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  1. Many thanks. I just bought the CRJ yesterday, and look what Santa then brought! A small contribution for your reindeer is en route via PayPal.
  2. I've been puzzled by that claim, because for ORBX Germany South "The area extends from the border of Germany North and extends south to the borders of Switzerland and Austria.", so how might it impact on airports actually within Austria?
  3. P3D?

    The Al Pelletier? Of the Round Robins?
  4. FSPilotshop (where I bought my original 32-bit Pilot addition) is offering me an upgrade to 64-bit Pro for $53.95. So $47 for a 64-bit Pro, even though from another shop? Absolutely! Downloading as we speak.
  5. Any suggestions for a workaround? Would it help to start LINDA and flick a switch before the sim starts; or does it need the sim to be connected?
  6. I disagree. The price is rocketing upward, rather than going forward, and by 600% at that. I'm always happy to pay an incremental charge for an incremental improvement (for example, where extra work is needed to get a product working in P3DV4) but I can't see any justification for such an increase. The product itself is more or less static, and the base data is provided free by people with ADS transmitters. To me, unless there is some other exploding cost component that I'm not aware of, it looks like gouging plain and simple. And it's a shame that it might kill the usage of Kiek's superb software.
  7. FSX

    Just a point of detail - that's the military King Salman (OERY) Airbase in Riyadh, not the civil King Khaled International Airport (OERK).
  8. No Problem - thanks for the 717!
  9. The only problem is that it completely dominates your life 😂 If I want to fly in the Pacific I have to do so In the (UK) morning, in the Americas then in the evening, otherwise I have to stick to Europe. That aside, it's been a complete quantum jump for my simming. Nicely spaced aircraft on the approach, no goarounds except in real life, aircraft use the correct runways, aircraft taxi at a sensible speed, they don't take forever to line up and take off, other aircraft follow the exact same SID, STAR, routes that you are on, the list goes on...
  10. That was my experience with 3.4, Ray. I have now gone back to 3.2, which is much better at purging redundant VAS. OOM's are now extremely rare, although they can still be induced (FSL A320 from Aerosoft EGLL to Aerosoft EHAM, for example), but it's got to the stage where I've stopped looking at the VAS counter..
  11. There is a complete range of excellent freeware but payware quality sceneries for Norway here: Personally, I prefer their version of ENGM Oslo to Aerosoft's.
  12. ..."it's like déjà vu all over again". Many may remember the announcement of its imminent release in September 2015. Anyway, it's now slated for 22nd June 2017.
  13. Many thanks, Søren, that was the problem. As a former computer programmer, I used to spot that sort of thing all the time. Obviously losing my touch
  14. I can't get 5.17 to recognise EGAC as an additional airport. The AdditionalAirports file in the main folder says: ; Additional airports ; ; March 20, 2017 ; ; One airport per line: ICAO airport code,latitude,longitude ; an ICAO code is always 4 upper case letters ; latitude and longitude in decimal format with (preferably) 6 decimals ; like this:EHAM,52.308613,4.763889 ; ; Blank lines or lines starting with ; will be ignored ; Add yours below: EGAC,54.616744;-5.869441 Am I missing something?
  15. If the GA is transponding an assigned code, yes.