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  1. Do you see the circular one from the VC or just in spot view?
  2. I really haven't been using MSFS even though I was one of the original testers before the release. Mainly when it was released, I felt that it still needed a few years to mature to a point where I would feel like it was the sim that I was looking for. I would keep updating the sim as new Sim Updates and World Updates would roll out but after each update and a brief flight around in the new version I would feel like it was still not ready. However, after the past few Sim Updates, the release of the TDS GTNXi750 as well as the Just Flight Arrow III to support it, I gave the sim a more closer look as to where it was. I did a cross country flight in real weather with showers in the area. This was my first time flying in non-clear skies using real weather. I really got to see how I was able to see the bands of rain and allowed me to avoid flying into the rain as well as how there were different degrees of rain from light to heavy. While the rainbows werent realistic in the fact that at altitude they are a circle and not half circle, they did appear, intensify and disperse in a very natural way. The airport that I was landing at had a huge rain cell sitting on top of it so I had to land in some low viz, heavy rain and all the effects of the weather on that flight really had me appreciating just how far the weather system has advanced over any other sim in many area. I am very much looking forward to what XPlane 12 brings to the table as well as what MSFS will be like once it introduces gliders and helicopters with its thermals and drafts plus seasons. All in all what I got from that flight was that the pros of MSFS out weight the cons enough for me to really start using more since I've been more or less XP11 only. Well with the exception of AeroFly FS2 for its R22 use as that is one of the best sims for flying helos in..especially in VR.
  3. Finally I'm one of the elite 2%'ers in something in life!
  4. This is my simpit which I've created to be a one size fits all kind of sim. Single, twin, Helo, VR, IFR, VFR, VC, Tail dragger...basically everything except the big tin. Apps used in this video are Garmin Pilot, Simionics G1000 PFD/MFD, Remote Flight 6 pack, XPlane11, Sim Coders, Carenado, RXP GTN750, PilotEdge. Hardware is Honeycomb Alpha, CH Products, Go FLight Inc, Desktop Aviator, Logitech as well as others.
  5. Nah I've been waiting for almost two years for the 3080 and while I am buying it from a retail shop and not a scalper, the price is by far not msrp. This should keep me happy with my current build and in 3 years time or after a jump in the latest and greatest will be huge compared to what I'll be rocking now.
  6. So this is my current sim rig: i7-7700K o/c @ 4.8 (Kaby Lake), 1TB SAMSUNG 960 PRO PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, 32GB DDR4/3000MHz, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO, GeForce(R) GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition and I just ordered a ASUS GeForce RTX 3080 12GB TUF Gaming OC Graphics Card. My hopes are that I will see good improvements in VR with my Reverb G2. With my current rig I can easily enjoy VR in XP11 in most areas as well as descent VR in MSFS with mid settings. So my hopes are to see a vast improvement in FPS with just a little bit of room to bump a setting up here and there. From everything that I've read the 3080 on my rig almost doubles FPS over the 1080Ti. If this is the case then that should buy me another 3 years or so until I will do a complete new system build. Anyone have any 1st hand knowledge on all of this hardware playing together for XPlane and MSFS?
  7. Been using VR since back in the FlyInside days. Back then you had to either be fully in VR or not. Using internal VR allows the user to jump in and out of VR throughout the flight. As a real pilot and PilotEdge member I use my Garmin Pilot app for all my flights which is tied to the sim. Where once I use to use VR for 100% of the flight. I now just use it for takeoff and landing to get a real feel of depth and ease of my surroundings on the ground.
  8. I would like to put a request in that allows the user to have user of the overhead speaker and playback functions of the GTN's Audio Panel for use with PilotEdge, Vatsim etc. For myself, I fly in VR but not all the time so I am jumping in out from the hood. I have the headset assigned for my ATC and Mic and my main speakers for all other sounds. I would nice to be able to assign another speaker and/or mic as the speaker/mic in the audio panel as so the end user can easily and realistically switch between using a headset or speakers for ATC. Additionally with the audio playback for online flying, that too would be a nice feature to have available.
