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  1. Update: It is indeed a limitation in the way FSX communicates with ACARS, and RDV is working on a new ACARS system that will resolve the issue.
  2. Yeah, believe it is KLM's SOP to do it that way, probably with the reasoning that there is no point in having the taxi lights on as the landing lights are so much stronger.
  3. As an update: I just got the FS2CREW for the PMDG 737NGX, and with SOP 1 it all works beautifully (not tried the other SOP's on it yet).
  4. HI Byork, Im flying for KLM - They have a points system built in to the ACARS, and it adds or subtracts points for following company SOP's. Using the taxi light with the landing light is against their SOP, so it deducts 5 points per instance, thus preventing me from scoring 100%.
  5. Hi all, is there a way to configure FS2CREW for the PMDG 777 to turn off taxi light before turning on landing lights (and vice versa), as well as keeping the taxi light off for takeoff, approach and landing? I've looked through the forums and manual but have been unable to find it. The virtual airline I fly for has a policy of never using the taxi light and landing light at the same time, and deducts points from my overall flight score when I use FS2CREW as it will turn the taxi light on at several occasions, including runway entry procedure, takeoff, as well as on approach. If this isn't already included in the FS2CREW, it would be my number one wish if you could include it in the next update. :smile: