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  1. I fly on PilotEdge but dont have Pilot2ATC. While it seems the developer has figured out the issue and able to improve the product, I wanted to add that I do still fly on PE with Ultimate Traffic Live and use the default ATC at fields that are not controlled by PE. One work around and the reason for this post without knowing exactly what the OP is trying to "turn off" in the ATC aspect, is volume. I have the ATC volume in P3D set very low so when PE talks I hear them clear as day and default ATC is second fiddle. I would think Pilot2ATC would have its own volume control and possibly its own slider volume control in the sound mixer that controls most various apps that are running with sound. Just something to think about if you wanted to use both but "soften" or "mute" P2ATC at times.
  2. A quick look at the coming iBlueYonder 100 Dollar Burger addon scenery. This was my first video sim video and I had a lot of fun making it. Look for the official video to be released soon by the legend himself Bill Womack.
  3. I highly look forward to getting both the JS41 and FS2Crew back and in in P3Dv4+. Just to have what we had would be great but if FS2C really wanted to "add" new features for this product I would like to request a few. As I had mentioned in a another thread that was a bit off topic, the sound of passengers boarding the plane like what we have in the Dash 8. One big feature that would be just the bees knees would be to have an auto load of passengers and cargo. Basically have some method to say how many pax and cargo you want on the flight and then during the boarding process the pax and cargo would slowly add. Then when the gate agent say "heres the load sheet" all the pax and cargo are listed where at the begining of the 30 minute preflight that sheet would of had zero pax and zero cargo. When the user gets the "heres the load sheet" call, it auto opens the load sheet on the pilots side window clip board but during boarding process it is hidden. Once the plane has landed and reached the shut down checks with the doors open and all, the pax and cargo all leave which would then leave the plane ready for a turn and an empty plane. Lastly I think one has to manually adjust the fuel on board on the load sheet, it would be nice if once again, that could be part of the "heres the load sheet" phase and that info is taken form the fuel on board when the loadsheet is given to the pilot from the gate agent. I would feel many of these ideas fall in a grey zone between PMDG doing it like how A2A has its own auto loading features and the talents of FS2C if the coding is there for them to want to add to that level of immersion. So please just take these as ideas and understand I am very thankful of the product as it is and that is will be in P3Dv4+.
  4. Thank you all testers for the valuable screenshots, videos and info. I would agree that just getting this bird so that it is native supported in P3Dv4+ would be goal one for those like me who love having a proper commuter option that keeps the pilot honest in many areas of engine management among many other things. With the added help of FS2Crew this plane has always been a true pleasure to fly and has been sadly missed in P3D speaking for myself. I will go on record about being unhappy that we will loose the old FMC only for the fact that that is a testament to how well PMDG made it and opened up many users to a completely different way to program a one of a kind FMC not seen in any other addon (that I know of). I own the GTN Complete and rely heavily on it in VR in FlyInside as a pop up window to easy access the radios for direct tuning and charts etc. So its more a side step than anything to me. The one wish list item that I would like to make is to create a 2D pop up window for the handy VSpeed chart. I love the animation but it has always been a feature that one has to zoom in on to actually use. I have the print out version but since going to VR I really dont use it anymore and "cheat" by having my FO of FS2Crew take care of it for me during taxi and his flows. However, it would be nice to have a 2d window for that. I hope the success of this addon will not only appease the very strong followers of this plane who do not want to leave it behind as we move onto better, more powerful and more stable platforms like P3D, but also gives indication that later small features could included. Nathan Palmer
  5. Sadly not like the Dash 8. Yes we have the crew talking but in the Dash after the gate agent ask if they can start boarding, a few minutes later we hear passengers boarding the plane in the background. In the JS41 its just silence. I might be doing something wrong but feel very strongly that is the case.
  6. Could you please consider some of the the preflight boarding sounds that you did for the Dash on the JS41 of the pax boarding etc and stuff like that for the JS41?
  7. No but they are the only know a/c developer who had that issue when LM corrected a FSX issue in v4.1 that A2A used for their plane shaking code. EZdok users also have an issue and it would seem they would just follow suite with a fix as to something A2A did.
  8. Check their forums for the updated.
  9. Question about addon liveries. Will older liveries made for the original JS41 still work? Nathan Palmer
  10. A compliment addon to the Dash 8 is FS2Crew. Any thing to report about that as I would feel Majestic and FS2C would have some what of a open communication.
  11. I too had the same issue and did the same thing as before by hiding the update. this is for v3.4. LM is still activiely working with MS on a fix. Here is the most recent post from LM about it after I mentioned the new update does the same.
