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  1. Download from your account Orders page and then install. No need to uninstall.
  2. Which airport Adam? Nice looking shots!
  3. Those products on sale at Orbx state "This product is discounted by 50% with the Feb 2021 Volanta Members." You have to be logged in to see it. Seems to imply that you have to be a Volanta Member but I'm not sure that's true.
  4. Down on the the west coast USA. I think it's down everywhere.
  5. I have runway edge lighting on runway 11 even with snow on the ground at KTRK. Sorry I can't help you fix whatever the problem is. There is no way to activate the lights that I know of. Lights should just be on.
  6. Try a flight without Navigragh and Simlink installed. My CTD went away when I uninstalled them. This was with the current AIRAC cycle 2014 rev 3.
  7. Thanks for the quick update! You guys are fast. I thought I'd have to wait until after Christmas to fly this again. Amazing mod!
  8. Mouse pointer clicks or center click doesn't work for me. Maybe it's another mod interfering.
  9. Using version 0.8.1, I am unable to reset the altimeter from 29.92 after descending below the transition altitude using the Baro knob. Default B key on the keyboard causes CTD for me after descending below the transition altitude. Initially works at departure airport.
  10. Had a CTD on descent into KSJC San Jose on the SILCN4 SID between GUUYY and WLSSN using VNAV. Manually entered route using Navigragh KSBA/RW25 GAUCH2 GAUCH DCT SCTRR DCT TROXX SILCN4 KSJC/KLIDE.R30LZ Was looking good until I hit the "B" key to set the Baro then CTD. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks John! I have Bing, doesn't look as nice as what's shown in your shots. Guess I need to re-download.
  12. John, what Ortho source are you using for California? Looks fantastic.
  13. Nice shots! I especially like that first one.
  14. Thanks for the comments. It's hard for me to look at landclass after looking at ortho.
  15. Just south of Bozeman, Montana. Shot from the Epic 1000. (X-Plane 11 with Ortho4XP)
  16. Have to agree. Bought it on your recommendation. Nice shots!
  17. Thanks Ryan. You're always putting up some fantastic shots, nice to know where they're coming from. I think I'm going to pick up that Bell now that it's on sale.
  18. Heck of a shot! What sim and what copter? If I had to guess, Xp11 and the Bell 407?
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