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  1. I was hoping for a screenshot, and was expecting something else from the title. Check the afcad / parking space setings of GSX what they think is "straight"?.
  2. really? okay, fill out a profile.. Is there one already made? :P. But that is cool!
  3. But no fuel etc right? So "only" situational awareness?. Still awesome, I use it for VFR flying 🙂
  4. Afraid of that as well, hahah
  5. crysis 1 maybe ;). but yeah, agree, beautful!
  6. Hi all, I have a small question. Now,w hen I fly, I always use the passenger callsign for the flight. but it enver contains any letters, but when I listen to my flight with real atc, it does. Is there a way to find those callsigns meant for this flight? vkr victor
  7. Thanks, downloading now!
  8. MFAA. interesting. I really have a hard time to get my graphics crispy.. That is the only thing I miss from FSX, there it was at least all a bit mroe anti aliased.
  9. Who knows.. would be sweet if it turns out good ^^
  10. ooh, I'll check that one out for sure! How is it system wise? 🙂
  11. if we see person in the forum that looks weird..do we also start a new thread ? 😛 (no offense!)
  12. Ah. That is why. I see. Thanks! Had it for some days though. That is why I found it weird.
  13. Hi All, Can anyone help me. I started rex SF as the weather engine and texture provider. However, it crashed everytime (all of a sudden, haven't been simming for some time.) No probs, I just reinstall it, however, the download manager gives me this error: https://pastebin.com/sZRfKFRa Any tips? vkr Victor
  14. I find it funny how we now discuss VRam the same way as we did RAM/ Love it. Thanks for the tip!
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