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  1. I'm out of this thread too. I can't take any more of this "wrap yourself up in the flag and demand no government interference in your life of any sort regardless of the potential cost to others". In fact I'm just not out of this thread, I'm out of here completely until some sort of sanity returns..........Doug
  2. I've been off the air for years now. We've lived in an antenna-restricted development since 2006. But it was a good run before we came here. 312 confirmed and 5 deadbeats who never sent a card. I'll never forget the night I worked my 100th on 80 meters. Those were the days......................
  3. Of course it's an increased risk. If they remove their masks to talk to you I'd suggest you find a new doctor/nurse/medical tech. No responsible medical professional would do this. I'm surprised you haven't asked what happens when you/they fart.
  4. Being a long-time DX'er I can't relate to two meters. But I can understand 6.56168 feet................
  5. Your choice. But I'll say again...you have no clue as to what's going on...plonk.
  6. I think you'll see a noticeable improvement. But (there is always one of those) you'll also need a new motherboard (socket change) and RAM (current not supported) so the difference may not be worth the cost.
  7. Here is one source I find helpful: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ . There are many others. A Google search for COVID-19 Test Statistics should give you other choices. As for the reliability of the data...it's only as good as the agency reporting it. And in the USA right there are many questions as it's now known that there have been a number of cases where the data has been manipulated to make it "look better".....Doug
  8. So why not just carry-on and pay the occasional fine? Or don't you truly believe in the "stuff" you've been posting here? Seems like a just cause given your strong feelings. But, you can't have it both ways.
  9. Have you been tested? If not, how do you know you're not asymptomatic? And even if you tested negative that doesn't mean you won't be positive tomorrow.The purpose of the mask is not to protect you. It's to be sure you don't infect others. I don't think you understand the underlying issues here......
  10. I guess I should have put my tongue in both cheeks. All very good points Bob. This trip was booked way back before there was a problem. We decided a couple of weeks ago to cancel the whole thing. I'm with you, there is no way this can happen. Our south Pacific cruise was canceled 10 weeks ago and we still haven't seen the refund. Lord only knows how long this one will take. Stay safe...73...Doug
  11. We have another trip scheduled with a couple we've traveled the world with. Fly from Florida to London, a 10-day Mediterranean cruise, a month in Italy, and a trans-Atlantic cruise back to Florida. We're scheduled to leave in mid-October. Given what's going on, what do you think the odds are that we can pull this off?
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