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  1. I don't think i understood 😞 can you maybe try simplify it? (I am dumb). maybe this would help: if i put in 0.50, does that mean between 140 to 440 it would be constant 050% deflection? or it is still variable deflection in that speed window? what happens at 441 (onward)? what happens at 139 (downwards)? I think Examples and use cases I found helps a lot 🙂
  2. to what file(s) those are saved at?
  3. Question: Out of the Box Zibo Mod is shipped with those settings: what does it means Low end speed 140 and High End speed 440? does this mean that anywhere within the 140-440 knots envelope the Ailerons are at full sensitivity? what happens below 140 and/or above 440? if I change it to 0.50 leaving the 140/440 Envelope, does it means that the 0.50 sensitivity would kick in only between those speeds? what would be the sensitivity below/behind 140/440? Do you know if it is possible to create Speed steps Sensitivity? e.g. 110-130 = 0.30, 140-160 = 0.50, 160-220 = 0.60..and so on (assuming I understand this low/high end speed thingy correctly)?
  4. let's hope it would..yes of course i'll revert the airplane specific settings if i could do it in the SIM itself.
  5. Physical Yoke = Saitek Yoke you got or CH yoke, etc. that is limited up to 45 degrees turn on each side i am not sure this would tackle my problem or everyone's problem, those who have a yoke turn of 45 degree max on each side. the issue i described is more that it is to sensitive due to the fact that it has less yoke turn than the aircraft does. the cockpit yoke would peak at 90 degrees on each side in the cockpit, even though you in fact only have 45 degrees turn on your physical yoke. the outcome of this is that every angle/turn in between 0-45 on your physical yoke is doubled and much more sensitive on the aircraft yoke / turn as it actually needs to operate 0-90 degrees aircraft yoke in 0-45 degrees physical yoke space. remember when you turn your physical yoke 45 degrees the SIM sees it as peak Axis and therefor places the aircraft yoke to 90 degrees turn. so any degree in between 0-45 on your physical yoke would double in the SIM. For example if i turn my yoke 20 degrees to the left, it would actually turn my yoke at the cockpit at around 40 or 50 degrees to the left which of course would traverse this effect to the ailerons deflection being much higher than my intention, as you turned your aircraft yoke 50 degrees to the left, as apposed to only 20 degrees as intended when turn it on your physical yoke. in fact you only turned your physical yoke 20 degrees to the left which should intended to have less ailerons deflection as apposed to 50 degrees actual cockpit yoke turn. the best way to mitigate this issue is by having a full 90 degrees (180 combined sides) turn yoke, such as the Saitek Cessna yoke. the semi-solution is to 1/2 the sensitivity as described above by MURMUR, which brings it more closer to being in-SYNC. the issue i described is a different to what they are trying to solve (i think)
  6. It seems to work 🙂 thank you sir what about this question I asked earlier?
  7. for some reason it doesn't work for me. I tried it on three airplanes. the C172SP (default) B737-800 (Default) Zibo 737-800 i followed your procedure, and made sure it was saved (i double checked by closing the program, reopening it, load the aircraft again and see the values are the one i changed) but in the SIM I am still getting 1.0000 and not 0.5000 What am i doing wrong?
  8. i managed to make this work through the FSUIPC option. thanks for the help it is now works beautifully as expected
  9. tried it, it doesn't seem to have any effect. is there a way to reduce it by half in the SIM level rather than Aircraft level?
  10. The issue and cause I already described. you know there are two way to approach and deal with a problem. 1. accept it and live with it, like you did (acceptance) 2. fix the problem or adjust it better (mitigation) I chose the later 🙂
  11. for me personally it reacts (elevators) almost as it does on the Cessna I fly, so for me personally this is not an issue. like I said, maybe you have an issue on your side with the elevators, i don't know, you would know best. As i mentioned before, my issue is currently focusing on the ailerons, let's not digress. unless you having issues on the elevators/pitch you want to raise and you seeking for a solution, than be my guest, go for it, you can change the topic of this discussion and we will tackle your problem too.
  12. will give it a shot, thanks 🙂
  13. i personally didn't find an issue in that area, I only experienced the ailerons issue. maybe you have the elevators issues, I don't know.
  14. try using a full 180 degrees yoke (90 degrees on each side) and you would know exactly what I am talking about 🙂
  15. no, exactly the opposite: I have controls that only have 90 degrees (45 to each side) which are mismatch to the airplane 180 degrees. that causes a total mess.