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  1. motoadve

    FTX for Prepar 3D 4.2

    I did opted for fastlane channel yesterday. Should I receive an e mail or how does it work?
  2. motoadve

    PFC Yoke sluggish

    That didnt fixed it ; That didnt fixed it (
  3. motoadve

    PFC Yoke sluggish

    Win 10 Prepar 3 D 4.2 PFC Yoke sluggish in roll control Sensitivite settings are at the most sensitivite end Recalibrate it in windows and in game. Any ideas?
  4. motoadve

    Square clouds

    Starting flying in Oculus Rift VR, and Flyinside, so far liking it a lot and as a real pilot I fly into the same backcountry strips in Idaho as prepar with ORBX, and its very realistic. Only problem, I get square clouds. Any ideas on how to get them back to normal (used to look good) i7 4770 GTX 1080 Prepar3D V 4
  5. motoadve

    Real Pilot

    Yes Alpha systems AoA , been flying with it for more than 1,000 hrs Im really used to it now, like it a lot, all GA planes should have one, makes for safer and easier flying.
  6. motoadve

    Real Pilot

    Yes Im the one with the orange /white Cessna 182. Link worked for me, that is weird. Here is a link to my channel if anyone wants to see it, its mostly backcountry flying.
  7. motoadve

    Real Pilot

    Also useful if you buy good scenery and you fly to the airport in the sim before going in real life, its good for familiarization, I did it for flying to the backcountry strips of Idaho and then went and flew them on my own.
  8. motoadve

    Paid help for setting up Prepar3d & Oculus

    Real pilot here and also fly in the PC simulator, sometimes its actually frustrating, takes lots of hrs and plain complicated to get everything setup. My previous PC died and took days to get back and running again Prepar 3D as I wanted it, and still cant get track IR to work smoothly. Sometimes I feel, I would prefer to pay someome more PC savvy to set everything up for me. Flying the real plane is way easier and less complicated.