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  1. Petraeus

    No control with TFDI717

    Afraid not. 717 1nd 747-8 (only) still have same problem.
  2. Petraeus

    No control with TFDI717

    Same for me. Turning off Advanced Features works as a workaround for both the Tfdi 717 and PMDG 747 (all other planes are OK) but obviously I'm losing smooth zooming.
  3. Petraeus

    Who's going to Cosford in 2018?

    Can't make it now - industrial action on the railways. 😠
  4. Petraeus

    GSX Library (1.5)

    Absolutely. Many thanks.
  5. Petraeus

    Who's going to Cosford in 2018?

    I'll be there with my grandson (13), who thinks the whole event is 'cool', and the VR headsets 'awsome'.
  6. Petraeus

    Real Traffic?

    Then they ought to change the "...currently unavailable. Please check back later" message. It's misleading and promises something that will not be delivered.
  7. Petraeus

    Real Traffic?

    But the advantage of the historical traffic feature was that you could go to other countries and still get a lot of traffic. I'm in the UK and like to fly in afternoons and evenings in Australia / New Zealand, but the only way to get good traffic volumes is to get up at 3 am and fly then. The Real Traffic application suggests that this feature will return, but that's been some weeks now - any idea if there's a planned return?
  8. Petraeus

    POSCON online flying

    A bit OT, but when I learnt radio in the UK I was taught to say 'tree', 'fower', 'niner' etc for the sake of clarity.
  9. Petraeus

    Where are old modules?

    I'm sure a few of us will have copies on C drives from way back when.
  10. Possibly a useful comparison, but this is my 3-year-old system: Overclocked Intel® Six Core i7-5820K (3.3GHz @ MAX 4.4GHz) MotherboardASUS® X99-S: ATX, HSW-E CPU, USB 3.0, SATA 6 GB/s Memory (RAM)8GB KINGSTON HYPER-X PREDATOR QUAD-DDR4 3000MHz X.M.P (2 x 4GB) Graphics Card 4GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 980 - 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 3 DP - 3D Vision Ready With most sliders to the right (I love autogen), and 28 AI aircraft on the ground, I'm getting around 30 fps at UK2000 EGKK in the PMDG 747 on a 3440x1440 screen.. It strikes me that you should be getting more, but I don't have the expertise to tell you why you're not. I was planning an upgrade next month, particularly for a better graphics card, and hopefully so I could base myself at EGLL, but maybe I'll not bother...
  11. Petraeus

    Viva Las Vegas - Who is planning to attend?

    ...and, from someone who lived in Riyadh (similar climate) for a number of years, it's good practice to lick the ends of your fingers at intervals. If they begin to taste salty, you need water.
  12. Petraeus

    Eric Ernst

    Although the news has featured on the AVSIM main page, many of us may not have known that Eric Ernst died in April at the tragically early age of 51. As the developer of the 767 Pilot in Command, his work was the forerunner of the 'study level' aircraft that we see today with PMDG and FSLabs, amongst others. A sad loss for our community.
  13. Petraeus

    Not much happening.....

    Depending where you live (for example, the other side of the world from Australia), are you running Real Traffic with the historic time set appropriately?
  14. Petraeus

    Viva Las Vegas - Who is planning to attend?

    Roger Wilco.
  15. Petraeus

    Viva Las Vegas - Who is planning to attend?

    Flying 4,573 nm to be there. Wrapping a few extra days holiday on either side, so my wife has decided to join me and keep me away from temptation. It's our Golden Wedding anniversary this year, so we might renew our wedding vows in some tasteful chapel with a drag queen or a Shrek impersonator.