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  1. I know the sim needs some more work, but I had a good time with MSFS, both the alpha and final release. They even made improvements to LPMA, which I'm really happy about.
  2. Just got an invite today at 2:00AM WEST. I saw my email is in Junk folder.
  3. Ah, fluid dynamics on airfoil. I did something like this in university as a final year project. Except, I used the Lattice Boltzmann method rather than Navier-Stokes equations.
  4. +1. When I started to use addon aircraft, I stopped using default ATC for that very reason. The SIDs and STARs are a welcome addition.
  5. Thanks. Though I do see where they're coming from. It's just the way I worded it seemed to fly over other people's heads. Though at the same time, I never said the scenery is awful and I thought it was taken out of proportion some of the responses (though some is cleared up). I made the post because I have good faith Asobo would read this. I know they read posts from Avsim. What they do with it however is a different story though. If they changed some details, I would be happy, but if they leave it as-is, I can understand. Plus, I did like the runway platform is there, which is the defining feature of the airport in real life. Honestly, I am not a fan of the way undulated runways are presented. While I do see why they did it this way, which is to definitively prove that undulated runways are in the sim; however at the same time they were overdone, at least in LPMA. This is because other than before the dock, Madeira never had undulating runways to begin with. The three videos I showed are proof of this, plus the extra to show even before the runway platform, it never undulated. In reality, from runway 5 the slope is 0.8% to 1.0% incline going up. It's still flat, but is sloped. However before the bridge, the runway slope decreases until it reaches the platform. After that, everything is flat and leveled (0.0% incline). This is according to charts from November 2018. Plus, I saw an earlier screenshot of LPMA back in April 24 (the ones from simtom112), and there was no undulations like the one in this update, so I thought those screenshots are more accurate. I do admit there isn't enough screenshots of LPMA to get the whole story behind how much is depicted in MSFS. Plus, the one thing I was confused about with a few reactions is the threshold markings. Especially since I doubt LPMA is the only airport that uses these markings. I pointed out that out of the 30 busiest airports in Britain, at least 10% of them used similar threshold markings to LPMA. Also one of the changes in the change log mentions runway surfaces, which is why I completely disagree with anyone who thinks it's impossible for Asobo to improve LPMA. Again, I wasn't trying to come across as entitled, just pointing out the threshold used in LPMA isn't uncommon for smaller airports, especially in the UK at least. I do need to point out I do not regret posting this, not one bit. Just the way I worded could've been better or better balanced out with some positives such as the runway platform. Plus, I got to talk with a few users on the forum, which is nice. I will still point out discrepancies with future screenshots or videos of LPMA, but at the same time keeping in mind how I word it so that I avoid these types of reactions (or at least minimize it).
  6. Ah. I see. I though you're talking about Funchal undulations in real life. Yeah, seeing these videos are fun. I personally like the one showing the history of the airport pre-extension, which is why I wanted to include it. Yeah, I do wish to see more of LPMA in MSFS. I'm happy they showed some of the runway platform in this update, but I would like to see more of it, as this is the most defining feature of the airport.
  7. Yeah, it may sound a little over the top based on my wording originally (and I apologize for that once again), but for the runway appearance and sloping, not exactly impossible for Asobo to do and not as over the top as you're making it out to be. Again, not sure if LPMA is a part of the 80 detailed airports, but I think it has a shot being there. The runway platform is definitely there in the sim (which I consider a huge positive), not to forget LPMA has some notable features that make it stand out in real life. In addition, this update's change log has these two lines mentioned under "Airport Specific Changes": Surface types on airports runways, taxiways and aprons (First Pass) All of this is based on Bing Aerial imagery I don't know how the airports are done (Episode 6 of Feature Discovery shows they edited the airports by hand), but it is possible for the runway appearance to change if they wanted do. I know this isn't a priority, but I don't really think it's impossible to change the parts of the runway before the threshold to be light gray, or using the correct threshold. Again, this can be changed after release using the SDK if I wanted to so it's not a big loss if they didn't change it. Though not many airports have similar runway thresholds as Madeira, it's not uncommon for small airports to have such markings. The image on https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Runway_Designators with the caption "Runway designator and threshold marking", the example on the right is the one Madeira uses. I can name some examples of airports in the UK that uses these thresholds (Southampton, Norwich, and Isle of Man comes to mind and these three are in the top 30 busiest British airports as of 2018). The trees though, looking back I don't think I should have mention them in the original post as I think this is a more general issue rather than with the airport.
  8. More than happy to. I'll just show three videos. On that one, the only undulating part is a little after the runway platform. Again, except for before the platform, nowhere does it show undulations. Like the second video, there is no undulation on the runway (mostly). Though there is some undulation in the taxiway. I know I said three videos, but I'm going to throw a bonus, from before the extension. No cockpit video, though.
