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  1. Victoroos

    New major african hub scenery - FSDG GOBD

    and asia.. lets hope, haha
  2. Atmosphere URP ? where can I find that?:O
  3. Thansk for the explanation. Any e.t.a. on the PB thingy? as in..after level 2 I guess then? :S. really miss that somehow :D. (eham has some nifty pb.. I worked really hard) And I love the jetway power / air to airplane integration. not to speak of the dynamic weight and balance ! nice job!
  4. I really really just want better pb setup. But sode.. passengers, damn, promising! 😄
  5. Victoroos

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    i hope the cpdlc will work with vatsim...
  6. what time is his talk? in utc or something? 😄
  7. do you also use their lighting for the night? It looks good indeed
  8. Nice! awsome. ONto vatsim it ! I was wondering, is there a "move aircraft" option?
  9. Hi all I was wondering,I remember being able to set the panning while taxing, really useful with the 777 3 e.g. However, now with the "new"anticipation settings, I can''t Any tips? vkr vic
  10. Victoroos

    beacon lights on wing / winglet

    hi all maybe a stupid thing to moan about , but it has been bothering me..and I just saw it on qw preview, and last week on my 737 flight as well. The beacon light from the top does create a light strong enough to hit the wing and winglet. but even in v4.. Ir doesn't. Not foe rhe 777..but more important to me..the 737. it does so nicely on the engine can i increase that dynamic light strength myself? vkr Vic
  11. Victoroos

    How to Restore Original Shaders?

    if you have pta or tomatoshade, it has the option to reset the backup it has made for you (as vic said) And everything else.. indeed, a repair install is really easy, as it doesn't require you to uninstall the client first...
  12. Victoroos

    Looks like Steam for P3D - SimStall Announced

    why does orbx still install in the root folder anyway? What is that about? But yeah, it really really depends on adoption of devs.. The tech isn't that hard.. it just needs good integrity checks.
  13. aahj, good one. Thanks