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  1. thanks guys ill contact both the company that i bought it from and if that doesnt help ill certainly contact the credit card company.
  2. tried all of that nothing happened there is no response to the yoke movements or buttons i tried it on another pc and had the same issue. also as i already said contacted logitech about this and they didnt help at all saying that being in a different country from the United States (from where it was shipped) they cant replace my product due to their warranty limits.
  3. i have the drivers installed and it worked fine for 3 months its been like this for the past 4 weeks. Regards, Pranav
  4. I bought a logitech flight yoke and throttle quadrant (together called the flight yoke system) about 3 months back. for the past 4 weeks it has not been working. When i connect it to the pc the screen lights up and shows 00:00 and nothing happens. usually the time is displayed there. Non of the buttons are functioning and the pc does not recognize any input from the yoke or throttle either. i went through all the steps that i could find online including trying to reset the controller on the registry editor. nothing seems to be working. contacted logitech support and they said they cant help because im in a different country and their warranty does not deal with that(which im very disappointed about). their support staff helped with nothing useful giving me the same things to do as those already on the internet. still no luck. i even went through the trouble of resetting my laptop thinking that might help. my specs that im connecting to the yoke are : core i5 8th gen, 8gb ddr4, 2gb ddr5 vram(radeon 530 tm), windows 10 home single language build 2004. help would be appreciated as this is an expensive product that i purchased and just saying logitech wont help and giving up on it is not an option. thanks in advance, Pranav
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