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  1. Thanks John! I have Bing, doesn't look as nice as what's shown in your shots. Guess I need to re-download.
  2. John, what Ortho source are you using for California? Looks fantastic.
  3. Nice shots! I especially like that first one.
  4. Breeze

    Epic in XP11

    Thanks for the comments. It's hard for me to look at landclass after looking at ortho.
  5. Just south of Bozeman, Montana. Shot from the Epic 1000. (X-Plane 11 with Ortho4XP)
  6. Breeze

    San Luis Dusk Patrol

    Have to agree. Bought it on your recommendation. Nice shots!
  7. Breeze

    one shot: Heli Ops Nighttime

    Thanks Ryan. You're always putting up some fantastic shots, nice to know where they're coming from. I think I'm going to pick up that Bell now that it's on sale.
  8. Breeze

    one shot: Heli Ops Nighttime

    Heck of a shot! What sim and what copter? If I had to guess, Xp11 and the Bell 407?
  9. Love the Eclipse. Excellent shots!
  10. Great! Thanks Tony!
  11. Look great! Where do you get Custom Trees?
  12. Has Carenado stated their upgrade policy to version 4 of P3D? I aching to buy the Cheyenne II but with the pending release of P3Dv4, I don't want to buy it if it won't work in v4 or if I have to pay an upgrade fee. I'll just wait. Anyone know?
  13. Breeze

    On The Fence... STILL

    Thanks Ryan. I have the dden Challenger was wondering what else to get. I've been looking at the Aerobask aircraft but holding off for updates. Thanks for the info, appreciate it.