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  1. torium

    Aerofly FS 2019 for IOS Released

    IPACS does not attempt to create a product that will replace P3D or X-plane. They have tried to explain this repeatedly. For some years back the FSW-team (Dovetail) conducted an extensive survey - and concluded, quote: "We have learned that flight simulation appeals to an incredible amount of people, but a lot of them find it too hard to get started with. It is our aim to reclaim and attract those would-be simmers, but in order to do so, we need to present flight simulation in a way that doesn't initially overwhelm them." IPACS recently stated something similar, quote: "The one thing that we are trying to do differently compared to the other flight simulators out there is we don't want our users spending a ton of time messing with settings and making under the hood adjustments, we also want a simple to use interface with limited settings so that casual flyers can also just pick this up and start flying." Do you see the point?
  2. An excellent contribution to the experience. Hoping for many such contributions.
  3. A really good freeware scenery. Thank you so much Rodeo.
  4. torium

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    I think you're right. But with TrueEarth Netherlands they have shown that they have the necessary tools to be able to transfer this type of product to AFS2. Therefore, I believe that Orbx also will transfer TrueEarth Great Britain to AFS2 in 2019. The foundation has already been produced.
  5. And I do not understand people who complain about Aerofly FS2 when they have P3D and X-Plane as they claim is so much better. Then it's no reason to use AFS2. Agree.
  6. I am very pleased that there is a good alternative to FSX / P3D and X-plane.
  7. torium

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    Of course, I'm not a mind reader - and therefore can not know what JV thinking. And IPACS may disappear tomorrow. It is impossible to know. But I see no signs that JV has abandon AFS2 - or "a 180 degree turnaround." As previously mentioned: A small team = slow development. In such a familiar context - Venema just pointing out the obvious (from a business point of view), quote: "Yes, I am on record saying our AFS2 efforts are a long-term R&D investment, and this has been ongoing for over two years now. However at some point the R&D has to pay back its investment and this has not been the case with AFS2. For that reason we have recently re-focused back to our core P3D platform and expanded into XP11 which has proven to be profitable in terms of units sold and the XP community embracing Orbx products." This recent statement is consistent with what Venema said earlier, quote: "You must keep in mind that your continued support of P3D as our core platform makes it possible for us to spend R&D on XP and AFS2. If everyone abandoned P3D then that would pretty much stop development for AFS2 stone cold dead." First priority, of course, is the revenue from P3D and XP11. As JV says, this is what allows them to invest for the future. It does not mean that Orbx has abandon AFS2. Or do you think that Orbx is now finished releasing new products for AFS2?
  8. torium

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    Thanks for good comments - although I see the situation differently. Is it likely that IPACS is locked in its own bubble without touch with reality? It's hard for me to believe that IPACS does not follow the situation closely. There is reason to believe that IPACS is also informed about the sales figures. Orbx has economic interests in that IPACS succeed. So how much called Venema (Orbx) with alarm bells when he visited IPACS? J van E quoted John Venema: "I spent a day in Germany with the IPACS team about six weeks ago and they showed me some pretty exciting stuff to come in the sim, so please don't write it off just yet!" Why? Venema also said: "We work very closely with IPACS on projects and share tech between our companies all the time. There are obvious technical issues to solve as we introduce new systems into AFS2 but working so close with IPACS allows us to overcome those obstacles in good time. AFS2 has so much excess framerate bandwidth that adding new systems won’t diminish its performance as we move forward. We previewed Palm Springs airport at FSExpo in June running at 200fps on a laptop with full PeopleFlow2 support – What a sim! We have internal tools being coded in conjunction with IPACS and other contractors to allow us to rapidly build out airports and other aspects of terrain, so we are investing all the time to accelerate the development cycle for that sim. Vulkan will provide even more headroom for further tech to be added." IPACS may disappear tomorrow. But today we as customers can choose to listen to their wishes. They know our wishes very well.
  9. torium

