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  1. Hi all, Did I make a mistake when updating/downloading my C172RG Cutlass for Prepar3D v4 ? The FuelFlow and RadioDME gauge are INOP, confirmed by the contenterror.txt : Some other issue as well with the clock and Radio_KR87. Other C172RG customer can check their contenterror.txt on Prepar3Dv4 to see if you have the same error ? Remark : its hard to know the version, but the .exe (ALC172RGX.exe) installer date is 06/19/2017 (downloaded from Alabeo web site with a new serial).
  2. Hi all! A few more easyjet flights across europe: Tivat: Marrakech: Gatwick: Hurghada:
  3. Good morning! As promised, I am trying to post more regularly! Today a picture, at the climbout from Faro in the morning: Have a nice week everybody!
  4. Hello- Is it desirable to use the new updates for Flysimware if your not updating to P3D5 and staying with P3D4? Are there any benefit to using the new update? Thanks1
  5. Hi all, when flying airliners, I pretty much only fly routes that are operated in real life with the accurate aircraft, time of day etc. So every once and a while an unusual route and or route/aircraft combination will pop up on flightaware that gives me something unusual to fly. In this case, it involves my home airport, Halifax/YHZ so I was all over it. Air Canada has been operating a few rescue flights to Casablanca and one to Barcelona, all originating in YHZ (a stopover from YYZ). As I understand it, this is for crew hour purposes so they don't have to remain at the outstation overnight. So with that in mind, I flew ACA7052, a YHZ-BCN positioning flight for a rescue to follow BCN-YYZ. At the YHZ gate boarding the crew Holding short for a Runway 14 departure. Only 7700 feet but for a 787 carrying nothing but fuel and crew, no problem! Showing off it's beautiful wings flexing as we climb out of YHZ Dodging Thunderstorms on the decent to BCN On final for 07R at BCN Let's get loaded up and head back home! Thanks for looking. Stay healthy, and wash your hands! Dave
  6. Good morning everyone! Might I share trip report? Pushing back at Frankfurt for a 10 hours flight to Windhoek (Namibia): ... and climbing out... After a few hours inflight we've reached the African continent and the Sahara: Unfortunately a lot of clouds were above the southern half of Africa. Approaching Windhoek during a bit of rain: And the return flight to Frankfurt the next day: Leaving Windhoek via RWY 08, the weather was still not better: The north of Namibia, above the Otjikoto Mine Better weather today over central Africa: The Sahara again: and approaching Frankfurt in the last light of the day:
  7. LINDA 3.1.1 provides compatibility with the new Prepar3D v4 (P3Dv4) 64-bit flight simulator and all existing 32-bit flight simulators (FSX, FSX-SE and P3Dv3.4). It should installed into the Flt Sim's module folder. Each adult Sim requires its own installation. This version adds the new GSX Library for working with the FSDT GSX2 add-on (lib-GSX.lua v1.3). This release requires a registered version FSUIPC5 5.153 or later to work with P3Dv4. FSUIPC4 4.974 or later is required for other 32-bit Flt Sims (FSX, FSX-SE or P3Dv3.4). LINDA WILL NOT FUNCTION WITH OLDER VERSIONS OF FSUIPC. IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH P3Dv5 OR FSUIPC6. This release provides full support for all existing features including VRi Combo MCP panel operation. Please read the enclosed release notes for all details on new features. Most of the changes are under the bonnet (US hood) based on user feedback: v3.1.1 Fixes to Fault Diagnosis Mode (on Maintenance page). Fixes Splash Screen closure error. Fixes to Edit Aircraft Module. v3.1.0 Internal GUI changes. Added Fault Diagnosis Mode. Improved Module Selection. NOTE - This version allows the old PMDG 737NGX and new PMDG 737NGXu to coexist. Even if you don't own the PMDG 737NGXu, you will need to download the latest version of the old PMDG 737NGX module v4.15 to allow both aircraft to operate correctly. All issues and problems should be reported on the LINDA Support sub-forum. Download: LINDA 3.1.1 Download Release Notes
