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  1. Is this only for planes found in the Standard Edition? I fly the C152 aerobatic one from the upgraded version. Is that one affected?
  2. While I completely agree with you, it is a great improvement that snow is presented based off of weather and data reports and not just because of what day it is in the year. A big leap forward in rethinking how weather is treated including how it can accumulate. Well done Asobo...now can you just tweak it some more.
  3. I will be on XPlane as my main for another year as MSFS continues to build upon this great platform. I brought a small this strip addon 3U2 just north of Boise this weekend and flew there to "camp" over night. Took off out of KBOI on PilotEdge in the C152 and did old school VFR navigation. No moving maps, no GPS, just a few visual checkpoints and a VOR radial to follow to get me to my 1st visual checkpoint. Pandora music playing in the background as I did the entire flight in VR with my Reverb G2. So enjoyable of a flight with the weather and terrain. Slowly flying into snow covered terrain as I traveled north. After landing, I left the sim running over night and this morning I returned towards Boise. I wanted to see if I would have a snow covered plane or frost on the windscreen when I got back to the sim this morning. Guessing it didnt snow or rain overnight. Low ceiling but complete VFR on the return and as I climbed I slowly got into the start of the bottom of the overcast layer. Not a hard pop in or out, not a defined layer. It felt like true atmosphere. Ill be back to Xplane on my next flight but so looking forward to when MSFS has the addon options and feature rich working as intended sim it is destined to be. Until then its nice to vacation in the sim and use its strengths of basic stick and rudder VFR in VR to enjoy like no other sim can.
  4. Just wanted to share some positive feedback about my dealing with product and support from Sim Innovations, developers of Air Manager software for both PC and mobile devices. I came across their products in a YouTube video which showcased their product. I have built up my simpit over the years to once a 4 place, dual control simpit at its biggest and now down to a compact 1 sim fits all designed originally for VR and now back to both 2D and VR simpit. Always the tinkerer, I wanted to see if I could incorporate a 2D panel into my simpit. I was highly impressed with how their mobile app so effortless connected to my iPad. A simple addon exe file searched out my sims and installed the the needed software and that was it. No need to set an IP or wired network as my iPad was sharing the same network as my PC. Start up the sim, start up the app and it was connected so kudos for that. Great selection of panels and more so if the end user wants to go the PC way as the mobile way is more limited. There is probably a way to use Duet Display to use the PC version on an iPad but I am already using that for my GTN750 and not sure how it would work trying to use two duet display version. The main reason for this post now that I've stated what the company offers is to provide a really positive customer experience with a support ticket and forum help from the company to this forum. As we all know, product support can really make or break a companies respect amongst fellow simmers. Additionally how a company handles issues as well as how quickly they act/respond are huge factors in customer care and support. It is for that which I am wanting to share a 5star thank you to that company publicly for others to know that they are a stand up company is both product and support. So if you are interested in having your simpit with a 2D panel for so many different types of planes/helos/gliders, check out what they offer and know that they are also there to provide great customer support. Nathan Palmer Nantucket, MA
  5. I bought the multi season v2. It came with the ability to download the Winter LOD, which I did but didnt install because I wasnt sure if I needed to. I placed the Winter North/Summer south folder in my community folder and was happy with the new trees. Im planning on switching that folder out with Spring North/Fall south come March. Still not sure if I need to put the Winter LOD folder in my community folder as well. I expect Asobo to offer something like this in time but felt the author has not only shown that it can be done but also his improved work on making things look much better with the new trees and colors and for that a donation via a brought products is my way of saying thanks.
  6. My guess would be the Cub. Its one of the most recent upgraded planes with the new textures which I believe is all PBR. However, since the MSFS code is really not set for more advanced addon planes right now, going with the basics of stick and rudder and a simple panel layout would mean they wont have to spend a lot of time bringing it more and more up to code as MSFS develops. Ideally, I look forward to all their planes making their way into MSFS as well as what this new Accusim version will offer. However, I still feel a simple Cub would seem the most likely to go ahead and put out there.
  7. kinda spoiled to Accusim and REP. Its a default plane. Primer isnt needed to start engine, Carb Heat *might work...I'm just considering the meter inop and no need to worry about it since it doesnt affect systems. Once we get A2A or Simcoder GA planes in the sim, then its worth noting and and fixing. For now, the C152 flies great and feels very much like a light GA plane should so with that and all the great detail in the visuals of the cockpit, I'm happy.
