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Found 251 results

  1. Hello members, I have an issue with the Orbx Base Pack. This is Ganderkesee (EDWQ) and in my there are houses, while in real life there shouldn't be any. I already verified the files via the Orbx Central also posted my Scenery priorities, as I fly a lot of VFR this is a really big problem for me. The solution would really make my day.
  2. Just picked up the Orbx S43 and W16 pack - about 20 USD. I was a little skeptical because their P3D ported airports looked pretty bad (BUR/SBA etc). These ones are new native MSFS versions and while I haven't looked at W16 yet, I am very impressed with S43. They really did a nice job and if they continue this trend I could easily see myself picking up more PNW packages as they come out. Here's a fun VFR flight I flew via the mountain passes from S10 to S43. Cruised anywhere from 130-150 mph over the ground between 4500 - 8500 ft. I was just on the northern edge of a cold front which honestly made for some spectacular views. I hope you guys enjoy! Oh and of course a shameless plug for me and Tim's paint scheme hah! The moment I lift off we're already greeted with lovely views... Untitled-1 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled-4 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Initially we'll follow this river towards EAT VOR Untitled-5 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Then we turn NW towards 27W (over the town of Wenatchee, WA here in this pic) Untitled-6 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Wow the views... I think that's Rainier on the far right of my frame Untitled-7 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Over flying 8S2 Cashmere-Dryden (beautiful freeware from Windhover at the usual place) Untitled-8 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Went a bit off course to look at this awesome glacial lake Untitled-9 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr We're nearly half way through our trip - still clear of the rain Untitled-10 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled-12 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Looks wet over there (free plane washes!) Untitled-13 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Over S88 Skykomish State Untitled-14 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr I love this view of the dark and light of the Skykomish River approaching the town of Monroe (W16) Untitled-17 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr I'll have to check out that strip some other time Untitled-18 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Chart calls for RP runway 15L so it's an over the top at pattern altitude entry Untitled-19 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr A bit high on base but speed was good... Untitled-21 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr I ended up with a forward slip out of necessitythough the Comanche doesn't really slow down much more even in that configuration Untitled-22 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled-23 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Can't be too noisy here Untitled-24 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr I spy something red that I need in my life! Untitled-25 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr This airport pack I highly recommend! It's like quality Orbx products we've always known and loved for the PNW. Untitled-26 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr
  3. Hi guys, Lately I have moved to play with FSX-SE for a bit as I need to get my money's worth with my FSX PMDG 737, MD-11 and Majestic Q400 32 bit addons. The only heavy bird that I have in 64bit is PMDG 777 but before I upgrade tons of my addons into the new 64bit. I want to get mileage from PMDG 737 and MD-11 that I have invested in. I do notice without FTX regions installed that I can use these birds work quite well with FSDT airports and FTX Global+vector+openLC. But help me out on what should I keep on Vector. I want to be able to keep most of the scenery features active but I can rid of some stuff if it really makes no difference when you look at the outside world from the external views. Currently I have Secondary and Tertiary Roads off, and I have lot of VAS saved already, but I now I have room to play. I can not figure out between Secondary and Tertiary roads. This should be a fun post. Thanks
  4. hello sim wold, I have just bought the orbx global base, and are having major issues. To start I recently had an error when loading up my FSX saying "scenery.cfg" area 127 error." I think i got that solved by making it "true" for required default scenery? No error but i cant tell the difference in from the base scenery that came with FSX. Next i loaded my plane in the airports and every time at a gate it would open with a 'crash' so i started going to active run ways with the same thing. i have uninstalled and re installed no help and miraculously now there are black spots, trees on the runway and the runway actually looks elevated or floating i putting my scenery.cfg below. CAN ANY ONE HELP?? thanks in advance [General] Title=FS9 World Scenery Description=FS9 Scenery Data Clean_on_Exit=TRUE [Area.001] Title=Default Terrain Texture_ID=1 Local=Scenery\World Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=1 [Area.002] Title=Default Scenery Local=Scenery\BASE Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=2 [Area.003] Title=0000 Base Local=Scenery\0000 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=3 [Area.004] Title=0001 Base Local=Scenery\0001 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=4 [Area.005] Title=0002 Base Local=Scenery\0002 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=5 [Area.006] Title=0003 Base Local=Scenery\0003 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=6 [Area.007] Title=0004 Base Local=Scenery\0004 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=7 [Area.008] Title=0005 Base Local=Scenery\0005 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=8 [Area.009] Title=0006 Base Local=Scenery\0006 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=9 [Area.010] Title=0007 Base Local=Scenery\0007 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=10 [Area.011] Title=1004 Base Local=Scenery\1004 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=11 [Area.012] Title=0100 Base Local=Scenery\0100 