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  1. Personally, I'm just waiting for the Black Square Dukes which is being held up by SU15. I'll take any new improvements to the sim but there is nothing from the coming update that I am looking forward to except for its release.
  2. I dont land full flaps unless its a short field in the Comanche for the float reasons. I've had a few good hours in both a low and high wing in real life and do notice the low wing Cherokee floats way more than the C172 but I feel like the A2A Comanche floats a bit too much. That could be the case in real life, maybe one day I'll get to fly one and see 1st hand. However, until then, I just dont land full flaps, on two notches out, not three.
  3. 100% agree. I would love a system rich bush plane. However, there is nothing out there so I'll just be that multi-millionaire that I am in OnAir of which buying a few Dukes is chump change to me. If Musk can buy a car just to fly it into space for his own personal likes, I can fly a Duke T-prop into the Idaho backcountry to do a little flying fishing and think nothing of it ...virtual that is.
  4. Found this on YouTube. Was highly impressed with this video. Worth a look if you havent seen it. Not sure what 3D graphics tools was used to make this video but seem like we could use him in addon plane making area.
  5. Its hard logic that you offer and I am being completely respectful to you. I hear you but also you speak of others having issue and not you in a slight manner that you are taking the position favoringa policing for others over your own experience. Have you ever looked at it from the viewpoint (with knowing that the tablet is optional to enjoy the plane from engine start to engine shutdown) that for young people, new pilots, or those who arent familiar with Tprops or Pistion engines that it could be used as a learning tool? I dont think any of us were born with this knowledge so at some point we all had to learn these things. So whats the difference is watching a video on YouTube of how a planes engine works compared to having a more hands on way to learn for those student pilot types?
  6. Where were you when MS introduced progressive taxis that would put arrows on the ground for those without perhaps access to airport charts? Boxes in the sky to learn how to fly an ILS approach? When in spot view with all the vital flight info for speed, alt etc shows as an overlay? That places markers in the sky for checkpoints? That labels AI planes? Do you sim using all these features and find those unrealistic and aracade assistance like or do you not use them even though they are available? Try to think of it as a tool that a Mech, not the pilot, would use or have. I know most mechanics have tools that they can hook planes and cars up to diagnosis system and would even give visuals on said equipment. I find this much more realistic then what we had prior...lack of systems, lack of systems that are circuit breaker protected, what systems that were available to fail were based on random/unrealistic factors and repairs were to be fixed by just going to a failures list from the taskbar dropdown menu and searching to see what had failed.
  7. BS is knocking out of the park. They are actually modeling the full plane, not just surface controls with an air file attached.
  8. FSPassengers use to offer random failure which I really enjoyed because you never knew what and or when a failure would happen. I particularly enjoyed when I would get an electrical failure as it would show by all the electronics would flicker on and off and be mostly off from that point on. This happened to me in the PMDG JS41 in IFR from Eagle to Denver on PilotEdge and I diverted with ATC help and landed even in IFR with limited avionics. I thought their failure model was really good but it was one size fits all and not for any particular plane. When A2A started releasing planes and then later I started using REP by Sim Coders in XP that offered wear and tear, I welcomed the airplane specific failure and that it wasnt necessarily just random. However, I feel like BS got it right or best with taking each system, putting them through a Circuit Breaker then giving each item a life age based off of real data within reason and also added a slider ratio for a multiplier and the ability to change the hours or create a failure time window. I feel like that should be the standard for all good Payware addons in how best to create wear, tear and failures. For a long time I had a feeling that it was unfortunate to have knowledge of what to do to avoid unnecessary wear or misuse of the plane only in the back of my mind knowing it didnt matter because it wasnt featured and thus wouldnt fail or break. It makes for bad habits that could care over to a casual real life pilot or flight. So yeah, I feel Black Square has really outshined in this release.
  9. So in the startup video at around the 8:30 mark when the prop is feathered inflight theres a demonstration that a feather prop wont start due to the pitch of the blade. However, both the throttle and mixture are both still closed when the narrator attempts to turn over the engine. I'm not doubting that BS hasnt modeled this well but it seems it would of been more of a true demo had the mixture of been set to high and at least the throttle cracked.
  10. The visuals and sounds of that piston starting up is nice.
  11. I'll buy both as a bundle but am planning on flying just the turbine. Mostly for its STOL abilities with cold weather boots and de-ice features. I already have a twin piston in my hangar which is the default Baron in XP12 with REP. What I look for in an addon plane is first and foremost, system rich/study level and small GA (single or twin). Secondly, I need it to be usable in my simpit which requires AirManager gauges with Popout Manager abilities for screens. So currently I'm using the A2A Comanche for a single in MSFS and the Baron as so I have a plane to need/use in XP12. What I am really looking for is good bush plane to use in Idaho backcountry so it needs to be STOL, able to fly in icing conditions and system rich. While the Sim Works Studios Kodiak and the MSFS Famous Flyers C207 from Carenado both look nice, they lack heart and soul when compared to these Dukes and the Comanche. Plus I cant stand G1000's. So yeah the Duke Turbine is the best fit for me so far and especially like that we can pick up FOD.
