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  1. Victoroos

    Clouds Pulsing v4.2

    that was a better psot than mine ^^. Especially this: "Use a V4.2 compatible shader with PTA" is important after reinstalling the client!
  2. Victoroos

    Clouds Pulsing v4.2

    YOu have pta I pressume?
  3. Victoroos

    POSCON online flying

    hmm. Yeah, it makes sense. Ah well. Guess we have to get our rating again on thr still free network of poscon. I really hope this is the kind of push vatsim needed to start evolving just a bit.
  4. Victoroos

    POSCON online flying

    If you zoom in a bit, you can actually click on it.. But for very spiffy to say the least.
  5. Victoroos

    POSCON online flying

    Agree with everything. Just maybe.. accumap is in beta.. and I believeit does the UK sectors correct..right?
  6. Victoroos

    POSCON online flying

    hm, wait, those guys in the video aren't from poscon right? from the donation? Odd.. odd odd. No, fragmentation would be bad.
  7. you and your winter shots men.. they keep.. being amazing.! really nice kiwi! Are those your lens "flare" files?
  8. Victoroos

    POSCON online flying

    never shooting, I just lost track of all the rumours, facts opinions etc 😛
  9. Victoroos

    POSCON online flying

    can anyone explain this to me? As in legally? people call this a buy out? But to me it almost sounds like the invest in a "rival".. And rumors about about takeover's, adx is mentioned. I don't know on what to base my opinions on.
  10. Victoroos

    Aivlasoft EFB or Littlenavmap?

    aivlasoft has a trial, so you can try that for a month, and littlenavmap forever. amd indeed, that is handy. I use it when flying a2a with default gps. the vatsim / ivai integration is also useful to hen switching ew. I usually plan with navmap or pfpx, ans fly with aivla
  11. Victoroos

    REX Environment Force

    also for just normal upcoming product related questions? 🙂
  12. Victoroos

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    doesn't that also cause some performance problems. as in.. the first time shaders have to be build.?
  13. Victoroos

    REX Environment Force

    The 6 weeks are already 2 weeks ago..right?
  14. Victoroos

    TrueEarth Netherlands announced!

    Yeah, I know it is. I tried it :). With vulkan coming up..can you imagine. I just need more scenery.. but yes, it is amazing! defo more that 60 😉 fps
  15. Victoroos

    Rainy Boston

    wow. How high are your dynamic reflections at? Looks sweet!