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  1. Just interested... what are you using the XR toolkit for? Since SU10 Beta with DLSS and various VR fixes I found the toolkit to be redundant.
  2. For anyone interested in what happens after the queen has died, this video goes into detail of the well planned procedure codename "London Bridge is down". So far events have happened almost exactly as descibed in this video
  3. In every Mirosoft product ever made, you mouse click on the down arrow to expand a menu.... except bloody MSFS2020 controls options! It catches me out every single time! Forget your low FPS, microstutters and CTD... this really boils my word not allowed! Nuff said.
  4. It always amazes me when someone comments who has never experienced this issue, has clearly no idea why it happens and yet somehow is able to give expert advice on how its probably something the user did and not the softwares fault.
  5. I have to say that the update has been that good for the pimax that I no longer have a need for the XR Toolkit (i've disabled it)
  6. Found some more... Aeroplane Heaven Lockheed Electra 10 Asobo Fokker FVII Triplane Asobo Carenado Beech 18 Big Radials Grumman Goose FlightFX HondaJet H-Jet Nemeth Designs Aerolite 103 Wings42 Boeing 247
  7. Recently I have invested quite heavily on VR/Yoke based setup and unfortunately I am finding it quite immersion breaking when flying a stick based bird using a yoke. Therefore I thought i would try it was possible collate a complete list of MSFS Aircraft that are yoke based so that anyone in a simular position can get a good idea of the full scope availible. Below is a list of the MSFS base aircraft that use a yoke... and i was wondering if anyone could chip in with any add-on aircrafts they have found that use a yoke? Boeing 747-8 Boeing 787-10 Daher TBM 930 Textron Aviation Beech Baron G58 Textron Aviation Beech Bonanza G36 Textron Aviation Beech King Air 350i Textron Aviation Cessna 152 Textron Aviation Cessna 172 Textron Aviation Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX Textron Aviation Cessna Citation CJ4 Textron Aviation Cessna Citation Longitude Any suggestions, much apprciated.
  8. I am surprised that no-one has mentioned this yet but it looks like SU10 has a big fix for the pimax, widescreen now works flawlessly.
  9. Assuming you are only going to be using the Aero for seated flying and you do NOT want to use VR contriollers for anything then one basestation will be enough.... If you do want to dance around your room in VR or use VR controllers for anything then you will need a 2nd basestation. Looks like you have already got a HOTAS + Rudder so you shouldn't need anything else for your flight sim (VR controllers arn't any real use in flight sims) ... fogot to mention base station mounting... It doesn't matter that much how it is mounted as long as it gets a clear view of your headset at all times (i.e. You monitor isn't blocking view). Also the basestation can be problematic if it is placed to close to you.... ideally you need a min gap of about 6 feet.
  10. Hey Jean-Luc, Firstly I would i like to say how much I appriciate your work on the toolkit. Amazing work. One small thing I would ask, is there not any way to make the menus easier to use? I don't know if its just me but I find that trying to navigate the menus in VR while using a "vulcan deathgrip" keyboard combination really, really difficult. I know the main purpose of the VR menu is so you can see live changes but it would it be possible to have the option to perhaps have a simple 2d windows desktop menu to change settings?
  11. Edit... I meant to say "which is exactly what VR does!".... "exactly what VD does" is a far more eye watering subject!
  12. I would also like to point out that everryone keeps mentioning the HP G2... but there are better resolution options out there like the Pimax 8KX and Vario Aero. The main issue with VR now is not so much the resolution of the headsets but the top end kit needed to run it. If you want top end VR resolution you probably want a Vario Aero + 3090 + Processor in the last couple of gens + 32GB memory. Yeah you can have varing degree's of decent VR resolution with lessor kit but if you want top drawer it can be achived if you have the money to spend.
  13. Sadly you are incorrect. Biologcally our eyes only see 2D. The only way we see 3D is by our brain combining 2 x 2D images at different angles.... which is exactly what VD does!
  14. Sorry, I disagree. For me it was definately WIn11 Windows 11 was an absolute nightmare to get updates installed. Luckily a fresh windows installation is really quick these days (especially when you have all drivers and 3rd party software on a usb). I went from a MSFS2020 file installation nightmare on windows 11, to a MSFS2020 file installation dream on windows 10 in less than 30 mins.
  15. As much as I like MSFS2020 in VR it has to be said that after performing a fesh install it becomes apparent that the setup process for VR is ridiculous. Skipping the various software installations, here is a summary of tweaks and setting that is currently recommended. 1) Process Lasso (why the heck windows doesn't do this by default?) 2) Pimax Pitool various settings (or what ever headset you have) 3) Nvidia control panel settings 4) Steam VR settings 5) NIS shader settings 6) MSFS render / antialising settings When you take a step back and consider the infinate mixture of different settings you can have and trying to figure out which is best for you system it becomes a bit of a joke. Ok, I accept most of this is not unique to MSFS2020 but when people talk about VR becoming mainstream they need to take a good long hard look at this layered mess of software and sort VR out so it is a kin to plugging a monitor!
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