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  1. Thank you sir, I was curious if it was just for screenshot mode. FYI- here is a tutorial installing reshade into XP11 with Vulkan enabled that I'm using now. It works perfectly for me.
  2. Does Shade X apply its effects just for screenshots or does it change the look of the sim all of the time like Reshade? From the org store: "Give X-Plane a completely new, realistic look and create stunning screenshots."
  3. Extreme Clear Air Turbulence- Be wary when you see a sudden drop of outside air temp, especially when near the jet stream.
  4. Nice review! Interesting that you dialed in an thunderstorm as we've not had any measurable rain in las Vegas for 266 days straight- until last night! 😆
  5. I can't tell, it's moving too fast and it's just a blur! 😲 😆 j/k Nice work OSM! 😃
  6. Besides the obvious, what I also find equally objectionable is the online vendors lack of vetting of the products they sell. Are they too busy, too lazy, or just wanting to grab as much cash as they can selling garbage and willing to deal with the fallout later? I would suspect it would be the latter.
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