  8. This module is provides most of the important functions for buttons, knobs and switches for the FSLabs A319X, A320X and new A321X. It has been tested with the LINDA 3.0.12 which runs under 32-bit and 64-bit. It is ready for FSLabs A320X v2 64-bit for P3Dv4.5. This update adds disconnects for Autopilot and Auto Throttle (normally located on the joystick and throttle) which avoid the continuous warning alarms. The functions are AUTOPILOT_DISCONNECT() and PED_ATHR_DISCONNECT(). The buttons are not animated within the FSLabs simulation. IMPORTANT = This module has been renamed to FSLabs A3xx to allow it to work with the A319X, A320X and the new A321X. You will need to copy your existing config-hid.lua and config-mcpX.lua files from the /modules/linda-cfg/FSLabs A320X/ folder to /modules/linda-cfg/FSLabs A3xx/ folder. This update includes default configurations for all 3 types of VRInsight Combo MCP panels including one for Airbus model. Please note that due to the inability to access AP data (SPD, HDG, ALT and modes) the MCP Combo displays actual data. However, the knobs functions work with the Virtual Cockpit display. A list of all available functions is contained in the download. NOTE: Some functions have been renamed and reorganised to avoid confusion and allow the pop up menus to be displayed on screen. Installation: Use the Aircraft Module installation functionality on the Maintenance page of LINDA 3.0.x. Alternatively, manually copy the content of this archive in your modules folder. Your current configurations will not be overwritten, but always make a backup before starting. With this version you need a MCRO to make the few overhead switches work! The MCRO is part of the download. Copy that file into you modules folder. The Macro needs probably be updated with every FSLabs update - we will see. It covers only the majority overhead and pedestals buttons (Fuel pumps, battery, master caution, APU, MDCU). FSLabs A3xx module 1.4 NOTE: FSLabsA3XX_MAIN.MCRO is needed to make the above functions working! Insert the MCRO file into your modules folder 1.4 Fix to FD and LS both functions Fixes to Fuel Pumps to ensure compatibility with A321 (some function name changes) 1.3 Fix for All taxi lights. Fix for ATTI1. Added Auto Brake inc/dec. 1.2a Adds back missing FSLabsA3XX_MAIN.MCRO file. 1.2 Fix for sync with A319 variants 1.1 Fix for A321 Fuel Pumps and Transfer Values 1.00 Added Transponder functions from MCP 0.15 Standardised previous FSLA3XX_ functions Added MCDU buttons ( 2, 5, I, P, R, T, V & / (slash) not working) Added Master Warning & Master Caution buttons Added Overhead ELEC sub-panel buttons Added Overhead AIR COND sub-panel buttons 0.14 Added fuel pumps added APU start and run and bleed added battery 1+2 0.13 Recognfigured for FSLabs A3xx series 0.12 Fix to Transponder Threat increment Added Transponder All Clear Fix to Transponder UNICOM 2200 code Radios 1 & 2 On/Off and Freq Knobs 0.11 Changes for P3Dv4.3 compatibility v.244 0.10 Auto Pilot Disconnect Auto Throttle Disconnect v0.9 Changes to Baro/OAT/Wind information on VRi Combo 2 Panels OVHD FIRE Test OVHD RAT Manual Deploy Improved Integral Panel, Display and Flood functions Reading Lights v0.8 PED Landing gear Gravity Extension (improved) Chrono Panel Buttons & Knobs OVHD Cabin Pressure OVHD Annunicator Light OVHD Stby Compasss Light MIP Stby Instruments MIP CAPT/FO PFD/ND Transfer Display Flight Information on VRi MCPs Cycle Engines & Park Brake - for virtual airlines Taxi Lights Set Transponder to 2200 Switch all Transponder on/off/toggle Capt/Fo Pedal Disconnect - same as comma (,) AP Disconnect v0.7 FCU ALT 100-100 step FCU Capt & FO ND Mode & Range cycle EFIS FO BARO OVHD ADIRS cycle PED ECP Switches PED ECP Emerg Cancel Anti-skid & Nose Wheel Steering PED Rudder Trim PED Trim Wheel (renamed) PED WXR modes cycle PED Speed Brake PED Cockpit Door Lock PED Landing Gear Gravity Extension Lever PED ATC XPDR On/Off cycle FO Chrono v0.6 Transponder buttons Wipers L and R FO EFIS Thrust reverse Capt Chrono v 0.5 Display Dimmers LS for both and for Oski 😉 v 0.4 FD switches both FD WXR (except tilt knob) speedbrake v 0.3 Flood lights TCAS ADIRS v 0.2 ECP Internal lights External lights engine Mode switch v 0.1 EFIS Capt AP Eng Master switches VC Dimmer Have fun! (and please consider a donation - you know the price of this addon ... and also the upcoming addon within the next days.
