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  1. Absolutley stunning. and shows whats possible with this sim. Greatwork Aerosoft/Limesim
  2. Yeah i noticed the same myself as i alsways up date every morning .
  3. There you go then. If it's game breaking it will get the highest priority. all others are as they describe above.
  4. Why not ask them. I am sure they will know more about how their reporting system works than anyone here.
  5. I think your onto something there, as any CTD's i have had usually clear up after a Win 10 update. Again after the last WU, i started getting infrequent CTD's. A few days later another Win update dropped, and apart from one on loading the sim yhesterday aal has been fine with at least 6hrs flown without issue.
  6. There must be something happening as i just had my first in weeks loading the game. No changes, nothing new installed .... Game was opening and bang CTD.
  7. 3 flights each day over the past weekend in the FBW A320, not one issue with any... you need to look elsewhere for your issues.
  8. I think it's just the amount of detail, there was a time it was showing up as 13GB in the Market Place, but it was a fault which i think has been corrected by now. So you can try and download it there if you wish.
  9. Yup moving slowly under tug is a classic sign of brakes on.
  10. Using the dev version here, no issues at all. Updated this morning and just completed LIMJ-EGPH
  11. On my first flight after the update yesterday i saw nav lights on about 3 aircraft at distance. and thought ah, great they must be implemented it again. But that's all i saw, despite some passing close with no visible nav lights on. It seems strange.
  12. Thanks all involved... Easily the best modern day airliner in the sim at present. And improving all the time.
  13. MS Store version here, went straight to the store as usual. download update, launch game and instant further update, go to content manager install small update as notified. I just don't get why so many cannot do this. Apart from the last fiasco, where i already had the Xbox app. but it still failed at first, no other update has caused any issues. Just flew FBW A320NX LOWW-EGLL no problems to report.
  14. All ok here so far. off for a flight, hoping nothings changed as it was working great here.
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