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    What is your point? I still do not understand your negative attitude. It's like a drug addict who is only concerned with the next shot. As previously pointed out, IPACS has repeatedly said that they are a small team. A small team = slow development. Is it hard to accept? Previously John Venema (Orbx) got the following question: "Do you (JV) have any thoughts about why not experienced manufacturers like Carenado, Alabeo, Just Flight, etc., convert their products to Aerofly FS2? Is the customer base - preliminary - too small?" The answer from John Venema: "Yes the customer base is too small and they aren’t willing to invest R&D for no profit. Things may change once the sim matures though." Furthermore, John Venema said: "We view AFS2 as very much a 'foundation sim' which is a work in progress with a lot of potential over the coming years. Therefore all the work and R&D we are doing with ports and new scenery products are not contributing to our bottom line but it's an investment in the future. The IPACS team have been working very hard on core engine systems (therefore the Vulkan option recently released) to further optimise the sim ahead of new tech and systems being introduced. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it will take time for AFS2 to compete at a features level wwith P3D and XP11, but for VR flying nothing can touch it right now." "There are plenty of Orbx TrueEarth regions coming for AFS2 to keep the scenery fans happy." I am 100% agree with this assessment from John Venema. AFS2 is for the future - the new fresh blood that our community needs. IPACS is very open and aware that it will take time. Spreading negative rumors that can indirectly infer AFS2's slowly dead - are directly destructive - and in no way constructive. So please give IPACS the time they need. If you are not interested in joining the journey - please come back in 2023. Perhaps a helicopter has appeared.
  10. torium

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    Of course not. They have never done that. "The FS community as a whole" use what they think is best - NOW - today.
  11. torium

    Anybody still playing Aerofly FS 2?

    Is the attitude of IPACS bad? If you have purchased a product that does not work as advertised - you have reason to complain. But I do not think that applies to Aerofly FS2. As WingZ points out, there are positive criticisms and negative criticisms. And then it should be unnecessary to emphasize that negative criticism is not positive. Therefore IPAC tried to explain the situation from their point, quote: - "Over time users tend to write reviews of their experience but human nature pushes us to sometimes look at the negative in things rather than what is good in a product. [...]. It's sometimes difficult for us to stay motivated ... [...]. Most individuals don't understand how hard it is to make a quality flight simulator with such a small team, and we do know that Aerofly is still missing a lot of features that everyone (including us) want to see in Aerofly, but to get bashed in reviews for our shortfall without knowing our own story hurts the evolution of our product. [...]. Let me all assure you, we have great plans for the future of Aerofly and you will see more progress this year already. But we know from the past, that we need a very good code base to create a long living product. That’s mainly the reason why it takes longer for certain features to get published than you expect. But publishing stuff to hastily with a bad internal interface is something that will hurt future development in the long term. And there is another reason that development is maybe different compared to other simulators: We are perfectionists and we love our product and we just can’t publish anything if we think it’s not right. This level of perfectionism is even more important than maximizing our profit." This is the real life. Accept it - or move on. Soon we will have a few new flight simulators to play with. Will they be perfect? No. Do you really think that if you did not point this out - IPACS would not even know that the load time now is slower? I am very grateful to anyone willing to spend time and money on the development of flight simulators. I am by no means convinced that this hobby has a long and bright future. Unfortunately.
  12. torium

    Anybody still playing Aerofly FS 2?

    Agree. AFS2 is for those who like to join in the journey. Not for those who just like the end of the line.
  13. torium

    Reflections and questions about AFS2

    Can you please explain specifically what features are missing in Aerofly FS2 in order for you to carry out "realistic transoceanic flights"? It guessing that it was not so easy to answer that question. Sérgio Costa ( writes in his review, quote: - "Yes, you could potentially fly the world in it, cross the US from LA to Miami or do a trans-oceanic flight all the way to beautiful Innsbruck, but the sim simply doesn’t offer a full world scenery right now."
  14. torium

    Reflections and questions about AFS2

    The reproduction on the right side has better graphics: