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  1. It's part of the little popup menu - basic paint design with designated areas to color - red/yellow/blue 0-255 mix your own.
  2. Thranda's 'Quest Kodiak' with a 'DIY' paint.
  3. Thanks a lot Bernd - not as bad as my old Simviation shots.
  4. That one's picked off the web and I overlooked it's resolution being lower than 1920x1080p (Monitor native resolution) so when Luminar planted it they automatically brought the res up to match the shot - hence the pixellation. Stand way back, you don't notice it as much.
  5. Oops forgot to tag it - XP11.41/TEGBnorth scenery/reshademe addon/Luminar4 replacement sky/flyingiron MkIX..
  6. If Thranda was involved with the 'Citation' then it's going to be good.
  7. Way to Ryan - once had a 'heads up' display myself but it got locked.
  8. The MD500 is freeware at .org - careful with the torque on lift-off.
  9. That's a new one - who makes it? Just the thing for the San Fernando Valley.
  10. Heading west - check out that X plane hangar.
  11. Hasn't changed a lot in 58 years. In '62 the FAA Flight Service Station was in the second floor of the Hangar and I worked there before airport fencing and other security stuff.
  12. If it's on the list, it'll show - otherwise look on 'skyvector' sectional for the airport's ID and try that.
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