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  1. Something wrong at your end then as i can see the top of my displays no problem at all. Maybe you need glasses lol
  2. I'd rather them get it right, than SU15 being released and crashing the sim. Jeez some people!
  3. You need to set up your joystick dead zones properly. If there are any inherent inputs from them the AP will disconnect as it thinks it's a pilots input.
  4. It was mentioned somewhere that devs were to get a couple of months access before release. But i cannot remember where i saw it.
  5. Thursday evenings is usually when the market place gets updates if i recall correctly, but i would be surprised if this update was available as quickly as i think it takes MS at least a week to process these things. On the other hand ,i could. totally wrong.
  6. I get the same issue with trying to pay by Pay PAL, the transaction seems to work fine for me until payment, i then click onto to pay, and despite appearing to go through, i get nothing, No payment from PP as i check, no emails, or recognition from the APP of me buying the item. This has gone on for months, and still the same with the latest update! Only way i can buy anything from inibuilds is via the website, not the APP. Reported it numerous times, but still the same. They must be losing a fortune with this carry on.
  7. Great looking update, nearly a complete rework of the aircraft.
  8. Better to get it right, imagine the uproar if it released and borked everyone's sim.
  9. I had not planned on buying another twin turbine/piston aircraft, but wow! the work put into these planes just gets better and better. No doubt i'll likely go for them both.
  10. I'll be jumping in on day 1. Remember devs are going to have access before launch which should help sort out any compatibility issues. ( I cannot recall how long before launch this is to be though) And as a fail safe, i have enough storage space, so will be keeping MS2020 just incase there are any game stopping problems.
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