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  1. Not to mention the rudder pedals. 🙂 Jeff
  2. Thanks. Yes, I know, it is subjective, and I certainly wasn't discounting your choice. I was just wondering if there were any other "favorites". Happy flying. Jeff
  3. OK, thanks to all. Apparently, it is subtle enough to not really interfere with the live weather that is being depicted. Any recommendation for an ASCA setting (in addition to Global Dynamic) that works particularly well with ASP3D's Live Weather? Or, maybe they all do, just checking. Thanks again. Jeff
  4. Hi. I'm running P3Dv4.5HF3 with ASP3D and ASCA. I was wondering if ASCA is bypassed when ASP3D is set to "Live Weather". Thanks for any comments on this. Jeff Smith
  5. The original post I was referring to said: "All those frequent updates made the launch of the MD 80, BAE 146, PMDG 737 and others possible. Don't like it? You're welcome to go back to the stagnant sims that charge you $60 for incremental updates." The part that I considered needless and insulting was: "Don't like it? You're welcome to go back to the stagnant sims that charge you $60 for incremental updates."
  6. Did I ever say that it didn't go both ways? Enjoy your sim.
  7. IanHarrison wrote: "Stagnant as in having reached a completely stable working sim that satisfies 99% of its users." Exactly
  8. I love how people can't just say "enjoy another sim"....they have to throw in the little insulting jab.
  9. Hi. Do these TOGA product problems also apply to P3Dv4.5HF3 or just P3Dv5x? Getting ready to install, but won't if it means problems for me. Thanks. Jeff
  10. I hope this backfires on them and they get inundated with support tickets because people can't find information in the forum. Many times I've discovered tips/fixes/procedures posted by Nick C. in the forum.
  11. I don't think they said those were the ONLY places...just suggestions.
  12. What made me think about Fort Riley in Kansas was when you said the largest basic-training base....I was thinking that Ft. Riley (home of The Big Red 1) was in that catagory....maybe it's not even close in size. Thanks for the advice on the movie. Next movie I watch will be "The Hustler", I guess. It seems that you've had an interesting life. "But, then again, I'm not Tom Cruise"...Well, a man's got to know his limitations (spoken in my best Clint Eastwood voice). LOL Jeff
  13. Never imagined I would be searching Wikipedia for a pool player, but it was some interesting reading. Thanks for the story. By the way, was the army base you mentioned Fort Riley? Jeff
  14. Regarding Ebertr's comment that you quoted: Sarcasm can be a wonderful thing...if detected. 🙂
  15. Thanks for the tip. What are your system specs?
  16. Especially if Xbox-version sales drop off considerably.
  17. I'm sure I will soon be getting MSFS, too. Just waiting for the update cycle to hopefully slow down and also become more "user-friendly".
  18. I don't think I've seen a mess like this update stuff since the major fiasco that ORBX had back when they introduced Central , or maybe it was Central 2. At the time, I think it came close to ruining them.
  19. Just bought it last night. Looking forward to installing soon. Jeff
  20. Thanks for the suggestion,
  21. Well, you certainly make a convincing argument for MSFS. I know I will install it, I'm just for waiting for the dust to clear more. Basically, after the current situation...i.e. .when (it seems) after every other update, things are a mess. I hope Asobo/MS can get their act together a little bit better. I'll get the other sims installed first. I'm thinking of making MSFS installation my New Years' resolution....if things are looking better. I've been in simming since about 1990 so I should know to be patient with new products, but I think age is fighting me on that. 🙂 Jeff
  22. Exactly why recently I have been making new installs (pretty well loaded) of P3D, XP, and even AF FS2, so that I can lock those down, back them up, and at least have something for a worst-case scenario as you suggest. I don't have a lot of confidence in MSFS. Sometimes I am surprised that people here have been as tolerant as they have of the update messes. It has definitely kept me from installing it for a while longer. And I'm not so sure it will ever be what serious simmers really want and have expected from it. Hope I am wrong and that MS is in for the long haul. Revenue will probably determine that. If the casual X-Boxers get bored, then all bets are off.
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