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  1. Sightseeing in the Cowan Bell 222.
  2. Departing 16R at Denver. Landing 7L at Los Angeles.
  3. Crossing to the Isle of Wight - HM Navy on patrol. Approaching the Needles.
  4. Cylinders that is and they make the most wonderful 'putt-putt' sound. It's a 'Dart kitten', Brit homebuilt from way back. Been refurbished a couple of times and still flying. Freeware at .org.
  5. Eastern Airlines feeder flight from Midway up to Sault St Marie. Plane is J Rollon's Jetstream 32.
  6. Your flight brings back memories of a 'FAM' flight I made with Alaska Air in an Alaska Coastal (recently merged) Convair 340 from Juneau to Wrangell - Petersburg - Annette Island. There was no Ketchikan airport then.
  7. After 84, what's left 😃.
  8. Me108 'Taifun' in the Alps (A Sky Story).
  9. Whistler Green Lake to Pemberton BC.
  10. Her coronation was two weeks after I left for America - probably making sure I was gone 🙂.
  11. HM the Queen departs Balmoral for celebrations of her 70th year on the Brit throne.
  12. Thranda 'Beaver' approaching Anchorage.
  13. Complete with XP10 2D panel, the ageing default C130 - off McChord for a lap or two.
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