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  1. Theyre currently working on YVR YYCv2 and YXU.
  2. That’s what I’m talking about, it’s very very low refresh rate compared to your FPS in the sim.
  3. Do the guages have a faster update rate? I purchased it when it cam out and the refresh rate of the DU's was terrible.
  4. I have a 1080ti 11g and I've been crashing non stop in the PMDG 744. v5 is POS at this point if you ask me. I never had these problems in v4.
  5. I bought the first version, which they NEVER fixed. I'll never buy an advanced airplane from Aerosoft again, the CRJ was completely useless. The thing couldn't even hold and LNAV track. BlackBox711 on Twitch has done a few streams with it and he think's its not very good either. I'd pass.
  6. Too bad they didnt metion whether or not the 744 us getting an EFB yet
  7. Has LM said when the hotfixes are coming?
  8. I purchased their 757 years ago for FSX and I'll NEVER make that mistake again.
  9. The previous gen card prices never go way down, ever. The retailers sell off the stock at maybe a 2% reduction and then thats it.
  10. Im trying to figure out if i buy the Skarklets addon if I can use the EFB in a non sharklet 319/320
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