  12. I can say that I tried the Real Air Lancair and it was not affected.
  13. By the end of this month P3Dv4 (v4.1 really) IMHO will finally be the sim I have been hoping for since I got it back in June. We have had one small common issue with ground handling that has been determined got broken in a fix and all the A2A planes are now being fixed in a hotfix; "In v4.1 we fixed an issue with an incorrect unit conversion for body relative rotations in the SDK. This impacted some third parties including A2A. They are aware of the change and making necessary updates. We apologize for the inconvenience but this change was necessary to improve future development. Regards, Rob McCarthy (of LM)" ------------------------------------------ "Yes we have identified the Lockheed unit change and will have a hot fix out soon thanks, Lewis (of A2A)" ------------------------------------------- "Guys, the reason for this issue is that in one of the latest builds of 4.1 LM has fixed a long standing bug in the SDK (carried over from FSX days), which changed the units used by one of the variables in the sim. We have custom ground handling model for our aircraft, and this broke our steering capability. The fix is simple and we plan to release a core accusim update in the following days that addresses this issue. In the meantime, if you've already installed 4.1, you can roll back your P3D client to version 4.0. _________________ Michael Krawczyk (of A2A)" ------------------------------------------ For all us VR simmers Dan Church has made this announcement: "Hi All, We're in the process of cleaning up a couple of small bugs. We plan to launch FlyInside P3D4 for this weekend - either tomorrow (10/13) afternoon or Saturday. This is the same features you know/love from FlyInside, plus very smooth frame-rates (much smoother than P3D4 native VR). Compatible with both Prepar3D v4.0 and v4.1. Given the months of development we've spent upgrading FlyInside P3D4 to support 64-bit and the new graphics changes from LM, this is launching as a separate product from FlyInside P3D (32-bit). For new customers $27, and we have a discount for existing FlyInside customers - only $20, available until the end of October. Thanks, Dan (of FlyInside" ------------------------------------------------------ Next is great news from Majestic about the Dash 8 found on their Facebook page: "Attention ALL Majestic Software Q400 Captains, First Officers, and Virtual Airlines: The wait has been a laborious one for all crew members that were grounded for the past 5 months awaiting their Q400s to become air-worthy for use with Prepar3D v4. We are pleased to announce that the x64 bit version of the Majestic Software Q400 addon is currently being tested in-house, and should begin beta testing shortly, and the "tentative" release date is now being set for Monday 23rd of October 2017. As mentioned in previous updates, there has been a significant amount of work that had to done to resurrect the Q400 for the x64 bit version of Prepar3D, which included replacing a number of functionalities, such as the navigational database engine, 2D panel graphics engine, network and interfacing - to enable them to function and take the full advantage of the x64 bit platform. Hopefully, the beta testing stage will be fairly straightforward (fingers crossed). So the question everyone's been curious about: Will there be a cost for the transition to Prepar3D v4? - Yes, there will be. Current owners of the PILOT & PRO editions for FSX/FSX:SE/Prepar3D v3 Q400 PILOT and PRO will be discounted significantly for the Prepar3D v4 transition. The discounts will be provided by the stores where the original purchases were made, or by Just Flight Ltd for the Boxed editions. Discount Pricing: APPLICABLE ONLY TO OWNERS OF THE Q400 PILOT & PRO x32 bit Editions. PILOT - 14.95 Euros PRO - 19.95 Euros New purchases of the MJC Q400 PILOT and PRO Editions for Prepar3D will be the same as the FSX/FSX:SE and Prepar3D v3 editions. As always, we thank you all for your continued patience and support. The Majestic Software Team -kroswynd (Of Majestic)" -------------------------------------- With seeing addons like Acitve Sky, FSUIPC, RealAir (mentioned because there is no longer customer support or updates to follow), F1 GTN's and numerous others are already working in v4.1 from day one, really the only last thing to get v4 almost exactly as we have it in v3.4 would be Orbx ObjectFlow allowing for their addon sceneries to be v4 ready. The concern of moving from the 32bit to 64bit that anyone (myself included) might of had prior to it being released and starting over or loosing so much that was invested in v3 and going all the way back to FSX seems to now be a huge sigh of relief. A huge thanks to the efforts of LM and their openness to work with addon developers, the beta testers and the community. Great times in simming are shortly ahead!
  14. Client only newest FSUIPC, A2A C172 issue, RealAir Lancair no issue.
  15. Put me down for the same issue. Tried with the C172 and have all my controls set via FSUIPC with very limited steering in the A2A C172.