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  1. I have been trying for weeks to get to the dodosim support forum on hovercontrol and the entire website has been offline for weeks. Are they gone? Emails to dodosim support go unanswered as well for weeks. Anyone with a clue?
  2. My 4790k at 4.6 runs noticeably slower than my 6700k at 4.4 in P3D4. I'd say 13-23fps on the 4790k in one scenario compared to 19-27fps for the 6700k. The 6700k was never a very good overclocker and I struggle to even get it to run at 4.4. Voltage and temps are also not the problem. The board just refuses to be stable past 4.4. Bad motherboard or just luck of the silicon I don't know. I too am on the cusp of upgrading the 4790k to an 8700k for the same reason and am hoping to get 5.0 out of it. I assume that the 8700k will also be noticeably faster than the 6700k. I am hoping to see my minimum fps increase to a lot closer to 30 in the same scenario which would be ideal. It's a lot of work, time and money to spend for what could be minimal gains and I am still deciding if it is worth it.
  3. So P3D V3 doesn't work with SLI? If not then FAIL. No way to mod the profile to make it work? That means it won't work for me in 3D surround.
  4. j0nz

    P3D V3 WOW...go buy it guys

    I didn't WANT to have to buy steve's fixer to fix orbx's constant dx10 issues with their scenery but you know what, sometimes you have to or else you're just out of luck. I am buying P3d this weekend. Am hoping that I don't have nvidia 3d surround issues with it. Can anyone comment on whether P3D works in 3d surround? I suppose if it doesn't then I can ask for a refund. Can't wait to switch to VR next year. Too many issues with nvidia surround...
  5. Was really looking forward to this fixer fixing problems with orbx products that shouldn't be there (but that's another topic altogether) but am having serious FPS issues when using this product. Sitting on the heli pad at Jefferson before the fixer I am just about at 20fps with most settings to the right. After the fixer I am at 16, maybe. The difference between 20 and 16 is a lot though when it comes to control. Across the board I'd say my fps is down about 15-20% when running with the fixer. Disabling it returns the fps to normal. I thought I was supposed to get a good boost? Any ideas?
  6. j0nz

    P3D v2.5 SLI test results, up 33%

    Hi all, is nvidia surround across 3 monitors working in this sim yet? I have read some posts that say SLI performance is disabled in this scenario. I have dual 760s at 5760x1080 and want to obviously get max performance in surround at this rez. My system also can run 3D surround and I was wondering if this will work in P3D? There doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there with regard to my surround setup working in P3D. I would have no reason to try P3D if there is poor surround support as FSX supports it right out of the box without performance penalty. Thanks.
  7. First I've heard of such a setting. Must be exclusive to this iracing game. FSX as far as I know doesn't have such a setting either and no game I have ever played in surround does either. Thanks for the clarification though. I have gotten used to the fish eye myself and it never really bothered me. In FPS games it's always been somewhat of an advantage since I can turn sideways and see far away if someone is there! It also would seem to me that such a setting would greatly decrease frame rate if each screen is being rendered separately?
  8. I don't understand this surround distortion issue that many here are talking about unless it is an issue exclusively with P3D. Games that are played in Nvidia surround will ALL have this stretched fisheye look on the side monitors when facing forward. It's just part of the price you pay for surround play. I have been playing games and simming in surround since 2007 when TH2G came out. I moved to 3D surround 3 years ago or so and the fish eye issue is and always will be part of the compromise. I have no idea how P3D handles surround since I can't seem to find any info on the web if triple monitor surround resolutions are supported in this sim. I have found some threads that say they are but SLI doesn't work which I'm not sure how that's possible. I've also found some that say there is a significant performance hit with surround in P3D whereas with FSX there was none. If that's the case then potentially for me P3D will perform much worse than FSX. I was actually going to buy P3D this weekend but now I'm reading that V3 is coming out I don't want to spend $60 now just to have to spend another $60 when the new version is released.
  9. Great info thanks styckx! I figured that would be the case from what I have gleened out there myself. I have 760SLI so I am ok on the gaphics front I think. If I can run Battlefield 4 with all settings maxed at 50fps then hopefully I can do the same with Prepar3d. Interesting to see what kind of issues I get with 3D though. Does the sim come with any aircraft at all? I don't know what to expect as far as default aircraft and terrain.
  10. Hi all my first post here and sorry haven't read every post in this thread but was wondering if nvidia surround resolutions and 3D are supported in this sim like they are in FSX? I fly in 3DVS now and can not give that up. I also would be flying the dodosim 206 and other choppers so I need to know if this sim has built in choppers and whether or not they are realistic to fly unlike the default FSX choppers? Any issue with 3rd party USB controllers etc that I should know about. Thank you so much in advance!