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  1. I also asked them to build a Convair CV 880 / 900. They like the aircraft to be sure but had reservations because of the very limited market success of the real aircraft.
  2. I did get this for you though:
  3. I did ask them to do the Columbia Airlines Livery from the movie Airport '75 minus the hole in the cockpit 😉
  4. I do not know sir. They were very busy so I didn't have a lot of time for an in depth interview. I'm sure in time they will release more information. I wish I could provide more details for everyone but the news alone of a new 747 Classic for us is very exciting.
  5. I had an excellent visit with Martyn Nothall of Just Flight and he is handling the coding for the 747. That is as much as I know. Martyn is an excellent gentleman as was the entire Just Flight crew. Getting to meet these developers face to face gives me a greater appreciation of the fine people who provide these wonderful products for our enjoyment.
  6. A 747 classic is long over due! I confirmed that this will be for FSX and P3D and they will be released at the same time. Spotted the rendering at the FS Expo in Las Vegas. Release possibly this fall. The project is well underway. It was great visiting with the super nice folks from Just Flight as it was with all of the developers.
  7. What a show! It was quite an experience and you and Sandy are the best!
  8. Hope to see you there Steve!
  9. skully

    First impressions

    Another high-altitude problem is that you may exceed the turbocharger's turbine inlet temperature (TIT) limit before reaching peak EGT. Cessna did not install TIT gauges in most of its turbocharged airplanes, but many have aftermarket gauges (like GEMs or JPI 700s) with a TIT readout.
  10. skully

    Cowl Flaps

    Interesting as I was wondering this also last night when I noted that there were no cowl flaps on this bird. 1970-1975 Cessna 421B Nose section extended 25 inches - Wing span increased by 2 feet - Landing gear beefed up - Several engine improvements: intercooler, oil cooler, turbocharger - Cowl flaps eliminated - Max takeoff weight increased 400 lbs. Landing weight increased by 700 lbs. - Cabin differential increased to 5 psi
  11. skully

    First impressions

    Frank, the actual aircraft has a max fuel payload of about 630 lbs. Maximum TO Weight of 7450 lbs and max landing weight of 7200 lbs. Max fuel range of 850 to 1100 miles will vary depending on how much you throw in the back, power settings, altitude, winds etc. I am really putting the 421 through the paces and just having a blast flying her. For some real fun, try a takeoff at max gross weight on an average July or August day here in Las Vegas of 112-116 degrees and to add some spice, fail an engine right after takeoff. RIP Here are some performance and engine settings numbers for the stock 421C and the upgraded RAM package for comparison: Weight and Balance Calculator:
  12. skully

    Champion Air 727

    Trying to cut back lol
  13. skully

    First impressions

    The Golden Eagle is putting down some pretty accurate numbers compared to the performance tables provided with the aircraft. We're at 20,000 feet here, 2100 lbs under gross weight (5400 lbs) running 237 kts true on 223 lbs per hour. MP 31" 1800 rpm Book numbers for this altitude and engine settings are at 226 kts true (not sure of aircraft weight book uses) at 232 lbs per hour. Not bad at all!
  14. skully

    First impressions

    I can confirm that the trim wheel animation works backwards but only if you use the mouse to operate it. I use the trim switches on my yoke and the trim wheel animates properly. Aircraft performance tables are in the aircraft folder for your reference. Cessna 400 and 800 series autopilo documentation is hard to come by. I did write Alabeo asking for an upgraded HSI to the Aspen unit Carenado uses as I'd like to see these GA developers give us more avionics options so we could outfit our aircraft to our liking. The autopilot will fly a coupled approach perfectly.
  15. skully

    The Golden Eagle Has Landed!

    Don't forget to deploy those MD80 style wingtip landing lights!