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  1. Jetstream4100 is all I care about from PMDG.
  2. Maybe pilots who never learned radio work on PilotEdge might 😉
  3. Great video. One item that would be nice for improvement down the road, after release is how gouges like 4th he ADF needle acts or reacts. It would be nice if the gauges and needles reflected how the do in real life and not like an on and off light switch.
  4. I installed it and then saw it had serious issues for VR users which got fixed in a later update requiring a completely new install. So I did install it, looked at it and then uninstalled it. Was rather disappointing when comparing it to what MSFS is offering as default planes and scenery. I forgot how much I need addons like Orbx regions and A2A planes to really make P3D shine. I'm just not amped to start all over chasing updates and which products work and which need a patch. If there is a version 6 way down the road, then I could see installing the final version of v5 but by then, Im guessing MSFS will have enough love from 3rd party developers that P3D just wont be appealing anymore.
  5. I wouldnt be surprised if P3Dv5 becomes the word not allowed sim for addon developers. For awhile now 3rd party developers have been getting their products 64bit ready and working on v4. Now that v5 is out, v4 is finished and they can build their product to work for it and know they no longer need to worry about a new version. v5 on the other hand is just starting and is DX12 so they have to once again (for the better) rework their products. Not so bad except MSFS is coming out and with the reported 200 3rd party development companies they are working with, well perhaps v5 isnt getting all the attention it needs. As the year moves closer to the release of MSFS, its hard to imagine v5 not taking a back seat to MSFS. At that point, P3Dv5 might never really have a chance for a majority of addons. I purchased v5 but havent installed it. Removed v4 as well. I have a crazy amount of money invested in addons so I will keep v5 around but I use v3 for P3D and XPlane11 for my main sims. v3 allows me the use of a lot of addons that didnt make it to the 64bit version and Xplane11 has become my more used sim.
  6. Glad to hear these reports. Prior to the announcement of v5 and its release, I uninstalled v4 as I was having some issues. I got v5 but being a VR user couldnt fly until this new fix. Honestly, I'm done with P3Dv4, have no desire to "start building" v5 and am happy with just v3 and XP. I might install v5 again some day as it is a means to use all the crazy amounts of addons I have from the top developers but on the eve now of MSFS and the fact that it almost comes preloaded with what addons do for P3D...well who knows. Still great to know we have an improved sim for all the addons I own if I want to go that route.
  7. Anyone else thinking, this all gets fixed when MSFS releases later this year?
  8. No I'm interested in Helos as well. I have my simpit set up for Helo, Stick and Yoke. As well as I have a friend who we go flying in his Bell JetRanger. Two videos of me flying helos in the sim and looking for great whites in a real one. https://vimeo.com/216270396
  9. Has anyone noticed that some of the tail numbers on the GA planes are not the old AS-XXXX stuff but different in some of the pics yet the liveries are still the same. What does all that mean?
  10. It still blows my mind that these screenshots are from the base sim, of default aircraft....IN ALPHA!
  11. Based off of the discovery videos and how with each new video we get to see features that many have wanted in a sim and also in many areas exceeding those features with indepth application. So I am okay is saying this sim is shaping up to be the most complete sim...will it deliver is a different story but I have no reason to think that minus the normal few bumps almost all software has on rollout, it will do a great job on delivering the end results they are reaching for.
  12. Actually not. My opening remarks were designed to basically say theres not much left out to actually want. So the idea is basically just stating an area or feature that could be seen down the road if it doesnt make it into the release and is deemed something of use. Like I said, if released with what they have shown, its no longer about huge missing parts but small refinements and features. Unlike the other sims, this is shaping up to be the most complete out of the box sim we have ever seen by a long shot.
  13. Got to say, I love flying my PMDG JS41 with FS2Crew and having a share workload. Even the vocie control an A2A simmer created to allow voice control of the B17 is awesome.So while there are few planes that I fly that require a second pilot, yes I fully agree to have shared cockpit for any plane built into the sim would really be a great feature. Plus with today's social distancing and all the video chat methods we have for handheld devices, I could easily see having Whats app, facetime or zoom running as so you can see your other crew member and talk freely to them that way while using the keyed mic to talk to VATSIM or PilotEdge.
  14. Going off the discovery videos, official screenshots & videos and what info is found from the main MSFS page...heres my thoughts. If MS and Asobo can deliver a base sim that offers all that they are working on for this release then I feel we are more than 90% overall to the best possible sim we have ever seen. I can't see one area that falls short of being almost as near complete leaving only small improvements or a tweak here or there. ATC: MS introduced ATC in FS2002 and it hasnt changed since then. The biggest aspect that was left out was SIDs and STARs. With those now in the sim, finally us users can fly full IFR routes using default ATC. Additionally it seems like they are trying to do something with TTS. Not sure if that would translate into later having the ability to speak to ATC or not but that will make my list. Weather: Once again this is an area that has been majorly improved upon and if this comes to be complete and bug free, it will be one huge aspect that has long been a weak area in most sims relying heavily on addons to fill in the gaps. Plane air-file modeling: No more on rails effect for those who dont use XPlane. For once it seems like default planes will be a joy to fly and the way planes will interact with the weather and surroundings seems to have all the components there to tweak and refine if necessary. Terrain/World: Having this area as a way to improve on their side for those who will stream the terrain allows for constant improvements without new builds or patches or versions. Thats a huge win. Seasons: We have seen how snow could be done. This area still is a spotty area from their info. Lighting: Lighting with all these new techs have become a bit of a staple and from the videos and screenshots it seems this sim is likely to have some of the best lighting effects. Those are just some of the major areas of the sim so yeah if all of that can work smoothly with good frames then I could easily see this as being a sim that is ready to push out as-is once all the testing is done and bugs and fixes are in. After that, 1) I need VR. While I hope it makes it into the original launch, if it has to be pushed out to later than thats life. 2) Voice ATC. User able to talk to ATC. 3) Proper ice effects. They show the plane being able to visually ice up but I hope that is not just an effect but actually affects the plane in all the right ways. Fuselage Ice, Windscreen Ice, Ice on the wings and or props. The sound of ice breaking off and hitting other parts of the planes and the loud noises that can make. Once the windscreen ices up a defroster can't undo that but would need to find warmer temps and sunlight to help melt it off. Ice is a big factor in GA planes and so I really hope it gets plenty of proper modeling of all the different ways it affects the plane. 4) The ability to work with tablet apps like Garmin Pilot and Fore Flight, easy of use with all types of common hardware controllers in addition to items like GoFlightInc, Simgear, Simkits etc. 5) While we dont need for there to be a glider or helicopter in the default fleet as those could be done via 3rd party developers, I would feel that by the team putting them in their with the same attention they seem to have done with all the other planes that it would only benefit the overall sim. 6) Tow plane with more control of where the tow pilots flies the tow plane too. With all this great new weather and plane physics of ridge lift and hopefully thermals, having a great glider and tow plane option would be something thats a no brainer. 7) Not sure if Pilot Controller Lighting is featured or possible but feel that should eventually be part of the sim. 8 ) Not sure how airspace is handled but in FSX and prior, the user only got the option to request to be cleared into say Class B airspace once inside of it. Would hope that the user now gets that option prior to entering the airspace. 9) If the user flight plans a VFR flight then the controller will get them the option of flight following on ground freq. The user can also pick it up enroute but as far as if the user picked it up with ground then the controller will hand them off to tower upon arriving at their destination airport airspace perhaps with a "You're x miles from KABC, advise when you have the field insight" followed by "Flight services are cancelled, Squawk 1200 and contact tower on 123.45, good day" or the likes. 10) Avatar person.
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