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  1. Ok< i did notice it's been a lot faster in the descent compared to earlier versions. I'll try another flight tomorrow. Thanks for the info @mspencer
  2. I have always just let it do it's thing, and never had an issue.I do use speed brake, but only if i see the IAS getting near the upper limit. I have also noticed the green dot dropping to the bottom of the graph, Which i always thought means the aircraft is too high. yet there's not the increase in descent to compensate for it. Before this it would increase the descent to bring it back into line. Thanks @mspencer
  3. Yup, everything set as per instructions. Approach etc set up in time for TOD, Metar grabbed and inputed. I just cannot understand it, it's operated fine since launch. What i have noticed is at some point in the descent, usually below 10k it will start dropping to only hunfreds of ft per min, instead of the usual !500-2k depending on the route etc. The thing that's really throwing me is the PMDG aircraft don't have the issue. I'll need to try the FBW A320 and see what happens there. Thanks
  4. The last couple of days i seem to be arriving on final at least over 2k or more higher than i should be in V Nav. is anyone else experiancing this? The only thought i have is i am on the Beta for the updates mainly to the A310. Could it be a cause ? I don't know. It seems strange to have been perfect for months, yet suddenly this has started happening . The PMDG 737's are fine, so i am at a loss.
  5. I could'nt fly it without it failing in flight( becoming suddenly uncrontrollable) usually starting with an AP disconnection and rolling over into a death dive. I am on the current beta patch and have now completed 2x 3hr flights with no issues. I also don't see any performance issues, but i am locked at 30fps. Still no change when initially run, and loads in less than a minute on the first use on my set up.
  6. Wow How ungrateful..Maybe look into why your suffering stuttering, as i , and plenty lof others do not.
  7. Yup still there for me. I hope they resolve it soon as it's been like this for some months now. DX11 is always fine in my case. What's more concerning is the thread over on the MSFS forum i linked to is now gone.
  8. Looks like they have made some great progress since the last info was posted, It's going to be a stunner...
  9. After the minor disaster i had yesterday with it trying to commit Hari Kari over the Atlantic, today was a far better experiance. I flew a nice trip from EGkk-LPFR, and hand flew the final. She flies great flying hands on, you get a great feeling of the size and weight of this aircraft, and definatlly now one of my favourites.
  10. I am having the same issue and only have Flight planes,Panel states,options, simbrief in there. Maybe why it went into a death dive an hour into a transatalantic flight. it just rolled over into a death dive.and despite auto pilot disengaging there was virtually no chance of controlling it even manually. I have tried re-installing it twice now with no difference, it still loads in about a minute at most from pressing fly.
  11. No, i have only seen improvement in both aircraft and the sim this year.
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