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  1. fakeflyer737

    Using Navigraph Charts Desktop with P3Dv4

    I run it over wifi on my iPad
  2. fakeflyer737

    US Airports

    Really? So I can see jewtays to an airport and take the old static ones out?
  3. fakeflyer737

    US Airports

    Does it have moving jetway in v4 version of KPHL? THANK YOU
  4. fakeflyer737

    Next aircraft

    I'm in the same boat. I own two small businesses and have my first child on the way. I'd love to fly the 744 or the -8 but I just don't have time. I usually do short hops in the NG and the FSL320. The NG3 is really what I'm hoping is coming next.
  5. I hope the Vertex G1000 screens are bright and easy to read. I could never stand the F1 mustang and F1 182 G1000 screens, they where kinda blurry and dark looking and I'm using a 1440p monitor.
  6. fakeflyer737

    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    Will Aurasim ever get an update? The AIRAC is so old.
  7. The work has started on the NG3 I assume as well?
  8. fakeflyer737

    PTA vs EvShade

    Where are the presets in evshade? I don't use the textures.
  9. fakeflyer737

    PTA vs EvShade

    PS: Im using REX SkyForce + REX TD+ Active Sky WX Engine.
  10. fakeflyer737

    PTA vs EvShade

    So I'm getting frusterated with PTA's many settings so I purchased EVSHADE thinking that EVshade is a competitor to PTA...is this correct? I cant find in the interface of EVSHADE where to adjust all of the shaders like you can in PTA.
  11. fakeflyer737

    FSDreamTeam Hawaiian Airports - Are the Updated for P3D4

    Are the airports better than the FSDT stuff? I see they have PHNL PHOG.
  12. fakeflyer737

    FSDreamTeam Hawaiian Airports - Are the Updated for P3D4

    Where is this package?
  13. fakeflyer737

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    I think GSX 2 is more for developers.Using it they could easily avoid making Jetways and just require people to have GSX installed. I have GSX 1 and I don't really care about moving PAX or editing Jetways (don't have time) so I probably will never buy it.
  14. fakeflyer737

    Michael Greenblatt - FS has lost an Icon....

    Been 7 years today. RIP Buddy.
  15. fakeflyer737

    Lets look at KONT