  8. Not much experience with MSFS between Beta and Dec 22nd update, but did the C152 Amp meter always show a high charge?
  9. Specs are below. Reverb G2. Havent changed rendering as I havent needed to so crisp and clear panel for me. What I like is the user can jump in and out of VR, HDR lighting is still there, separate graphic settings for VR. Plenty of ways to optimize. Prefer the mouse over a controller so like that plus the mouse doesnt pop up in front of you as you look around. I remember when P3D and XPlane started native VR and how much its improved since then. Heck I couldnt even use P3D's 1st attempt. So theres room to grow for MSFS but not a bad launch by any means. Looking forward now to upgrading to a 3080 with 20gigs when they start making them next year. i7-7700K o/c @ 4.8 (Kaby Lake), 1TB SAMSUNG 960 PRO PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, 32GB DDR4/3000MHz, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO, GeForce(R) GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition
  10. My take from interviews of the Asobo team was that they stated if they are going to do VR they are wanting to do it right. For an initial rollout I am very happy with now having VR in MSFS. I have an: i7-7700K o/c @ 4.8 (Kaby Lake), 1TB SAMSUNG 960 PRO PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, 32GB DDR4/3000MHz, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO, GeForce(R) GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition, HP Reverb G2 I fell in love with your C152 back in Alpha and Beta testing as my favorite default plane to fly and getting to see it in VR was everything I had hoped for. I am so happy you went with a way to have VR graphic settings separate from PC and a vast amount of customizable items with various settings to tailor the flight experience. I also wanted to try out the new sow and ice and knowing the Northeast USA just had a good snow storm went to Concord, NH KCON and did a flight. One of the 1st things I noticed was the randomness of the patches of snow. Something that highly realistic compared to anything we've seen before. With now knowing in addition to a living sea of waves, ambient soundscape of the environment, a sky filled with beautiful and scary at times clouds & light, now to add to the earths surface one more big element of snow and ice, it really is becoming a dynamic world where each flight is so far away and different from the last. Also keeping the HDR lighting and effects in VR was clutch. A huge amount of all the pieces are in play now and as they keep getting polished up, enhanced and added too, the great this sim will become. You've done VR users a great justice with what you have given us to start out with and I look forward to seeing the future of MSFS over the coming years. Merry Christmas guys and thank you once again for a great gift. Nathan Palmer Nantucket, MA P.S. As a very active user of PilotEdge, thanks as well for the ability to use Com2 😉
  11. OMG this guy loves to hear himself talk. 25 minutes of my life for about 3 minutes of good info.
  12. Agreed for flight simming. Got my G2 weeks ago and love the no screen door effect but that was one of the first things I noticed that I didnt like. Thing is in simming you notice it big time. I recently started to replay Half Lfe Alyx and its not as big of a deal. My take away from that is that while in the cockpit its normal you scan your your panel with just moving and your eyes and probably safer done like that in RL. But in Alyx where you are always in a more 360 room and looking everywhere in big movements, I tend to never look out of the corner of my eye and move my body and head more. With most VR games designed like that, I can see where flight simming has little say as the masses are more pleased and dont see the bad results as much. All the same, with the ability to jump in and out of VR on the fly while simming, I dont wear the hood during all of the flight unless I want a enjoyable lazy 100 dollar burger VFR type of flight.
  13. You really should try Half Life Alyx. Sadly it will set the bar for all other non flight sim VR titles that they cant live up too but man oh man, Alyx is amazing in so many ways.
  14. The only issue I had with the questioning was question 1 because it really doesnt specify any particular plane. While I think XP11 is best overall, I feel the default C152 in MSFS is most realistic based on many factors including my hardware.
  15. When VR 1st came out, I lived inside the headset for the entire flight. Mainly because it was either/or as there was no way to switch out during the flight with FlyInside. When P3D started doing native VR it blew so it wasnt until recent that as simmers we actually had a native VR sim like XP11 and P3Dv5 that allowed the user to jump in and out of VR on the fly. I use the sim for proficiency and currency of my PPL and in doing so use my iPad with Garmin Pilot as I would in a real plane. VR is not completely needed for every part of the flight. If its going to be a more IFR flight then 2d mostly is great. If its going to be a more VFR flight and not use the autopilot then VR shines. I use it more as an option then anything. I love to land in VR hands down that doesnt compare to 2d. Flying a helo, VR all day. Want to enjoy a new addon airport during taxi, VR. It also all depends on your simpit setup. I have a button, knob, switch or axis for everything assigned and know where they are with my eyes closed. As for using a chart or iPad, I use to look down through the opening in the nose where the older headsets had them, the Reverb G2 not so much but its very comfortable to just lift up and rest on your head like how you do with sunglasses when using an autopilot.
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