  12. I've been sold on this plane for some time now. When we started getting screenshots of the tablet I was excited as I felt like they were walking in a similar lane as A2A. I feel differently about that now. I feel like Black Square is giving us a well developed/system rich plane for the pilot in us but the tablet really holds little for the pilot. Instead, for me, this is the first plane that I will buy that also comes with an A&P feature (via most of the pages on the tablet) and an instructors work station thats easy to access via the tablets last page, the failures page. I dont use or buy PMDG type planes so perhaps developers who do study level airliner types might already be ahead of this but to me, I feel like with this release, Black Square will be entering us into a whole new era. First off in their manuals (this will be my 1st BS plane so forgive me if they have done this in their other manuals) they dont just reference the auto-pilot or HSI etc but state the exact name and model of each unit. I feel like that is something that is very important as when you talk "shop" with a real airplane owner they too know these details and their plane more intimately because instruments are noted as individual items and might be subject to upgrades, warranties or ADs. Additionally and more importantly, it seems we are now getting far closer to having and A&P and/or IA. Most tabs of that tablet would/should only be used to check systems on the ground like a Mech would. Where as A2A offers a few more tabs designed for inflight with the pilot. Example would be the Flight Info tab that offers the Checklist and an Emergency Checklist as well as the controls page that could be used for simpits that dont have lots of available switches or buttons to assign for cockpit items like lights, vents etc. Lastly, with the way they have setup the failure page with the tablet being able to be moved to a real tablet, users who use things like Duet Display Air along with Popout Manager could easily have an instructor station that is mobile and can used untethered to a PC. As well as a nice visual tool to show a new pilot all the inner workings under the cowling reflecting proper use and temp management. I really feel like this plane is going to be a home run and has set a new level of expectations for future small GA planes.
  13. I fly using OnAir and FSE so I've sync my planes hours to those hours as I fly Part 135.
  14. How many screen shots are shown of the plane in an outside view? Do ppl fly that way or just use the feature to fill the task of taking a screen shot? My point is that both (being able to fly in spot view and being able to see inside a planes engine) are unrealistic but if used as a tool for the right reason it makes a nice tool to have in the tool bag. In my simpit I have a tablet that I use Popout Manager for the A2A tablet. I find that the A2A tablet is designed with two tabs that are useful for inflight and the rest which I use for when I'm on the ground and playing the role of Mechanic. As a real pilot, I've moved from simming to virtually fly to train to stay current. In doing so I treat each flight like a real world flight. Just bc A2A offers the ability to see things a pilot cant during flight doesnt mean I have to use them. I dont use them but will use them in the role of a MX trying to troubleshoot a squawk. The Duke Tablet is really all about the MX side. At first I thought I would be using it like I do the A2A tablet, I use the tab that has the checklist and inside temp/climate as my defualt page in flight. BS Duke seems to offer none of that so it really just for use to trouble shoot all the many possible failures.
  15. I agree with you. However, I can not see inside the engine of any plane, yet Black Square and A2A allow this to happen with the tablet they offer. I dont need to visual inspect the inside of the engine nor the oil filter or oil lines. That said, being somewhat spoiled to Accusim in MSFS/P3D and Reality Expansion Pack in XPlane for study level planes of this sort, oil being burned and needing to be replaced, seeing the color of the oil to determine whats going on inside the engine and the ability to wear at the filter and over time the oil lines have kinda become a staple so I was a bit surprised to see the depth of systems and available failures that Black Square has put into these beautiful developed addons but leaving out the oil system in a way that oil is a non-factor in the use of these soon to come addons. I log with the Comanche and Baron when I do oil changes and preform 100 hour and annual inspections. Its at those times that I let the "A&P Mechanic" inspect the plane as I use the tablet of the addons to see whats in need of repair and fix or replace accordingly.
  16. Yes, to use A2A and Sim Coders, they both have shown that the end user can check the oil level, add, change or even change the oil type as well as change the oil filter. Most small GA planes that I know of, burn oil so I was a bit surprised that Oil, Oil filters and Oil lines are not modeled for wear and tear. And yes, checking the oil level during the walk around as well as the color of the oil is an important part of the walk around. Hopefully in a future update this changes as its looking to be a study level twin.
  17. They've released the manuals for both of the Dukes. Edit to add, that in the manual of possible failures, there's no mention of oil systems, oil levels, oil filters or oil lines.
  18. Am I missing something on the coming Duke Piston version and not being able to see where oil levels are? The plane looks amazing and its a day one purchase, just finding it odd to model so much system rich features and not model the oil system of the plane to which the user can do oil and oil filter changes. Especially since they even mention on page 95 of the manual that the color of the oil reflects the oil temp.
  19. With the coming release of the Black Square Duke(s), I was hoping to find out if any developers would be considering releasing Air Manager gauges specific to the Duke(s)? I know I would be payware supporter for them.
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