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  1. ray hughes

    PBR VC MadDogX First Look

    I have P3dv4.4 - I have only the client update installed. Maddog works with PBR if you turn on the option in their flight manager.
  2. ray hughes

    4.4 performance drop puzzles

    Hi Dan, Not yet. I have turned down many settings, and options. KSEA hovers around 13-15 FPS with 40 percent traffic in late afternoon with 100 percent cloud cover (and/or rain). I just don't know what else to do apart from a full install of 4.4 and I am very reluctant to do that because I really don't have the time. Thanks for asking
  3. ray hughes

    4.4 performance drop puzzles

    IVlooi, what is your graphics Card and how much Vram do you have. ? I am beginning to suspect a possible VRAM blowout
  4. ray hughes

    4.4 performance drop puzzles

    Thanks Poppet, have done all that. It seems 4.4 has lowered my FPS around the US West coast airports like KSEA averaging anywhere from 11 to 17 when just previously under 4.3, I was getting 17 to 23. Another issue appears to be partially resolved by clicking the mouse onto the screen when a loading a new aircraft. the aircaft would load in the pause mode and just stay there frozen. You could select pull down menu items and hear sounds but nothing else. I discovered if I click anywhere on the screen in the 3d cockpit , this allowed me to un-pause so the aircraft loads properly. On a more positive note, I am pleased with the sharpness and textures 4.4 brings
  5. ray hughes

    4.4 performance drop puzzles

    To: Scrunge49.. I did tweak the shadow setting to higher because they appeared to have been tweaked sharper. I Will try dropping the setting back down and see if this helps.. Thanks
  6. Updated only the client to 4.4 then. FPS plunged around KSEA (3rd party add on) from 17.5 to 23 FPS to 12 FPS!!.. Same for FSDT KLAX and KSAN. This with the RTX 2080 8 Gig. Updated to the very latest Nvidia Driver. Pretty sure my P3dv4.3 config file remained the same with just the client update. What on earth is going on? Noticed also when switching aircraft on the ground the simulation comes up with a pause message which "P to unpause doesn't always work and I must quit out of the Simulation - also FSDT GSX 2 Airbridge request for a gate doesn't always work. I know Orbx SoCal is a performance hit - but even so, why the huge discrepancy between 4.3 and 4.4.?? I have fiddled again with the Config file to reduce UTL from 80 percent to 50 percent, and reduced most other settings including turning off Dynamic lights - but KSEA and KLAX etc remain determinedly at 12-13 FPS. Puzzled ?? Any hints, pointers or suggestions are welcome Thanks
  7. ray hughes

    RTX 2080 installed

    Further to my original post, I have purchased Seattle airports this Black Friday - and running the MD80 in Detla colours have experienced a smooth startup, taxi and departure. The lowest FPS was 17.5 but averaged around 23 FPS. All this with 80 percent traffic, REX Clouds at Hi RES - so I am thrilled to bits. ..The default airport and region usually brought my 980 to its knees if I tried to fly a complex aircraft. Still a happy camper !!
  8. ray hughes

    RTX 2080 installed

    Glider1 thanks for the comment. I consider the gain absolutely worthwhile for me because of the two generational difference. Obviously upgrading from a 1080 you would see less impact and from the 1080 TI apparently, little impact. But for those on older graphics cards (980 or less), I say it is definitely worth the upgrade - and I switched from SSAA=2 to SSAA=4 and was able to push most P3DV4 settings to high or max.
  9. ray hughes

    RTX 2080 installed

    My experience so far has been great. I have hi res REX textures on clouds, 4k Res, and All of the above Orbx Stuff. Usage with my older I7 seems to have not made too much difference as I cannot detect bottlenecks - but then I haven't tried all my 3rd party aircraft yet, mainly the Aerosoft A320 Prof and Leonardo Maddog. What I specifically notice with the lastest Nvidia drivers and this card at 4k res, is the sharpness and detail. Aircraft and scenery has never looked to so good. To be fair, I did run into one oddity on an evening flight - EBBR to LOWI. As I approached LOWI and the Alps, the mountains remained blurred for the longest time before suddenly sharpening into detail. I was flying the Airbus A319 and descending per the flight plan. Not sure why or what happened in this case. The same flight in daytime was fine.
  10. ray hughes

    RTX 2080 installed

    Hi, just for interest to those contemplating a graphics card upgrade. I have removed my GTX 980 and put in place the RTX 2080 8Gb. I chose not to upgrade my CPU ( I7 overclocked to 4.0 GHZ) for the time being, and nor do I have an SSD I have a 4K 27" monitor and have set the resolution to 4k within the Simulator. In general I am very happy with this purchase. I am seeing an increase of around 11 to 20 FPS even after tuning up the graphical options - and much more detailed sharper images. I am using the latest NVidia drivers. It runs smoothly with AI traffic set at 80 percent. Orbx scenery, 3rd Party Airports, GSX.. Flight 1 GTN and a number of 3rd party aircraft. Happy camper..
  11. Thank you for doing this testing. It is clear the cash outlay has certainly not equated to an equivalent much better performance The conclusion for me is to wait .. and wait .. and wait... Thanks,
  12. ray hughes

    Ultimate Traffic Live current status?

    The latest update is working great for me.. but no Air NZ regional traffic (Dash 8 3's) and No Virgin Australia at all ?? And no Air Asia X flights showing up either.. It looks like the 380 AI model has been improved but as far as I can tell the CRJ's are still matchstick models.. Overall, am impressed and hope the Flight programming aspect is eventually included so we can introduce our own flight plans
  13. ray hughes

    PreciptFx doesnt appear to be working

    Well I did uninstall and reinstall.. the spray effect is there - small and barely discernible, but it is there now.
  14. ray hughes

    PreciptFx doesnt appear to be working

    Do you mean uninstall and reinstall?
  15. As far as I am aware this product is installed correctly, using the application Preferences I note it is installed correctly and appears to have the right Location for the FSX directory and FSUIPC is acknowledged as installed, yet I see not one of the features working.. no contrails, no wet weather spray on take off, etc Any clues as to what might be wrong? I have FSX Acceleration and have plenty of memory and HD space