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  1. Good to know. Sorry I haven’t been to this forum for a while. Thank you!
  2. This is the first time I heard of a USB to Ethernt adapter can be used to plug the Pico 4 into a gigabyte switch port. What app do you use for streaming, Pico streaming assistant or Virtual Desktop? I am very eager to know. Thank you!
  3. VR for me. Can't go back to 2D flying and other gaming.
  4. It depends. photogrammetry is good for some cities, and for airliners at least 2000 feet above the ground.
  5. I agree. I believe Bijan's trees have better shapes/models. They are also more consistent in regional outlooks while retaining natural transitions and varieties.
  6. Actually I like REX trees much more than default MSFS trees, which look OK from ground level, but can be a big eye sore looking down from the sky. The tree canopy is too rounded like mushrooms, or broccolis, just not real trees. It can be worse, as they often gave my goose bumps, thinking about diseased skin. You can see the pictures in this post: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/please-make-trees-look-less-rounded/498857 REX trees have much better shapes and don't look like mushrooms or broccolis. The reason why I like Bijan's trees more is because they have more varieties, just as Gsalden has said above. I like REX from FSX days. Really wish they can keep up the wonderful work and make it even better.
  7. I like the trees of Bijan more than Accuseason, but I am worried it seems to have stopped development.
  8. It had jittery every several seconds, but now it’s gone. Mine is 9900K + 3900, grahic high/ultra, DLSS balanced. Framerates around 34 over London. Quest 2 bandwidth maxed. SU 10 is godsend for VR. I am very happy.
  9. This place is never heard and beautiful. My goto place is Aosta Italy and French Courchevel airport. I like this kind of post that introduce the beautiful places for flying. Keep it going!
  10. I will. As a foreigner and travel enthusiast, I'd very much looking forward to this kind of app for MSFS. The more the better.
  11. Really wish the VR support could be the future, now that pancake lenses are going on fashion, and higher resolution is already on its way. Don't go back on the future.
  12. This really looks impressive. How is its VR performance?
  13. Interesting. Any proof for this claim? Is it even better than 12900KS? I am looking for the BEST CPU for MSFS.
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