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  1. Nice to see that it'll be available. I have a soft spot for the F28 because it featured in the first episode of Air Crash Investigation ("Mayday") I ever watched. The crash was at Air Ontario Flight 1363 at Dryden in 1989.
  2. A work colleague has expressed an interest in flight simming and would be mainly interested in passenger jets. He's asked me how hard it is to learn and what the best approach would be. I've always thought it better to start small and build up skills gradually i.e. VFR, navigation, IFR, complex single, piston twin, etc so as to avoid becoming overwhelmed. I'm aware though that this might seem too slow and that real-world pilots also follow a gradual path for cost and safety reasons that don't apply in the sim. I suppose you could start learning VFR and so touch and goes and cross-country navigation a 737...that's the beauty of a sim. 😁 Thoughts?
  3. Some of the flight protections had been disabled. I believe because of a temporarily iced-up pitot tube.
  4. Very true. Also, I'm sure that after the release to Xbox, the performance of MSFS on my system improved vastly, to the point that I could get a graphics/performance combination way beyond what was possible with P3D, on a pretty modest system. If Xbox is responsible for that, then great. If people want to spend huge amounts on money on a top-of-the-range system they can, and good luck to them, but they don't have to. That's a huge step forward IMO, which will bring more new simmers into the hobby...and it's great to see a stake driven through the heart of the old "the hardware that can run this properly hasn't been built yet" nonsense that plagued FSX/P3D. MSFS is built for the hardware that's available now.
  5. Couldn't agree more. So many YouTube videos are ruined for me by the ADHD-style rapid switched from one view to another and back. Add that to a streaming video with constant visual interruptions from pop-ups and audible shout-outs from the presenter that break the flow "Cool! BadBilly's joined! Hi!" and you have an experience that in my opinion is unwatchable. (I don't get the need for live-streaming anyway; why not just record it, re-do any bloopers, edit it and then release it?)
  6. Maybe it's just me, but if someone has a 737-x00 NG, I don't see what more they would get from paying again (e.g. a la PMDG) for a 737-y00 NG. The cockpit will be the same, the controls the same and the flight experience mostly the same apart from the numbers. Ditto the Airbus A318-321 family. If you've got one of them you've pretty much got all of them, assuming they're from the same developer. I'm probably overlooking something - what am I missing in this analysis?
  7. Holdit

    Oh, my.

    Some of the comments on YouTube are hilarious e.g.
  8. I've taken it for a few spins it in 4.5 and it runs well enough on my desktop. (i5-6600k @ 4.1GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB). I can't give you figures but I'll take take a look later and try to get you some better information.
  9. I do my flight-simming on an i5-6600k overclocked to 4.1 GHz, 16GB RAM and a GTX1060 and I was sure I was going to have to update..until I got into XP11 and was delighted with its performance. Then P3Dv4.5 came along and I saw a huge improvement there too...and then MSFS was optimised for the Xbox and now I get great performance from that. My sliders are on a mix of medium to high on MSFS and even at that the graphics still look amazing. Three great-running sims for no additional hardware outlay (apart from a new 500GB SSD). This is truly a great time for simming.
  10. My daughters are proof of this. They started playing Minecraft years ago and now, in their teens, they still play it occasionally. Given that the graphics don't even stack up that well against DOOM in the '90s, I can only conclude that it's the gameplay that keeps them coming back. They play it on an Xbox on which they have other games that are graphically far superior but it's Minecraft that gets the most play time. It's like Rome2 Total War vs Field of Glory 2. RTW is graphically gorgeous and really looks the part, but if I want a more serious treatment of the history I'll fire up FoG2.
  11. This. Every time I see a comment along the lines of "SIm Blah is best because..." my eyes roll heavenwards and glaze over. Each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, just because Simmer A prefers Sim A, doesn't mean that Sim A is best across the board. It just means that Sim A ticks more of the boxes that Simmer A wants ticked. When anyone declares Sim X to be their favourite Sim, that's all it amounts to. As for "relevance" (word not allowed). If it's for sale and people are buying it and flying it and producing add-ons for it, it's relevant. The "I am the World" fallacy rears its head a lot on flight sim forums: "I am no longer interested in Sim X, therefor nobody else must be either. Or there's something wrong with them." It's mind boggling that grown-ups are actually capable of writing stuff like this. You're absolutely right, It really is the fantastic time for simming. I'm loving XP11 (a recent...er...discovery), MSFS looks amazing and is showing signs of great promise, and P3D is still there with a backlog of planes on my To-Fly list. I don't plan on any of those sims leaving my hard disk anytime soon.
  12. At that price it should include a date with the female model.
  13. It's probably the most detailed King Air out there with the exception of the XP11 AirfoilLabs steam gauge KA350 and the P3D Flight1 G1000 version. In terms of FPS I'd say it's not light, but it's lighter than the F1 King Air. As for lifelessness, that's probably in the eye of the beholder. I find that some aircraft you gel with and some you don't and it doesn't necessarily correlate with the product's quality.
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