  9. So realistic in lighting. Love how the night sky is black. Remember the days of flight sims where the night sky was more or less grey and one could easily make out the horizon?
  10. Just for the record its not like I'm a XPlane word not allowed as a matter of fact it wasnt until XP11 did I ever use it. I did the MS platform up unto P3D and got out of it at v4. MSFS offers so much, just right now my 1080ti and i7-7700K doesn't yield the performance I can get with XP11 in VR so I'm waiting on a year or two for hopefully prices to come down a bit before I upgrade my system and hopefully by then theres some new VR headsets to compliment it. I also love Aerofly FS2 for helo flying as I feel its the best one for flight modeling of those.
  11. Noel I feel you should apply a little bit more respect. Do I know what a E-6B is?! Really?! Theres been no change of story. You are just approaching it with blinders on. First giving the idea that in no way can a sim benefit a pilot to prepare them for flying as its just a game to you and secondly everything about flying is based off of your own experience and in your 66 years of being in aviation with no room for anything else to be acceptable as new to you. My statement that my streamline experience in my PPL is 100% true that I owe it all to flight simming and PilotEdge. Just curious on how you feel about astronauts...do you also think there is no way that a gravity filled non moving room could every qualify them for the excessive g-force into weightlessness of the real thing so why did they even bother with all that sim work? Yeah over the years I flew with friends in the right seat and held the controls for a portion of straight and level. No take offs, no landings, no maneuvers. Just exposure to the sounds and feels of flying for the most part. My Gemini flights in flight safety was sitting in the back of the plane watching the interactions of the student and pilot and that was in the early 2000's. I have nothing to prove to you. I could careless what you believe or dont believe. The OP asked which sim users use the most as a RW pilot and I say XPlane and credit its overall design best for a platform when I want practice my RW skills. I concluded with a testament to just how much I back that with a sidebar personal story. Noel Im guessing you also havent heard of the Barefoot Bandit or Richard Russell.
  12. But you soloed in 8 hours so that extra five hours is what would have you believe someone who is not you could? Who are you to say what a person can or cant do? There are 14 year old students in college because they didnt have someone like you saying what they cant do. I spent hundreds of hours over the 20 years practicing stalls, step turns etc in the sim but what because you only think of a sim as a game you cant wrap your head around the fact that it can be used as a high effective tool for muscle memory and proficiency? Seriously look at yourself and ask yourself who are you to judge a persons skills all based of what you think based strictly off of your choices. No I'm not better than you as a pilot, I'm simply pointing out had you owned, took serious and practiced often in a nice simpit over that decade of not flying when you came back to get recurrent you wouldnt of been so rusty. Heck during the pandemic I have a pilot friend who flies for United that with just a month or two off noticed the small things he became rusty with. You dont think I didnt load up a C172 at KFIN and go through all the paces just prior to going for my lessons as so I was getting the most out of my money. Lastly dont take a stab at an instructor that once again you didnt know nor were in the cockpit for any part of the lessons. You can clearly see based off of my flight graphs that as soon as we left the ground it was all demonstrate this and that. Basically the only thing we didnt do was S turns and Turns around a point. Heres my 1st attempt at s Turns and turns around a point. Heres footage of my 1st soft field landing where I decided to go around on the 1st attempt and landed on the second. No one showed me 1st, I just did it.
