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  1. I think there's a misunderstanding. What Jörg tried to say is, that there are less available sources for weather data in New Zealand (caused by some of New Zealands weather stations not providing their data to common weather distribution services). This has nothing to do with from which country a MSFS pilot is connected with his sim. It's just about MSFS not being able to get (reliable) weather through the usual sources here.
  2. To all profile builders: did the latest GSX update (choose between a Bus/Walk-In separately for Boarding and Deboarding) mess up your exisiting profiles with walk ins too?
  3. Hi there, We recently implemented the ability to perform a crossbleed engine start in the Development Version of the A32NX. This procedure allows the second engine of the aircraft to be started from pressurized bleed air of the first engine, rather than the APU. It's a procedure that is not commonly used in real life; however, it is an excellent trick to have up your sleeve if your APU is INOP! The relevant indications on the ECAM are provided by realistically simulated pressure and temperature sensors. A fully-fledged, physical fluid simulation computes the airflow through pneumatic ducts and dynamic valves between different components. This means that accurate readings can be expected throughout the full operating envelope, including abnormal situations. Refer to our documentation to learn about the crossbleed start procedure. Refer to our documentation to learn about the crossbleed start procedure: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/pilots-corner/advanced-guides/engines/crossbleed-start/ And some while ago we also implemented different automatic Call Out variations, which are now selectable in the flyPad. The basic configuration offered by Airbus is set as the default. You can customise to suit your desire, subject to a couple of rules: one of "four hundred" or "five hundred" is mandatory, only one of the 2500 feet options can be selected. There's a button at the bottom to reset back to the basic configuration at any time. To access the options press the settings icon at the bottom left of the flyPad, choose "Aircraft Options/Pin Programs", and then press "Select" next to "Automatic Call Outs". Happy flying.
  4. Not in the near future, I'm afraid. So many other things to do at the moment. But it's planned.
  5. We need to finish FMS V2 for that. Have no timeframe yet.
  6. Hi there, just a quick heads up. We've recently made some improvements to the loading and stringing of departure procedures for the Development Version. SIDs that were missing an altitude terminated leg, or failed to load at all, particularly when using the default MSFS navigation database, are now loading correctly. Happy flying!
  7. I would suggest that you try the development version.
  8. Hi there, first: what version do you use, stable or development? second: what exactly do you mean with "...altitude restriction for every waypoint"?
  9. Google how to start Win11 in safe mode. Do so and see if the problem still exists. If not, it's likely a driver problem (or something like that).
  10. Hi Alex, I have a tiny suggestion (using MSFS). Using the 'airport filter' for which airport to display on the map and which not, you can deactivate specific airports like seaplane airports or helipads (etc). But the last option to show Add-on airports kind of overrides the previous settings. E.g. if you switch off helipads, the 'show addons' option still shows helipads which were implented by Asobo. For my logic, it would be better to have the opposite hierarchy. So if you switch off helipads, all helipads will be switched off, including the addon ones. Does that make sense? Best wishes.
  11. I really like the work of Gaya (made the airports for WU14). But if they don't stop using object collision with their sceneries, one won't be able to make some decent GSX profiles. LDRI drives me crazy. 😁
  12. One thing is that the PC, this was recorded on, has some problems. The other thing is that we simply don't prioritize performance at this stage of developement. So pls be patient. 🙂
  13. Hi there, Flight Sim Expo in Houston was the place to be to see our latest A380 progress in action. In case you missed it, here's a clip showing off our new flex physics. Keep in mind this is done in extremely rough conditions (plus some harsh pilot maneuvers), where you would probably see passengers flying in the cabin, between coke bottles and lunch boxes.... We hope this will bring further life to the A380, and helps you get a feel of how massive this awesome airplane actually is. Seat belts please!
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