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  1. I’m pink, therefore I’m Spam (those of us who grew up in the ‘50s will remember!)
  2. Just record the flight and then re-run it and go sit in the passenger seat
  3. Brilliant image - is that X-Plane 12?
  4. Jack, I use ADblock Plus - available at the AppStore for free. Works perfectly on iPad and phone. Don’t see any adverts or prompts to upgrade. Dont leave! Kev
  5. Thanks Reader! I might hang on to my cash for a while! Kev
  6. Thank you stans, That sounds good, Based on what you say, I think I will stay with the current rig for a while. I did not know that the 2080Ti was that close to the 3070Ti. Thank you. Kev
  7. Thank you MaDDogz and stans, I have a 750W power supply and a large case - my real problem is whether all my current system as above, can cope with a faster upgraded card - and to what level ie a3 series or a 4 series. Some coleagues have said that my RTX2080Ti is OK for Microsoft Flight sim, which is my main simulator. Kind regards, Kev
  8. Hi All, Looking to see if my system could handle a Graphics card upgrade. My specs are: Desktop: i9-9900K @ 4.9GHz | ASUS Z 390E | 64Gb DDR4 | ASUS Nvidia GeForce RTX2080Ti 11Gb | 2 x Samsung 970 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD 2Tb | Crucial MX500 2Tb SATA SSD. | Samsung 32” 60Hz Monitor. K
  9. I saw this when it first came out on UK tv. I’m in no doubt that the laugh was on the viewers - the “passengers” were in on the act. Nobody could be so gullible. The props were like something out of an early Dr Who. Kev
  10. I had a car, an MG Midget, with a floor mounted dip switch!
  11. Rockcliffe, You can actually get all the charts for free. In UK you have free access to the UK AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) which gives you all the charts and approach criteria for all airports. You just need to download them to a directory and pull them up when you need them. You can also access other countries AIP and do the same. You can easily access US and European airport data and charts through Skyvector. No charge. Obviously Navigraph and others come with bells and whistles, but if you just want access to approach and departure charts then there’s no contest. PM me if you want more detail on access and where to look. Kev
  12. I have worked extensively with rotary and It doesn’t matter what the ground crew did - the safety and responsibility rests solely with the aircraft captain. The second heli had no business attempting to park so close to the other, and it’s my guess he will be held solely responsible for the incident.
  13. I found that, if you zoom using the on-screen sliding scale on the right of the map, the scale stays as you select. If I use my scroll wheel on the mouse it does not stay.
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