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  1. Hi all, I have seen quite a few people mentioning the BIJAN HABASHI - 4 SEASON pack. Is it worth it to buy? I mean, the price isn't high but is it worth it? Cheers Victor
  2. THis is a very welcome post.. maybe with some scenery updates. Thanks for sharing!!
  3. I love you guys! Thanks for all the answers. What I wonder though, why does the electricity go "back" to the air their. Because the surface is small?
  4. HI all I was flying while a friend of mine came in. He looked at the sim, was wowéd, but then asked : whata re those pointy things for at the wing.. I ready it, somewhere. but I don't remember. Can anyone help? Cheers Vic
  5. hahahahaa, nice!! Thanks for the share!
  6. I came here for nice cloud pictures...
  7. I thought i also has to do with Raytracing implementation & resource management?
  8. do non dutchies understand that at all? 😄 "hope keeps you alive"
  9. I just saw the timelaps. Looked good.. but, wait, are there really no Stratus clouds on that 9 hour flight? I usually do some vfr in in msfs so didn't notice yet, but now..
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