that can be linked to the trim axis. But it's very hard to buy one that's ready made. Saitek used to have a standalone trim wheel but that's not even available on Ebay. Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant has embedded a trim wheel, but I heard it can only be assigned to trim buttons, not axis. Will that be a big problem? Can any of the sliders of THRUSTMASTER TCA Quadrant be used as a trim wheel? Are there any other commercial choices out there? I can't DIY and I don't have the time. Thank you for any suggestion in advance.
  12. Does this impact the fps of other games in the same way as MSFS?
  13. I like marketplace. It's a good channel that makes the purchase much easier. Some people prefer direct purchase from vendor. Both ways are good and different. They complement each other well.
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