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  1. Thanks Luis for your help. I must admit it was too much work for a tiny piece of land but at the end, I can see the mesh showing up unlike before.
  2. That blimp is cool. I heard a lot of theories about it, one says that is a radar to detect UFO in Lajas!Ok, I extended the hydro poly which fixes the part of problem but now I gonna have to actually modify the poly to follow the the coast line on the black rectangle, right?Else, that little chunck of Rincon will be submerged in water. I mean the two grids to the left where you placed the arrows.
  3. Hey Luis, did you miss the news from DHS (Homeland Security) about a new initiative to stop illegal immigration and smuggling? Yeah, I was trying to simulate it! :( So seriously, do I have to retrace the hydro poly around the coast line of the default scenery to fix the problem?
  4. Hola Luis,Thanks for your help, it fixed the problem. Now I got this other problem!
  5. Hi guys,I'm trying to relocate a small island to the west of Puerto Rico called Desecheo. Apparently the island was misplaced in the default scenery. I'm trying to use SbuilderX v3.13 to do the job but I'm having problems with it. For some reason the option "set as a hole" for polys is not working and it remains on after selecting the parent hydro poly. Is it a bug?Thanks!Jay
  6. Made good progress thanks to Luis! I still have to futher align the image but we're getting there. Here's the lastest.
  7. Thank you very much Luis...I'm gonna get to work on this stuff right now!
  8. Luis,Do I have to redo the coastlines in order to align the land class as you just shown? I guess that would be the way to go.
  9. Hi Luis y feliz ano nuevo!. I'm strugling with how to align the image. Can you show me how you did it? I used glwarp to reproject but is not good what I'm getting. Good news is that I used your Region trick with excellent results!.Thanks
  10. Luis,I finally converted the RAW into a GeoTiff but it took a lot of work. I have another version for you to try which is much closer to what you said but still I have more tweaking to do.Also check out MDST. It's surrounded by Mangroves. I'll try to get it fix in the next round.
  11. Thanks Luis, any programs out there that could help me reproject the image?
  12. For Luis and anyone who wishes to try it.I made a bunch of changes based on the legend. I ran resample with the "Dither" option.I'm open for suggestions and improvements before I finalized it and upload it to the library.Thanks,Jay
  13. That seems to be the same map I'm working on. The legend will help me a lot. I did noticed a bug? in FSX...I was flying from KJFK to MDSD and during descent, FSX used winter textures and after a while it started to load the summer textures. Weird!I took the map in photoshop and isolated every color in its own layer. Some of the layers were consolidated because the legend I used is generic (NLCD).I'm gonna keep readjusting the values using your legend.My last revision was using:default:57sandy/clay/rock:131wetlands:45pastures:7shrubland:16evergreen:33deciduos forest:61mixed forest:24transitional forest:16towns+crops:31low urban:117high urban:101urban recreational:101commercial:101
  14. Saludos Luis,It's been a while since I worked on scenery design. I got tired of seing DR so empty!.I did some googling and found http://edcintl.cr.usgs.gov/macga/dominicanrepublic.phpI wished I had found something with better resolution but it's a good start.Question, what would be a good default land class for DR? I'm using 32 (dry tropical woods).What do you thing of these values:default:32grass:32wetlands:45forests:33towns+crops:30low urban:109high urban:105comercial:101I did a program to clean up the raw image of invalid values that photoshop creates. It also places a class 30 randomly for all class 33, so you would get farms (fincas) in the forest areas.I'm also updating the afcad of MDSD to change runway 17/35 to 17R/35L and added a 17L/35R (closed for operations).
  15. It's working! I didn't add NullValue to the inf file.
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