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  1. Yes, I bought it. Not overly impressed - not much better than Mr X’s fantastic freeware stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s Good, but you could use the money on something better.
  2. Milviz - I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to. What do you mean “in the blind”? I was just helping out a fellow simmer - I didn’t even give the discount codeword to protect your site against anyone who might try a fast one. I am at a loss what you mean - am I receiving a telling off?
  3. Contact Oisin here: oisin at milviz.com with your Otter order number. I just did, and received a discount code in 20 minutes. Kev
  4. kfd

    I'm going to miss you PMDG

    Ganter, Love that phrase!!
  5. kfd

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I have been wathching this release progress for ages, and will pass up on it for the time being. Tooting has some valid points. These add ons are expensive because the majority of buyers are prepared to pay whatever is asked. I don’t doubt for a minute that there is months if not years of hard work involved by the developers in producing these models, but at the price asked, the release product should be bug-free. Again, the prices are expensive, because people are prepared to pay. Would be interesting to see what would happen to the pricing if simmers stopped buying based on costs.
  6. kfd

    I am free.

    Absolutely awsome!! How on earth did you get such realism? Kev
  7. Sorry Chris - forgot the real name bit. Thanks for the reply. Kevin
  8. Same with me. The Operations Centre appears directly after installing a PMDG product to allow for liveries installation and set up, but then disappears for ever. I have tried reinstalling, using administrator rights as suggested, but still no Operations Centre in start menu. k
  9. That’s very strange. My PC spec is a lot lower than uours and I get 120fps plus. Just as a try - launch your occulus, then forget it, go to the Steam site and launch FS2 in VR mode - the link is on the left hand side and click the occulus mode launch. Worth a try. Kev
  10. kfd

    Question for iPhone/iPad Avsim Users

    I use my iPad 95% of the time online, and I have no problems al all viewing Avsim full site. Kev
  11. wow! Is this P3D v4, and where is it?!! K
  12. Hi Howard, I set the controls of the Warthog throttle and buttons, and the joystick - including all axis' to zero - this means every control button and axis was removed in the controls set up menu. I then had a conplete blank page to work on. I then set up my axis on the throttles and joystick, and then allocated all my buttons. I forgot to mention, I also unplugged the usb connections then reinserted them, set the axis and buttons, then calibrated. Worked fine for me, but, as you know our systems alre all different!! Kev
  13. Hi Howard, I have similar controls to you, the Warthog etc, and when I came up against this in Win 10 and P3D v4, I deselected completely all the defaults which corresponded to my throttle, switches, joystick etc, in the setup, then I reselected and calibrated the axis on the throttle and stick i.e. started from scratch and everything on the throttle quadrant and the stick works absolutely fine. Took about 20 minutes, but worth trying. Kev
  14. kfd

    RealAir turbine Dke for FSX in P3D4?

    Brian T - my mistake, I misread the op question. I installed the P3d old version direct into P3d v4 with no problems. apologies to you and Bruce. K
  15. kfd

    RealAir turbine Dke for FSX in P3D4?

    Hello Bruce, Yes you can. I installed it without any problems into P3D v4. Just make sure you point the installer at your P3D v4 directory, and it does its thing. Kev