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  1. tupues

    FSX Elevation Question

    Hi Enko, As I found out today I am confronted with the same problem. Is there any chance that you could send me the file that solves the problem. Many thanks in advance, Regards, Tom EDIT: I found it on their website, thanks anyway!
  2. tupues

    Artifacts on p3d v4.5

    That was it. Followed this and it now works perfectly! Thanks to all involved. I am glad I waited a little before I uninstalled everything!
  3. tupues

    Artifacts on p3d v4.5

    Thanks Bic, that thread looks very promising. I will try the mentioned and get back!
  4. tupues

    Artifacts on p3d v4.5

    Tried that, no luck sadly. A fresh install altogether I am guessing will solve it. However I'd rather avoid that work for now…
  5. tupues

    Artifacts on p3d v4.5

    Hello all, Yesterday I decided to finally install 4.5 (I'd been on 4.2 all this time too lazy to update). So I did the update, just installing the content and the client thus trying to avoid having to install addons over again. I am not confronted with strange artifacts that seem to be caused by vegetation. So far I tried: switching dynamic vegetation on and off reinstalling contents making sure to have a clean autogen and texture folder installed the latest Nvidia driver playing with various options in settings including v-synch and triple buffering (although I think this could be one of the culprits… not sure I tried everything there) Of course turning the autogen vegetation off solves the problem, but thats not the idea. I reckon I either have a faulty autogen somewhere or its a graphics card issue. One way or the other I am missing something. Sorry for the quality of the video. The first part shows me panning around and the second switching views… I do have ORBX sceneries installed, but they are (mostly) up to date... I am grateful for any help, Tom
  6. Did that, no success unfortunately. Any other ideas? It is almost as though the UI is not finding the folder or whatever it is looking for - since the crash occurs before the list is even loaded...
  7. Hi Erich, I tried your recommendation. Without the cfg the sim rebuilds it but then eventually crashes before even reaching the opening screen blaming "ucrtbase.dll" (see below). Is this a hint that there is something wrong with my sceneries?
  8. Hello all, I have had the problem for a few days that the sim crashes whenever I am trying to either load or save a flight. I am not confronted with any kind of error message, the sim just quits. I looked on the common boards but there is no answer to be found. Although other users have reported similar problems in the past there doesn't seem to be a solution to it. P3d runs in Admin mode and is perfectly fine, until it comes to loading a saved flight or saving one. Interestingly the autosave function from FSUIPC works flawlessly (the files are all in their respective folders) and also to load a saved panel state from a file directly through the addon (i.e. PMDG) works without problems. I have below what error message "appcrashview" shows me: The event viewer has no record of the error interestingly. What I did try so far: - Change the folder location of the saved flights (i.e. change the document folder target) - Run as admin - remove installed aircraft (to avoid corrupt cfg) - Rebuild p3d.cfg. - delete all the saved flights While this problem is not too serious it would still be nice to save and load flights again. Please let me know your thoughts. Many thanks and best regards, Tom