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  1. Exactly, which makes it a repellent thing to fire up the sim, it just looks disgusting, literally.
  2. TBH with you, what you see now is far from "amazing" which could be seen before SU5.
  3. I feel bad for what you have endured for so long.
  4. Well if I'm understanding your post correctly, I presume that we can both agree that another whether hot or not fix is needed? Rather than Mr. BS's "no hotfix please" from his very first post, right? Now based on your sane, educated feel of justice, who is the one stirring the pot, judge? Save your persuadsion for Mr. BS and stop the madness, thanks.
  5. You're absolutely right! Just because some of you are having a "good" experience doesn't mean that "no hotfix please" is a good call for those having a bad one. And also, BTW, who told you that you're wrong? I was just quoting BS's post and then you come from nowhere to tell me have no right to tell you that you're wrong? Stop the madness please.
  6. The last line of your each post is what you really mean right? Keep the BS thing up buddy.
  7. Oh my! Why would someone make a lame excuse like a thesis for such an obvious nasty intrusion on our eyes? Holy krap! Save it for your watering eyes!
  8. GENERAL OPTIONS-DATA-MULTIPLAYER ON this was the one made the difference for me
  9. May I ask where to edit these parameters? "EyeAdaptation 0 ColorGrading 0 Sharpen 1" Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the heads up, FPS boost indeed after uninstalling this update on my end.
  11. Oh thanks a lot Emerson! It really is, never noticed that area with this function... appreciate it!
  12. Hi guys, hope u all have enjoyed the sim so far, couple of questions regarding the servers: 1. After logging into the sim, is there a way we could know which server we're in? 2. Which server we logging in depends on what, IP address or the region setting in Windows? Thanks!
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