  9. And beyond? 🙂 Not a big fan of logo jets....but Pixar is an exception. 🙂 (love their movies)
  10. Valdez PAVD (Orbx) - a few shots over the bay Rex Direct Texures and Tomatoshade at work (besides Orbx). Cheers
  11. Flying from PAJN to PAKT....ran (or flew more appropriately) into this waypoint that inspired the title of this post. 🙂 Love flying the TBM in Alaska!
  12. Flying into the sunrise...United 2084 climbing out of Edmonton for Houston on a cold Alberta morning with the PBR features of the NGXu on full display. Sorry no pics of the new FS Studios CYEG scenery that I departed from but it is a good pick up for sure. Make sure to click for the full size pictures...wish I knew a better way to post full size images here in the forum.
  13. Hello everyone! I am working on a photo scenery for Africa for 2.5 years now. Sounds megalomaniac? It is. In the meantime, the project is already well progressed, and many people told me to do some advertising for it. First of all the little story behind the project: After I bought the FSL bus, I noticed how bad the performance of the FSL bus was together with ORBX Germany. So I was searching for a solution, and I found it in Photosceneries. Since I didn't want to fly without autogen, I used my experience from my geography studies and programmed Python scripts based on arcpy. These are able to generate high-precision autogen for the sim based on OSM and Corine data sets, as well as water data, elevation data, population data, etc. and with the help of ScenProc. After Germany was finished, I created Belgium. Although the data for these countries was very good, I started writing Python scripts in parallel, which can also create autogen based on Landsat and Sentinel data, in regions where OSM data is hardly available - like Africa. And so, since Africa is a dark spot in the sim, I started to create african countries about 1 year ago. It took again more than 6 months, until my scripts - and the results - were good enough to post the first pictures. And yes, what can I say, the feedback was excellent! And while I'm still improving my scripts piece by piece, I've been releasing a country every now and then since half a year. At the moment approx. 30 % Africas are covered. Here's a small list of the features I've put a lot of effort on: - Good photo scenery with 2 m/px without strong visible color transitions and without many clouds - Accurate Water- (based on OSM) and Blendmasks - Color adjustments so that desert areas are not overexposed - Accurate autogen vegetation (based on vegetation classifications and land cover data), spatial resolution less than 10 m - Accurate autogen buildings (method introduced with Senegal), placement based on OSM and high resolution land cover data - Small file size (I expect to get whole Africa in less than 700 GB) - No performance impacts But I think I've written enough for now, so some pictures: More Information about my project you can find here: Project Africa - FSDeveloper.com and here: Project Africa - FSXforum.de Have a nice wekend everybody and kind regards! Matthias
  14. Is it possible to set up naming of the dispatched AI to be identical to ATC ID from aircraft.cfg and not the generic FFXAI-XX ? Or to be named directly like in AITrackerX ? Thanks Michael
  15. I have P3Dv4 and Chase Plane which I love. So I was looking at two products a friend recommended. PrecipitFX and the 777 Immersion add-ons. I have the PMDG 777. So what is the difference between the two? Thanks.
