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  1. Touch one of the police horses of the New Orleans, LA, French Quarter, mounted patrol and you may be charged with assault on a police officer. A very good reason to leave the horses alone.
  2. That's why I use an adblocker.....
  3. And as far as the ORBX "stuff" goes, just delete the entire ORBX folder. No need to save anything. When you're ready to reinstall ORBX just use ORBX Central.
  4. Interesting question. I drank it for years when I was younger and never thought about what was in it. So, I looked it up and found this: https://sodapopcraft.com/what-is-cream-soda/
  5. W2DR

    Go Dawgs....

    Indeed, they've done pretty well over the years. And that really helps with the recruiting: http://www.winsipedia.com/georgia .
  6. W2DR

    Go Dawgs....

    Maybe one of the biggest mismatches ever. But, that said, the good guys won.....🙂
  7. W2DR

    Go Dawgs....

  8. Great stuff. Thanks Noel. Glenn Miller will always have a special place in my heart. I knew his brother Herb well. And one of his nephews, Ritchie, was my college room mate. Richie's brother, John, carries on the Glenn Miller tradition today with the John Miller Orchestra (formally the Herb Miller Orchestra). Someday I have to come your way to see the Aliens or you have to come my way to visit with Mickey. There is a whole story about "The Millers" following Glenn's disappearance. They are best shared over a good single-malt (or two) (or three).....Doug
  9. W2DR

    Stupid driver.....

    I have the same problem with my golf cart. And it has six batteries 😀 .
  10. W2DR

    Stupid driver.....

    I just turned 100,000 miles on my 2014 Honda yesterday Noel. So, I think you should have 111 years left on the Prius before you catch me 😀 .
  11. W2DR

    Stupid driver.....

    Thanks Charlie. And a glass of wine makes you fine......
  12. W2DR

    Stupid driver.....

    Indeed they are. But they are all still in the test stage.I worry about them every time I get on a high-speed roadway. I just turned 80 and I'm glad I don't have long left. I don't know how long I'll be able to handle this stuff.
  13. W2DR

    Stupid driver.....

    Good point. Just based on the way the car acted I never thought of that. Maybe the stupid driver was the stupid operator.
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