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  1. Sounds like we'll have to schedule you for more "team building" exercises and seminars... lol
  2. Wish they'd hurry up with the Cheyenne, 441, C210, and Malibu! I know I'm not asking for much 😁
  3. Ahh you want one of the big Corellian jobs eh? I've heard they're a real chore starting up from cold and dark.
  4. I'm looking forward to someone making a nice model of the Razor Crest.
  5. Yes! We can make these unlikely events happen in our flight simulators! Gorgeous livery by JanT73 at AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS LV-VBZ RETRO LIVERY » Microsoft Flight Simulator Lovely day on the hop from SFO. Was going to L.A. but decided to divert to KSBA Santa Barbara for the fun of it. Oh great, foggy!
  6. Lovely shots Al! I like that 4th one best!
  7. I had this happen yesterday over New Mexico enroute DFW / LAS. Cruising along enjoying a cup of coffee. 20 minutes later nearing the Arizona border I got the TRAFFIC! TRAFFIC! alert and the aircraft took evasive action! It was wild! Superb work Fenix!
  8. Good luck Michael, a member here posted where it had to loaded for the external prosim program to load, but does anyone know for sure?
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