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  1. Error : Could not find a part of the path 'F:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-2106435425-1881408138-1224511877-1000\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\Bijan Seasons - Late Summer - Early Fall\scenery\models\TEXTURE\BANANA-TREE_BANANA_BIGLEAF_BANANA_LEAF.PNG.DDS'.

    I get this every time I make a season selection. I have tried uninstalling, removing every trace and reinstalling with new downloads. This is accompanied by triangular grass. I have religiously installed as per the video. I've tried it with and without 3d Trees. It's a £60 mess ( I bought everything you offer from SimMarket.

    I've tried emailing you but no response.

    Fed up, Ron


  2. There is no such thing as 100 feet trees in the season mod for auto generated trees. People tend to exaggerate. 😉 All trees are resized to match real size trees. Some people prefer larger or smaller but my goal is to create as close match as possible. @fakeflyer737 where exactly do you see 100 feet trees? Screenshot? Screenshot from SW Ontario:
  3. Virus alert is a false positive. No real virus there.
  4. New app will be released soon which addresses auto season and other new features. @ohny Season app has nothing to do with weather or clouds or snow cover. Season app covers the entire world. If you don't see any change when changing season, try deleting your rolling cache and restart. Make sure you only have one season installed.
  5. For general use, mask opacity 40 to 50 is good. What snow mask does is clear roads and runways from snow but it makes grounds very dark. So it's best to use it during snow only.
  6. It would help if you read the read me files for terrain masks. Snow mask is only to be used during snowy terrain, otherwise you would get dark terrains. For other areas, 40% mask would be ideal.
  7. @bosfloThere is nothing misleading about it. As mentioned, Copy paste from above: Seasons mod has nothing to do with where it snows. Conifer trees always stay green, that includes winter. Some trees on very green terrain may reflect light so they may look green. It was never claimed all trees would be bare. See faq.txt. As described in update logs, "Auto season" feature which selects and installs the current season and will change to next season every 45 days. Nothing other than this has been said. Only one season must be installed in community folder. The sim is not capable of pulling a season based on a season you pick in weather panel. @skysurfer
  8. Thanks for pointing that out. Entire England and Scotland bio have been fixed All trees in higher elevation and Dartmoor and other national parks have either been removed or replaced with small bushes.
  9. That's not possible to do that. As described in update logs, "Auto season" feature which selects and installs the current season and will change to next season every 45 days.
  10. Here are list of feature that are ONLY available with 4 season pack: Spring flower blossoms in all cities. Flower fields in many parts of the world, UK, Japan, Africa, Asia, Europe, USA More variety of trees and colors in each season. Gradual transition of trees in different elevations. Customized trees in upper UK and Scotland areas - Removed/reduced all vegetation from higher elevations. Photogrammetry trees removal from cities (ongoing project) Terrain Mask Snow mask so roads and runways can be cleared of snow in winter. Multi ecosystem in the same area which is only doable with SDK, resulting in a variety of trees in the same area and creating lush forests, smooth transition. 60 fall color sets with much more variety of colors instead of 3 preset ones. Live correction of fall tree colors by using live cam available in several countries. 3d leafless winter trees in several cities 3d Joshua trees in Joshua National Park 3d Pinus Sylvestris trees 3d Blood Dragon trees 3d Plumeria trees in Honolulu, Hawaii 3d Rhododendron trees 3d baobab trees 3d bamboo trees 3d banana trees Florida 3d Mangrove trees Black Forest in Germany Black Forest in Colorado Custom fall trees in the Rocky Mountains. Customized fall season in Florida to remove fall colored trees. Famous Hills in China by Li River Rocky cliff islands and in China Manually corrected vegetation in 1000's regions which cannot be fixed by only using biomes. Cleared trees in 100's of runways. Accepting changes by user's request. Adding exclusions to work with 3rd party airports. Instant support and frequent updates and continuously adding new features. Auto season every 45 days with new software
  11. Only one season folder must be in community folder. Please read the helps files in terrain mask folder to learn how masks works. If you want to roads and runways to be visible in snow, use snow mask only. Just having winter season will not clear roads. Installation tutorial:
  12. It is with scheduled task, but there is an issue running it now since auto installer would need to ask for community folder address. I am fixing that part so it will remember the community folder address so it can be run without issues after 45 days. I will have an update in few days.
  13. Auto season will change seasons to the next season every 45 days without opening the program. You simply run auto season and close it and you never have to open the program again. (there are 8 seasons now in the pack). There is a glitch about asking to fill in community folder path which will be auto filled and fixed in next update in few days.
  14. Please refer to the text file called: " How_to_download_Java.txt" in simmarket along with season pack 7: If you computer doesn't have Java installed, you can install from : https://java.com/en/download/
  15. If you want the auto season to work, it won't work with add on linker, but with manual install, you can still use addon linker.
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