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    Some good deals in there.
  2. Xp11 on my new system back in March has been great in Flyinside. i7-7700K 4.20GHZ 8MB @ 4.8 1TB SAMSUNG 960 PRO PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD 32GB (16GBx2) DDR4/3000MHz ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO ATX GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition 11GB I have all the sliders maxed and never have had any stutter issues. I only fly at night in XP11 so I have no idea about texture loads.
  3. Glad your friends had a great time. Personally I see no vs anymore. Most P3D owners who pick up XP11 have a hard time letting go with P3D due to their addon collection. So there are those who are hardcore to one of the two sims and there is a growing membership of those who use both. Then there are those users like me who also enjoy a 3rd option. For me its AeroFly FS2 and looking forward to what becomes of it. For others it might be FSW. But yeah there are enough feature differences between the two to see both as a great sim platform but not needing to pick one over the other. One might have to make that choice when buying an addon that can be found in both but needs to be purchased at full price for both.
  4. FlyInside FSUIPC PilotEdge Active Sky FSEconomy Missing are any planes or scenery as well as a few other addons I would want but I'd say those would be my top five that I use on almost every flight.
  5. I know Keith of PilotEdge had plans to bring PE into AFS2. I hope that now AFS2 is in a released state members from both sides could work to see what needs to be coded for that to happen. Not only would that add ATC to AFS2 for PE members but also most of PE and AFS2 are currently in the same coverage.
  6. At least you gave PE an honest try. I fly PE with a VR headset so I know what you mean about shorthand and clearance as I have the added layer of having to look at my kneeboard through a small gap in the nose piece area. However, you should be able to get "Cleared to XXXX as filed" 99% of the time flying in the small planes you mentioned if you file a friendly FP. I use Skyvector to start my route, then look at the available SIDs and STARs if there are any, make sure my final waypoint on my route works with an approach if I am using one and try to keep my routes simple. A lot easier to do in a small plane then doing a tubeliner into and out of Class B's. I also fly with Ultimate Traffic Live and P3DATC but with the sound for ATC down low. that way PE ATC will always talk over any AI or ATC inside the sim but when I use an non-PE airport I still have ATC and the chance of local traffic. I fly from airstrips to Internationals inside the entire PE coverage area and have yet to run into any conflict issues as I have my GA set at 15% and Commercial set at 50%. While you might get handed off to the same controller from start to finish, they are also very sterile in a profesional way that has you treating each freq as a new person. Also a lot of enroute handoffs really dont require much in communication transmissions or info and when departing or arriving one usually can be busy enough with their checks to not care too much about the same person. I see PE as a tool for maximizing my skills at the radio more than enhancing my sim. However, I also feel the sometimes free for all of free online flying to be more of a immersion killer than any of the cons that PE might have. But yeah there are no text options on PE just like in real life so if you can advance in PE then you can advance in RL and you should be able to do all the things you can do in real life in PE. Its seems an issue can arise when a real world private pilot rated member tries to fly a scheduled airliner flight of a ATP rating without knowing a lot about all that there is to know between the two and the years of experience that comes with it. Members arent paying for ATC to dumb down to work with them but instead hope to provide a professional environment for members to advance their skills in if you know what I mean.
  7. To the OP, since you are also a FSE member, I find this plane to be a nice model for FSE use. In VR it looks great. In FSE it is a nice size hauler that is fast and STOL. Like many Carenado planes, I buy them for the eye candy and use in FSE and not for the features like say an A2A plane.
  8. I have a lot more planes on my backup Harddrive than in my hangar and will it most likely stay that way. Most of them being Carenado planes that I dont fly due to being spoiled by Accusim. A2A C172 Skyhawk, C182 Skylane , PA-28 Cherokee, PA-24 Comanche, T-6 Texan Aerosoft Catalina, DHC-6 Twin Otter Alabeo C207 Carenado Do228, Phenom 300 Just Flight PA-28 Warrior II Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro PMDG (Reserved for JS41) RealAir B60 Turbine Duke, Legacy
  9. I didnt say you actually see in 720, I am comparing VR to Non VR and used that as a reference.
  10. I dont follow. You own a VR headset but you dont use it? You are asking others what FlyInside looks likes as you would spend the hundreds of dollars on the headset but wont try the demo?! You then are quick to judge it only to surprise yourself at your quick to judge of Aerofly and now you rave about it?! You do realize that you can almost get the same color and lighting in FI on P3D that you can in AFS2 right? AeroflyFS2 is hands down to me the best at VR during the day. Xplane 11 is the best VR at night IMHO. P3D has all my addons. As a simulator it all comes down to what the end user is wanting to simulate. If you have been using a 4k monitor and feel that is what you are use to then yes, VR will not jump out and best it. Some people love to sim and fly looking at the plane from outside, I only go outside the plane in Avatar mode on the ground. Point is, simming offers various things to be simulated and the way the end user likes their sim may differ in so many directions. I guess my point is you are looking to be sold on VR but not willing to give VR your best try and when it seems you did you surprised yourself that you kinda liked it. By your description of your trial with FI it sounds like you dont have the setting set for VR because your description of VR is nothing like what I see in FI. Artifacts, shimmering?! I dont see any of that. What I see is like watching a Youtube video in 720HD for VR compared to 1080 for non VR. Things are jsut a bit clearer in non VR but other than that there is hardly no difference in lighting. I dont own a 4k monitor but have seen simming on it at FlightSim Con and agree the colors and clarity are amazing and you notice it. If that is what you are looking to simulate then VR is not for you.
  11. One item not mentioned as a pro to VR compared to anything else that is out there is the ease of ability to look around. After VR I couldnt go back to Headtracker IR because of the the lag and limited areas you could look. Yeah I know you can set your setting and I did but while Headtracker is nice, it can't compare to VR. For me, VR all the way I gave up a nice simpit for a VR simpit.
  12. Thank you, that was the missing link.
  13. I see how to adjust volume of FS2Crew but I can not get the sound into my headset. I tried using the config button on the main panel and using the arrow buttons to locate my headset from the list but all the sounds still play on my speaker. Any advice?
  14. Just to be clear since you mentioned Steam in this post. IPACS is staying on Steam but moving out of the Early Access phase or is it that IPACS is also moving out of Steam? That same post mentioned being able to buy on DVD and "and we will also break down the walls and expand our sales points beyond the Steam Store in the near future". So there is a chance that you are going as a stand alone storefront and away from Steam based off of the wording in this post I quoted.
  15. You know what...I'm going to get it. I brought and returned it at first release but the sim has matured a lot since then. I really need VR support for how my sim is set up but I can still fly using stick and rudder over yoke. Thats a nice savings and I am happy to support more development to this platform.