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  1. I really like this new update! The city and surrounding areas are built up really well now, very dense, all the major landmarks and properties are there. Judging from the construction and demolition, I would say we're looking at the city as it was about a year and a half ago. The LOD is way out there too and the city looks spectacular at night! I can't get the Flytampa KLAS airport by itself to work well with the Asobo scenery. The taxiway lights are very slow to load and the Asobo strip and surround area get overwritten and flattened out by just using the FT airport Since my computer can't run the FT city scenery very well, I'm just going to have to use the Asobo city and default airport scenery by itself for now until FT can integrate and optimize their airport scenery better into this new city scenery. Thank you for the gift Asobo, you did a really great job on the city! 😆
  2. The Ini A310 runs great on my old system. 6700k / RTX 2800 I'm thrilled to fly it again after it was fixed with the SU15 update. It and the Leonardo MD-80 are the best flying / performing jets on my system. Sadly it's the the Fenix A-320 I can't run anymore after the Block 2 release, too choppy.
  3. CV-580 - This would be a great Local Legends aircraft! CV 880 /990 DC-8 / DC-9 / DC-10 L-1011 707 / 727 / 747-100 / 200 Piper Navajo / Cheyenne / Malibu Cessna 210 / 421 / 441
  4. I also experienced performance loss with the latest KLAS when they added The Sphere and Resorts World. The closer I get to those two properties, the lower the frames go, down into the low 20's / high teens. Fortunately we have the option to run the previous version (1.9?) without The Sphere and Resorts World- this version will restore the performance. This is kind of like the Block 2 of the Fenix A320- all the stuff they added reduced it to basically a tech demo for me, I can't fly it anymore- too choppy.
  5. Just outstanding sir! Will you please consider putting this incredible paint scheme on the piston variant as well?
  6. PG is on in those photos. All of the buildings, railroad yard and stadium shown in Phoenix are PG. American Airlines Center shown at Dallas is PG but the skyscrapers in downtown Dallas are not PG, those are default autogen. To have PG skyscrapers, Reunion Tower etc in Dallas, you'll have to have an addon scenery for it. https://flightsim.to/file/48144/dallas-city-enhanced
  7. Not seeing anything like you're experiencing, also had an almost 1gig update to the sim when I started it. Just took these photos at Phoenix and Dallas. 1 gig fiber optic- eight year old computer- I7 6700k / RTX 2080 Ti / 32 Gigs of Ram /
  8. 👇 👉 A310 CTD 👈 👆
  9. 👇 👉 A310 CTD 👈 👆
  10. One wonders why the longstanding A310 CTD issue has not been addressed. What could possibly be the holdup considering INI says they sent the fix to Asobo but really won't say when they sent it or why the fix hasn't been posted or even a workaround offered. To me, the Ini A310 is the most realistic feeling airliner, from taxi and hand flying the aircraft ever offered for any brand of flight simulator, ever. It's really a shame to see it left neglected like this.
  11. Roman, open your Fenix App. Enable: Alternative Display Renderer Uncheck: Display Sync- if checked Close the Fenix App. Let the sim start the Fenix App in the sim. Do not start the Fenix App before starting the sim.
  12. That's right John! It's always a good time for a siesta! 😴 Thanks for the nice comments fellas!
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