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  1. Impressive. Looking forward to seeing more from Pyramid8 Studios.
  2. Really looking forward to seasons in 2024 and any new weather improvements that come with it. For the meantime, something that I feel needs to be considered, is a way to clear off snow on the windscreen/aircraft. As an example, in 2020 if a user parks the plane and leaves the sim running while they go grab lunch or something and during that time a snow front passes or sets in, the plane will get coated in snow making it impossible to look out of the front windscreen so how can one clear that without restarting the sim? Guessing the same could happen if its snowing and the user is waiting for their IFR clearance from ATC.
  3. Flying the RNAV Z Rwy 28L approach into KMRY with the default Baron and REP from SimCoders inside Xplane12. I really like the approach and runway layout at KMRY as there is a hump at the threshold and if you get low enough the airport disappears behind it and then comes back into view.
  4. Perfect. I have AirManager and everything I need to control the buttons and knobs as hardware but really just need a screen to show the engine management gauges as I have G5's and a GTN750 for the six pack and navigation. Just looking for a STOL plane that works with my simpit setup for some back country flying.
  5. Can the G1000 panels pop out? Looking to put them on their own screens and use Pop Pout Manager to do so. I wont buy the a/c if its not an option so I thank anyone who can give me an answer.
  6. Looking for feedback from any users who have and are using the Accuseason Advanced for plants and trees etc. Any Pros or Cons, is it set and forget or is it something you have to manually change every season?
  7. I have both and use both and it really comes down to a few things. Will the flight be IFR or VFR, how complex is the plane you are flying? I find a nice simpit is great for IFR and a more complex plane. Especially if you want to use navaids and charts and unable to bring them into VR. On the other hand, a less complex plane in VFR with a beautifully made v/c is such a great experience. I find flying Helos really can only be fully enjoyed in VR. Back when VR started and we had to use FlyInside to get a great VR experience bc native VR was horrible, you had to commit to VR for the whole flight. Now, you can jump in and out of VR with native VR support. You wont get a better landing than landing in VR because you have a real sense of depth. Ideally you can use both and thats what I used to do. Startup from Cold and Dark in 2D, jump into VR for departure if flying VFR, go 2D in cruise and then back to VR on approach until shutdown. For IFR, I would jump into VR after I was cleared to land and had the runway insight or when I was completely setup with my final approach checklist being complete. Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks Charlie for moving it to the right forum. I looked for a video forum but must of scrolled by it.
  9. I've had my simpit that I built now for about 28 days now and wanted to share some flights as to what I see when I sim. So I created a 3 part video series to show my simpit using the two platforms of MSFS and XPlane with various addons. From sim setup on up. If you are interested in seeing what I see when I fly as you might be interested in upgrading or various hardware etc, take a look at my videos. For the flight videos, they are chaptered so you can look in the video description and jump ahead to any part of the flight you might be interested in. Part 1 is just me talking about the simpit and was designed with a simpit builder in mind. Part 2 is a short flight from KSBP to KSMX on PilotEdge in the A2A Comanche on MSFS Part 3 is the return leg in XPlane 12 with the default Baron with SimCoders REP
  10. Default Baron in XP12 with REP from Sim Coders. Figured that plane would be most well featured for whats new in XP12 and I needed an a/c that had ice boots and can fly in icing conditions. That said, I am now strongly looking at this Thranda C206 as a second a/c
  11. Theres only so much simming a person can do in their free time but with that said, I find that no one sim offers it all. Users can have their favorites, but if one has the ability to find ways to use all the various platforms out there (MSFS, XP, AeroflyFS, DCS, P3D) then its only to their own advantage as they each offer their own unique features that are not found in the other sims. I love XP12 for what I use it for.
  12. Navigraph should create an addon that users could put on their system that allows the user to enable the various sim platforms and their locations on the computer. Once enabled it just reads basically the users use over the year. How many flights, how many hours, averages, types of planes flown with averages. For XBox users it would be an opt in feature. Come time for the annual survey, a review is created and then its more a q&a of you have flown this many hours, you have averaged this many etc, of your sims you use you have used this sim this % amount and this other sim this % amount. Then you can sign in to the survey and upload your results and fill out the questions based on your actual useage. Every year a remind could be included on the platforms that there is an option to help the community by being part of this. A simple prompt at sim start up just like MSFS and XP does with its updates. Either that or a way to upload your flight logs to a database come survey time. Not sure if XP or the other sim platforms keep a pilot logbook like MSFS and P3D do but if so, use that as a way to create the participants profile to allow them to review it and then answer their questions based off of the review. Like you spent 57% of your overall flight time using Aerosoft FS and 43% using P3Dv2 On a yearly average you flew about .7 hours on an average flight You were most active flying 4 months out of the year of which you were flying an average of 4.67 days out of the week. Things like that.
  13. I have a touchscreen that I use for my Airmanager support gauges. I also have glare shield led strip for my panel. So I thought it would look better if my touchscreen matched the color of the panel as if in a real plane the glare shield lighting or flood lighting would light up them in the same color. Where as my G5s and GTN750 project light instead of reflect it, I've left those alone. So here is the results: No gel used on the support gauge screen Green gel used on the screen. Red gel used on the support screen This is what you can google to look for them Gel Filter Colored Correction Gel Light Filter Transparent Color Film Plastic Sheets, 11.7 by 8.3 Inches For mounting them, I just put at the top a foam strip that one would use to put as weather striping around a door frame and that allows me to wedge the top in between the screen and the glare shield so its easy to switch out and it doesnt take away the touchscreen ability.
  14. Couple of questions. You stated that you are using a tablet with touch for your GTN. Are you using Pop Out Panel manager? How do you get your GTN screen to your tablet?
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