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  1. Just for your information, I just purchased FS2Crew Q400 64bit from FS2Crew website yesterday and the Config Manager still shows 3.1. The 3.2 version is running in sim.
  2. On Steam forums they also suggest if you are not opted into the Steam beta then you should opt in and then opt out again which seems to fix the issue you are having with recent updates of other games also. Open Steam...Left corner top > Steam > Settings > Account > Beta Participation Worth a try maybe.
  3. No consolation, but update is working fine here. Are you using Steam Beta by any chance? If so try opting out and try again.
  4. Did a bit of further testing and assigned my Hotas hat switch to the View(Pan) binding and works perfectly whilst pressing and holding the spacebar on keyboard. Again I had an option to set the repeat key to slow or fast. Anyway it does seem to work, so not sure why your having the issue.
  5. When you bind the button/switch do you not have the option to select the repeat rate as pictured below? This is with a Hotas Warthog Throttle button just to show you what happens when I try binding a button. For more official help there is the FSW forum, Facebook and Discord. I suggest joining the FSW Discord. DTG staff regularly post there.
  6. Good to see that there can be had a civil discourse amongst the various sim factions.
  7. Here is a video by Frooglesim on FSW missions. Now Frooglesim is someone who basically criticized heavily FSW on release and decided not to continue evaluating the product. However on this latest video he now nearly uses the word impressive a few times! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=142&v=mhUVkzW8KHQ He agrees it seems to be moving in the right direction. Edit: This is not a review video, he just shows some missions with commentary.
  8. Well this thread has moved apace. People are not angry I believe, but just putting forward reasonable points of view on the various sims of choice. For me the most salient arguments are from TheFllightSimGuy whom is putting forward the proposal that FSW out of the box, which is still in early access, is a superior experience than P3D (without add-ons). This is something which we should all be able to agree with if you have tried both without add-ons. Also currently the difference in price of $200 ($60) versus $25 makes it an easier starting point for someone who wants to try a flight sim for the first time. It’s makes no sense to me why 3PA companies would not want to support FSW because of their Steam policy. The potential market via steam for FSW is huge and I would have thought that any reasonable margin from those potential sales are better than no sale at all. Jordon King in his video mentioned 800K users for FSX-SE, I just cant see P3D users anywhere near that number, be surprised if over 100k. Its been made clear they can still push their products via the usual channels so in end the user will decide if they purchase through Steam or not. Personally my go to sim is still P3D v4 with lots of expensive add-ons to give me the experience I want from a sim, but I keep coming back to FSW as DTG are moving the package in the right direction. I just hope they can keep it up and resolve the many issues that currently plague FSW.
  9. Some of the comments seem rather harsh. Are we forgetting this is in early access and needs time to mature. They are now on update 9 and have been improving FSW with each update. If DTG can keep the pace up then it could turn out to be a very good sim. Agree there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed however.
  10. Interesting take on FSW by Jordon King Not sure I agree with all his points, but makes some valid observations
  11. Not sure if that's a question, but just in case... This assumes you are using windows of course. The folder ProgramData is not visible in File Explorer by default. In File Explorer you need to unhide hidden files and folders. In File Explorer select View>Options>Change Folder and Search Options. This will open a popup window named Folder Options. Select the View tab and in hidden files and folder tick Show Hidden Files and Folders. Apply and restart File explorer and you will now see all the Folders that are hidden including the ProgramData folder. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi, It's not in the installation folder, but under C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. Note that the ProgramData folder is hidden by default.
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