  16. A pair of shots from my recent CRJ adventures. Climbing out of KJAC on a short hop to KDEN Descending over the San Francisco Bay area on approach to KSTS The second shot is from a flight I did today KPHX-KSTS. The flightplan was IZZZO6 HRRBR CURIV J212 DECAS BOILE AVE PXN OAK SAU STS which took me on a nice tour of very busy airspace/sceneries that simply would have been impossible before P3Dv4 without causing a OOM crash somewhere around the LA Basin, nevermind getting anywhere near San Francisco. With ORBX NCA and SCA activated, I departed Flightbeam KPHX, flew over ORBX KPSP, within view of FSDT KLAX and LatinVFR KSNA, near ORBX KMRY, within view of Flightbeam KSFO, and eventually into ORBX KSTS, all without worrying about the "dings of death" OOM warning we've all become accustomed to. It's a great time to be a flight simmer!
  17. June 4, 1924: They stayed aboard Black Hawk the next day while they waited for the Navy ships to get into position at Shanghai. On the 4th they awoke to excellent weather, the water was so calm and the winds so light that there heavy aircraft had great difficulty getting airborne. Lt Smith was not able to get Chicago in the air, he waved the other aircraft on toward China. He taxied back to the mooring and spent the rest of the of the day swimming under there plane repairing a strip of metal that had torn away from one of the pontoons. The next morning Black Hawk sent two motor boats to kick up the water so Chicago could get airborne and follow the other two aircraft toward China. Boston and New Orleans continued in the best weather they had experienced since they left Seattle, As they approached the Yangtze river they could see thousands of junks, sampans, river boats and large steam ships all trying to avoid each other. Several miles of water front had been cleared for there landing space, Once they landed and battled the rapid river currents to tie their craft up to the buoy’s, an excursion boat containing hundreds of Americans and Europeans came to welcome them and give the flyers a historic reception, a huge crowd of people were on shore clamoring to meet them. After they flyers finished their work on the planes they were taken to the luxurious Hotel Astor in downtown Shanghai. Smith arrived the next day to the same reception. July 30, 2017: For the next couple legs I will be flying the Douglas DC-3. The DC-3 started life as an enlarged 14 bed sleeper version of the DC-2 but it revolutionized air transport in the 1930s and 1940s, it could carry more passengers in greater comfort than ever before, over 600 were built before world war 2 and more than 16,000 were built during the war, about 2000 are still in service around the world today. The model I am using today is version 3 of the C-47 made by Manfred Jahn and team and is one of my favorite aircraft. My flight from Kagoshima to Shanghai started off with low clouds and 4 mile visibility, Flying at 3000 feet over the hills to the west and out over the East China Sea. The overcast changed to scattered clouds and the rest of the flight was pretty easy as we cruised at 5000 ft into Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport. The 459 nm flight had taken 2.9 hours to complete. Here are a few pic of the flight. Ready at Kagoshima. Take off. Heading out over the hills. Clear weather. Glamour Shots. First sight of China! On Final. Parked, Pudong International Airport June 7, 1924: The original plan was to fly to 600 miles to Amoy (Xiamen) but not wanting to try to take off with a heavy load of fuel in the crowded harbor Lt Smith worked out with the destroyer captains that they would take off with only five hours of fuel and fly 350 miles to Tchinkoen bay where one of the destroyers would be positioned for refueling, they would then continue Amoy. On the morning of the 7th the harbor master was not able to clear a path. All three planes had to abort there first takeoff attempts to avoid colliding with a unheeding sampans Smith and Wade finally saw an opening and took off, but when Nelson in New Orleans tried again he had to swerve right to avoid a Junk, then plunging up river at high speed had to pull up hard to avoid a large sampan, missing it by inches. Flying along the coast they arrived at the destroyer off the china coast after four and a half hours of flying. August 1, 2017: I will again be flying Manfred Jahn’s C-47. Best I could figure Tchinkoen is actually Yueqing Bay, and the closest airport is at Wenzhou, about 25 miles away. Even then P3D did not have that airport but I found a simple scenery file on Flightsim.com created by Kevin Wynn that would meet my needs. The weather started out nice, 18kn winds a few clouds at 2400 feet. Temperature read at 93F/34C. Took off from Shanghai and headed south along the coast at 5000 feet. The clouds built up as I approached Wenzhou and I dropped to about 1500 feet in the rain to stay below the weather before dropping into the Wenzhou airport for a safe landing. The 201 mile flight took 1.7 hours. Here are a few pics. Ready for a dawn takeoff. Climbing out of Shanghai. Heading out over the coast islands. Glamour Shots. More islands. Weather ahead. Our destination. Secure.
