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  1. is it confirmed it will be a new engine? I don't really see visual changes...
  2. Does it now work better with SU11 beta? See it int he changelog!
  3. Clouds eem back for me as well. word not allowed they are impressive...
  4. it is off and on, Shame, I wanted to fly from EHEH as well.. all the raaiinnss!
  5. Is the world update tjhat bad it needs fixes? Or additions? WOndering cause gonna get back into flying again soon 🙂
  6. Is Directx12 ready to be used in the newest sim update? LIke for the PMDG or FBW? 🙂
  7. What mods provide the ships? Or is it in teh addon?
  8. Watching as well during work!
  9. That actually makes sense. or just content update 1. WHo knows..
  10. I thought most addons don't work yet with dx12?
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