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  1. Ooh, it looked promising with fuel calculations etc. hmm shame
  2. hahahhaa, where did yo get that route? :D
  3. RNAV it, she, he didn't decent

    Thanks Hans. Removed the video from the quote for size, but thanks. I will. Love the satellite in the thumbnail! Ooh, schnapp. cool! thanks for the trivia :)
  4. PTA preset error

    Which PTA preset are you trying to apply? And after that, do you have "custom tweaks" enabled? did you try to reinstall p3d client and delete the shader backup folder in pta? just some ideas. but starting with the first :)
  5. RNAV it, she, he didn't decent

    aahh, that makes sense. simply due to technology? But the t7 is newer than the 737? or is it because of the amount of landings. what would they use.. instead of vertical speed? level change? or vnav always? nice \o/ 748!
  6. RNAV it, she, he didn't decent

    Speaking about VSD.. why is only the 737 equipped with one. I use it a lot, but really miss it during my 777 or 747 decents. How do Pilots irl know what Vertical Speed to set?
  7. RNAV it, she, he didn't decent

    Ah, yeah, that s what I mean. And thanks! THat explains it all. must have done it during my LOWI approach automatically. 400ft? And what if the minimus / no runway in sight are lower than that?
  8. RNAV it, she, he didn't decent

    HI all I recently did a short hop froom LOWW to LOWI, using the RNAv, and it worked perfectly (except that I forgot to flair / disconnect the AP in the end. rookie mistake) (do you btw have to disconnect the auto throttle yourself. because it doesn't retard like it does with ILS does it?) AH, well, onto the real question: I did a flight from eham to ehgg yesterday, and I established nicely ontp the rnav. VNAV and LNAV were on, the vertical purple line display on the PFD (that one you get when you press center 2 times) showed the decent path that was programmed. However, it didn't go down. DO you need to press APP? Or did I forget something else stupidly? vkr victor
  9. HI all I just got the Comanche, and I tried to setup some cameras through the community. Back in ezdok times, when sharing camera files, the DHM was synched along. However, with chaseplane, this doesn';t seem to be the case.. si that correct? vkr victor
  10. Oh s***

    Are they guarded? :o why isn't that modeled. yeah, that pull out is something I miss too (heheh)
  11. ORBX Photoreal UK/IRELAND This year.

    more excited about the Netherlands coming in a few weeks!
  12. Thanks Jim & Good moring!
  13. probably something back end. They know.. i'm sure! :). give it all some time to settle :).
  14. Hi gerard I just installed your March preset, after loving Feb However, Now I get black ground textures. As in, it breathes black and normal. How is that possible? vkr victor