  18. Finally after many hours of work with the scenery of Northern part of Turkey, I have now made the first flight to Istanbul in P3Dv4. Departure airport Billund as requested by Johan_Dees. Aircraft as always, PMDG 737..with the wear and tear repaint LN-RPZ "Bera Viking"
  19. Hi everyone, Just a quick update as to how things are going in P3Dv4. Orbx, AS16, my FSDT, Flightbeam and Flytampa airports are all installed. I also installed UTlive and am having no significant performance hits as posted by others. I'm still in the process of tweaking frames and performance, but I have to say this is one fantastic platform. The addons are spectacular compared to the visuals in v3, and I'm noticing that there must be some vector data in the default scenery, because I see railroad tracks, proper highways and parks. Unless Orbx put them into their updates, which I don't think they did since they said Vector won't be ready for a while, so to see it in v4 default was nice. Was it like that in v3 also? I don't remember. My sliders are to the right on most settings with the exception of autogen (high) and radius (high). I've turned off most of the water reflections with the exception of terrain and aircraft, but I never liked cloud reflections anyway. I've enabled hdr textures. I installed hd clouds from ASCA. I haven't fiddled with the impact of traffic settings yet, but I will later. What else? Oh, the night lighting is awesome, but I hate the sky and clouds. Adjusting the tonemap in the .cfg helps, but it's not perfect. I really hope we get a shader utility to replace PTA since it doesn't look like it will be updated, or someone comes up with the answer for those horrible lighting conditions at night. That is my biggest gripe. After all of the complaining over the years, I can't believe LM overlooked that. For me it's a big deal because I do a lot of night flying. In any case, I'm waiting for PMDG to roll out the updates. Still waiting for Imagine sim, Taxi2gate, Latinvfr and a couple of others to officially update. I'm debating if I want to play around with these and some others I have beforehand to see how they work. We'll see. I'm debating whether or not to use FSLabs Airbus or Aerosoft. I was never overly-thrilled with the Aerosoft line, but it's good enough for the price point and variety of aircraft. I haven't purchased FSLabs yet, but whoever rolls out the updates first will be what ends up in my sim. I will get the 330 from Aerosoft when it's released. The biggest thing I've learned is that we can switch on a lot of settings in Nvidia and it seems to improve performance quite a bit. I don't want to get into specifics as I'm not a tech guru, don't want to provide support, and have no idea what to suggest, but please, please, experiment with your Nvidia settings and see what works for your system. It really helped with some stutters, particularly with UTlive, which has been an annoyance for some. You can look at my specs in the signature. I also just bought a 40" LCD 4k monitor to celebrate, and I have to say wow. So, everything is almost there. Just need my planes and then I can start moving over from v3. Finally, does anyone know how to edit afcads in v4 yet? I want to change gate assignments and parking for AI, but I've been hearing that using ADE causes the sim to crash. Thanks for reading and happy flying. John
  20. Hi Everyone, So I bit the bullet and downloaded, installed and test-flew v4 for a few minutes today. I've also been fiddling with X-plane 11 as of late. I would suggest holding off on moving past v3 until the addons come out, as the performance increase I noticed doesn't offset all of the stuff the default sim lacks. The default scenery is pretty much the same- same airports, same crappy night lighting, horrible colored ground textures...Also, we just learned today that PTA is not going to be updated for v4 either. So, unless developers intervene or someone out there knows how to manipulate shaders we're pretty much stuck with default lighting. Without ORBX, AS16, ENVTEX, most of my addon sceneries, my PMDG aircraft, UTLive and GSX, there's just no point. Default X-plane 11 is much nicer, and that's not saying much. At least all they need to do is improve sounds in aircraft, come up with a good traffic injector and beef up their weather engine. So, I guess both 64bit platforms are not developed enough to provide the same level of immersion I have in v3 at the moment. So, unless you are happy