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  1. occasional :P. I love him. haha. thanks!
  2. Victoroos

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    or everything that happens twice. Agents..they are coming
  3. Victoroos

    Question CLOUDS

    that i why I'm asking 🙂
  4. Victoroos

    Question CLOUDS

    Rex weather engine? Or just textures?
  5. Victoroos

    Pilot in Australia Fell Asleep,Overshot by 50kms

    oeps... that is... some mistake. wow
  6. Would be really cool yeah!. nice shots!
  7. Victoroos

    New Version of P3D Coming?

    When is soon for you? How long you want to wait?
  8. Victoroos

    Performed a nature balance.

    Amazing how it looks. SO impressed. much wow!
  9. Victoroos

    Upgrade B737

    #itcomeshwnitisready .. that is the only thing you'll get probably. I don;t really wanan specualte..which I'm going to do, but seeing as it has only scarcely been will take some time 🙂
  10. Victoroos

    Things I don't understand.................

    if there would eb one thing to take onto an island.. I mean, all the palm oil.. must eb great ^^
  11. Victoroos

    Things I don't understand.................

    haha, proud! same bout the marmite.. and I'm dutch so I think the offside joke just wooshed ove rmy head! hehe, #football 😉
  12. Victoroos

    Things I don't understand.................

    u american? 😛 They don't understand us either (and neither do we ;)) old habbits die slow.. and hey, first world problems.. we all love to complain about stuff we could change but wello moneyoldaddonsperfectsetupexceptoomstimemanagement
  13. oh phf that is no difference at all. really nice sir!
  14. Kiwi, how do they look before photoshop? anyway, grand pictures!