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  1. Is this supposed to be an answer to his question? 😄
  2. It has pretty good ratings in the ingame store (and a pretty large number of ratings too), so it seems to work for the target audience. Not sure if it has that much overlap in target audience with the FSL one though. Probably not.
  3. I may be misunderstanding the question, but your transponder is actively sending the code, that's how they know. And when they transfer you from one controller to the next, they just pass it on.
  4. Generally speaking, the absence of criticism is usually a good indicator if people are "enjoying the experience". People with issues tend to take the issues to the public more than people not having issues. That is of course only true if criticism is not suppressed, but I'm fairly certain it isn't in this case here.
  5. ChatGPT would get banned here 😄
  6. Maybe you could ask him to finally answer the question he so strongly denies to be dodging? 😄
  7. I know full well who Cameron is, and I know full well why you are dodging the actual question - whether he can make official statements for LR. Now can he?
  8. Okay Goran. Who is Cameron XA and can he give official statements for Laminar Research?
  9. "We may add them someday" "It's on my radar" It's not much, but it's at least something. At least more than Goran has to offer with his third party spokesperson(?) for Ben. Thanks.
  10. Old people, let's face it 😄 About references, I always have to think of this image: 😄
  11. Considering how much some people here obviously need to talk about me and reasssure themselves of their beliefs, I can't be completely wrong, if I may say so...
  12. That's because that other program is inefficiently coded. I read that thread on the other forum too and it's actually funny but logical that it works like this for the other program.
  13. Sorry for that mess, it was unintended!
  14. Nobody addressed you, we were talking about LRs communication a few comments above when you decided to chime in about NDAs. Also I think it's funny that you are talking about misinformation when most of what you're doing here the past days is trying to contradict people's posts about issues with, say, AA...
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