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  1. Luis,I had uploaded to the library PRX v1.12 which is the end result of applying the land class polygons. I must admit that this feature is awesome!Juan
  2. Hi,Did anyone try to put a cvx bgl with land class polygons on top of the regular land class bgl?What would be the advantage?Regards,Juan
  3. Hi,I was able to fix the problems. I noticed that when excluding a hydro polygon, I had to use a completely separated shapefile dedicated for the exclusion only which created a single bgl.Now I have:cvxpur.bgl - for roads, bridges, parks, beaches and their related exclusionscvxpurfw.bgl - for freeway traffic (the exclusion still doesn't work)cvxpurehpx.bgl - to exclude hydro polygonscvxpurehlx.bgl - to exclude shorelinescvxpurhp.bgl - to define new hydro polygons and shorelinesAs for the shorelines, the SDK says that the shapes in a HLX shapefile should be polygons, that confused me because I was drawing the shoreline as a polygon and it was not working. I decided to convert the polygon into a LINE and it worked.I'm running FSX SP1 with FSX SDK SP1.Regards,Juan
  4. Thanks Holger for your help. MS/Aces did a good job with the general shorelines of PR and I don't think that should bother to redo them but I want to fix a lake near TJSJ that has two polygons/shorelines inside each other creating a conflict...http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178074.jpgIf I exclude the shorelines from that lake I get this...http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178073.jpgHow can I fix that lake?I thought that I should exclude the lake entirely and create a water poly and then a shoreline.ThanksJuan
  5. Hi,I'm working on an update for my Puerto Rico project and I have a question for the experts. I'm trying to redo the entire shoreline of the island but the shapefile that I have contains a collection of "outer polygons" that represents the sea...so one can imply that a side of a polygon could be considered a shoreline. If you look at the picture, the gray areas are the outer polygons.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178037.jpgThe question is, is there an util or program that can facilitate the creation of the inner polygon without having to plot it by hand?Thanks to Luis for his excellent tutorial document! I was able to add sandy beaches to PR!Regards,Juan
  6. Ok, I got it.Just had to use the guid corresponding to the new tower under the section. Excluding and placing the actual object outside of the Section were not necessary.Regards,Juan
  7. Hi,I'm trying to replace the default tower at TJSJ with another generic one but after excluding the old tower, the new tower loses it Virtual Tower, in other words, You can not use the Air Traffic Controller feature.This is part of the code...it's just pieces of the puzzle:
  8. Luis,That photo reminds me of Loiza, PR!Looking good.Juan
  9. The easiest thing that you can do is, decompile the bgl, find a parking spot that you can spare and change the type from "PARKING" or "GATE" to "VEHICLE" and finally recompile with bglcomp. If you need more help, just ask the guys at the Scenery design forum. They're very helpful.Juan
  10. What you need to add is parking spot of type "VEHICLE" and connect it to a taxiway or apron route. That should do it.Juan
  11. To what airport do you want to add the fuel truck?I could try to create an afcad bgl to add it.Juan
  12. Luis,I noticed the same while trying to to clear the path of the Moscoso bridge at TJSJ. I had to create a polygon of grass to exclude the autogen in the vecinity.Juan
  13. Guys,You can test my PR scenery at wont be there for too long.There's no readme in the zip just yet...To install it, extract the zip file to your FSX addon scenery folder.The scenery is not done yet but I need some feedback!Current Issues:1.Two-ways freeways: No plans on making them. It takes a lot of time and efford.2. Too much freeway traffic: I might have to make a "lighter" version perhaps.3. Broken/not continuous roads: No plans on fixing smaller roads or non primary roads at this point.4. Land Class: I tried hard to make it look close to the island as I could but the area around TJSJ is hard to fix.Put your feedback in this post.Enjoy and thanks for your help,Juan
  14. Good news,I did what Dick said but to push his idea a little more, I just moved my freeway data to another folder and ran shp2vec without the -addtocell flag. Guess what, it worked!...no more default freeways or 4x4 racing on the dirt. I didn't have to even put a little line with 0 lanes at all! I used the freeway data with no modifications but I compiled it by it self (no roads, parks, excludes etc).Thanks man!Juan
  15. Thanks Holger,My input is a .raw of almost 2 gigs so its takes a while to run. Something strange is that it didn't take that long with the old resample. I gonna comment it out SamplingMethod to see what happens.Juan
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