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  1. Holdit

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    You'll need to look elsewhere. Carenado isn't that sort of developer. I would make some suggestions but it's bad form to recommend competitors in a developer's forum. Maybe re-post in the Hangar Chat forum?
  2. For good looks, more than likely. For systems fidelity and continued support, not a chance, short of a Damascene conversion of their business model.
  3. I must confess I almost had an unfortunate coffee/monitor interaction when I read that in the OP....
  4. Holdit

    How To: Trim like a Pro

    Would you PM one to me too? Thanks.
  5. Holdit

    How To: Trim like a Pro

    Good article. I have my trim set to my second joystick, a Saitek AV8-R. I map the hat switch on the base to the trim up/down function, and I use it a lot. Skelsey am I right in thinking that you act as a virtual CFI?
  6. Holdit

    What is going on with flight simulators?

    I'm reminded of Richard Branson when he was asked how do you become a millionaire. His advice "Be a billionaire and then buy an airline..."
  7. Holdit

    What is going on with flight simulators?

    I think the AVSIM faithful need to cut this guy some slack. First of all, the post was meant to be at least a little bit humorous and in any case merely expressed what I would see as being an understandable degree of frustration, considering the outlay that must have been involved in assembling the products in his list. Now maybe he could have voiced his criticisms in a more circumspect style, but everyone's style is different but that's no excuse for nonsense like taking offense or suggesting that the hobby isn't for him and maybe he'd be better off with an X-Box. In my opinion such responses to a first-time poster are disgraceful, particularly from a moderator. Wouldn't a better response have been to say something like "Funny post, but a bit OTT in it's criticism. Yes, you've think after installing all those products, it would "just work", but that's often not the case, and the frustration you're feeling is something most of us have felt at some point. Here's why it is the way it is... [insert summary of FSX/P3D, add-on backstory here]." To the OP I would say this, don't take such responses as being indicative of the only type of response you will receive on AVSIM - there are some very knowledgeable people who will be more understanding and helpful, you just need to develop the habit of filtering out the noise. Regarding your immediate problem, I would echo Dave2013's advice. Start off simple. Disable most if not all of the add-ons and fly a flight or two, then start adding them back in. Maybe even fly with a simpler aircraft and on shorter flights until you've got everything nicely in tune and then start dialing up the complexity again. It's true no doubt that model trains are probably less frustrating but I imagine they involve a lot of setting up too, before they're just right. Best of luck...
  8. Hmmm...the Comanche never quite did it for me, and I always said I had no interest in the V-Tail Bonanza, but...hmm...
  9. Holdit

    Aerosoft's 20% Sale

    To be fair, though, you can't blame Aerosoft for VAT. In any case, say a €50 scenery costs €60 with VAT, that same scenery in a 20%-off sale is €48 with VAT which is still a 20% reduction and you've saved €12.
  10. Holdit

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    I've never bought anything from Flysimware before - I'm looking forward to this being my first purchase from them. I'm not into business jets, but I fell in love with the Falcon 50 after downloading the freeware one. I'm glad that someone with a good reputation for systems is tackling a commercial release.
  11. Holdit

    make up your own mind about the clip

    I made my mind up. It's rubbish. In fact, after a few minutes I was seriously wondering if this actually an experiment to see how easy it is to deliberately start a nonsensical conspiracy theory and see it...er...take off. (Sorry). And in the spirit of Wingz's reply...
  12. The media doesn't understand aviation, never mind the hobby built around it. The trouble with articles like this is that there's a danger that some opportunistic politician might fire up the pitchfork-and-torch brigade with something along the lines of "Let's ban all flight sim products so this can never happen again...". A bit unlikely and extreme to be sure, but we live in unlikely and extreme times.
  13. Holdit

    Prepayment suggestion

    It's just forum oneupmanship, best to ignore it. Prepayments might sound like a good idea, but ask a certain other developer if it was such a great idea to take prepayments for their King Air product... 😊
  14. Have you set your altimeter to the correct pressure?
  15. Where are you at, how did you get there and where are you going? I'm curious about the progression paths that virtual pilots choose for their virtual "careers". By this I mean what are you flying now vs what you started out with? Did you dive in at the deep end with a deeply-simulated tubeliner or progress from simple trainers to more complex aircraft and so on up the ladder? What learning resources did you use? Have you reached the "pinnacle" of your flying career or do you have other aircraft, projects or types of flying you'd like to try?