  9. For the runway appearance, you do have a point. I can always edit these properties if I wanted to. Then again, I honestly don't believe it's impossible for Asobo to make these changes. One of the changes in the change log mentions runway surface types, so I have no doubt if they wanted to, they can. Plus, they confirmed about 80 airports in the simulator are going to be detailed, and while LPMA hasn't been confirmed to be a detailed airport, I think the chances of it being on the list is high considering LPMA isn't exactly an obscure airport. It's known for being a tricky airport to land on (in fact, it appeared on a few top 10 airports that are dangerous to land on). That, and the infamous runway platform that has been around since 2000. I understand where you're coming from with the aim for the sim being a reasonable representation. As said a few times, they did a good job with LPMA since they got the surrounding terrain right, and the runway structure being there (even for default, this is already a major positive). Compare that with FSX default, and you'll see what I mean. In fact, even if LPMA isn't going to be a "detailed" airport, I'll still take the MSFS version over FSX (and even XPlane 11) any day. However with the undulated runways, I completely disagree. I can't comment with the other airports, but I can talk about it with Madeira. Thing is I can even see a little bit of undulations on the runway platform on the second screenshot. I am certain this should be flat, because I find it hard to believe a man-made structure such as this was designed to undulate. The other airports you can perhaps argue, but not Madeira because half the runway is built on a platform, not on land. Even ignoring the runway structure and talking about the other parts of the runway, this still doesn't undulate that much in real life. I've flown to Madeira and out multiple times, and I can attest that I never saw undulation to the same degree as the screenshots from the cabin. I even looked at cockpit videos, and still couldn't see any undulation. The only time I saw it is slightly before the runway platform starts. I would argue the April 24 screenshots are more accurate with runway undulations in Madeira than the screenshots we're seeing in this update. This may be a useless detail, but during the late 90s when building the runway platform, the runway was redone (originally, runway 5/23 was 6/24), so there was a bit of land work going on. I saw a video showing Madeira airport pre-extension and I still couldn't see any undulation no matter how hard I try, even in the 70s. If the runway wasn't undulated back then, I doubt the runway would become undulated after the extension 20 years ago. There aren't many videos or screenshots of Madeira Airport before the extension, so I couldn't find one with a cabin or cockpit.
  10. About the argument I had with the two people you quoted. The second person you quoted after mine, Carts85, we cleared everything up so there's no reason for him to be included. Sure I wish I communicated better on my original post, but at the same time, I still think the response from the first person (quoted after me) was uncalled for as I never said Asobo made Madeira looked bad. I only thought some details don't match up with both how I remember and from photos and charts. There's a difference between saying something is off and something is done badly. I'd understand if I said something like "offensive initials not allowed are you doing Asobo, you messed up the runway threshold! You're the worst!", but I would never say something that unconstructive in that tone ever to Asobo because other than the fact that wouldn't help anyone, I recognize that although the runway didn't look right, they got the other parts right, and that's fine. In fact, this is already a million times better than FSX. I just want them to make some more improvements, that's all. The change log for this update mentioned surface types on runways, so I know Asobo can improve the threshold and the color of the beginning parts of the runway if they wanted. Funny enough, I did notice the approach lights before the runway (I assume that's what you're referring to, if not I apologize), but decided not to mention it in the original post because I only felt like mentioning three notable discrepancies with LPMA at the time, the threshold and beginning runway colors (they go together to me), the runway over undulating, and some of the trees surrounding the airport.
  11. Yeah. Plus, I am from Madeira, so that's why I brought some attention to it. I do hope LPMA is on the list of highly detailed airports, not just because I'm from Madeira, but this is one of the most infamous airports for both being the runway platform and for being a difficult airport to land on (more so in the 90s).
  12. Yeah. Glad you understand. Again I apologize for poor wording on my part on the earlier post. I can see why it was too critical, and I could've balanced it out better to avoid this problem. BTW, I did see the change log again, and saw something about surface types on runways. So hopefully Madeira would look even better. Again, they did get most things right such as runway platform, airport building, and surrounding terrain, which I'm happy about.
  13. Are you talking about me? Because I replied to the post you quoted, clarifing what I meant. I feel some people are getting the wrong idea of what I meant. I'm not trying to bring Asobo down, and I never said Asobo ruined the scenery for me. I only pointed out what I thought looked off from real life. I admit I could've worded better and I apologize if anyone got the idea I'm making a big deal about minor things about an airport. Though I admit I am nitpicking on my original post, I do recognize that as a default airport, this is miles better than FSX.
  14. That is true. I know the scenery is meant to be default, and for default scenery, it does look spot on to real life. I mean they even got the runway platform, which is a major plus for me.
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