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  1. Assuming the x buuton is the issue then Asobo still need to be highlighted to the issue and remove it.... not telling users not to use it.
  2. MSFS has not been designed to run full screen... It has been designed to run full screen or Windowed. You don't understand why people don't use full screen simply because you cannot see the way people use the sim beyond the way you do. There are many reasons why you would want to run windowed, Inc VR when the monitor is not your primary display.
  3. If the programming team have left the "X" button in place, then it is considered a correct way of closing the program. If it is not the correct way then any programmer can remove it in 60 seconds. Like I said this is a Asobo issue not the user. If it is been left in then you cannot specify it is the incoorect way of using it.
  4. I am always shocked and dismayed about the amount of people who seem to have nothing better to do than to try and blame the users for every little issue that pops up. I myself have absolutely no idea why the Safe Mode issue occurs, however what I can tell you is that closing and application by using the “X” button is not only an acceptable way of closing an app on PC products, in most cases it is the ONLY way of closing Microsoft Software. They have built an entire culture of using the “X” button over many, many years and quite frankly trying to suggest that it shouldn’t be used is laughable. Even if using the “X” to close MSFS2020 is actually the problem, then it can (and should be) simply removed, like 100’s of other PC apps and games which do not have it. Either way it’s an issue that Asobo can sort out.
  5. The other point I would like to highlight from my orginal post is how poor the "Checking for updates" situation is. Yeah sure, in my case I caused the problem. However in this day and age for updates to cause an issue that you cannot recover is again rediculous. Steam never has this kind of issue.
  6. Unfortunately you haven't read my orginal post. To clarify... It tried to download 115GB when I first started it after a 3 month gap. It was only after that download failed that I touched anyting. The community folder delete was only a reaction to get the download working again and I accept my actions after that resulted in a full download. Howvever that does not explain the orginal requirrement for 115GB update
  7. Indeed yes. However if 3 months of missed updates is 115Gb then either Asobo has changed 90% of the Sim or thier updates are terribly ineffecient.
  8. I would agree but the full download is 127gb... the my initial update was 115GB (which is not a full download)
  9. Thats the point I am making. Its clear to me that if you miss updates, you don't just download the latest one (i.e SU5) it downloads all of the ones you missed.
  10. Not sure what the difference is? Its clear to me that the total amount of downloads are the same if you update ever couple of weeks or wait 3 months.
  11. I am a casual simmer... no mods, no tools. Nothing. I haven't even purchased any offical add ons. Not sure why this is being twisted to try and make it look like these huge updates are somehow my fault? If there is someone else who hasn't updated their install for three months and didn't have the same experience as me then I would be inclined to pay more attention. However as you have no direct experience of such things then the suggestions are unhelpful
  12. I hadn't modified anything. I hadn't even added anything into the community folder (I only treid deleteing that folder because I found a post that said it might help deleting the folder even if it was empty). All I have ever done is start the Sim and use it.
  13. I like to start by saying that I really do apprciate the dedication from Asobo and MS to constantly develope this Simulator. However, after saying that I am getting more and more frustrated at the size and the method of theses updates. This is my quick story... For various reasons I had not touched my Sim for about a long while. It started with a few week gap but then I knew I would have to download a large update and it would be impossible to use without a considerable delay... so I left it. Then I realised 3 months had passed so the other day I bit the bullet and fired it up. I was expecting a 20-30GB update perhaps? Nope, it was 115Gb (one hundred and fifteen).... and this wasn't includingworld updates or anything... it was just the update required before I could get into the menu! ....seriously??? Three hours later I had downloaded around about 40Gb of that update when the cat jumped on my PC, stood on the power button and performed a hard shutdown! %$&! Then when i booted up I was stuck in the "checking for updates" loop. An hour of cocking about ensued but nothing would fix the issue (emptying the community folder etc). So I was forced to perform a App reset. That initiated a full fresh download of 127Gb. So with the cat selotaped to the wall I left it downloading. Many, Many hours later I was back up and running again. However I wasn't done because apparently the "full install" download doesn't include the world updates which had to be downloaded seperately. So in all my few week break resulted in about a 200Gb download in all. Ok yeah, some of this caused by the bloody cat but seriously the size of these updates are absoutely rediculous. I mean the full fresh download is 127GB. In the 3 months i didn't use the sim I had a 115Gb of updates waiting... which is 90% of the full Sim!
  14. Wow! I know Microsoft like integrating MSFS2020 into the OS but to add a Throttle/Prop/Mixture as a "must have" is very forward thinking! Do you think this will count? https://uk.turtlebeach.com/pages/velocity-one-flight
  15. Its quite amazing really I have seen many posts over the years by Fuzzy and Braun in enthusiastic support of VR and they have now also seemed to have got to the same point I reached a while back. I have been with VR since the early days of the Oculus dev kits, it showed so much promise. Unfortunately it has really stalled. The hardware is not really changing and each new headset only brings a tiny improvement. To make matters worse the PC hardware is the same, each release of a CPU / GPU only brings a few percent improvement over the last. At this rate it will take years to get the 50%+ performance improvement VR really needs. To make matters worse mainstream VR has lost sight of the word "Reality" in the phrase "Virtual Reality" instead they are concentrating on playstation type games. I think the days of Assestto Corsa and P3D were the sweetspot for VR. Then as games have become better graphically the power needed for VR has become to much of a gap. Sure you can cock around with endless settings and drivers but really the problem is there really isn't enough umph to get satisfactory fidelity. Yeah you can turn down settings but whats the point have having the latest game graphics if you are dialing things down. When Assetto Corsa competizone was release I was excited that it was given VR but it became clear after the 1st few patches that VR performance was never going to be addressed. Its the same story with MSFS2020. I don't think the software vr performance will change much from this point forward and you can't even buy yourself out of it because even a top CPU/GPU combo doesn't cut the mustard. Its sad but i just cannot see any major improvements comming in VR performance in the short or medium future.
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