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  1. C:\Users\Jordan\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages mines empty? i really need my manuals! Any ideas?
  2. sorry yes NO vertical guidence on the HSI so I can't fly anything with Vertical mins
  3. Any one know if these guys are going to do the other airbus models (319 321)?
  4. I got it. Best Carenado yet! Sounds are amazing with headphones on whe the props arent in sync. The AP works great too! The one problem I have is when I fly a RNAV app I dont get any lateral guidance from the HSI so I gotta always fly to LNAV mins which kinda sucks.
  5. So i downloaded the HF today and flew the Carenado PA34 from YYG to YYT and the WX matched the METAR almost perfectly! Go give it a try. Maybe i just got lucky but it was great.
  6. Does the AP work ok? No Alt Select I see.
  7. Im not too sure. I bolted mine to a frame so i cant see. Worse comes to worse just put a floormat down with some velcro. The TPRs have the same action real rudder pedals do, the MFGs move more side to side and in my opinion look odd.
  8. Take the springs off of the back maybe? Why would you want to do that ?
  9. TPRs. They feel like real rudder pedals and are under $800.
  10. Any way to adjust Trim Speed if Im assiging it to a button?
  11. I agree. There is a really good YQG On flight sim.to FYI. Greetings from Essex!
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