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  1. Leafhopper

    What was the "EVIL" Win7 Update?

    Well, I went ahead and removed this update just in case I want an addon that might be in conflict with this update. I read where this was an optional update and not considered critical anyway, so, I guess I am alright! Thanks for the information! Leafhopper
  2. Leafhopper

    What was the "EVIL" Win7 Update?

    Well, I don't have SweetFX! Was the Win7 update problem only related to SweetFX?
  3. The other day I was researching about why FSX will crash to desktop after varying lengths of flight time and I came across a thread about a Windows update that was found to cause this problem. I looked in the update records of my computer and found that I had this update, but, foolishly, I didn't remove it at that time. Now, I can't find the thread (even using the search function), to get the update number. I have had several CTD's after 30 minutes or sometimes even longer of flight. Not related to the menu crashes others had. When I get this crash, I can "alt/enter" and get the window back, but the window is black. Sometimes, I can then do "alt" again and get the menu bar and close FSX. Also, unrelated to above, I did the latest GeForce driver update and seem to have a problem with that, too. I have a GeForce GTX 650 card with 8 gig ram on board, and sometimes I get a weird graphics problem where the plane is not visible (virtual cockpit) and the scenery is blank except for a couple of autogen buildings floating in blank space. Is there a way to uninstall the new driver (not a beta) and return to the previous driver? Be kind, I'm a return flight simmer after several years of absence (due to health problems) and I don't remember all the tricks and tips I knew years ago. Also, when I was simming back then, I was using WinXP and am now trying to find my way around Win 7 home premium. Leafhopper