with default, I'd hold off until all of the updates and addons roll out in order to enjoy the sim. From what I gather in some of the forums, it can be weeks or longer before some key elements are tested, updated and available. I'm not saying it's not worth buying, but why bother if the addon world isn't able to catch up? I really think LM screwed up a great opportunity to dazzle the market by not allowing more beta copies to get in the hands of developers ahead of release. Of course, X-plane also came out without some basic essentials as well. Welcome to the banner year of flight simulation... So, back to v3 I go, happily flying in my perfectly-tweaked, yet constrained by VAS system for a little while longer. John
  21. I'm having a problem with the latest version of chaseplane in P3Dv4 where randomly in a flight i try switching views and chaseplane takes about 10 seconds before it recognizes i have switched a view. It will the switch to the view i clicked but will lag the the process so much. Any help is appreciated
  22. Installers updated in stores. Reworked ground textures - colors now matching more P3D and ORBX ground color scheme - Reworked large areas of autogen, especially around all airports - Ensured full compatibility with NY Airports X v2 (exclusion zones, ground alpha layers etc). - Updated installer for better handling of missing registry keys - P3Dv4 compatibility
  23. Today I installed HiFi's AS4, when it installed it ran a simconnect module. Don't know which one. No problem. So I ran P3Dv4, and wanted to do the tutorial flight to KSFO. So as usual for the last several days I loaded the default jet, and went to KDEN. Then I switched planes and it worked fine. I then decided to quit the sim. When I re-ran the sim I was all set for the tutorial but now after loading the default plane I get the same black screens, engines running, and no gear, no initialization. Why did it work once today for me and now it will not? I don't understand this. This is all I did. So I quit the sim, rebooted and tried it again without AS4 and same thing, no initialization. Everything's exactly the same as last night and today, I have FSUIPC5 but it's not registered, no anti-virus, Defender off, Window 7/64. Any ideas? I'd sure like to do that tutorial flight without worrying about OOM's. Thanks.
  24. Hello everyone: I'm glad to figure out the solution with everyone. Recnetly I met this problem and have a little bit anxious to solve, because I'm a video maker in a China's online video site (just like YouTube), I do not want to drag too long time to next 777 video. Maybe my English is not good so please forgive my grammar... First here's something I want to declare: 1. My PMDG777 isn't a pirate copy, if PMDG's stuff want my order number I can give that use PM or ticket; 2. This problem didn't happened in P3Dv3, even FSX long time ago... Just in P3Dv4. Okay, now please let me tell this about it: I'm using ILS27 circle-to-land RWY24 at EHAM, and everything goes fine before touch-down, my AUTOBRAKE set to 1, of couse no PARKING BRAKE. At the moment touched down, PARKING BRAKE ON red box showed at the lower left corner of the screen, flashing. EICAS showed warning TIRE PRESS (abnormal) and BRAKE TEMP (too high). MFD's GEAR page now showed my brake's temperature is too high and main landing gear‘s tire press is ZERO! I'm sure there is no heavy landing, it was a very smooth landing. TAT is 21C and RWY surface's temp is pretty normal, can NOT be puncture. Then I checked my Parking Brake is released, because no tire pressure plane can't be moving. I also checked chorks is removed. Addtional, FMC's FAILURE page showed I have a lot wheel's failures. BUT when I clear all the failures, it's NOT WORK at all! Pressure goes down soonly. Luckily, When I reset brakes and tires in FMC's GROUND MAINTANCE page, everything goes normal. I’m wordering if it was an incident, BUT then I did a traffic partten at EHAM using ILS18C (I EVEN RESTART MY PC) , same BUG occured! When this BUG occured, although parking brake is released, plane can't move, P3D tells my parking brake still on... In my opinion it was totally a BUG and this makes normal landing impossible (OMG Parking Brake apply and can't release). So anyone knows how to solve this problem? It's better that PMDG's stuff give out a solution~ I'm pretty appreciate if there's somebody help me. Let me express my thanks first! :) Eric
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