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  1. 4K on a 2080 8gb ram.. Usually holds around 30 FPS but dives into the teens at places like NYC and London. 1440 usually looks too pixilated for me to enjoy with jaggy edges noticeable
  2. It might not be..but if you read the latest notes "The development" option is the one to download to get this latest update that the origin of this topic refers to..unless i have misread the notes..!?
  3. Errhhh -- Eventually, this will become a payware aspect of Navigraph I suspect. Sadly I predict we will loose another Freeware resource. I have no evidence of this - just looking at past buy outs of freeware resources history....
  4. My experience ; if you turn off bloom - the sun looks round an unrealistic white dot - sort of destroys the immersion a little. There is no slider to adjust bloom within the Simulator that I can see - unfortunately / The implementation of DX12 may bring about a choice of bloom strength adjustment - we will have to wait and see.
  5. Yep - the answer seems to be this is how it really is - but I think if can definitely be toned down a bit for the sake of simulator view relief!!
  6. should give it another go.. the aircraft gets updated every 12 hours or so.. I don't know what system you have but i recently updated mine to use the AMD Ryzen 5000 series and put 32 Gb of ram on the board. My bottleneck is my RTX 2080 8 Gb card. - doesn't stop the occasional stutter at busy airports but gosh the joy of flying the FBW 320 overrules anything like disapproval for me as the rest of the experience is smooth 95 percent of the time
  7. Danger WIll Robinson!! Danger!! (Robot arms flailing about.) This is why, this time around, I am being exceedingly cautious with my aircraft purchases - I have bought 1 3rd party aircraft so far and barely fly it, as I am into the FBW A320 so much
  8. Is it just me - the very latest update as of 29/3 - the ground role is much better!!! now the A320 doesn't surge ahead - but is much more realistic...
  9. As a private pilot (long since retired from flying) - and a user of P3dv4/5 as well as MSFS2020 i can say neither quite add up to a real world feeling at the moment. The closest thing I have seen was a youtube clip from a fella flying a new bush aircraft in Xplane 11. The reactions movement and dynamics looked about right. I did have Xplane 10, but didn't go for Xplane 11 as I felt the controls and scenery were lacking - or just too different from what i was used to. However, that hasn't stopped me enjoying MSFS 2020. I am sure it is but a patch or two away from feeling dynamically like the real thing!!
  10. as for the brightness did you try to adjust your settings, ingame or screen? Or do you mean the sun glare in general? the brightness in general - most of the time it is perfect, just sometimes on a bright clear day it is very glarey ...
  11. Latest version of MSFS 2020 - and the Experimental FBW Autoland mod My gosh - I am loving this!!! After the Hotfix my GPU is running with lower temps again - the Sim is far smoother - I get the occasional stutter around busy airports but it is brief - and AI traffic is back, - Thankls for the hotfix ASOBO!! As for the FBW A320NX Experimental - Wow!! never have i had so much fun!! Thanks Gentlemen !! fantastic job!!! Suddenly I want to take more than one flight a day again - With the Change of seasons comes different cloud layers so my early morning, early evening flights, are spectacular!! My only slightly negative observation is the brightness is so bright it is difficult to look at the scenery during a midday flight. My two cents..
  12. What about control input senstivity settings?? As you probably know those of the FBW A320 require the user to start at setting of around 20 and work down from there to around 10..Is it possible your sensitivity settings are just too low??
  13. Have you installed the patch with the community folder removed? If yes, and you put the community folder back in its correct location - do you have any3rd party add-ons in this area?? Did you manually refresh the Cache in the data section after the hotfix update? In the interests of brevity for forum members - this kind of information might be of help
  14. I look forward to the Hotfix - is all I can say , as I too seem to be having issues with heat that may or may not be related to Update 3. Without getting scientific, I have had a BSOD, the fans on the Graphics card at working at maximum all the time now - and yes, I have done due diligence in troubleshooting. My system is AMD Ryzen 7 with an RTX 2080 8GB. and 32 GB 3600 Ram The MSFS 2020 recommended settings for this card and processor was set to High I have paired back some of these default high settings I was going to upgrade the RTX 2080 to a RTX 3080 but stock availability and pricing has become silly and anyway, here there is no stock is available. Let me just say that with the release of a hotfix, whether it works or not, I can then, at least, eliminate that line of troubeshooting as a cause.
  15. With over a 1000 posts I am going to assume you know what your doing.. But heck, some information might have been useful to other forum members like what steps you have already taken... Are you running mods? If so , did you remove the community folder before the update? Are you flying the default 747 or using an add on repaint ?? Did you delete the manual cache as suggested. Are you referring to autopilot behavior or manually flying the beast? What is your controller sensitivity settings? - Maybe you need to fine tune your controller sensitivity again.
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