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  1. How do I go about troubleshooting this one? In Avatar mode the stairs disappear behind the plane but when it is infront of it. Then in other views, parts of the plane are transparent. Any ideas?
  2. Ident

    who stole the plane

    The one thing I think about aside from all the normal stuff that is being talked about is the fact of what that must of felt like to a novice person flying a plane inverted. I mean those are long barrel rolls that I see on the video links and so he must of really been strapped in. The weird feeling that must of been just blows my mind. You know you are doing something illegal, you know you are most likely not going to be able to land normally, you are most likely gonna die, you have people trying to talk sense to you and then to go and man handle a plane to get inverted and then bring it out of that only to then focus again on the fact that you might of had skills that mean nothing because you're gonna die. Some other questions I have is what headset was he using..I mean dont pilots bring their own? So where did the headset come from? Also how did he get on the controller freq? Trying to hand fly a Dash and then work the comm to dial in the right freq on the correct radio yet doesnt know how to use the auto pilot?! You would think the last radio freq used would be GND and TWR so where or how did he get up on APP?
  3. I could be wrong as I thought about this myself, but I dont think that effect is broken and needs fixed. I feel that is one of the ways that P3D has been coded to cheat rendering stuff not seen which results in higher FPS. There is a down side to that but it is my understanding that to optimize the graphics they are working to not draw items that is not within view of the user. Another item along those lines are that the view around the user is not in a circle but in a square. So being in the center of the square the user is closest to the middle of each side wall and the corners are the points furthest away. So when the user looks around more shadows come into view at the corner of the viewers eyes which is also in the corner of the distance square. That could be fixed by making it a radius around the user and not a direct line of distance resulting in a square. That or extend the visual range even more. I do agree its not attractive to see, especially in mountainous areas.
  4. I dont think I could ever reach a "The Best". I agree with FB, FSDT, Orbx, FT and DD which have been mentioned but I would add Jetstream Designs to the mix. iBlueYonder and Turbulent Designs but they are now back with Orbx so that goes without saying since Orbx has already been mentioned.
  5. Being a FSE user which place holds a planes fuel setting, hours, logbook and airport location in a database, the GFO as designed is something I have always thought would be a great addition to the GA A2A fleet and their accusimed planes. So I wish PMDG all the best and hope that other a/c developers look at it as something they too could benefit from. Kilstorm McBride
  6. Is there a was to dim the brightness of the screen for night flying in the RXP GTN 750? Using it with the REP C210 from Carenado.
  7. Couple of questions about the how to's: 1) What is the best way to switch fuel tanks at altitude? I did that last night at or around 12,000'MSL to where I had leaned the fuel to 12gph but after switching tanks I flooded the engine. How does one go about preventing that from happening? 2) Since adding REP, I've lost the ability to use some of my assigned GoFlight and other controllers to turn things on and off. I have to manually do it now via the mouse. Is this something the developer can fix? They are: Avionics switch Cowl Flap axis Fuel Pump switch Does REP have a support forum? Many thanks for any and all replies. REP is a great addon and completely gives me a whole new level of a Carenado plane. Nathan
  8. Ident

    GTN750 and Carenado 210

    Thanks for the reply. I got it sorted out. I reinstalled the C210 after updating the GTN and all is well.
  9. Fresh reinstall of the plane fixed the issue. When I first loaded it up I had the pilots load up in the cockpit to where in VR I was looking through the face of the pilot. I removed the Pilots.png to fix that but apparently all I needed to do was just restart the sim. So I did that on the reinstall and they are gone and the GTN works. Cant imagine the pilots png was messing with the GTN but whatever, its fixed and Im flying. Thanks all who posted help as it did help me find the fix.
  10. Thanks Ryan. Didnt know they had that forum. I've posted over there now. Thanks again.
  11. I have a post in there but feel it might not be a RXP issue but a Carenado one. So Im asking in this post if anyone has these addons and they work. That would at least let me know if its just me or others.
  12. Have the Carenado C210 with RXP GTN750 latest build and XP11.11. The GTN works in other planes but in the Carenado C210 I cant get it past the first page. I can push the continue button on the touchscreen and it works by making a clicking noise and the button turns blue but that it is. It stays frozen like that and does not advance to the next page. Anybody have these addons workings? Since the GTN works fine in the default C172 I dont think its a GTN issue but something in the Carenado addon but being new to XP have no idea where to look?
  13. Ident

    GTN750 and Carenado 210

    Seems updating the RXP software to the latest build gave me the D vc panel GTN however, it freezes on the start up screen. I push continue and then that is it. it just stays blue and does not advance to the next screen. I switched to the default C172 and it still works so not sure what is happening.
  14. Hello. I just brought the Carenado 210 for Xplane but for the life of me can not figure out how to put the RXP GTN750 into the 3d or vc panel and switch it out with the default ? I have both the RXP GTN750 and the Careando plane both for Xplane just dont know where to switch them out. Many thank in advance for any help in this area that is new to me.