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  1. mikelockwood

    Royal Bhutan Airlines Repaint

    VC10man, I've been trawling through various forums/websites etc for a Bhutan Airlines livery for the PMDG 737. I stumbled across your post, and as you said that you'd found one, I'm dying to know where. I know that your post is almost a year old now, so I hope that you see this and reply. Many thanks, Mike
  2. mikelockwood

    Keyboard assignments in FSX

    Thanks Keven the video is really informative, I think that answers what I wanted to know Mike
  3. HI all, I'm currently using Ezdok V1 and remember that when I first set it up, I had to go into FSX settings and delete any keyboard assignment that related to views. I'm really interested in moving over to Chaseplane and am quite happy to completely uninstall Ezdok so that I get a fresh install with the new program. My question is, does Chaseplane reset all my FSX keyboard keys to default or is something that I still have control over? The reason I ask is because probably some key assignments I'd still like to keep. Keep up the good work Keven if you are reading this. I think that your products are groundbreaking and refreshing in the flight sim world. Regards, Mike
  4. mikelockwood

    VoxATC 7 Beta bugs

    Just wanted to add my name to this problem. Flew EGKK to LEMH today using 7.3 in PMDG 737. Flight was perfect until just after aquiring glide slope at LEMH. FO was asked to contact tower for landing but could not change radio to tower frequency. I did continue to touchdown and cleared the runway myself. Re-checked radio and found that it was now set to ground frequency. Moved backwards and forwards between active and standby and then atc told me to clear runway! Ended up finding my own parking spot just to finish flight as I could get no further sense from atc. I definitely think that this is worth reporting so that the developer can look into it. Unfortunately I never kept a log I only stumbled across this topic tonight. mike
  5. 777200lrf, thank you for your reply. I've never thought to do that so I'll definitely take your advice. Mike
  6. Thanks for your reply Russell, I agree with you that full screen is better and this is how I normally fly. I only use window mode when setting up a flight e.g. activating Track IR or maybe researching a flight plan etc. Up until now using alt/ent has never been a problem. Since I wrote earlier I've installed an earlier graphics driver which seems to have cured the problem although I still need to carry out a full flight to be sure. I have been experimenting with using the mouse during the course of trying fix this problem and do agree that this is the way forward. I guess I've just got in the habit of using the keyboard. The other thing that I discovered while troubleshooting was that one of my USB connections was loose. I can't be 100% sure but I think it was the trackir one. I have a feeling that this was making and breaking causing all the crazy graphics problems. So maybe two problems in one? Well time will tell once I've been able to carry out more tests. thanks again, I'll post again if there are any further developments. Mike
  7. Hi all. Has anyone experienced problems in Fsx Steam changing backwards and forwards between full and windowed mode using the alt/enter keys. I never did until recently. This problem appears to have started around the time that I changed back from Dx10 to dx9 after using Steve's fixer. I also updated my Nvidia graphics driver at that time. I have discussed this with Steve who assures me that his fixer shouldn't cause the issue and am currently in the process of trying an earlier driver to see what happens. Basically what is happening is that my vc cockpit will disappear or only leave sections of it showing. Externally, I get a flying cockpit and a pair of wings. Sometimes the entire aircraft disappears inside and out. The worse case scenario is all of the above plus a black or black/white horizon from which there is no recovery. I can still hear the sim running but can't see a thing. Usually Esc will get me back to the main screen where I'll see a twirling black aircraft with bits missing that looks like it's been in a fire lol. If I'm careful and use the onscreen menus instead of the keys then I can manage to fly mostly. It just seems that physically using thr keyboard makes it worse. I use PMDG aircraft but have experimented with stock aircraft also. I've tried starting with a fresh fsx.cfg file as well. I suspected Ezca might be the culprit so reinstalled that also. i haven't got the fastest setup in the world and up to now it's been fine so I don't think it's my specs. I'm running Windows 7 64bit with I7 sandy bridge 3.4ghz and nvidia geoforce 950 card. Any suggestions/ comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  8. mikelockwood

    NVidia 378.66

    Ok thanks for the prompt reply Steve. I think I'll try an earlier driver and see what happens. The problem only started around the time that I uninstalled your fixer and updated the graphics driver so obviously those are the 2 things that I'm focusing on. Maybe it's something completely different 😕. I think I might try a new alt/enter thread and see if others have experienced this problem. thanks again, Mike
  9. mikelockwood

    NVidia 378.66

    Thanks for the reply Steve. Could you just confirm for me that I have done nothing wrong with FSX by uninstalling the library files in your program and then deleting the program afterwards. I'm concerned that I may have corrupted the original shader files in FSX that are used in DX9. I'm not completely sure how this all works, do the files that are converted into DX10 shader files convert back to the original DX9 files when you uninstall the libraries? If you can please confirm that everything is in order with the procedures that I have carried out, I can eliminate your fixer from the equation, then I'll try an earlier driver and see what happens. I have never personally had any problems using alt/enter in DX9 before so that is why I'm so puzzled by this recent development. Many thanks once again, Mike
  10. mikelockwood

    NVidia 378.66

    Steve, I may or may not have a problem with this new driver. I have been experimenting with your fixer and installed the new driver around the same time. I've now decided for various reasons to go back to DX9 so I uninstalled the libraries and uninstalled your fixer. Since then I'm having problems changing from window to full screen. I get black squares or a completely black screen or sometimes no cockpit. All the time I can hear the sim running in the background but can do nothing to recover the flight. I found this thread by accident by the driver number while searching for answers. So my question is, is it the driver as some people seem to think, or have I somehow managed to mess up my shaders by uninstalling incorrectly? I also use Ezdok and suspected this might be a problem so I reinstalled it. I also removed my fsx.cfg file and generated a fresh one. I'm using the Steam version. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks, Mike
  11. I downloaded the latest PMDG Operations Center in preparation for buying the 747 release. I've now noticed that my JS41 which originally was shown as FSX-SE enabled now only shows as FSX in the drop down menu. I know that the aircraft works ok in Steam, but where have all the livery options gone?? I hope that another Operations Center update will follow soon rectify this. Has anyone else come across this problem?? OK cancel that question! Just remembered that all the old pre Operations Center liveries are available for download direct from the PMDG website duh!
  12. It will be worth the wait. I have a corner of Heathrow waiting for the arrival. First I'll add a livery, probably British Airways ( hope PMDG have a few ready to go) then set up Ezdok and explore that wonderful cockpit from every angle. A quick run through of the basics (yes I will read the manual later) and then I'll be firing up those 4 engines and rolling out. Maybe a quick flight down to Paris playing with the controls and panning around the outside watching 4 contrails snake out behind, then .................... Etc. Etc........ Mike
  13. mikelockwood

    ground textures changing near moving aircraft

    You may be on to something with the mesh. I do use FS Global 2010 so that may be the cause. I recently bought FS Global's AFM program (Aerodrome Flattening Mesh) to deal with those troublesome airports that are in a trench or on a plateau, so maybe I'll try it on some of the more level airports and see what happens. A couple of feet difference in elevation may be enough to cause this issue. I will report back. Thank you all for your help. Mike
  14. mikelockwood

    ground textures changing near moving aircraft

    I did think about AFCADS, but this happens at FSX stock airports and it doesn't matter what aircraft I'm using either. Mike
  15. mikelockwood

    ground textures changing near moving aircraft

    I have been researching this problem myself and never found an answer. I know that this is an old thread but can anyone answer this? Surely since 2013 someone must know? Mike