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  1. olderndirt

    11.30RC1 Performance

    Fortunately I have time to spare and will ride along with 11.25 'til 11.30 is perfect (need better imoji's).
  2. In your 'scenery_packs.ini' make sure 'X-plane_landmarks London' and Global Airports' are above the GB sceneries.
  3. Again for Tony. I mentioned this on the Orbx forum but they're knee deep so maybe you have some thoughts. In both GB sceneries where there are urban areas with little or no autogen the white coloring is blinding and really distracts from the overall appearance which is by and large pretty great. So many of those photoreal roof tops are, if possible, even whiter. Last but not least, some of the fields have crops that are also in the white range. Can white be suppressed?
  4. olderndirt

    trackir DIY clip

    You've revived my interest. Several years a bought a clip from a guy in the UK. A beautifully made thing with three LED's and wired for USB. I also have a P3 camera so, other than knowing what to do, I guess I'm all set.
  5. Let's see some of that eye candy.
  6. Got an email from 'Just Flight' this morning, saying it was released but nothing about it on their website.
  7. olderndirt

    New to X-plane. Help for add-ons

    Bought it - have never figured out how it works.
  8. Yes it 'bobs' in all phases/power settings. I try to avoid the 'stability settings' at all costs and will try Jcomm's suggestions. I too have the RW DHC6 - no problems.
  9. In the meantime. On the current Carenado sale, I got the C152 for twelve bucks just to try 'NHadrians' mod. Let me tell you as a former CFI of many years, it's the most realistic thing I've flown in the sim.
  10. Tony - went up the coast from Newcastle looking for Bamburgh Castle. It isn't there - just a barracks like generic - Argh.
  11. The 'RW Designs' Otter I have has a really bad pitch oscillation (not pilot induced). None of my other planes do this which rules out the stick, I think. Is there an adjustment area in 'Planemaker' where dampening pitch sensitivity would be possible?
  12. olderndirt

    Carenado in X-Plane

    There's a freeware Dash7 for XP out there - may be on .org. It flies very well in 11.26.
  13. olderndirt

    Carenado in X-Plane

    Took advantage of the sale, picking up the C152IIv3.2 and applied NHadrian's extensive mod. It flies unbelievably like the real thing - stalls, spins, aerobatics - the whole nine yards. Something I really like - wheel pants are optional.