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  1. I also have both, luckily i checked the Orbx forums as when i tried to load a flight between the two new airports the game would just stop running on the loading screen. Applied the patch and all is good.
  2. As i said on the previous page, i removed the modded version yesterday and flew the default... exactly the same issues occurred, therefore IMO the fault lies with the Asobo default Aircraft
  3. Mine got a lot worse yesterday (Modded version), Blank screens on approach, (turn up brightness) horrible departure where it tries to climb 6k per min for no apparant reason. Horrible pitching drop across threashold when landing. To prove the faults lie with the default Asobo version i removed the modded version, and yup.... the faults are all there after numerous test flights. Please get this sorted M/S Asobo... the planes becoming a joke.
  4. I also had this after installing the latest update. Premium Deluxe purchased through MS Store. I don't know what rectified it as i went back into the store to see if i had missed anything. and also restarted the PC a second time and all has been fine since.
  5. Flew Gatwick-Vienna, and Gatwick-Paris return last night with the latest version. No issues at all...
  6. Love it, best flight sim i have used. Already learnt far more in the past month than before. And whilst there has been a few launch issues, nothings stopped my enjoyment of the Sim. Well done MS and Asobo
  7. Glad i did, no issues at all apart from the 1Engine shutdown bug on the a320, (Easily bypassed until a fix is found by keeping the Apu on)
  8. I've been using version 2.0 and it's already a big improvement on the original offering. looking forward to seeing the future developments on the A320. The guys are doing a great job.
  9. Noticed tonight flying from Madrid to Heathrow that some updates must be getting done as we speak. I flew from Madrid to Heathrow with a A320N, and the route took me over the Bay of Biscay at 39k, and i noticed the wind was increasing at first a 20-30 kt head wind, then increasing to 45 -57 kts with a fair bit of turbulance.Until now that would have just sat at around 3kts where ever you were, so good to see MS and Asobo must really be putting the work in at the moment.
  10. Try Here https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-app-store-error-code-0x80073cf9-windows-10/8ee5a31b-c53c-4771-96fa-ec00f7c91e1a
  11. Turn the brightness up on the screens. I fell for the same issue.
  12. They are doing a great job of this update to the A320, and already making a real difference to the aircraft, and fixing the issues. I have been updating mine with each release.
  13. Apart from the initial download stopping with 35gb to go, i have been really impressed with this sim. Yes there are issues, but these will be sorted in the coming weeks/months. I predict 6 mth down the line MSFS will be the Sim of choice.
  14. There is a issue with the A320 fuel consumption in the default version. But there is a version that is being worked on that is slowly improving some of the Inop issues and does seem to have delt with the fuel consumption making it more realistic.
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