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  1. Same problem here. Whenever I start the engine, go to settings, or enter / leave VR, I lose the flight plan. Shame, because it's really good otherwise. Any idea how I can report this, because I can't see where to go when it sends me to Discord? (And what an apt title for such an unfriendly messy user interface).
  2. Up and running with full version, thanks ( bought a licence back in the day).
  3. I have a copy if there were somewhere to upload it to. I've mailed it to raam123.
  4. I like to keep a minimalist Community folder; 15 entries. I've sent the directory and Simco64_Ldr.log to that address. PS Tried another session, and now he obeys me. Last time UI said it couldn't recognise plane; now it displays correct type. Is that the answer?
  5. My problem is now different. I'm in the MSFS CRJ. I ask the FO to do something (eg set altimeter standard) and he repeats my instruction but then does absolutely nothing. Again, am I missing something? Saying 'please' doesn't work!
  6. Thanks. I had found all the manuals but none of the obvious candidates had the necessary information. The 'help' in the UI is partly useful but it's not available in the advanced options, so I'm still none the wiser about 'Exclusive access to recogniser', unfortunately.
  7. It's such an obvious question, but where is there a description of the UI options? What does 'Exclusive access to recogniser' mean? Or 'Tune mike on start-up'. I've searched high and low but can't find any detailed explanation, apart from the teasing 'The General Page, where Application Features can be enabled or disabled, and various options can be set.' - but no more, that's all there is. Am I missing somewhere obvious?
  8. I'm finding that the control for the engine 2 thrust reverser is actually operating engine 1, in the same way that the engine 1 thrust reverser does.
  9. I would if I could, but I see no practical way apart from an extremely long list in a post. I don't have my own site to host files on.
  10. Mathijs sent me them. I would attach if I could see how.
  11. I've got a list of the Lvars of the MSFS Aerosoft CRJ, and many if not all of the names are the same as the P3D version. I'm therefore assuming that although the internals work differently, at least the interface remains the same. Is there therefore a chance that the P3D LINDA module could be adapted to use in MSFS?
  12. Yes, there are, and in many cases seem to have the same names as in the P3D version.
  13. I'm using the Alpha to control lights. It works - however, the cockpit switches do not move.
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