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  1. A convincing argument but I'm sticking with XP for a while yet.
  2. Great stuff - when I was there it was nicknamed 'Mile 13' (on the road from Cordova to the million dollar bridge) - not sure it had been titled for 'Mudhole Smith' yet.
  3. Won't see 'em across the way - no scenery.
  4. It's difficult to get carbon fiber to rust so I suspect that flock of birds did several synchronized poop passed on your plane. Gotta give them a 10 for accuracy.
  5. You da man -beautiful livery and a beautiful time of day.
  6. Camel looping over the Mach Loop.
  7. In an older movie, a US carrier crossed time zones back to Pearl Harbor days. There was a scene where a couple of 'Zero's' were checked out by a couple of 'Tomcats' from the carrier - priceless, made the movie worthwhile.
  8. My first Alaska Airlines flight was PANC to PAFA with a stop at what was then 'McKinley' Park - in a DC4.
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