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    I've been away from flight simming for a while, but plan on having some fun with it again. I've been into flightsims since about 1990 with the first MSFS for Mac.

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  1. Thanks for your comment, Greg. I think I will be getting MSFS in the very near future. Getting back into simming after being off for about a year and half. I had new computer built and will be installing P3D, XP, MSFS, and lots of scenery. So, I'll be busy for a while. LOL
  2. Hi. Well, as I was leaving our local Micro Center computer store in Houston, I looked over at a section of the magazines and there it was.....once again after quite a few years of not being there, was a bunch of the latest issue of PC Pilot. I have to take that as a good omen for the hobby and probably largely caused by MSFS. Just wanted to let you all in on that tidbit of information. I used to buy all of my copies from there and when they quit selling it, I then became a subscriber. Jeff
  3. Thanks for your comments, Bert and Cobalt. I'll probably be jumping in sooner than later. Jeff
  4. Hi. I am one of those who will surely get MSFS, but I am waiting for it to more closely meet the expectations I had for it based on the publicity. I'm at the stage I don't want to be trouble-shooting all the time. When I first heard about MSFS and its supposed 5-year or so previous development time, I was excited that we would finally have a sim that we could load up out-of-the-box and at least all of the basics (flight model, weather, ATC, navigation, etc.) would be working properly. That, sadly, has not been the case. So, I am waiting for it to at least come close to that point before i purchase it. In the meantime I use P3D and XP, even though I understand the graphics aren't as good. Jeff
  5. Hi! Is this driver working in X-Plane 11.5x? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Hi. Will aircraft from 11.26 work properly in 11.5x? Thanks. Jeff
  7. There goes a few more jobs.
  8. OK, first off, I've been into flightsims since 1990 with the Mac version of FS and I was very excited when I first heard about MSFS, thinking "Finally, we will get a smooth sim that's been in development for a few years, and life will be wonderful". I will admit that I don't even own MSFS....I've been holding off for all this time thinking MS/Asobo would get the sim running smoothly, but that doesn't seem to be happening yet for most people. I'm getting to the stage in life where I don't want to have to change lines of code and troubleshoot all the time. When I originally heard about the sim, the thought crossed my mind that I hope this doesn't turn out to be like the original MS simulator series. In the past it always seemed like the hardware would not catch up with the current version of sim until right about the time the next version would come out, if even then, and then the process would start all over again. I'm just wondering if the same thing is happening now with MSFS when I hear about turning all the options down to get reliably decent performance. And also, from the beginning when it was clear that streaming would be involved in order to run the sim, I wondered if that might be a big problem for smoothness. Or, maybe this just boils down to team management. Personally, I as others, think they should just halt all of the new features/scenery updates development and devote all resources to getting the basics working correctly. I think MS may be be on the edge of losing their audience, not to mention the interest of 3PDs, which in itself would be a disaster for the success of the sim. Jeff
  9. JNS

    What the truck...

    Fine job! Jeff
  10. I think he may be talking about eating too much chocolate. Not sure, but I think so. 😜
  11. Yes, I've thought all along that the streaming scenery could be the big detriment to this sim. Hopefully not, but stuff like we're talking about here could be a warning. I may end up storing quite a bit locally for this reason. Jeff
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