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  1. Ok, thanks for answering. I bought it for FSX originally but since i upgraded to p3d a while ago (When it still was 2.5) i thought i'd give it a go to install. Well, trying didn't hurt. Again thanks for answering! v2.5 and i don't remember the last numbers out of my head
  2. I installed this sceney today, but even tho it is installed this happens. It is merged togheter with the standard p3d scenery. After installation it was messed up elevation-wise, but FTX elevation tool fixed that problem. Now this happens. (See screenshot list) but when i zoom out, the scenery seems to work fine! Any clues? Screenshot list: https://gyazo.com/647322092f462e66eb5841aed6321eab https://gyazo.com/036d446a8955725a87107d50ecf782f9 As you can see on this picture, when i zoom out just a little more, the scenery seems to work fine. https://gyazo.com/d56c3df2075994b5af2be9fc78f14246 I have tested all sorts of combinations of scenery complexity, mesh resolution etc. but nothing has worked! Best Regards, Elias
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