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  1. There is conflict with trees used by the airport mod you use. I will include a overlay in the airport you mentioned and will be in the next weekly update (this Sunday) That should solve the conflict.
  2. LOL, WOW... Now you're going somewhere else... well, the fact is it's still missing from the main snap shot and that's where people look, UNLESS you go to friendly format. How many people do that? I don't need any more promotions that I already have. Thank you.
  3. Others did read ... but crimplene didn't. And my respond was toward crimplene, not others. (as you can see I quoted him and not others) So you didn't read either 🙂 Crimplene posted it's not missing. I was talking about the official post that was missing season. It's still missing but as other mentioned. it's in ONLY in web friendly version.
  4. How can someone not read what I posted? 🙂 I am talking about the official forum. It's missing but it's available in web friendly version. Another place have it for 2022 and another place for 2021. So now there are 3 versions of snapshot feedback.
  5. Thank you and hope you get approved soon. That's a long time.
  6. Seasons hasn't been pushed back. It's been removed. The feedback screenshot has been updated. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/blog-april-22nd-2021-development-update/394579 At the same time, they accepted my application so my season pack will be on "Marketplace Partner Program".
  7. Hey Bijan

    Happy to take a look and test any mods...  I'm sick of this tree situation and I like a fluid sim.   I ordered your package from Sim Market a while ago.


    Kind regards

    1. BijanStudio



      Thank you. 

      Have you seen the new LOD map I posted? You can go and experience the new LOD and faster performance. Only in spring and those areas colored in LOD map.




  8. Some may have about 2 to 3 FPS but most don't see any impact and no stutters. It all depends on settings. Also there is a work in progress to apply new LOD with faster performance. It's being applied to spring season now. Message me directly for support and more info. Thanks
  9. Keep up the good work Bijan, your results for Sweden looks fantastic, can't wait to test it. 👍

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BijanStudio


      Ok great. I I will test again 400 LOD combined with new LOD and show you results. Maybe I can email you the file so you can try too.

    3. Ixoye


      Yes please do that.



    4. BijanStudio


      Hi Kent,

      Just checking to see if you received my email yesterday.




  10. OMG. I thought it was obvious the color was done for just doing test. 🙂
  11. Lowi was just a test spot. Will post more info later.
  12. No other mod can extend the trees that far. Go compare yourself before saying anything.
  13. No it's free upgrade. I'll start a new post with more info later. It's 2am here now.
  14. I fixed the LOD. New Tree LOD V1 is coming soon, starting with Germany: This is only Lod 2.75 and trees to ultra with LOD V1: EDIT: LOD no longer works after sim update. Results of new LOD V1 (watch the end)
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