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  1. There are plenty of reviews out at the moment that are not being objective and distorting the picture. "Normally I would get microstutters/Lag... but this is way better".... oh yeah? How exactly does replacing a screen improve performance of a sim? I am not sure what people are expecting? The Quest product is aimed squarely at the standalone market. All the improvements on the quest3 are at aimed at Meta selling more mobile games on their store. Virtually zero effort has gone into PCVR on this device. If you want better flight sim clarity there are already several specific PCVR device availible.
  2. That is not an accurate summary of the situation. Quest 2 resolution = 1832 × 1920 Quest 3 resolution = 2064 x 2208 Yeah, the quest 3 has better lenses and perhaps slightly better FOV but even the most enthusiastic reviews only rate the Q3 visuals slightly better than the Q2. I think its fair to say that the biggest Q3 improvements are for mixed reality (which wouldn't benefit the MSFS in game experience. There are already many Q3 owner reviews that are already questioning the worth of the uplift over their Q2
  3. Their are plenty of Businesses dressing up regular payment models. If you have to pay xx amount every xx weeks (depending on your use) then to me that has always been and always will be just another disgused subscription. There seems little doubt that this release is not going to be a one off payment for the continued use of the full features of this product... therefore however you choose to described their continual charging model is just gravy. I am sure that the developers of BATC will do an oustanding job of spinning any potential regular payment system as "NOT a subscription", I don't think they are in need of any members assistance.
  4. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/subscription an amount of money that you pay regularly to receive a product or service:
  5. They released MSFS2020 in August 2020... and wasn't bothered about the name being outdated 4 months later. If they were worried about dates in the title they would probably do what they did with the jump from w98/w2k to XP and take the year out the name.
  6. Given we live in a world where you can now buy "EA sports 24” now (and virtually every EA previous "year dated title" was released the year before) we can perhaps forgive this question being asked. However the MS flight Sim titles are in the minority of titles that do actually release in the year in the title. Most talk about the MSFS 24 release date gets shut down, hence the repeated question. However, I don’t think it is unfair to summarise… Defo a 2024 year release MSFS2020 was released in mid August 2020 There has been some indication that the Msfs team has been concerned about hitting the 2024 target and clarified pressure to hit the 2024 timeframe (which may feed logical speculation of a late 2024 release) I think the most optimistic speculation has been late Q1 to Q2 2024 Therefore to summarise, I think a speculative window of Late Q1 to Early Q4 2024 is as narrow as you can get ATM
  7. Thank god they finally fixed the left ashtray, this was a show stopper for me.
  8. Doh!, Literally just spent hours exiting Beta (and all the associated problems going back to the release version) to get the 250 tablet back in VR. I wrongly assumed that this was another VR issue that they would take forever to fix. 🤦‍♂️
  9. Not sure what your MS store issue could be BUT I have Windows 11 and the MS store version of MSFS .... and MSFS2020 hasn't been listed in the MS store for ages... all MSFS2020 installs/updates are now in the Xbox app! Log into the xbox app (with the is you used to buy msfs2020) and you should see msfs2020 in your library. Any updates, installs can be done from there, not the MS store.
  10. Meanwhile... at budget airlines they will probably take the more frugal option of just employing Roberts
  11. I think you have misunderstood my post. I like the advance flight model and the intricacies of flying the 250, i just don't bond with the comanche as an entity. Many years ago I rocked around in the A2A C172 in flying old school VOR in P3D... loved it. I don't know what it is about the comanche, I just don't find it endering at all.
  12. ... of course you can, but I am not sure of the logic of posting this in a thread specifically about alternates to Navigraph? Alternatives maybe more of a faff but personally I would rather put the £96 towards my yearly quota of Ledaig 18 year old!
  13. I know in here this is going to be a welcome as a cold-nosed dog in a nudist camp but... I dunno why but I really can't get on with the Comanche! I have now completed about a dozen hours in the 250 and although their is little doubt that the realism, sound and attention to detail is completely off the scale, for some reason I just do not bond with it at all. It finally came to a head recently when I experienced some kind of inflight engine failure. As I slowly drifted towards the ground and whipped out the old emergancy checklist I realised I didn't give a fig about it at all. In fact I was more concerned about my virtual doggo sat next to me! I've now migrated back to the humble C182. Yeah it not even in the same league as the 250 but for some reason I find it far more full of character... and something I actually care about keeping out of the shrubbery!
  14. UK Charts (not the easiest to navigate) https://nats-uk.ead-it.com/cms-nats/opencms/en/Publications/AIP/
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