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  1. We change these things in accordance with infos and testrides of real A320N pilots and real A320N performance data. You can be sure, if we do such changes, they're checked.
  2. You can keep both. Why deleting the default one?
  3. Would you be interested in helping test FS2Crew for the FBW A32NX?

    We need some new eyes on it; we're very close to finishing it.

    Email me if interested:  admin@fs2crew.com


    1. Watsi


      Hi Byork,

      I would love to test this. But unfortunately my time doesn't allow it. So sorry.


  4. No, the matketplace version stays the same until marketplace has an update. If you want the latest development, you have to do it 'the old way'. Use our installer (only) and download the development version. That's correct. We often can't use the default MSFS systems, since bringing this plane to realism affords many special parameters and calculations (in short terms). Neofly is not the only external addon affected. We can give the "new' LVARs to any developer who is interested. We are also discussing (trying out), if it is possible to provide standard LVARs additionally. But we"re not sure right now if this will work.
  5. We actually do. Better to say: with a simulated hydraulic system, failures can occur when mishandled. But I'm with you. For Pushback Express it's irrelevant. The lever position is good.
  6. You can check for the latest implementations on our github: https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/commits/master
  7. I really think you should try the development version. It's far from unstable and I think you will be more satisfied.
  8. Be cool guys 🙂. He just didn't fly our plane. So he doesn't know what he's talking about.
  9. I spoke to the dev again. That's what he said: Right now, parking brake demand (cockpit lever position) is A32NX_PARK_BRAKE_LEVER_POS BRAKE LEFT POSITION and BRAKE RIGHT POSITION is the actual brake output in the meantime So A32NX_PARK_BRAKE_LEVER_POS gives you the lever position only. Not if the brakes are actually applied. But that could be enough, couldn't it?
  10. I've been told differently from the respective dev. But if it's there - even better. 🙂
  11. Do you need any information? I'm happy do help. One tipp already. You should just check for brakes applied or not. As far as I know we have no parking brake LVAR right now.
  12. Well, in all honesty you will have to wait for another A320. Aerosoft already postboned their A320 because of us.
  13. Due to limitations with the Asobo TCAS you can only see traffic on ND at a range of 20NM or below. Switching your ND to a higher range - there's nothing.
  14. The experimental is way behind the development version. Did you use our installer to install the dev version?
  15. Hi there, with our latest update of the development version, the bouncing during certain flap transitions should be reduced significantly. Check the FBW installer for a newer version (if you didn’t already).
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