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  1. I just came across this post by googling "" looking for answers and was surprised to find this. On Thursday 21st I loaded MSFS and there was a Mandatory update for which surprised me as I wasn't expecting another update until next week. The post title describes my situation perfectly. Somehow it's done me a lot of damage too. My FBW 320 has disappeared as well as my PMDG aircraft. The PMDG Operations Center shows that I have no aircraft which in turn does not show my aircraft in Navigraph. Windows Control Panel shows many of my programs installed but the "date modified", "type", and "size" are all empty. Even unrelated items e.g. Nvidia drivers, Bitdefender etc are blank. I'm not even sure of the full extent yet, just doing damage limitation now and reinstalling all the blank ones to be sure. I suspect a registry problem. The only other possible culprit is REX Accuseason Advanced which I installed around the same time. There have many problems with this that a well documented on many forums. If anyone else has had similar problems in the last few days, I'd be interested to hear your comments. Many thanks, Mike
  2. Only found out today. Can’t believe it, inspired me through my early FSX days. R.I.P. Matt
  3. I am getting some of the issues described by various people. I have TC installed on a separate drive. Could this possibly cause issues with missing aircraft etc? Mike
  4. This is what concerns me. Rex started off behind but they do seem to be keeping on top of updates. I’m also drawn to the weekly season changes in REX rather than every 45 days. Thank all of you for your opinions. Think I might give Accuseason a try. regards Mike
  5. Hi All, I know that this subject has been covered before, but I can't find any recent comparisons between Bijan Seasons 7.2 and the latest Rex Accuseason. Most comparisons are 10 months old now and from what I can gather Rex has grown up a bit since then. I already have the Bijan product but I haven't seen much in the way of updates for a few months. Anyone got any thoughts/suggestions on this? Regards, Mike
  6. Regarding reverse thrust for the PMDG 737 in MSFS, I found that this worked if you have the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke/throttle quadrant. Make sure engines are running. Go to Controls menu make sure filter is set to ALL. Select your flight yoke option. Go to Power Management/Throttle section. Look for "Throttle 1 decrease". Click on empty left hand column, and in window that opens click on search by input. Press down throttle lever (black knob "Z" axis) to indented position. "Z" should appear in left column. Make sure action type is set to "On Press". Validate command and apply and save, Now do exactly the same for "Throttle 2 decrease" Now go back to the cockpit and depress the throttle, you should see both throttle reverse levers come forward and the main forward levers stay at idle. Just lift the physical lever out of the detent and throttle returns to idle. This method will only give you full reverse thrust but it does the job. I personally couldn't get other suggestions posted on forums to work but I know that some people have had success. Hope this helps all you Saitek users out there. Regards, Mike
  7. Frank, I think that teleportation, space/ time paradoxes or wormholes could be the problem 😜 Mike
  8. Phil, yes I found out afterwards that there as indeed a server outage which have a bearing on my problem. Thanks for your input. Frank, I tried your suggestion of signing out and then signing back in, but unfortunately that didn't work. Looks like I've lost a lot of flying hours! Yes, I've also had the "in the vicinity" and 0 landings and takeoffs. I guess over time Microsoft/Asobo will get it right, still early days yet. Just a suggestion, but if you really want to start over again, why not recreate your profile? Many thanks Mike
  9. Hi All, today I sent the following to Zendesk which is self explanatory “When I first launched MSFS today I had a message stating that the internet connection was lost (my internet was working outside of the simulator). I'm not sure if that is relevant but I mention it just on case. I then had a message saying that Content Manager was not up to date, I could not get off this screen so I had to use End Task to close MSFS. I closed down the PC and when I went back a couple of hours later and launched MSFS everything was working fine, lost connection problem had disappeared. I carried out a small flight in the Cessna 172, live weather etc all good. At the end of the flight, this was recorded in the log book, but when I looked more carefully, this was the ONLY flight recorded!! I have lost over 70 hours of flying time!! Is there any way to recover this?? Is there a back up somewhere??“ Has anyone else experienced this? And you have, is there a solution.? Many thanks, Mike
  10. Pranav, it certainly sounds like a hardware problem if you’ve tried everything that I’ve suggested. Ray is absolutely right about contacting the company that you purchased the yoke from. Don’t give up and let us know how you get on. Regards, Mike
  11. This may seem obvious, but have you opened the Logitech control panel and gone to the Programming tab to see if your yoke is responding to the inputs from the buttons/yoke movement etc? You could also try opening devices/printers in Windows Control Panel and check the Properties to see if the yoke is working properly and also try Windows troubleshooting the device while you're there. Maybe you could try the yoke on another PC? I'm just trying to establish if it's a software issue or that you do actually have a hardware defect with the yoke. Hope this helps, Regards, Mike
  12. I found that if you install the Logitech software/drivers available from their site, then you will find that the yoke clock will change to the PC system time and also the yoke will be programable if you wish to change the default button settings. Here is the site address https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024151314 Regards, Mike
  13. Ok thanks for clarifying that Dave, must have me then. It was just a coincidence that on that particular flight I had asked for higher clearance which is something I don’t do all the time especially on short haul. thanks again, regards Mike
  14. Hi Dave, I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. Does P2ATC know what your cruising altitude is? Say for example the flight plan says cruising altitude FL 350 but after reaching this, at some point in the flight you request say FL400, is P2ATC aware of this when calculating your descent? The reason I ask this is because I did a flight the other day but found that I was too high when I was approaching the airport which resulted in a go around. Should I have maybe have asked for descent back to FL350 a few hundred miles out so that my descent would give me the correct approach level as per the flight plan? Or did I just mess up my descent 😛. It would be nice to know for future use especially on long haul. Many thanks, Mike
  15. Thanks for the prompt reply Dave. I've just completed a flight EGKK to LEZL successfully using P2A so I agree with you that it must be the plan. I was thinking also of sourcing the plan elsewhere and trying to import it and if successful with filing the new plan, then exam the 2 together to see if I could spot any differences. Anyway it's good to know that there is a workaround for such cases. It's the first time that it's happened using P2A. I've been thinking more about this, and I seem to recall the odd occasion when I've used P3D for flight planning and crashed P3D with a rogue plan. Thanks for taking the time to research this for me, you offer a superb service, perhaps it may also help someone else if they have the same problem in the future. Regards, Mike
  16. Well it's the next day. I've tried to file the flight plan and now P2A is crashing again. I tried some different gates but still the same happens. Here is a copy of the AppConfig.xml which hopefully you can glean some insight from. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8gbgue5ycqzd09/AppConfig.xml?dl=0 Thanks Mike
  17. Hi Dave, Well I'm at a loss. I booted up today, loaded P2A, imported my plan. Loaded P3D, same airport EGKK, same gate. Connected P2A to the sim, validated and filed and everything was fine. I tried to think of anything that I did differently from last time. I remember when I wrote to you that I had opened P2A first and was studying the flight plan before I loaded P3D, whereas this time I had the sim already running before I validated and filed, so I tried both ways and the plan filed either way. Last week I had the simulator set up to fly the plan in July 2020 (it's where I'm going on holiday this year and I wanted to fly the route under the same conditions) Today I tried just using today's date just in case time was an issue, but the plan still filed ok either way. So I can only conclude that a fresh reboot was all that was required, maybe it was just one of those quirky things that happens sometimes 😕 Tomorrow I will fly the plan and see what happens. Many thanks for all your help, Mike
  18. Ok thanks Dave, I’ll carry out all your suggestions and report back tomorrow. Wife will shoot me if I do any more experimenting tonight 😜. Seriously though thank you for a fantastic service. Regards,
  19. Dave, I do have calculate safe enroute altitudes checked, but this wasn’t just a delay, the little blue circle whirled around for about 30 seconds then the program just disappeared altogether from the task bar and had to be restarted each time. Mike
  20. Dave, thanks for the speedy response. Not sure what you mean by procedures? I’m away from my PC at the moment but I believe that I have P2A set up to add the sids and stars automatically to my imported plan in the config menu. I’ve never ever used Autoplan is this what should be using? Many thanks Mike
  21. Hi Dave, I've been using your program for about a month now and am very satisfied with it. So far I've had no problems whatsoever. I think personally that it is the best ATC product available on the market right now especially with the voice interaction. Today I tried a flight from EGKK to LGTS but after validating the plan every time I tried to file it, it caused the program to crash. P3D continues running ok, it's just P2A that disappears. I use Simbrief to create the plans and import them into P2A. I've made sure that my Navigraph cycle is the same for Simbrief/P2A/PMDG so there should be no disharmony there. I'm using P2A version _R3 by the way. I only realised to today that I had been using R2, so I updated to R3 hoping that there might be a bug fix. I tried an earlier EGKK flight plan and that loaded ok so I'm thinking that it could just be EGKK/LGTS plan that is faulty in some way. I tried revising the plan but this made no difference. I've attached the last 3 log files and a copy of the flight plan. I hoping that you might be able to tell me what's wrong with the plan just in case this happens again at some future point, but also it might help you eliminate this happening in the future if there is any revision that needs to be fixed in P2A. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r11yay0tkb8y7i1/P2A_2018_Trace_File3.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xh770gvicnpneq/P2A_2018_Trace_File4.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qxp5gqayavg09b9/P2A_2018_Trace_File5.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hawrha70swufm90/EGKKLGTS_FSX_19Feb20.pln?dl=0 Many thanks, Mike
  22. Update to my previous post. After doing more research on this, I found an article about using a second monitor. During the 10 day trial I had been experimenting using Pilot2Atc on my side monitor. This morning that monitor was switched off. You know where this is going right??? I switched on the 2nd monitor and there it was 🥴. Apologies to Dave. I'm now off to eat a large portion of humble pie. Mike
  23. Dave, I downloaded your 10 day trail version and was was very pleased with the product. Today I paid out $60 only to find that now it doesn't work at all!! I get the above error message which tells me that another instance of Pilot2Atc is already running. I can only see one running in Task Manager and the only way to close the program is by ending the task. To start the program I am right clicking on the desk top shortcut and running as administrator, the program loads and then immediately minimizes to the task bar. I can't restore it, maximize it or close it. I have re-booted several times, uninstalled and re-installed it, deleted the Pilot2ATC folder on my C drive and cleaned the registry. I don't know where to go from here and am very disappointed. Regards, Mike
  24. Many thanks to you all for replying. I think that your suggestions of an external box or the Thrustmaster option are good idea. It will give me a lot more control and organisation. Thanks again, Mike
  25. Hi everyone, I've been using Chase Plane for some time now and have been very happy with the product but I was wondering how you all assign your camera positions. At the moment I am using a Saitek yoke and throttle quadrant. I normally assign multiple cockpit views to the 4 cardinal points on the hat switch e.g. captain's view, captain's FMC etc etc to the 270 degree position, overhead views to 0 degree position, and so on. I have up to about 5 or 6 views on each point of the compass which involves a lot of scrolling through each point. I also use Track IR to supplement this, switching on and off as required. For exterior views I have assigned various positions to the 4 keyboard arrow keys, which again involves some scrolling through each view Anyway, I think that there must be a tidier and more efficient way of organising things and would ask that some of you could share you own set up with me or provide me with any suggestions. Many thanks, Mike
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