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  1. You can't pause, but you can, however, enter Slew mode ('Y') while the initialization runs and return to normal simulation once the scenario is loaded and the initialization is complete.If you can save with the autopilot disengaged (or turn it off momentarily while in slew), you can avoid the sudden jarring action that results when the automated flight systems take abrupt control of the aircraft on resume; it's best if the simulation can be primed with a few cycles of unautomated flight before reactivating AP. As for resetting/reloading, I have not found any reliable solution that doesn't involve restarting the simulation. The earlier suggestion about turning off crash detection is a winner. Nothing is more annoying than completing a four-hour flight, only to roll over some errant taxiway "bump" in the scenery and have the entire aircraft collapse to the ground from gear overstress. Even when I think I've gotten away with it, some flight system invariably ends up fux0red. I wish it were otherwise, but this is just the way things roll in this (or any PMDG) bird. I'm sure if it were trivial to address, PMDG would have resolved it many moons ago.
  2. Does the academic version differ in capability from the professional version?
  3. Has anyone dropped the $29USD on GSX Level 2 expansion? I was a little sticker-shocked based on the advertised feature set and wondered if it really "elevated" the base product experience THAT much. Anyone have reviews/testimonials/caveat emptors to offer? J
  4. Having a hard time processing this one. This tragic news just leaves me speechless. He was a devoted husband and father and what he contributed to this community - culminating in his magnum opus: PIC767 - completely changed the way I experienced this hobby. What a tremendous loss for the community and for the greater world. He was truly a beacon and will be sorely missed. Jason Barlow
  5. OK. I'll do this then. Seems to be the prevailing opinion (some more strongly offered than others :) Just curious, did this functionality just go from fair to bad to worse during the progression from FSX to P3D. While it's always been a little temperamental (esp. where custom scenery and dynamic vehicles are concerned) I can't remember a time in 20+ years of simming that I've *had* to disable crash detection. Anyway, tick...OFF it goes. Thanks for the replies! Cheers, J
  6. I've been flying the NGX for years and very comfortable operating this aircraft. Since migrating to P3Dv4, I've been experiencing an unusually high number of spurious (what I can only describe as) "gear collapses" while taxiing around airports (typically between 5 and 15 kts). Sometimes during the takeoff roll, the sim will just randomly pop to the external camera with a "CRASH" with smoke coming pouring off the nose gear for no apparent reason - as if I just drove off a cliff. I don't recall having this issue under FSX and wonder if this is some strangeness introduced by the scenery engine in P3D or if there is something structurally in the aircraft config that could artificially be tweaked to "shore up the gear" so it's less prone to spurious sim-related death. Perhaps a scenery configuration setting I should set or disable? I've experienced this phenomenon with both stock and third-party airports. In taxiing about using the P3D stock aircraft, there does seem to be some sporadic "undulation" in the terrain though none of the aircraft seem to suffer catastrophic gear trauma because of it.. The only other option I can think of would be to disable all crash detection entirely, but then wonder if the nose of the aircraft would just drop to the ground. I'd prefer not to do that since crash detection seems like a major aspect of the simulation and is the only feedback one gets if you genuinely pancake it into the runway, over-rotate on takeoff and tali-strike, or legitimately exceed the structural integrity of the aircraft, etc. Could this intermittent nose-gear failure be attributable to dynamic changes in the terrain scenery mesh (via lod=changes or tessellation)? Cheers, Jason Barlow
  7. Good thought. Mine is already full right, however, so that wasn't the issue in this particular instance.
  8. Turning off crash detection just triggers endless vertical/lateral gyrations and "bouncing" of the plane all over the airport tarmac. A full restart of the simulator, as Romain suggests, seems to be the only viable remedy.
  9. Alas, I was hoping this was not the case, but good to know I haven't misconfigured something (or worse, just lost my marbles). Thanks, Romain.
  10. I am experiencing a recurring issue with saved scenarios involving the NGX that, once loaded, the aircraft gear seemingly collapses and the aircraft drops to the ground (triggering a crash) the moment it begins its panel initialization sequence. The issue does not seem to occur the very first time I load the scenario. However, if I Reset or Reload that scenario, the aircraft will suffer a kind of gear collapse. I've tried using slew to reposition the aircraft firmly on the runway (on the off chance that there's some small accumulated error in the Z-position of the aircraft after a reload), but the moment I exit slew mode, the aircraft will sink through the tarmac until the engine nacelles collide with the earth and trigger a crash. The only way I can NOT get this to happen is to fully exit the simulator and come back in through the main menu (very slow!). I am running P3D v4.1 and latest NGX. Anyone else run into this? Jason Barlow
  11. Ask not what you can do for Lawrence but what Lawrence can do for your company (crawl into a hole never to return perhaps :) I, for one, am appreciative of the effort and your extraordinary communication with your customer base. P3Dv4 is "my next gen sim" and PMDG aircraft comprise the cornerstones of my sim experience. I certainly appreciate having a solid baseline. These products are well worth the i-dotting and t-crossing. Thank you and your team for all the hard rowing the past several months. J
  12. Found this: http://www.avsim.com/topic/455599-gns530-2d-popup-clickspot-issue-b55-solved/
  13. I was wondering if anyone had success integrating the Mindstar GNS into the RealAir Duke B60 or Twin Turbo? I've been able to integrate it visually, but the VC gauge cannot popup the 2D window via mouse click though I am fairly certain the 5th parameter idents are correct. My panel.cfg can be found here in the Mindstar support forum (but have not received a reply). http://www.avsim.com/topic/480804-gns530-in-duke-b60/
  14. Upon closer inspection, it looks all mouse clicks are not forwarded to the VC gauge. Only the 2D gauge responds to mouse input. Has anyone had success integrating the 530 into this aircraft?
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