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  1. https://www.simflight.com/ Simflight has been with us for as long as I can remember. Always an excellent site!
  2. I will also add that FSW might strongly consider making a 421 Golden Eagle- they have most of what they need already in place. And from there, a 441 Conquest! 😆 The developers modelling and coding skills are really just beyond words- seriously talented!
  3. IMHO, this 414 will go down in FS history as one of the greatest GA aircraft of all time. A friend of mine who flies King Air's for living, and has plenty of PIC 414 stick time, was very impressed with aircraft when he came over and flew it. He says it flies just like a 414! I bought it on day one and have flown it more than anything else in my hangar. Keep up the outstanding work FSW!
  4. 👽 Outstanding set Al!
  5. Sounds like we'll have to schedule you for more "team building" exercises and seminars... lol
  6. Wish they'd hurry up with the Cheyenne, 441, C210, and Malibu! I know I'm not asking for much 😁
  7. Ahh you want one of the big Corellian jobs eh? I've heard they're a real chore starting up from cold and dark.
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