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  1. Holdit

    Flysimware got a new texture artist

    Sweet. Any chance of the 441 getting a fresh lick of virtual paint?
  2. Holdit

    Name the movie...

    I swear my mind was on the aircraft until I remembered Brenda Vaccaro. Mmmm that voice...
  3. Well it does seem like that when you say "Study level P3D" and then go on to "I'm not going to include...". Understood (and agreed) - thanks for the clarification.
  4. I'm not sure why development time counts. Surely it's the end product that determines whether an aircraft deserves the "study level" tag. I would include even the A2A Cub because although it's a very simple aircraft, it's modeled in terrific detail. Just because an aircraft doesn't have arrays of buttons that do lots of stuff doesn't mean there can't be a study level treatment of that aircraft.
  5. Holdit

    Flysimware's Falcon 50 Demo on YouTube

    ...and even more to the nausea.
  6. Holdit

    flysimware sale at justflight

    Ah...maybe I was confusing the two.
  7. Holdit

    flysimware sale at justflight

    Apart from the Falcon I'm not into bizjets, but at less than €15.00 the Cessna 441 is a steal. I'll be grabbing that. Can anyone point me in the direction of the improved VC graphics? I couldn't find them in the AVSIM library.
  8. Holdit

    Does Ryanair really land hard as people say?

    I've also heard that it's because they like to vacate the runway as near as possible to their touchdown point in order to reduce turnaround time.
  9. Holdit

    When you do not sim?

    Couldn't agree more. You can't beat that "new book smell". A small independent bookshop in my town has been going great guns for several years now, and winning awards to boot. If I decide I want to buy a book, I usually price it on Amazon first and then e-mail the shop for a price and delivery-time. If they're in the ballpark or not too far out of it I give them the business instead. Nothing against Amazon, but when a local business does things you like, then you should be using it or risk losing it.
  10. Holdit

    When you do not sim?

    Ironically, the technology has helped me with this. My Kindle app on my phone makes it easier to read in bed and on the move. I'm currently working my way through "The Campaigns of Napoleon" which I had in hardback already but could never make much progress with because its bulk and weight don't suit those times when I do my reading. Now that I've got the Kindle version I'm flying through it. This year I took a shelf-load of books on holiday with me...in my phone. I've got quite a reading backlog now especially since I signed up to a daily e-mail that advises me of Kindle books that are €0.99 - €1.99 for that day only. Usually there's one a week that would pique my interest enough for me to pull the trigger. As far as the ruling our lives part goes, I don't find that at all, although I know it's a commonly-held view. I heard a radio presenter talking the other day about how we're all stressed by our smartphones, and thought "speak for yourself, mate". My phone isn't an electronic leash, it's a comms device/entertainment system and general anti-boredom kit, but when I get home it spends the vast majority of its time on a shelf. When I work from home I tell the guys "call my landline first" because I'm more likely to hear it and be near to it. But then, I don't do Facebook or Twitter (even more pointless than Facebook, which I had thought impossible) and my phone doesn't pick up my work e-mail, so I suppose that reduces the stress potential. Please let us know if you ever publish your stories from the Marines. I'm sure they'd make great reading.
  11. Holdit

    When you do not sim?

    When I get into political arguments I tend to end up arguing with right-wingers and left-wingers. It gets old very quickly...
  12. D@mmit, stop making me want to buy more stuff!
  13. Holdit

    When you do not sim?

    Simito, ergo sum.
  14. Holdit

    When you do not sim?

    I don't sim when I'm... Learning new I.T. skills Wargaming (Napoleonic/WW2/Ancient/ACW/Pike & Shot/Sengoku) Playing chess Learning to play the drums Fighting the good fight in the Fallout universe Wondering why I have far too many hobbies...