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  1. It is fun to watch to be honest. I don't agree with all the points but still
  2. What makes the a310 so special people want it ? 🙂 I can't wait for a payware long haul. a 390 head wind is awesome, but a good 787 or a380 would be cool!!
  3. what a weird departure, first all the way to the east, is this normal? Nice shots though!
  4. There are no stupid questions when ot coems to new things man!! It is a bit more intuitive due to the FBW and protections for me (e.g., it holds the pitch/AoA when turning). But there is a lot under the hood with all the quircks.
  5. Now that I'm finally able to fly the FBW.. this excited me even more. I never MADE time to get into airbus on p3d.. and with the FBW in MSFS.. well, I love it now..!
  6. Wait, what is the difference between AV and A-V in pronunciation? hahah
  7. CGPgrey is such an awesome channel.YEah, it makes you think doesn't it. One of the most tiring things of flight are the queues's etc
  8. Yeah, were we able to do this in p3d as well? Cause I was always saddend by how early my plane braked (especially say polderbaan EHAM, where the first exit is down the runway anyway). I love the idle reverse possibility!
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