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  1. boez

    Unread Content not working

    Thanks for the suggestions guys but why should we need workarounds? It used to work perfectly until a few months ago and just never seems to have been fixed....
  2. boez

    Unread Content not working

    Still very unreliable for me. Sometimes toggling condensed and expanded seems to fix things but not always. Frustrating experience as it's the only way I access forum content. (Chrome on an android tablet)
  3. Have you got the water detail slider set to Ultra? If so then this causes the GPU to drop out of its maximum performance mode...
  4. boez

    Unread Content not working

    Not working for me. Worked for a while then when coming back from reading a thread all other unread content had gone. Pressing the unread button once more and all blank. Edit : hmm and now working again! It's a bit flaky...
  5. boez


    Only had it 24 hours so this is just first impressions... It pretty much exclusively uses default gauges and GPS so no bugs so far in case of systems. Despite multi position interior light switches (overhead and main panel) which have tool tips showing position as a 25% increasing percentage panel lights are either on or off (look good though) - Bug or feature anyone's guess! If master panel light switch on overhead is off but light switches are on then panel lights are on. Not a biggie really. It's a pity Carenado skimped on the dynamic aspects I mentioned in my post above as either of these features are trivial to have working at model building stage. Overall it's a plane you'd jump in and are ready to go straight away and do some sightseeing. Hand flying feels great (in my limited 1hr trial flight of a C172 experience!) and no regrets on my purchase. Oh and it looks gorgeous inside and out 🙂 Edit: actually it's a custom GNS530 GPS but not used it so much to comment on bugs.
  6. boez


    Sadly this otherwise beautiful model does not appear to show true dynamic reflections or lighting when used in prepar3d, i.e. only the generic environmental map is visible on the bare metal paints and the ground is not lit up by the landing lights. Also this is D18S and not D28S as per article title.
  7. Thanks for replying. Are you sure they are not just the generic reflections? If you taxi over grass you should see green reflected on the underside. I see that on other metal skin aircraft but not the D18S.
  8. I've have dynamic reflections and lighting switched on and can confirm working well with other aircraft add-ons... But not the D18S. It appears the default generic environment map is being used and the landing lights do not light up ground. Anyone else experiencing this? Disappointing if Carenado have left these features out on what is otherwise a beautiful add-on visually.
  9. Yes I switched over from voiceattack to the built in voice recognition with no issues. I added more phrases in the config file and all worked well but reverted back to VA as I also use commands outside P3D, e.g. A phrase to switch to littlenavmap...
  10. boez

    Unread content problem

    Stopped working for me about a day ago along with another forum slow down 😞
  11. boez

    FFPS:FFTF question

    I guess I got confused and thought you were addressing me directly when you started the aforementioned post with 'Hi boez'...but I'm happy to accept that was not the case :)
  12. boez

    FFPS:FFTF question

    My frame rate is fixed at 30fps and has been for years therefore I'm more concerned about judicious use of CPU overhead. What my suggestion would do is shift any *available* CPU cycles to the terrain loading engine when your speed is increasing but of course if you are already at 100% CPU usage on core 0 then doing so will cause stutters. However exactly the same drawback occurs when increasing FTFF with altitude - a PMDG sim flying at 35000 ft still takes lots of CPU cycles which you may be moving over to the terrain engine via a higher FTFF and exasperating the we agree, you cannot magic up frames from this app just alter the balance. I must also make a reply to your comment re you feel the app is as good as it should be...does this preclude all future development then? What about other apps you're happy about? ;)
  13. boez

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Where in my post did I say I was seeing any problems? I'm well aware that this app is just balancing the load between CPU cycles being expended on terrain loading and other CPU tasks such as physics, avionics systems, etc. My argument is that the same number of terrain tiles/frame need loading for a given ground speed whether you are at 700 ft or 35000 ft so why base FTFF on altitude? Surely it makes more sense to base it on speed (as an alternative option)?
  14. boez

    FFPS:FFTF question

    I'm not suggesting both at same time but an alternative choose either on height or speed.
  15. boez

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Can I chip in there to explain the reason why I made this request and hopefully gain support: it's given that the terrain engine has to load a certain number of scenery tiles per frame and that this number depends upon ground speed, i.e. while stationary there would be zero tiles/frame needed whereas high ground speed needs more tiles/frame as we are covering more ground. We know that FTFF controls the proportion of CPU time given to the terrain engine so surely when travelling fast we should raise FTFF so that this increased number of tiles can be loaded by the engine in the longer time it is now being allocated. Of course using altitude also results in this increase but by a second order effect as generally when altitude increases then we also increase ground speed...however what if I'm in a fast-jet at 700 feet travelling at 700 knots? Using the AGL Height Scenario your app may be starving the terrain engine of CPU cycles as FTFF will still be set at a low value... ...that's my 2c anyways.