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  1. GTN750 and Carenado 210

    Seems updating the RXP software to the latest build gave me the D vc panel GTN however, it freezes on the start up screen. I push continue and then that is it. it just stays blue and does not advance to the next screen. I switched to the default C172 and it still works so not sure what is happening.
  2. Hello. I just brought the Carenado 210 for Xplane but for the life of me can not figure out how to put the RXP GTN750 into the 3d or vc panel and switch it out with the default ? I have both the RXP GTN750 and the Careando plane both for Xplane just dont know where to switch them out. Many thank in advance for any help in this area that is new to me.
  3. One item that would be nice in a new version would be to have the pax on the load sheet set to an empty cabin. That way for users who like to use other addons like FSPax and FS2Crew and add the pax after starting the flight to the amount of pax generated, they dont have to zero out the load sheet or take pax off the plane.
  4. Anyone know how to assign hardware throttles to get the reversers past 25%? I use FSUIPC for assigning my CH Quad and can assign the throttles to go into reverse but not past 25%. Would love to be able to get them to goo full range in reverse to 100% Nathan Palmer
  5. Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Can anyone who has the new 4.2 give us a pirep of what they mean by the whole UTC fix? Can one go to an airport and finally beable to get local time at that location at that time by pressing UTC or can you set local time in a zone that you are in and then when you move to a new time zone it updates to the correct time from the main UI page. Really interested in all whats been done to address the time fix.
  6. Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    These are the ones I am most interested in. I have the same issue with VR on the cloud shadows both outside and inside the cockpit so it will be interesting to read what that is about. Also the time zone issue. The only issue I've really had with the time zone is that you could never set it to local time at a given place. Hopefully that has now been fixed. The water thing will be nice since I have a 10 card.
  7. Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Orbx is ready.
  8. Study Level Aircraft Addons for P3Dv4

    Why? The Twin Otter models structural icing, you can fry the engines by either over temping or over torquing them. Comes with a payload and fuel planner. Has a data recorder, allows IAS climbs. Offers start locks for the float plane these are just some of the things off my head...what exactly is so great about the Milviz Beaver?
  9. Study Level Aircraft Addons for P3Dv4

    I would add the Aerosoft Catalina to the list, let it be as real as it gets or something else.
  10. MilViz Otter vs. Just Flight Otter

    I fly VR so there is no zoom in. Well there is but there shouldnt need to be. Leaning in will allow one to read almost anything but like I said, the scale factor is off on the Beaver in some stuff. So I would have to lean in and move my yoke out of the way to get close enough to read it or easily read it.
  11. MilViz Otter vs. Just Flight Otter

    Thanks Caleb. that was the case with the Beaver with some yes and some no. A2A can really set a high bar showing while its a small detail, for me its important. Mainly because in addition to that, they dont code switches and such to be assigned via GoFlight or other hardware modules on everything so it just makes the immersion level weak. Its not their fault as its not a huge deal but it does make a difference.
  12. MilViz Otter vs. Just Flight Otter

    I've brought many Milviz products but of them I feel like I will never buy another one again. The Beaver was one that really disappointed me personally. So since you have the Otter can you answer one question, does milviz label every switch and lever with tool tip labels so that if you hoover the mouse over them you can see what switch or lever it is? This might sound trivial to some but when you fly in VR and if the actual panel printed labels are small/not to scale and weathered like in the Beaver, one has no idea what switches are what. I like the concept of the Otter for FSE purposes but just not sure about if the Milviz is what I would want have such a bad taste with their Beaver.
  13. How many "simmers" are Drone enthusiasts?

    I was sitting outside my house the other day and a car drove by on the road in front of my house and I picked up the biggest rock I could throw and threw it right at that noisy thing. The passenger even had the audacity to look at my house. I was at the beach listen to music and a plane of all things flew over head. What are the chances of that? Who's ever heard or seen a plane fly over them? It was up there but I could still hear it. I must of seen another 20 that day...just crazy. If I had a rocket launcher I would use it. Was at a theme park and noticed a person take a video of their family who was in front of me. I ran up and grabbed their phone and smashed it to the ground. That thing didnt make any noise or have any lights...he was total stealth and he almost got away with having footage of me way Jose was that going to happen. Just wait until a drone takes out a plane and people die. Its just a matter of time, just like how people kill each other driving drunk. Cars just need to be banned. Cant regulate them enough and whats stopping some one without a drivers license from getting in a car and driving it. Just ban them. Soooo I'm a part 107 Pilot and the above is just how silly most of the post in this thread sound to me. Not the posters but the post. Drones are here. They might surge in a fad and then fade in use but they are here. You will get use to them just like you have with planes flying over head. You will realize that anything can be weaponized and perverts will use stealthy things like telephoto lens and small quiet recording devices to be scum. Not something that says they are coming like 4 weedwackers with lights attached uncamoed on a blue sky. When someone says they are going to shoot it out of the sky, to me they might as well say they are going to go throw rocks at cars that drive on the road in front of their house. So now that all that has been said. Nice show reel Howard. I've flown for 3 movies, a few documentaries, ads, and currently working with NOVA on a deer tick program. I had a show reel a long time ago but it is two years old now and even then some of it was from days of the P1.
  14. Will FSW be released today?

    Coming along. Keep it up. Great communication of what DTG is looking forward to building for our hobby.