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  1. The new MSFS seems to offer an awful lot more so I won't be moving to P3D v5 unless there's a really compelling reason. I'm still happily working with FSX:SE and P3D v4. $60 on P3Dv5 would be $60 that I could put towards MSFS instead.
  2. I did that in VR I'd end up barfing up what I'd just cooked. I don't think the cooking sim concept works without some form of "smellyvision" anyway.
  3. Exactly. The level of excitement and prediction of flight sim utopia based on a sim that no-one even has on their hard drive yet reminds me of children on Christmas Eve anticipating the arrival of Santa.
  4. 3. Those who would like to see an improvement and hopefully a more fully-featured sim but who can manage with what they have in the meantime and aren't going to get overexcited about something that's still some way off and is still something of an unknown quantity. It's possible that I'm the only member of group 3, but I doubt it.
  5. Well, well...P3D's time as "the future" didn't last long...
  6. I'm referring to peoples' claims, not my own assessment.
  7. I suspect that there has been a big increase in such claims since the announcements about MS2020. Not so long ago such things were being said about FSX, and prior to that, FS9. Many Flight simmers appear to have a need to always be chasing the next great thing to the point that they no longer appear capable of enjoying what they have right now (which they were praising as state-of-the-art only the day before yesterday). It's easy to forget how far things have come. Perhaps anyone who thinks P3D is boring or stagnant would benefit from spending some time watching videos of FS98 in action...
  8. Minority of two then. And expect to pay through the nose for that EFB and the sharper buttons.
  9. "Dropped"? Did it slip from someone's buttery fingers? Or was it just, you know..."released"...or even..."published"?
  10. Do the flamingos come with glass cockpits or steam gauges?
  11. I'm suddenly more interested in where you got a 4.4 GHz 4770 in 1981.
  12. Gee thanks for the lecture, but please quote the bit where I said I was against change. My use of the word neophilia was in reference to intolerance for the old, rather than embracing of the new.
  13. That's a very good point and I had already considered it, and we've certainly been down the road of re-buying the same aircraft at full price (++) before, but I think it comes under buyer's choice. It's the old balancing of the developers' business model versus the simmer purchasing model. Some will be happy to play again for a port-over, some will hold out for something truly new. Neither approach can be deemed "wrong". The comments previously shouldn't be taken as being against anything new, quite the contrary...the more the new sim differs from the old, the better chance my good intentions of starting afresh and not over-buying add-ons will acually come to pass...
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