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  1. ...and, from someone who lived in Riyadh (similar climate) for a number of years, it's good practice to lick the ends of your fingers at intervals. If they begin to taste salty, you need water.
  2. Petraeus

    Eric Ernst

    Although the news has featured on the AVSIM main page, many of us may not have known that Eric Ernst died in April at the tragically early age of 51. As the developer of the 767 Pilot in Command, his work was the forerunner of the 'study level' aircraft that we see today with PMDG and FSLabs, amongst others. A sad loss for our community.
  3. Petraeus

    Not much happening.....

    Depending where you live (for example, the other side of the world from Australia), are you running Real Traffic with the historic time set appropriately?
  4. Flying 4,573 nm to be there. Wrapping a few extra days holiday on either side, so my wife has decided to join me and keep me away from temptation. It's our Golden Wedding anniversary this year, so we might renew our wedding vows in some tasteful chapel with a drag queen or a Shrek impersonator.
  5. Petraeus

    Maddog 2018

  6. Petraeus

    FlyTampa's Boston Released!!

    Of course, this being Boston, it's the famous (but foul-mouthed and libidinous) film star 'Ted'!
  7. Petraeus

    Maddog 2018

    Yes and yes. Thanks, understood.
  8. Petraeus

    Maddog 2018

    I have indeed now, and can I congratulate you on yet another masterpiece. I especially like the clever use of one knob to set both arrival altitude and QNH on the overhead. Just one question, what does the function for the left-hand TOGA button do?
  9. Petraeus

    Maddog 2018

    Lights work, as do engine controls and a few other things, but autopilot controls are variable. It's better than nothing, but I will be more than happy to wait a few days!
  10. Petraeus

    Maddog 2018

    I made the assumption that the new Leonardo Maddog would use, if not the same code, at least the same variable names as their earlier version. On this basis, I tested out the old module. Obviously it needs the 'ident' entry changing to 'simfolder="Maddogx"', so that the binding will occur. It works, although to what extent I'm not sure yet, because I'm in the middle of testing as I write, but I've got it working on some AP buttons, rotaries, and external lights. I'd be interested in the experience of others.
  11. Petraeus

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Cycling is even better. Possibly the most cycle-friendly country in the world. A full network of cycle routes - and no hills!
  12. Petraeus

    747 Short Haul routes

    British Airways send their 747s and 777s EGLL-EGFF and EGKK-EGFF for maintenance at Cardiff. You can usually find current details here.
  13. Petraeus

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador which I would add, as per my earlier post, 'bad ships' in the otherwise superb AI Ships and AI Ship traffic. Definite cause of two NTDLL.dll crashes for me.
  14. Petraeus

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Anyone using the big AI ships package should reduce their ship AI to 0% and see what happens. If that gets rid of the CTD, look through the Scenery folder and remove the .bgl for that particular geographic locality. I've stopped a couple of CTD's (off Marseilles and American Samoa) in that way.