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  1. I have the Aurora R11 with a 3090 and this sim flows like a hot knife through butter with everything maxxed full tilt. The 30xx card will be your better bet. Remember, you can always add another 30xx card later in SLI when the prices come down. Just be sure you get the 1000W power supply. This is a 375W video card! A higher end GPU will benefit from a higher end CPU and the faster Hyper-X RAM as well. No point in putting a 357 in a 78' Datsun unless you have a thing for clown cars.
  2. This worked out well. Took off and landed in a 25 kt cross-wind. Infinitely better experience. The only annoyance, as you noted, was the notable "rudder pop" you get the moment you go airborne and the roll-out rudder assist drops out.
  3. If that addresses this issue, I'll definitely give this a go. I enjoy the challenge of crosswind landings and/or landing with a side-slip, but the "Breath of God" that is applied immediately on touch down just robs you of the satisfaction of a solid landing. Does anyone know if this issue is even on Asobo's radar or do they believe this is "well modeled"?
  4. I was just about to start a thread on the matter of the insane x-wind weathervaning effect modeled in the sim. The takeoff and landing roll is like an invisible hand of god pushing on the aircraft. The Ikon is barely controllable in a 5kt crosswind. Is there a flight_model.cfg setting that will subdue this obnoxious tendency (or disable it entirely if it cannot be tamed).
  5. Reactivity adds some latency between when you apply an input at the control and the response on the control surfaces of the aircraft. This is something you probably want to tune on a per-aircraft basis. If you adjust it too dramatically, the controls might feel slushy and unresponsive. If you set it to something extreme (< 25%) you'll feel the effect immediately; I doubt you'll enjoy it. 75%-80% seems to be a good balance for me but I'm still tweaking. A lot will be personal preference depending on how much physical resistance your yoke/stick offers and hardware latency it has. With my yoke, it offers too little resistance and makes precision inputs problematic - dialing back the reactivity makes things a bit less "spastic" and allows me to ease into a bank or a pitch adjustment. The extreme zone adjustment just flattens the acceleration curve....basically they lower the maximum deflection at the input extremes. The consequence of this is that you get a bit finer resolution in the range of control motion that you actually care about when flying the aircraft. The downside is that you lose the full range of motion which you probably care about if you're flying acrobatic aircraft and need that full control deflection.
  6. I assume you meant CPU utilization, but yes, performance is down, and my CPU is working overtime now and fans were screaming up a storm post-patch
  7. Thanks, Rob. Yeah, I took it for a spin last night and didn't notice anything unusual. Someone reported that the taxi lights were shining up into the cockpit, but that was not my experience either. I did notice some strange behavior IMMEDIATELY after applying the patch (as I had left the Bonanza in my Community folder when the update was applied). Restarting the sim resolved any issues I may have had. The A/P tracking seems to have improved to the point of being usable again - so yay for that. FWIW, I found that dialing back the reactivity just a touch and dampening the extremes creates a smoother control input profile for my yoke that makes this an even greater joy to fly. Probably not the settings you want if flying an aerobatic aircraft, but for GA, it's a nice add to the sim.
  8. Thank you both. Did not need to be pulling 25GB every week with every micro patch. Lesson learned.
  9. Well the instructions say to install them to: Packages\Official\xxx\fs-base\vegetation How would I install these to the community folder? Do I need to create a parallel folder hierarchy or can I just extract the modified "vegitation" folder directly to community and have the game pick it up?
  10. Just learned if this mod is installed and the game downloads a "mini patch", it will barf on the entire installation and reinstall/repatch the entire 24GB of game (taking this mod out with it). I guess the only way to circumvent is to backup EVERYTHING you change, mod what you want, change EVERYTHING back to the way it was originally (remove all vestiges of this mod including your backups) prior to patching and pray you didn't miss anything.
  11. Perhaps the autumn foliage update I added recently caused this. Still, to download the entire game to patch 2 xml files. I'm not sure my data bandwidth is going to tolerate this sim well. She's a beautiful sim, but silly details like this really get under the skin quickly. EDIT: I think that's exactly what caused this. Just checked my vegitation folder and it's been "scrubbed". Le sigh. Do not want to be dealing with this noise every week.
  12. Everyone keeps talking about a 1GB update from 1.11.5 -> 1,11.6. Yeah, I got an update that size when I started up, but after it completed, it proceeded to download another 24GB of content. What gives? And this is just navdata and a couple tweaks? What gives? It's like it's downloaded and reinstalling the entire set of patches from beginning to end all over again....I'm watching a billion incremental patches to fs-base-*.fspatch get applied. Is this normal?
  13. I probably didn't explain myself very clearly (try as I might). Ultimately, it was not a fly-by-wire thing or a rudder thing. It's just the craptastic sim after this update again. I cleared out all of my control presets and calibrations and started over again. PITA. But it seems to have alleviated the problem - she flies fine now. I also discovered Asobo seems to have changed the logical sense of my throttle axes which required some rejiggering to get them to span the full dynamic range of the throttle axis again. Like many others have articulated, I am just - on the whole - depressed about having dropped $120 on a sim that is devolving by the update. Should have dropped it on P3Dv5.
  14. Hmm...well things are definitely "better" with the Legacy/Modern snafu fixed (thanks for that...I'd have been scratching my head for weeks on that). I am still having issues with my control inputs, however. When I apply constant - but gentle - bank force to the yoke, it's almost like the aileron deflection is progressively increasing (like the way the trim wheel behaves as you hold down the trim key/button, like a "repeat" key)...it's near impossible to just maintain a 30 degree bank through a standard turn. With no additional pressure the sim wants to keep accelerating the aileron deflection and will roll the aircraft over unless I apply counter pressure in the other direction where I experience the same effect. Holding a bank requires constant left/right gyrations/oscillations of the yoke. There's also no natural progression towards level flight when I release bank pressure and the yoke settles into the dead zone. All my controls are currently calibrated in the sim. Does this aircraft require FSUIPC control of the inputs?
  15. Seven hells. It did get kicked back from modern to legacy! I'm guessing the update set me back as honestly I have never bothered looking at this setting since first configuring the sim for max realism and forgetting about it. No wonder I've been so dismayed. Thanks for pointing this out. Of course, now I need to revalidate all my settings. I wonder if my joystick cals are still valid (should I be using FSUIPC7 at this point - not sure how far along the development curve that is, but historically, I've always setup my flight controls through FSUIPC).
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