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  1. Everybody has had this happen on some program or other. Bravo to you for saying it and saving the developer time in looking at the problem!
  2. I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful mod. So far it has been 100% perfect for me.
  3. I am willing to install the A2A Pipers via the old installers and suffer the consequences when it is time for P3D v3.1. The default GA planes are just so blah!
  4. I can confirm that it isn't caused by lowering the gear above the recommended speed. That was one of the first things I checked for. The warning sounds no matter what the airspeed is when the gear are lowered.
  5. It is otherwise such an excellent plane that it is very disappointing indeed.
  6. Simple and elegant solution. I hadn't thought of doing that. Thanks.
  7. The "cold and dark restart" did not work for me. I still get the warning tones after I put down the second notch of flaps. It doesn't even matter if the gear are up or down!
  8. I just discovered this app two days ago. It is a great addition.
  9. I have not had anything like that issue. Have you made sure that you elevator axis is assigned to the correct joystick action?
  10. The fine folks at Virtualcol sent me the file within two hours of my asking. Can't beat that!
  11. Thank you for the info. I didn't buy it from Simmarket, and PCAviator doesn't seem to have it up yet. I will pester them.
  12. Did anyone ever get an answer to why the engines on the 400 don't want to idle during landing? Perhaps there is something we need to do with the condition levers that isn't obvious? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I recently was flying out of Toronto City/Billy Bishop and the Rogers Center and CN Tower were not there. For some reason they have disappeared! Has anyone else had that happen? Does anyone know what file folder that scenery would be in so I can compare it to another install on another computer and see if the files are missing? Thanks, Bill
  14. Yeah, in the 400 I can never land until more than half-way down the runway either! I thought it was just me being incompetent. I will have to do a test and see if the engines spool up as you say.
  15. I have it and enjoy it. the question you might want to ask yourself is this: Do I enjoy flying the stock FSX 737? If you do, then you will likely love this. If you hate the stock 737, you will likely hate this. There is a little more depth here, but not much. I have both the Majestic Dash 8 and this one, and they serve completely different purposes. This is for jumping into and having a quick turbo-prop flight. It is in no way a "study sim". As far as cockpit graphics go, the whole point is that the graphics are easy on the frame rate. If frame rate is very important to you than this might please you.
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