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  1. OT: If you are from Sweden and understand Norwegian - you can learn some tricks by going to Youtube and searching for: Hos tannlegen
  2. Go to Youtube and search for: Marathon man dentist scene
  3. Here is a nuanced post from the FS-forum:
  4. In which menu can I select LOD 400 or LOD 500, etc.?
  5. Thank you so much for your great creative contribution !!! 👍
  6. I recently received a quick feedback. contact@blackboxsimulation.com
  7. Flight simming should be fun. Nausea and vomiting are not fun. 🤢
  8. IPACS recently said, quote: "We are also planning to bring a more realistic weather into Aerofly at some point but this is obviously a big feature that requires more than a year of our full time work."
  9. But isn't AFS2 built on today's technology? After all, FSX, P3D (underlying technology dates to 2006) and X-Plane are built on yesterday's technology - and have largely reached their potential. The future of the latter will only become more of the same. And that's ok for most people. So far, AFS2 therefore does not have as many competitors on today's technology. Based on rumors from beta testers - those who today criticize AFS2 will probably also criticize the upcoming "VFR simulator" MSFS2020. Anyway we now have many good flight simulators to choose from. Wishing you all a Happy New Year.
  10. What's the point? What do you want to discuss? The slow development of Aerofly FS2? IPACS has repeatedly admitted that their development is slow. That they are a small vulnerable team doing as best they can. What is it then you want to achieve with this recurring grievance over slow development - when IPACS already know and admit the reality? How motivating is it for the few developers to be constantly reminded of this challenge? All flight simulators have their weaknesses and strengths. Rumors say that this will also apply to MSFS2020. I am currently tired of the FSX / P3D / X-plane. Therefore, currently Aerofly 2 is my preferred simulator. Maybe it's because I do not have this need to see cars running on the roads?
  11. Oh, that's sad. Hoped for Plug and Play.
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