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  1. Been to too many terminals in RL , right now I save my money for all the new AC coming out for MSFS .
  2. Obviously your a XP fan , where I am a MSFS fan .
  3. Occasionally I pop in to the XP forum to have a read and a laugh at how much further they have to go there, sometimes I feel really sorry for them, sometimes there is hope .
  4. I have the MS store version , in over a year now I have had zero issues with any and all updates . I always start with the forums for any heads ups on any issues , then off to the MS store for it's update , then straight into the Sim to complete the process like Rob A. has laid out .
  5. Good memories going into Billings for business , thanks for the video Sir .
  6. DL and flew this evening , outstanding scenery with very little FPS loss . Thank you for time and effort with this creation Ed .
  7. johnbow72


    That is great news , I follow on YouTube all the trains of the Nordic countries ,
  8. Probably not long at all : The Savage Grravel is a monster truck in the skies, heavily inspired by and paying homage to Mike Patey’s Scrappy. She’s got a converted Ford Mustang 230HP 2.5L V6 engine, a 4 bladed 6 foot Whirlwind STOL optimized prop and 35" Alaskan Bushwheels. And now she also has a 10 second additional 90HP War Boost delivering astonishing acceleration and climb rates just when you want it most.
  9. I have never used LNM so I don’t know . Report back if you get it too work , I might consider using it . Cheers John .
  10. Another option that came out this Summer : https://www.justflight.com/product/flysimware-grumman-g44a-widgeon-msfs
  11. By George , I think they (Asobo+MS) have got this , the future is bright mates .
  12. My step one is always check AVsim + MS forums for any issues with that given update ; for me it saves time and frustration .
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