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  1. I relly like your colour / saturation & sharpness. What is your pta/colour setting thingy? And your AA? Amazing that it can actually be done, be gone, cloud circle! Nice shot sir!
  2. how do you "knock all these of running on your core 0&1."? thanks for explaining!
  3. i thought they worked on it for v4? The traffic performance? :-o
  4. and sky textures? Are they also weather dependent like asca?
  5. The anvil shapes look really very straight towering
  6. I also don't get rhe fishy part. It is normal how they do it. #hype
  7. what would be better?
  8. well. It is nice for speculation :)
  9. why would you bring he spider down from the 100 realistic %
  10. I hope the same, but I'd figure it would be in the manual..
  11. for me, except the 3d models being fancy, it doesn't look like something that would replace asca for me. I miss the "update sky texture" realistically feature. I mean, sure, I can pick one I like, but that isn't how it works in the right it? It can't pick the sky colour for me? :-o same goes for the cloud models. I don't want to have to check whether to enable "tornado" cloud model before flying. Ir has to do that on its own. Right?
  12. then you will miss out on a lot of great other products? Companies providing a one path to navigraph? which one? Really, it is completely fine to fly with that airac, otherwise, a one time buy from navigraph is nothing :) I get how you think! it is just how it is :)
  13. pta for visuals if you want. Asca and AS2016, but seeing as you now use FSREALWX (never heard of it.. but WX means weather I thought? ;)) at least REX or something would be... nice? Or ENVTEX if you prefer that (which I do). But yeah, keeping it simple in this hobby isn't..simple