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  1. I'm not sure what they have going on these days as far as rides go as I haven't been up top in along time. At those heights I prefer wings... All the strip casinos and resorts are due to open up over the next two weeks as it's been deserted down there. Very odd to drive down the strip and there's no traffic or people.
  2. The Stratosphere tower is about 5 miles from where I took the photo. It is an impressive tower for sure especially when you go to the top and stand on the glass floor looking down... Or even better you can bungee jump from up there too- no thank you.
  3. Nice to see you guys getting in! C U on the other side!
  4. They don't call it the 'Death Cruiser' for nothing but I still like it. 😐
  5. I'm not sure we're ever going to get a really good DC-10. Perhaps TFDI will consider building one?
  6. That's all that trash 'opinion piece' was worth.
  7. Garbage disinformation article, not worthy of being posted at Avsim. And yes, I'm a real world pilot and a MSFS Alpha tester.
  8. It's not glass and steel. It's acrylic windows and polyurethane paint.
  9. The Las Vegas area from the X019 video looks to be about 3 years old.
  10. You're welcome sir! It's all free, go check it out!
  11. Thanks Phantom! It runs great- FPS in the 70's to 90's with all settings maxed at 4k. I7-6700k at oc'd to 4.5 32gigs RAM RTX 2080 ti
  12. I know... a shack there is half a mil...
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