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  1. olderndirt

    Business Jet Suggestions

    There's a nice freeware Gulfstream IV at .org. "GIV SP V11" by ghansen.
  2. olderndirt

    Serious ground handling issues

    I'm finding that not all control settings work for all aircraft. I have the "Double Ender" by X-hangar and it was pretty wild for me on the ground using my 'all for one' settings. Trial and error found more useful settings and they were quite different for my standard tail dragger numbers. Seems like a list of settings that work for each of your problem planes would be good to have.
  3. olderndirt

    Ground speed.

    I was thinking the no-wind ground speed, in a landing situation, appeared to be faster than indicated air speed and wondered if it was adjustable. I remember FSX had speed values less than 1x.
  4. Though familiar with how to increase apparent ground speed, am wondering if there's a way to DECREASE it.
  5. olderndirt

    Serious ground handling issues

    Version 11.20 - just released seems to have straightened out (yaw) my problem planes. Pete's Beaver is giving a little agony but perhaps some of his recent fixes will require unfixing. FWIW my settings are PITCH 20% ROLL 10% and YAW 40%. On the sensitivity side - a token 7% for PITCH and ROLL - 0% for YAW.
  6. olderndirt

    Serious ground handling issues

    Welcome to XP 11. Ground handling has been a nightmare for a lot of XP simmers. Some of the problem lies with models, made for XP10 then developer updated for XP11. These aren't handling the new coding in XP11. Other models, made specifically for XP11 are having similar problems - these can be laid on LR. The system (ground handling/directional control) needs work but that seems to be on hold while we master the mysteries of VR. All we can do is word not allowed (rhymes with witch) and wait.
  7. Or right click on "x-plane.exe" in your root folder and select "send to desktop".
  8. Another that runs along fairly fast is the Cessna 210M - recently released after the 'Thandra' refurbishing process. Everything works and works well.
  9. I have both the Aerobask Epic 1000 and DA62 - everything works and, if your a glass cockpit fan, you'll love these.
  10. olderndirt


    A recent arrival in the XP arena, I haven't ventured past his site. Will certainly take a look at Angelique's site and any others in that genre. All my friends flew Boeings so, other than "Sully" on the Hudson, don't know much about the Airbus.
  11. olderndirt


    Go to this site https://xplanereviews.com/ Stephen gives very unbiased reviews of all the Airbus models.
  12. olderndirt

    beta 5 is out

    Nothing about ground handling but one simmer, on the .org forum, says it's much better.
  13. Now you know about asymmetric thrust and never left the ground .
  14. The last thing we need is a Flight Sim monopoly. Keep 'em all alive and well, working to outdo each other. We, as users, reap the benefits - trickle-down though they may.
  15. I recall a difference in the glide with the fan windmilling and without.