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  1. The Beta TF 717 vram usage at the moment starts at 5.1 Gb for me.. very quickly rises to 5.9 then 6.. after another few minutes freezes the PC..which is a shame..would love to fly this.. I have an rtx 2080 with 8gb..and 16gb ram in an i7 4770k I believe some fine tuning needs to be carried out both by LM and TFDI regarding Vram usage.as realistically most of the benefits of moving to P3Dv5 have yet to be realized by me
  2. Well i enjoyed it in P3dv4.5. Exceedingly well done. Have no real world experience in a DA62 but it feels nice..G1000 close to real thing and run up apparently matches real world behaviour..Would love to port it over to v5.
  3. It makes absolute sense when you consider the 717 uses a more up to date Douglas system
  4. Nobody 2020: Thanks for the email. No uninstall was possible, either as the total package, nor individually as the same error resulted regardless of what I did. Hence I uninstalled by deleting and using Lockheed forums deleted all the associated files
  5. Many thanks for the responses!! 😊 I have decided to just do the messy thing and delete the P3dv4.5 folder Also have emailed licensing It was just taking up to much of my time and would like to move on while I still have some Covid 19 isolation time Cheers Ray
  6. I started at topic with the prepar3d forum but response has been slow and so far the only reply points me to instructions on how to remove p3dv4. I patiently waiting a further reponse. In the meantime, has anyone here encountered a fatal exception trying to uninstall P3dv4? When trying to uninstall using the proper precedures? The obvious answer to all this is to just delete the P3dv4 folder..but i am hoping to keep the licence for a fallback procedure if version 5 is not what i am looking for. I cannot have both sims on my HDD as i have 2 x 2 gig hd pretty full so yes, i must remove 1 to install the other! Any tips or additional help appreciated!☺️
  7. This is amazing - filmed from just in front of the cockpit - you control the view and can spin around and look in any direction - taken at Blenheim last year and posted on Youtube Here is the link for those interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFulTdTp9XE
  8. Yesterday I was attempting a long flight NZAA to ZGGG. Everything was working normally as it should. The aircraft was following the flight plan. Obviously I don't have 13 hours to spend so I sped it up x4. This was all fine. Nothing to see - just occasional clouds and the pacific ocean far below. I thought I would just check my position in the menu map for a visual update Next thing - one out of control A330 once I went back to the cockpit. Lost 19,000 feet trying to regain control. had to reset auto throttle and Autopilot and reset throttles. a little later tried the same thing again ... checked pull down Map in menu - went back to aircraft cockpit - Result - out of control A330. Abandoned flight. For now will just take short 3 hours or less flights and not leave cockpit as it is a great aircraft - just disappointing behavior sometimes . I should point out my frame rate was in the high 20's and 30's the whole flight and I am running the latest Nvidia drivers
  9. Well, for the past week (or two) in case you have forgotten or do not know, South East Australia is in the grips of the worst fire storms ever recorded and temperatures are in the low to mid 40's (c) whole townships have been evacuated in NSW and Victoria.. I do not know where Sean lives, but if he is in those areas affected I can understand the silence...
  10. I have approached the FSL website to purchase the FSL A320 several times over the past year excited by the reviews but tempered by the cost. After calculating the buy cost in local dollars. The last time I looked was December and the local buy (over the Internet), was NZ $200. As i had already purchased the earlier Aerosoft A320 the cost of upgrading to the professional release by contrast was considerably cheaper at the time. While I have been frustrated with ongoing issues - for the most part, and lately, my flights have been trouble free. Indeed i have just completed a SID and STAR from, and to, my local airport in strong gusty conditions, and it worked out very well, picking up the localizer and following the approach to touchdown on the dot. (latest ver 1.3) So, while I am envious to a degree of owners of the FSL A320, and its added features such as icing simiulations, engine faults, international cabin announcements....I have to think carefully about spending that kind of money. I recently purchased the A330 from Aerosoft and an upgrade cost of only NZ$47 so i feel vindicated in that because I am also really enjoying the A330,. True neither of the Aerosoft products comes up to the same levle as the FSL A320 - but then neither do they cost anything close to the amount charged for the FSLA320. So it is a economic consideration on my part..You may not find the choice so inhibiting... Best wishes on your choice
  11. Agree with the above issues.. still managing to enjoy it. Hopefully new fixes will continue to come out - currently 1.005 is latest that I am are of ...
  12. Actually jumping in late here I have experienced similar problems with the Aerosoft A320 series in the past.. I found out that 18FPS was the critical point at which the airbus became unmanageable by browsing their forums at the time looking for a solution. I worked to resolve this by toning down some graphics settings and adjusting ASP 4 weather - also turned off Aerosoft Views as it conflicted with Chasplane.The results for me since then have been great. Love the new A330 - absolutely love it!! My system is getting on, CPU 4700k overclocked to 4Ghz , 16Mb Ram, and 8Mb GTX 2080 - no great top end machine for certain. The only areas I may have some slight chance of a dip to 18 FPS is Orbx Southern CA and Northern CA. Then I reduce visibility distance to get around that issue. So I am pretty happy camper at the moment. On that note, I wish all AVSIM Simmers and happy new year and hopefully a happy decade ahead.
  13. I get it, that as an Aerosoft purchaser your experiences have been less than satisfactory. Consider this though . Is it possible you missed the irony of posting into someone else's anticipated excitement post by throwing a wet blanket? Are you there to warn them or anyone else away from purchasing the A330 based on your experiences ?? I suggest you start your own conversation about your misgivings of purchasing this A330 or any other Aerosoft product for that matter - rather than , as I perceive it , possibly deflating someone else's excitement. That way , the forum reader can determine whether they want to read your topic or ignore it. My two cents
  14. I thought this thread was really about the Imminent release of the A330. ?? Why turn it negative? for those of you personally burnt out from Aerosoft products, then consider the A330 a no go for you and move on. My two cents
  15. if you google you will see Orbx Global landclass conflicts with runway and taxiways and apron - so that sometimes you get Orbx terrain bleeding through. This was my experience. If you do not own Orbx Global then there is no need to delete or rename any file and it should work normally.
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