  13. rush to go solo (is that just to have a "cool" story to share?) Honestly no. It was to prove to myself that I could fly. See when I took the part 107 written to fly drones I was super proud of myself. I took the test within a week or two of it being available and if you've never taken it, its basically the written for PPL without Comm questions. At that point, to me the hardest thing to do in flying after simming and flying with friends for over the past 20 years was taking the written test. So when I told be I had passed and then new how much I was into aviation (I mean Scott Gentile of A2A had flown in my sim that was a 4 place dual control sim in the back of a box van...that kind of into it) they would ask so your a pilot now, and that was always no but you dont understand. So when I had to renew my Part 107 I took the Sportys ground school having taken the King School back in 2000-2001 when I worked at Flight Safety and earned my endorsement to take the written. At that point, having passed the written, passed my medical, if I could solo then from then on I was at least a Student Pilot and knew for myself that I was capable of taking off and landing a plane by myself. I never omitted anything from the syllabus as there was no syllabus. I spoke with the flight school and instructor prior to going that I wanted to solo and had three days in which at that time I would like to achieve that as a soft goal. It would be up to the instructor to determine if and when I was ready or it would happen at all. So we took to the skies and he ran me through the paces. So yeah I had spent the second day just doing pattern work after spending the 1st day doing all kinds of maneuvers and discussing what ifs and what does the FAR AIM state about this or that. Got to remember that he didnt have to really teach me the knowledge things I needed to know as I had already proven that with the written. Last when you said, "Your CFI would have some serious explaining to do if you had an emergency during your..." interesting story but the night I went to do all my remaining night landings with the plan to do my big XC the next day, the plane I was to use got stuck out because some guy had come down and rented the plane to do his check ride for his PPL and this was his second attempt and he found a different instructor to sign off on it. The school just rented the plane, nothing to do with the student or instructor but his check ride went so bad that the DPE grounded him from solo flying the plane back to the field so we flew two instructors out to pick it up that night and I used it the next day. That would seem to be some hard explaining to do for an instructor who signed off on a check ride. Log 10hrs in one day (nice quantity, but questionable quality) Well thats hard to say. For XC purposes it was amazing quality. I asked the instructor how long of legs he wanted and then set out to find lowest prices of fuel, called to make sure the fuel pumps were available and in working order, and used the time to finish up my simulated IFR with an ILS approach. All new field to me and a good measure of a endurance exercise. For some the whole idea for flying is to travel so yeah while there wasnt a whole lot to learn sitting in cruise in one aspect, there was a better understanding of monitoring the gauges for endurance issues, dealing with new airspaces and controllers and overall a complete different experience to being away from local knowledge. Heres a video of leg 3 where I did my foggles. So that was almost 3 hours of flying with those word not allowed foggles on and I didnt use any moving maps or GPS, just VOR navigation. You can read in the video description more about that leg. regarding your own flying: I dont "openly question your true capabilities" just that did I get kind of feedback a complete newbie would of gotten and in doing so was there ever anything missed by doing that. I'm 100% confident in my skills, abilities and training but there is always the unknown and for me that is something that I will never be able to answer. So thats where yes I feel my own pressure to continue to never be relaxed that just because I passed all my text and check rides and fellow pilots and instructors commend me on my overall PIC skills I never let it go to my head that I am still a low hour pilot and each flight offers something new to learn. Additionally yes the 15.5 solo hours is low. However, when I got my PPL, like I would expect many other pilots before me, the idea is now one can take friends and family flying so why rent a plane to fly solo. Additionally, after I got my PPL I was kinda like cool now what because I dont see myself ever owning a plane. Thats when I came up with making bucket list flights and added to my ratings and addons. So I earned my high performance in a beautiful C182 on tundra while learning mountain flying out of Eagle CO, ever now and then do night IFR lesson that are also XC to work towards my IFR and determined night time offers better outside IFR with foggles on while added to my night time experience and come Feb and looking to get my Seaplane SEPS rating which since its an amphib will also give me my complex addon. I'm also going to do some helo lessons in a R22 and on my short list of things I want to do is upset recovery lessons. Would you agree that your path to PPL and the outcome is not ideal? I wouldnt say yes or no, thats a personal thing based on the person. Is this what the FAA (or EASA for that matter) would consider a succesful PPL graduate? ABSOLUTELY! I didnt earn my PPL because it was given to me. I earned it with my skills and knowledge that one cant discount the 20 years of studying and practicing in both sim and other planes. Additionally, I received the endorsement of many instructors, DPE and now having finished my flight review recently an additional layer of all kinds of people who have put their name on my logbook that I am exactly what those departments look to have as examples of a PPL
  14. 72.6 total 37.6 PIC 7.9 night 15.5 solo 39.6 XC 45.6 dual 117 day take off/ landings 13 night take off/landings
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