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  1. You know about that SU that came at Xbox release, don't you? The memory footprint of the sim has been reduced a lot, quite some time ago.
  2. Of course one can fill it up. But running at 4k over NYC, Windows+MSFS uses 11.6-12.2 GB of RAM on my 32 GB rig. 20 GB completely unused. According to Task Manager MSFS alone uses around 8 GB. So IMHO if money for a certain build is limited, it's perfectly doable to go with 16 GB of RAM. I do this on my notebook without any noticeable issues. My point was that MSFS will not profit from having 32 GB. Personal habits may well of course.
  3. I sim in 4k as well. Having a lot of browser tabs open will surely fill up RAM quickly, but the sim itself has been very frugal in it's RAM use since that one SU, be it in 4k or not. I was just trying to point that out. Of course it is still possible to fill up 16GB RAM while running MSFS!
  4. If it's so easy to fix with a simple script and has no disadvantages, why wouldn't Laminar just fix it? I noticed that too in the video but I initially thought it might be because of an old alpha version. Reading this really makes me wonder if they actually DID NOT improve their shadows, that would be very ouch.
  5. There is a thread somewhere here with lots of praise IIRC (and probably links to benchmarks if available). The new CPUs are not expected to be very expensive, I believe I read somewhere that the 7600x has an MSRP of 299 just like the 5600x. But you're right about the mobo of course.
  6. The only CPU I'd expect to bring noticeable improvement among those would be the 5800X3D due to the huge cache. But: Ryzen 7000 will launch within a month. You should wait and get one of those IMHO.
  7. It probably reset your settings, you should check those. Secret files installed somewhere don't sound too convincing 😉
  8. Current Intel CPUs are not the overclockers they used to be a few generations ago. The times when Intel sold their CPUs clocked 500MHz below their actually possible clock speeds are over, nowadays they factory clock them to the max due to competition from AMD. Also you don't need 32GB for MSFS. 16 are absolutely fine since the Xbox release which saw great memory efficiency improvements.
  9. Some time ago, for similar reasons I reinstalled to D. This works without issues now. It has caused some problems in the beginning, but I think those are solved now. It will still install a few folders on C, but when updating it always correctly finds the right folder on D and updates without issues.
  10. I think this would also qualify as speculation, even implication.
  11. An included, usable ATC would likely for many if not most people be preferable to something that you have to pay extra for, need to do additional maintenance like updating, troubleshooting in case of issues and so on. Adding to that, a usable ATC is perfectly doable and like you mentioned yourself has been done 16 years ago already, proving it's doable. Also MSFS IMHO has the highest probability of once ending up with a usable, included ATC, for a number of reasons. And if not, it's still in good company.
  12. Registration = Number plate MSN = Manufacturers serial number
  13. Poor internet providers being forced to provide internet by the mean Asobo dudes 😁
  14. I'll think about that next time one of my comments is hidden, I receive a time off or a thread gets closed because "it has run its course" 😉
  15. Me too. Last few weeks even I believe. Don't worry, these people are beyond help.
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