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  1. W2DR

    Coming up on two years...

    Well, shucks. I've looked at the forums list three times now and I still don't see the Limited forum. Maybe that's because I, too, was banned there once but it was only for 30 days and that doesn't qualify me for membership.....😍.....Doug
  2. W2DR

    Coming up on two years...

    Hey Noel.....How well I remember the way you and Sue were treated buy His Majesty, I still think it's the worst decision by any forum owner/moderator/administrator ever. What the heck is the Orbx Limited User Forum?..........Doug
  3. W2DR

    FSX Recommendations Please

    Say what? P3Dv4 (64-bit) has been available for quite a while now..... https://prepar3d.com/ As far as your original post goes, if you like it keep it.....if not don't reinstall it.........Doug
  4. W2DR

    Is this a fake?

    They do it very, very carefully............................
  5. W2DR

    Get yer Jugs out...

    I'm glad there aren't many women on this forum...................😍
  6. W2DR

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    Facebook is a plague on humanity. Remember, according to the TOS, there is no right to privacy..............Doug
  7. Sounds like a problem loading the textures. It would help if you listed your system specs.........Doug
  8. Amazing. I as able to get the same deal six months ago for only USD $15000. It pays to sign up early..............Doug
  9. Here's the solution: https://www.prepar3d.com/support/refundpolicy/ Just ask for a refund. And, never forget that Ferrari is better than Lamborghini, Ford is better than Chevrolet, and Sofia is better looking than Gina,.........Doug
  10. W2DR

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    I couldn't agree more Jim. Using Facebook is a terrible idea............Doug
  11. I've been having a tough time trying to configure a reinstall of v3.4. The path to FSX (boxed) doesn't show and I can't type it in. I found this old thread about the same problem with v2.11. The fix by deleting the DX10.ini file works when using v3.4 also.
  12. W2DR

    Korea (Not flight sim related)

    "You know, they looked different than we did. They spoke a language we didn’t understand. They were the enemy. But they were also us. Soldiers who wished they were someplace else...someplace called home. And none of us really knew why we were there." I wish my father were here to read this Noel. I'm sure he could speak to all of it. I never knew my dad. He died on Guadalcanal two months before I was born. May God bless you, and the Corps, and every single one of those souls who have served our country.....Doug
  13. I wouldn't do anything. The 4790K will run very well at 4.7Ghz. Changing to a new CPU "could" get you to 5.0-5.1 Ghz but you'd never notice the difference. Same with the GPU. A 1080 will give you a bit better eye-candy with P3D (but not with FSX) and the overall sim performance won't change much.....considering the cost of a new GPU it just doesn't seem worth it. Were it I, I'd stick with what you have..........Doug
  14. I don't think it's possible with a laptop at any price. You'd be hard pressed to find a desktop that will run either FSX or P3D with those add-ons at 25+ FPS.....Doug
  15. W2DR

    FPS Leak??

    Exactly so.....what the heck is an "FPS Leak"? I don't know what the problem is but that's not it..........Doug