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  1. BMagann

    GTX980Ti vs GTX 1080

    Thanks friends. I was just looking for a reason to spend money uselessly and you saved me! My head told me there wouldn't be much increase, but you know, we always are lured by the shiny new thing.
  2. BMagann

    GTX980Ti vs GTX 1080

    Is there any reason in P3D v3.x to upgrade from a 980Ti to the available 1080 cards? Given the cost will there be any noticeable increase in performance? For reference, I would consider a 10% frame rate increase to be clearly noticeable. Sorry if this has been asked already, and thanks for any input you can give! Bill
  3. So true! I just did the client upgrade today and it was mostly painless. I had to find and run the Flight One GTN 750 update program, but everything else has worked fine. Thanks Elaine!
  4. ASN16 will not work with P3D versions below 3.2.3, correct? I have been happy with 3.0 and have never upgraded. I will have to bite that bullet if I want to use ASN16, correct?
  5. BMagann

    Triple Monitor Setup

    I use three monitors in a "bent back" configuration to stimulate and simulate peripheral vision as it is in a real plane. I find it much more immersive than just using one big monitor, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I use monitors with small bezels and i stopped noticing the bezels very quickly.
  6. BMagann

    Should I go from 3.0 to 3.2?

    Thanks guys. I now have something to base my decision on.
  7. BMagann

    First DTG Flight School Airport Announced - KPRC

    Look at that ugly, overused Piper! Wonderful!
  8. I am perfectly happy with 3.0. In fact I'm delighted. Is there any compelling reason to update to 3.2? If I do will I have to re-install all the Orbx and Aerosoft sceneries that I have? Educate me!
  9. Everybody has had this happen on some program or other. Bravo to you for saying it and saving the developer time in looking at the problem!
  10. I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful mod. So far it has been 100% perfect for me.
  11. Better late than buggy.
  12. BMagann

    I'm Taking A Flying Lesson This Weekend

    The bottom line is that if you are a flight simmer you are going to have a great time. That first lesson has a lot of "meet-and-greet" to it, and they will try to make sure that you enjoy it. They want your business! As far as whether being simmer will help or hurt you, I think it helps more than it hurts. You will have a lot of knowledge as to what all the gauges are for and about the theoretical aspects of flight. But the real thing IS different. The plane moves around a lot and the air is slippery! But that is the whole reason you are doing this, right? To see how it differs from flying a desk. Like a lot of folks I only went just past my solo. We got pregnant, and the money got tight, time got tight, etc etc. But those 20 hours or so have added immensely to my joy in simming. now you will KNOW what everything feels like, what it is like to do a cross wind landing, what a side-slip feels like, and so many other things that will make your simulation that much more fun. Enjoy it!
  13. BMagann

    I'm Taking A Flying Lesson This Weekend

    You can always tell an instructor at your local field by how they land. They come in much more steeply than practically everyone else. That way you can make the field if the engine quits. And what bonchie says about flaring being the hardest thing about landing was certainly true in my case. I was always "three footing" my landings because I would flare slightly too late. And of course try to have fun! It is more challenging than you might think, but also very rewarding.
  14. BMagann

    I'm Taking A Flying Lesson This Weekend

    Try not to throw up. Instructors frown on that.
  15. BMagann

    Carenado working on new installers.

    I got a message from PCAviator that a new version was available for download and the installer was just part of the new version. The TBM is still tough on frame rates in the new version lol.