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  1. Hi, I think I know the answer and it is an Xplane restriction, howvever is there anyway to extend the night lighting at high altitude so it doesnt look like big square patches are missing as per image below? Thanks
  2. Hi, where is that? Also, I can get a 2070 for £459, and from what I read the 2070 offers a slight increase over 1080ti?
  3. Evening, I have just taken the plunge and purchased an oculus rift (on offer) to get into VR as I have been seeing a lot of positive comments around it recently. I only tend to fly X-Plane 11 - IFR and predominantly with the Zibo 737 / Flight Factor A320. I use vsync and set FPS to 30fps and have really smooth sim with no stutters, am certainly not a FPS chaser and more than happy with 30fps. My system is; i7-6700k OC 4.6GHz stable, Asus ROG Max VIII Ranger Z170 , 8GB RAM, Win10, GTX 980Ti, 32'' monitor 1080p - 1920-1080 at 60hz. Following the move to VR, I understand my 980Ti may not be good enough, so I am looking to upgrade my GPU. The million-dollar question is, should I go for the RTX 2070 or RTX 2080. GTX 1080Ti is out of the question, because I can only find them for around £900 in the UK, and both the RTX's mentioned are cheaper than that plus have an element of futureproofing (for a while, anyway). I really don’t mind paying the more for the 2080, but if the 2070 would be sufficient, then I am happy with that. What are your thoughts? Thanks Adam
  4. Thank you for the replies all. I have done some research and have decided to keep saving money and wait for the next gen cards to be released and get a whole new rig at the same time. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am considering taking the jump to a GTX 1080 Ti as they are currently on sale with around a £70 saving. I currently use; i7 6700k OC to 4.4 Ghz 6GB Asus strix 980Ti It will be running a 1080p 1920x1080 on Windows 10 and P3D V4.3, currently running set to 50hz and frame rate unlimited which locks at 50fps. I mainly fly in airliners with addon scenery, so some quite hard hitting fps consumers. My question is, on paper, will i see an improvement in performance with P3D? Many thanks Adam
  6. Update - it doesn't have to be only 30hz monitor, a 60hz would be fine as long as it displays 30hz well. Cheers
  7. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a 30hz native monitor - anything between 27"-32", reason being, I used to have a monitor that ran native on 30hz and was perfect for P3D, unfortunately my son pulled it off my desk and smashed it so had to throw away. I cannot afford £400 for the same monitor now. Budget - £200 maximum if possible, have looked everywhere and cant find one that is native to 30hz. 1080p will do just fine. Thanks in advance Adam
  8. I guess they have a small team of beta testers. They obviously need to be careful of who they select to beta test using various degrees of equipment i would imagine. Lets just hope some kind of update is given soon. #fingerscrossed
  9. I wouldnt be suprised if it's already in beta.
  10. Even Emirates have started using 777-300ER on the OMDB-KLAX flight, which i wasnt sure could do the flight full of pax but obviously can. If thats EKs longest flight then theorerically they have no real need for the 200ER? Source: http://fr24.com/UAE215
  11. Just wondering if anyone has done this yet? Would be a brill paint! :lol:
  12. Hello guys this may be a long shot but does anyone fancy having a go at this livery please ??737-700 WLcheers guys , adamreed@orange.net
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