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  1. any one knows how to solve this issue? I can't fly after I updated to SU7 last night, no menu, no options, no Airport lis, no "FLY" button. what do I do?
  2. do you feel that the quantity of sales in MSFS was significantly higher than previous Sim platforms? i am intrigued
  3. i don't think so, read point No 2 in my original post
  4. Does any one know why there is the trend of a new pricing model for MSFS addons generally being significantly cheaper than previous Sim platforms, such as P3D/XP? and no, those are not upgrade pricing. you can buy them without having previous product at those published prices. just add to cart and buy.. i have notices Airports for MSFS generally ranging between 15EU to 19EU , while in FSX/P3D/XP it range anywhere between 23EU to 32EU e.g. you can grab KDEN from Flightbeam for 15USD without having the previous product (i never owned KDEN before and that is the final price before punching my CC details). same Orbx Berlin Tegel or Vienna, grab it for 17 EU. those are examples , but i noticed all the Addons airports for MSFS range around the same pricing model.. any idea why? the 1st thing that crossed my mind was that the Developers only converting their existing products from older sim platforms and not actually creating a new one, that is why. but i see two main issues with this theory. 1. what about all those who never owned any of the previous addons? would they enjoy the low pricing of the initial hard work of creating the scenery? you would see a lot more upgrade pricing published and it's not that common to see in MSFS addons (at least not on all the airports i purchased, they were initial fixed price - i never owned previous versions of them) 2. if that is the case that they charge very low because of conversion fees only (not so much of an effort for the developer compared to creating a new scenery), it is only a matter of time that the conversions would finish and all the developers would complete converting their existing previous scenery(s). which than the developers would shift their effort on creating new scenery (e.g. new airports) that never existed before, it could be in a year , 2 years or whatever, but it will eventually happen.once they come out with new Airport (that never existed on previous platforms before/ no conversion), it would be extremely hard on the developer/publisher to request a higher price, as the public got so used to the current pricing model which would bring a lot of criticism on the higher pricing.
  5. I have the same issue by the way. I also edit my posts most of the times due to grimmer/spelling mistakes and you truly believe that the upper picture depicts cloud reflection reality view from the skies (at higher altitude)? no one is claiming otherwise. the new SIM is amazing and looking good, however some stuff are not perfect and the cloud reflection is one of them. no one is planing to ditch the sim platform just because of this and it was never insinuated either. but the question that was asked, how can we make this more realistic and/or at lease switch it off as i personally prefer seeing the ocean water than a mirrored clouds covering the entire ocean water and it's not how it is IRL from cockpit/window view when in the air.
  6. i tried the Low settings, unfortunately it did not change the cloud reflection, it's probably more on reflection quality than reflection elements
  7. I am less expecting it to be fixed any time soon, I am more seeking how to disable the reflection of clouds until this issue would be addressed
  8. my question was MSFS, if you don't know than answer that is fine, but don't offer ridicules solutions that does not mitigate the question that was asked.
  9. 1. at a very narrow angle (look at the camera angle, it's almost parallel to the water) you see what you picture is depicting, not when you in the air almost 90 degrees looking down at the water 2. maybe over a lake, not over the ocean. and my video/flight was over the ocean. P.S. the picture you posted, shows the cloud reflection over the small patch of water on the sand, not the reflection of the clouds bouncing from the water body itself. Therefore, this picture is not a good example.
  10. Does anyone knows how to switch off the clouds reflection on the water? the reflection is so ridicules, it's like they mirrored the clouds of the sky on the water. it feels like your plane (you flying) sandwich between two skies. I feel like the Movie "upside down" where two planes are back to back sharing the skies and see the other backwards (and you can hop between each other). Check my Video to see what I mean , you can see I am flying as low as 800ft for those of you that would probably say "you are flying above some clouds"...No i am not, it's the to dominant cloud reflection
  11. well, now that MS integrated this solution into the game's setting itself I guess there is no use for either of those options... Am i correct?
  12. hey guys. does any one knows what's the difference between the "FPS Increase - Lower 2D instrument refresh rate" https://www.nexusmods.com/microsoftflightsimulator/mods/34 and the "Highonsnow Glass Cockpit 15-19FPS boost on Airliners and 10-21FPS on GA Aircraft"? https://www.nexusmods.com/microsoftflightsimulator/mods/109 when to use what (between the two)? on what use case? i do suffer from low FPS on glass cockpit, but both claim to do the same and offered at the same site/section, so i am confused which one should I use, which one is better suited for what use case?
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