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=12 [Area.013] Title=0101 Base Local=Scenery\0101 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=13 [Area.014] Title=0102 Base Local=Scenery\0102 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=14 [Area.015] Title=0103 Base Local=Scenery\0103 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=15 [Area.016] Title=0104 Base Local=Scenery\0104 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=16 [Area.017] Title=0105 Base Local=Scenery\0105 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=17 [Area.018] Title=0106 Base Local=Scenery\0106 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=18 [Area.019] Title=0107 Base Local=Scenery\0107 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=19 [Area.020] Title=0200 Base Local=Scenery\0200 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=20 [Area.021] Title=0201 Base Local=Scenery\0201 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=21 [Area.022] Title=0202 Base Local=Scenery\0202 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=22 [Area.023] Title=0203 Base Local=Scenery\0203 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=23 [Area.024] Title=0204 Base Local=Scenery\0204 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=24 [Area.025] Title=0205 Base Local=Scenery\0205 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=25 [Area.026] Title=0206 Base Local=Scenery\0206 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=26 [Area.027] Title=0207 Base Local=Scenery\0207 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=27 [Area.028] Title=0300 Base Local=Scenery\0300 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=28 [Area.029] Title=0301 Base Local=Scenery\0301 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=29 [Area.030] Title=0302 Base Local=Scenery\0302 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=30 [Area.031] Title=0303 Base Local=Scenery\0303 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=31 [Area.032] Title=0304 Base Local=Scenery\0304 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=32 [Area.033] Title=0305 Base Local=Scenery\0305 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=33 [Area.034] Title=0306 Base Local=Scenery\0306 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=34 [Area.035] Title=0307 Base Local=Scenery\0307 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=35 [Area.036] Title=0400 Base Local=Scenery\0400 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=36 [Area.037] Title=0401 Base Local=Scenery\0401 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=37 [Area.038] Title=0402 Base Local=Scenery\0402 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=38 [Area.039] Title=0403 Base Local=Scenery\0403 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=39 [Area.040] Title=0404 Base Local=Scenery\0404 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=40 [Area.041] Title=0405 Base Local=Scenery\0405 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=41 [Area.042] Title=0406 Base Local=Scenery\0406 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=42 [Area.043] Title=0407 Base Local=Scenery\0407 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=43 [Area.044] Title=0500 Base Local=Scenery\0500 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=44 [Area.045] Title=0501 Base Local=Scenery\0501 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=45 [Area.046] Title=0502 Base Local=Scenery\0502 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=46 [Area.047] Title=0503 Base Local=Scenery\0503 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=47 [Area.048] Title=0504 Base Local=Scenery\0504 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=48 [Area.049] Title=0505 Base Local=Scenery\0505 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=49 [Area.050] Title=0506 Base Local=Scenery\0506 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=50 [Area.051] Title=0507 Base Local=Scenery\0507 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=51 [Area.052] Title=0600 Base Local=Scenery\0600 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=52 [Area.053] Title=0601 Base Local=Scenery\0601 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=53 [Area.054] Title=0602 Base Local=Scenery\0602 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=54 [Area.055] Title=0603 Base Local=Scenery\0603 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=55 [Area.056] Title=0604 Base Local=Scenery\0604 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=56 [Area.057] Title=0605 Base Local=Scenery\0605 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=57 [Area.058] Title=0606 Base Local=Scenery\0606 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=58 [Area.059] Title=0607 Base Local=Scenery\0607 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=59 [Area.060] Title=0700 Base Local=Scenery\0700 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=60 [Area.061] Title=0701 Base Local=Scenery\0701 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=61 [Area.062] Title=0702 Base Local=Scenery\0702 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=62 [Area.063] Title=0703 Base Local=Scenery\0703 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=63 [Area.064] Title=0704 Base Local=Scenery\0704 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=64 [Area.065] Title=0705 Base Local=Scenery\0705 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=65 [Area.066] Title=0706 Base Local=Scenery\0706 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=66 [Area.067] Title=0707 Base Local=Scenery\0707 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=67 [Area.068] Title=0800 Base Local=Scenery\0800 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=68 [Area.069] Title=0801 Base Local=Scenery\0801 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=69 [Area.070] Title=0802 Base Local=Scenery\0802 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=70 [Area.071] Title=0803 Base Local=Scenery\0803 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=71 [Area.072] Title=0804 Base Local=Scenery\0804 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=72 [Area.073] Title=0805 Base Local=Scenery\0805 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=73 [Area.074] Title=0806 Base Local=Scenery\0806 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=74 [Area.075] Title=0807 Base Local=Scenery\0807 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=75 [Area.076] Title=1003 Base Local=Scenery\1003 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=76 [Area.077] Title=1005 Base Local=Scenery\1005 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=77 [Area.078] Title=1006 Base Local=Scenery\1006 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=78 [Area.079] Title=1103 Base Local=Scenery\1103 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=79 [Area.080] Title=1104 Base Local=Scenery\1104 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=80 [Area.081] Title=1105 Base Local=Scenery\1105 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=81 [Area.082] Title=1106 Base Local=Scenery\1106 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=82 [Area.083] Title=1107 Base Local=Scenery\1107 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=83 [Area.084] Title=1007 Base Local=Scenery\1007 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=84 [Area.085] Title=1100 Base Local=Scenery\1100 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=85 [Area.086] Title=1101 Base Local=Scenery\1101 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=86 [Area.087] Title=1102 Base Local=Scenery\1102 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=87 [Area.088] Title=0900 Base Local=Scenery\0900 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=88 [Area.089] Title=0901 Base Local=Scenery\0901 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=89 [Area.090] Title=0902 Base Local=Scenery\0902 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=90 [Area.091] Title=0903 Base Local=Scenery\0903 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=91 [Area.092] Title=0904 Base Local=Scenery\0904 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=92 [Area.093] Title=0905 Base Local=Scenery\0905 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=93 [Area.094] Title=0906 Base Local=Scenery\0906 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=94 [Area.095] Title=0907 Base Local=Scenery\0907 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=95 [Area.096] Title=1000 Base Local=Scenery\1000 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=96 [Area.097] Title=1001 Base Local=Scenery\1001 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=97 [Area.098] Title=1002 Base Local=Scenery\1002 Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=98 [Area.099] Title=Africa Local=Scenery\AFRI Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=99 [Area.100] Title=Asia Local=Scenery\ASIA Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=100 [Area.101] Title=Australia Local=Scenery\AUST Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=101 [Area.102] Title=Eastern Europe Local=Scenery\EURE Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=102 [Area.103] Title=Western Europe Local=Scenery\EURW Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=103 [Area.104] Title=Central North America Local=Scenery\NAMC Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=104 [Area.105] Title=Western North America Local=Scenery\NAMW Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=105 [Area.106] Title=Oceania Local=Scenery\OCEN Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=106 [Area.107] Title=South America Local=Scenery\SAME Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=107 [Area.108] Title=Oshkosh Aerial Photo Local=Scenery\Cities\Oshkosh Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=108 [Area.109] Title=St. Maarten Local=Scenery\Cities\StMaarten Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=109 [Area.110] Title=Rio de Janeiro Local=Scenery\Cities\Rio Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=110 [Area.111] Title=Las Vegas Local=Scenery\Cities\LasVegas Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=111 [Area.112] Title=Global, Generic & Vehicle Libraries Local=Scenery\Global Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=112 [Area.113] Title=Runway Number Update Local=RWNumberUpdateSubs Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=113 [Area.114] Title=Berlin Local=Scenery\Cities\Berlin Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=114 [Area.115] Title=Propeller Objects Local=Scenery\Props Active=TRUE Required=TRUE Layer=115 [Area.116] Title=Addon Scenery Local=Addon Scenery Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=116 [Area.117] Title=MyTraffic 2013 Local=MyTraffic Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=117 [Area.118] Title=Reno Local=Scenery\Cities\Reno Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=118 [Area.119] Title=Istanbul Local=Scenery\Cities\Istanbul Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=119 [Area.120] Title=Longleat Local=Scenery\Cities\Longleat Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=120 [Area.121] Title=Edwards_AFB Local=Scenery\Cities\Edwards_AFB Active=FALSE Required=FALSE Layer=121 [Area.122] Title=Eastern North America Local=Scenery\NAME Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=122 [Area.123] Title=ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 Local=ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_NA1 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=123 [Area.124] Title=ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1 Local=ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_EU1 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=124 [Area.125] Title=ORBX!OPENLC_BASE Local=ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_AA Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=125 [Area.126] Title=FTXAA_ORBXLIBS Local=ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=126
  5. Guys I'm currently speaking to Nick on orbx support but thought there might be someone out there that already knows the answer to this? I have a brand new copy of FSX-SE no previous versions of FSX etc. As soon as it finished downloaded I went and downloaded orbx global orbx vector orbx library's orbx Europe orbx england I did this through FTX centralv3. Once those downloads where done and installed I loaded the sim. Here's the problem. The sim loads its default scenery. I have not messed with cfg file or anything and the priority order seems correct. I have, to try and fix this uninstalled and reinstalled everything but still no joy. Please help?? Scenery.CFG
  6. My P3D is in my C drive SSD. But ORBX scenery used up nearly all spaces. Is there any method to put the ORBX products in D Drive HDD with the FTX Central? Thanks.
