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  1. Me too. That’s why FG is the best. It’s smooth as silk as well. Best investment I’ve made in flight sim hardware in years.
  2. any one have a changelog for tomrorows update?
  3. where do I find my serial number if Ive purchased from OBRX? I found my order but there is no key?
  4. Didn’t you guys already say tomorrow the 19th?
  5. They’re awfully slow though they’re very very good at what they do.
  6. Domenic looks amazing. I bought it on release.
  7. yup! + SWS is doing a TBM 850 910 and 960. I'll probably wait for that.
  8. Does the 850 external body differ much from the 930? I know they’re planning on using the default 930 external model right? I think I can see that the winglets are difference from the 850 to the 930.
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