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  1. If I'm interpreting this right, the Dynamic Weather reads data from the METAR that DTG sets for the climate of the area, with maybe different sets of METAR depending on time of day (say temperatures generally being low at night compared to the day) and season of the year (for example, sunny weather being more common on summer, while snowy weather being more common at winter). Finally, when the flight crosses an area with a different METAR, the weather slowly transitions within a window of a certain amount of time (a minute or so? maybe less or more?). Correct me if I'm wrong with this. Either way, this sounds great. EDIT: When Steve Hood mentioned METAR, there was a link explaining METAR. http://www.hko.gov.hk/aviat/wxobs_decode_e.htm
  2. I should've phrased this part better, and I apologize for this. What I meant was DTG isn't as big as LM. While it's true that P3D isn't progressing any faster than DTG, it's still unrealistic to expect major improvements to come in days, they're mostly in months, given the size of DTG's team. While I'm not sure myself of P3D's team or budget, I was under the impression that it's bigger because LM is a large company. Once again, sorry for the confusion.
  3. I agree with this. I'm already sick and tired of hearing the complaints for that reason. Even if the DLC was bad, Steam has a good refund policy, if you don't like the addon, it's not like you'd lose anything (except maybe for time). Lets not forget that DTG's team is not as big as, say, P3D, along with not as high of a budget, so they couldn't implement features that quick. We're talking about months, the things they plan to do in their roadmap, stuff like Dynamic and Real Weather, PBR on terrain, Dynamic Lights, and even jets, takes months, not days. It took two months for TrueSky to be implemented after early access, and the SDK is planned to be released to the public near the end of this year). Also, most of the DLC aren't even by DTG to begin with, making most of the complaints stupid and pointless. I feel like they actually want DTG to fail (I've seen comments like stop focusing on the SDK (TPDs are why flight simulators are kept alive), or pull the plug like FSc (the same lessons and aircraft in FSc are also in FSW, so by technicality they're sort of merged)), so they're looking for something to bash about, even contradicting themselves (or getting facts wrong), to prove their so called point. And about that 100 users using FSW, this is Early Access, right? Aerofly FS2, another Flight Sim in early access, has 40 users using it, and even have DLC (payware too), so why do they get a free pass? I've never seen anyone say the same thing to Aerofly (I don't have anything against Aerofly, just making an example of how ridiculous the basis of the argument is). I'm not saying this to excuse everything DTG does, they do have a long way to go, but stupid complaints like this is giving me a headache due to how nonsensical this is, and they seem to forget other factors too.
  4. JSilva

    Community Update 15 (v1.3.21882.0) Now Live

    Sorry if I sounded demanding, but I just like to see something as simple as Time Zones to be fixed.
  5. JSilva

    Community Update 15 (v1.3.21882.0) Now Live

    Good to hear. This is one thing I'd like to see improved. It's not really a big feature (in fact, more of a minor feature). It's about time zones, and DST. Some parts of the world seem to have incorrect time zones (more so outside the US and most of Europe), or not observing DST when they should (like most of Canada, some of Australia, New Zealand, and so on). One example is Madeira, where the local time should be the same as the UTC Time (or an hour ahead if in DST), but in FSW, it shows an hour behind UTC. There are also places where there are places with 30 or 45 minute time zones (Newfoundland (-3.5, and -2.5 in DST), India (+5.5), Nepal (+5.75), Northern Territory and South Australia (+9.5, or +10.5 if DST only in South Australia)) I have made a topic about this in the Dovetail forums (and pointed out as many areas, where the time zones are wrong, as I possibly can in a text file I attached (timeanddate.com is my source for Time Zones and DST)), see here for more details: https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/time-zones-and-dst.2431/. Will time zones (and by extension, DST) be looked at sometime in the future.
  6. JSilva

    Current Development Focus - October 2017

    About the SDK, will it support Blender for 3D Modeling. I think it would be easier for freeware developers to have Blender as an alternative as it's open source and free.
  7. JSilva

    NGX download issues

  8. JSilva

    FSW - Quality Of Life Update Planned This Week

    At least it's worth a try.
  9. JSilva

    FSW - Quality Of Life Update Planned This Week

    +1. Also, in addition to that, maybe add Fast Sync.
  10. JSilva

    FSW - Quality Of Life Update Planned This Week

    Can you tell us what are the other candidates for the weather. Just curious.
  11. JSilva

    FSW - Quality Of Life Update Planned This Week

    I looked at the FSW directory and there's an empty folder called "TrueSKY".
  12. JSilva

    FSW - Quality Of Life Update Planned This Week

    Thanks. Can I ask about TrueSKY? Since a few hours ago, I'm starting to get curious about it as this may have something to do with improving weather. Can you provide more information about it.
  13. JSilva

    FSW from a (potential) user's perspective

    I was wondering what TrueSKY is when I saw an empty TrueSKY folder.
  14. JSilva

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    Thanks. I'm kind of curious to what has changed. I admit, I'm not an addon developer, but the SimConnect client is one of the most important piece of software used by third party developers, next to the Software Development Kit.
  15. JSilva

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    Can you answer about Simconnect. According to Aerosoft, there doesn't seem to be any Simconnect client at the moment. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/123266-flight-sim-world-and-aerosoft/ There does seem to be a dll for Simconnect (one in the main folder and the other in x86), but what about the Simconnect client installer? Can you describe more in detail?