  7. FSX. Hello gents and ladies! How should ORBX products be placed in scenery library with regards to UTX products (in this case FTX Global+ESSA+Freeware and UTX europe). Ty in advance <3 /Drago
  8. Some shots from recent flights...
  9. A2A Piper Cherokee OrbX Global + Vector AS2016 NTSU to NSFA in 4k I hope this 'classier' video helps to make up for my rather ugly first one (apologies). Approaching sim nirvana right now, almost there. 4k main screen 2 x 1080p side screens, most settings very high (scenery/autogen complexity maxed). Most of this stays around 29fps (half monitor refresh rate). If I record any more videos I may sacrifice the side screens to gain another 10fps maybe to stay on 29 all the way. Then of course it would not be so much fun actually 'flying'! Only had this Cherokee a couple of days and am using it solely now to get back to basics and try to learn to fly 'by the numbers'. I was blown away when I noticed the screen misting up when first sitting in the aircraft and went to open a side window (without having read the manual yet..i now have many pages printed out and laminated). I thought after, why did I think that would work in a 'sim' plane?! Many thanks to a local artist for permission to use her music. (video is in 4k = 3840x2160 YouTube will take a few hours to process that resolution if it is not available early on)
  10. I've looked all over and cannot find anything regarding this error in the SceneryConfigEditor: As you can see, some are okay. All of the scenery works perfectly. I have a feeling this is a Java issue (although I have the latest issued). Thanks for any suggestions on how to fix this! Man must have perfection.... EDIT: Forgot to mention I have manually linked them but after a flight or I move scenery around, it goes back to this. Best regards, Jim
  11. What are your opinions on Orbx NZ North and South and their new airport Whangarei? How is it on performance? And is Whangarei as good as it looks on screenshots? I'm considering to go all out and purchased both regions and the airport...
  12. Hello, As of right now am using P3D V3. I am having some issues with my terrain. I have to go into my scenery settings and change the level of radius from 2 to 5 and which it haopens again i have to go from 5 to 2. Its very ugly looking at it when its blury (Very ugly). So i was thinking if anyone could help me on here. This happens everywhere in the world in p3d. Its even more annoying trying to land with disgusting terrain that i have to do it when on approach. I would do it before connecting to ILS and just before removing autopilot around 1000-3500 feet i remove autopilot. Using: P3D V3 ORBX GLOBAL ORBX OPENLC EUROPE ORBX VECTOR AND TREEs. And my airports such as uk2000, aerosoft, flytampa etc.
  13. Just took of from Lagos in Nigeria noticed something weird with scenery. have P3D v4 with orbx products installed 20 17-11-10_12-29-34-740 by Mark Dickie, on Flickr
  14. Hi, ALL: Could someone tell me what happened with the dialog after run the ORBX FTX Vector Configurator? It seems like said can't found the FTX_VECTOR_AEC directory, what should I do?
  15. Not going to loose time for words... :-)
  16. Flew the A2A B377 into Telluride from Jackson Hole-a very hairy approach to Rwy, 9 which required two go arounds Great, great scenery at Telluride. After shutdown, per my normal routine with ORBX, I switched to flying the Paramotor and the scenery was even better. I didn't stick to real life experiences (you can't fly a Paramotor within 5 miles of an airport or in crowded areas) but flew illegally anyway at about 17mph through the town, up and down the mountainsides and even followed the ski lifts to the top of the run and down! Really interesting experience. Usually I go sightseeing with Heidi in the A2A Cub, or run around on the ground with Bob, but this was better than either because it was slower than the Cub and could go up hills, which Bob can't. I highly recommend flying it to get the most out of ORBX eye candy.
  17. Hi All, Finally got my P3D install right where I like it (for now :-) ) and was very impressed by the mood ASN and REX were providing me so I started snapping shots. Here are the few that really stood out from the bunch. Enjoy! Mike The great wall of cloud
  18. Hi, I just downloaded OTHH taxi2gate and upon exploring the scenery, i saw autogen buildings in the middle of the terminal,taxiways, and runways. I believe there's a problem with orbx. I hope someone can help me with this problem. Thanks, Francis
  19. Had to upload a video to celebrate the long awaited conversion of this A2A classic over to P3Dv4. Flying from ORBX EGHR Goodwood
  20. Taking the Spit up from ORBX EGHR Goodwood for a buzz around the local area. Includes start up checks
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