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  1. Thanks dick and Chock Brian
  2. Hi Just purchased chaseplane and recieved a serial number but no download. I know I am a bit thick but could anybody tell me how they got their download thanks Brian
  3. Hi Could somebody please help me out. I have installed T2g EDDM into a folder with a p3d exe in it. In the EDDM folder there are four folders,bin,data,doc and effects. When I follow the steps Jim outlined up thread,when I press submit I get an error Folder does not contain scenery data Thanks for any help Brian.
  4. Hi Vaughan Thank you so much I looked everywhere for it Brian
  5. Hi Can anybody tell me how to uninstall this plane. It is not in the control panel so where would I find the uninstaller? Thanks for any help Brian
  6. Hi As the title states has anybody done it,and if so how. Thanks for any help Brian
  7. Hi Jim Thanks for the info. Brian
  8. Hi Just installed p3dv3 for the first time and a bit confused. In settings/ world should I see a scenery library as all I have is three tabs realism,time and date,weather. Thanks for any help Brian
  9. sapper


    hicould somebody tell me witch language french controllers use. TIAbrian
  10. hi allsorry i did not reply any earlier.mad dog was right. When i changed my browser to ie7 i was able to print my f/plane. Thanks everybody for your repliesbrian
  11. I wonder if anybody can help me. I seem to have lost the function to print the flight plan in fs. I have done a search but to no avail.thank you for any help.
  12. does anyone know when the update that jd emailed us is comming out .i replyed to his email but have not recieved the test build thanxbrian
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