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    I've been away from flight simming for a while, but plan on having some fun with it again. I've been into flightsims since about 1990 with the first MSFS for Mac.

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  1. JNS

    Certificate Exception

    Same here. Told me connection was not secure and I needed to change my date and time. Now seems to be working OK. Jeff
  2. JNS

    How to hear ATC and radio "faster"?

    Interesting topic. While my comment is a little OT, I've always felt the same way (at least before computers) about doctors' written prescriptions. One would think that these should be very clear, but most of the time they were famously illegible. And as Chock said, I figured it must be some kind of badge of "something". Jeff Smith
  3. JNS

    Happy New Year

    +1 Jeff
  4. Thanks for the great photos, Nils. I'm hoping to be able to visit Kiev in the near-future. Those pictures give me even more incentive to go. Jeff Smith
  5. JNS

    In other PBR-related news...

    Clever! :) Jeff
  6. JNS

    an idea

    Too much hassle and probably money, too. Too many incidental airports/towns along the way. I don't want to have to do that much thinking and planning about scenery before I would fly somewhere. If that sytem became mandatory, I would just lock my sim down where it is now, fly, and be happy. Jeff
  7. JNS

    When did you realize?

    I agree, for sure.
  8. JNS

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Sorry about the triple posts. It didn't look like it was posting at all. Jeff
  9. JNS

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Ah, The High and the Mighty. There are a few scenes in there that are funny when going by today's air travel standards. Jeff
  10. LOL You guys are ahead of me. I've got FTXCentral v2 on one of my computers and I'm afraid to do the migration to FTXCentral v3. I remember the fiasco that occurred when the migration process first started. Sooo, I haven't updated or purchased anything in quite a while. Jeff
  11. JNS

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    Excellent choice. Congratulations, Rob! Jeff Smith
  12. JNS

    Setting default Outside View

    Thanks, Lorby, for the extra information. Jeff