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  1. I used to keep a book of poetry in my bathroom until my brother-in-law who's a cop read the dedication and realised that I was running my own drugs empire...
  2. Yep. The A2A J3 Cub lacks even an electrical system but it's a feature-complete offering of that aircraft.
  3. If I was flying in real-life and my life was at stake, I'd want the most relible panel, which means a glass cockpit. But for simming I like each panel's individual character, and once you go to G1000 a lot of that character is lost, leaving them all looking very much alike. A bit like many modern cars. Because I'm not a real pilot, I can get the eye candy of the steam gauges at no additional risk, so why not? There's also the fact that Black Square adds a lot more system depth than there is in the default glass panel. That said, I'd like to see Blck Square update the glass panel aircraft too.
  4. Maybe they'll revisit a few items in their stable, which take less time per aircraft (I would imagine) and then go for something brand new, which would take longer.
  5. I feel the same, but...I was never interested in the FSX/P3D Comanche either, but I pulled the trigger on the MSFS Comanche and I love it. Never say never...
  6. I avoided the Comanche in FSX and P3D because I wasn't mad about the panel layout. I might not be able to resist this time though.
  7. Quite right too. It wouldn't do at all for them to be too comfortable. (I love that shade of blue on the horses.)
  8. Private Eye's take on the big event: Almost as good as its special cover for the birth of...whichever of the Kate/William kids came first:
  9. The Brits do know how to do pageantry, I don't think anyone else comes close. Some background uniform trivia... On the red tunics of the Guards regiments, you can tell the regiment by the pattern of the buttons down the front. The Guards' bearskins are modeled on the bearskins worn by the Chasseurs a Pied of the French Imperial Guard at Waterloo, whom they defeated in Napoleon's final assault. A t the time they had believed it to be the Grenadiers a Pied whom they had put to flight, which is why they are called "Grenadier" regiments to this day (and presumably why the bearskins don't have a brass plate at the front - the Imperial Guard Grenadiers had one but the Chasseurs didn't). The armour of the household cavalry was also adopted after Waterloo, the British having been so impressed by the Fench Cuirassers in theirs. The British had got rid of their armour ("cuirass") in the 18th century. This had caused a bit of a row as the cuirass-equipped regiments - "Heavy Horse" - were told they were to become Dragoons, i.e. heavy cavalry without armour. The regiments were much displeased at this, since their new regimental numbers would have much less seniority i.e. the 1st, 2nd etc regiments of Heavy Horse would become, say the 11th, 12th etc regiments of dragoons, and this wouldn't do at all for men for whom the seniority of regimental numbers mattered. The circle was squared by renaming them "Dragoon Guards", this way the powers that were made the desired expenditure saving, while the regiments kept their numbers. Napoleon himself started a similar row in 1809, when he had been much impressed by the performance of the 1st and 2nd Carabinier regiments at Wagram. These had been uniformed similarly to the Horse Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard i.e. blue tunic with (again) bearskin headgear. Napoleon decided to "upgrade" them to cuirassiers, of which he already had twelve regiments. However, the colonels of the 1st and 2nd Carabineers were d@mned if they were going to slide down the list to become the 13th and 14th Cuirassiers and so they put their feet down. A compromise was found: the Carabiniers were re-equipped with brass armour over white tunics whereas the Cuirassiers wore steel over blue. Thus Napoleon got his two additional regiments of armoured cavalry.and the Carabiniers kept their regimental names and numbers, and everyone went home happy - especially the uniform and equipment suppliers, one assumes. Imperial Guard Grenadier a Pied Imperial Guard Chasseur a Pied Cuirassier Carabinier (pre-1810) Carabiniers (post-1810)
  10. Whic UK papers would you consider the most reliable?
  11. The new law doesn't require a protest to disrup the public peace. It is sufficient for it to be "annoying".
  12. Also starring Alexander Boris der Piffle Johnson passed out beneath the barrier, Braverman in cabin crew uniform and a lettuce in a wig as Liz Truss.
  13. Maybe Chas will do it in the style of Napoleon, who took the crown from the Pope's hands and placed it on his own head. "You ain't got no right to crown me, ye feckin' god-botherer." he is supposed to have said...but that may be apocryphal.
  14. I'll be purchasing both for sure. I have fond memories of the RealAir Duke, and I took the default TBM for a spin recently and was syrprised how much I liked it. It felt a lot like the Piper Malibu Mirage/Meriidian I remember from the days of "Fly!". The Black Square King Air is right up there with the AirfoilLabs King Air for XP11 as far as I can see. The only Black Square product I haven't got is the Caravan, and that's only because I've never been mad about it (the R/L aircraft that is, not the Black Square treatment). That said, with Aerosoft not having given their Twotter the same depth as the Extended version in FSX/P3D, the BS Caravan might make a nice hi-fi bush plane. Feck, I'm talking myself into it...
  15. I think they mis-spelled "kitsch".
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