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  1. dal330200

    Reverse Thrust Key Not Working for Both Engines

    Yeah, I've used the 9 key on the numpad since one of the ancient versions of MSFS, so it's habitual. I don't think I accidentally did anything with the E key, but if I did, how would I undo it?
  2. Hi there, I'm once again having a problem with activating reverse thrust in the NGX with my keyboard, and I don't know why. I've always been able to activate and increase reverse thrust with the 9 key for both engines, but over the past few weeks, most times it only activates the left engine. I've deactivated/reinstalled the NGX, which temporarily solved the problem, only to see it return. Then I thought the issue was associated with a panel state I saved, so I used another one, and that temporarily solved the problem, but it returned. This is a problem I have only with the NGX. All of my other a/c, including the 777 all work fine. Does anyone know know why this is happening constantly? Thanks, John
  3. You can play with the following settings to change the shadow effect: Cloud shadows depth, extended cloud shadows, and even tweaking ambient/diffuse terrain lighting can also influence the power of the shadows.
  4. dal330200

    key for thrust reversers, both engines

    Problem solved- I just uninstalled/reinstalled the ngx and things are okay now.
  5. dal330200

    key for thrust reversers, both engines

    I have no idea what I did, or if it was like this all along. I also just tried to assign buttons to reverse thrust in FSUIPC, but even if I set a separate button for engine 2, it only activates the number 1 reverser, while arming the number 2 lever. Strange. It's only in the NGX too, the 777, and my other aircraft don't have this issue.
  6. Hi everyone, I need to use my keyboard, or a button on my throttle for reverse thrust because I only have a single throttle. I just realized, after all this time, that when I engage the thrust reverser on my keyboard, only the left one deploys. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to link both throttles to a single command. No wonder the a/c keeps pulling to the left when I roll out. Any ideas out there? Thanks, John
  7. I've been torturing myself with this since day one on P3D a couple of years ago, and my opinion is that some sky textures do better than others with respect to banding-- especially during dawn and dusk. I've tried calibrating my monitor, tweaking shaders, changing resolution and playing with Nvidia settings ad-naseum, and still had problems. For example, I've used textures from Envtex and Rex, as well as Google Earth along with other ones that came my way from various users, and the vast majority of them had this problem. I can't even tell you, aside from the default textures, and if I recall, also produce some banding, it is just the way it is. The trick is to find textures through trial and error that produce the bands that are the least-noticeable. If anyone has any other ideas, or a magic-bullet that would solve this problem, I'm open to suggestions, but I just think this is just par for the course. Cheers, John
  8. Hi there, I installed the lastest two versions of PSXseecontraffic, but the program remains minimized on my taskbar when I try to open it, making it useless. Anyone know how to fix this problem on windows 10? I never had this problem before, only now, but I'm totally stuck. John
  9. I've used UTLive since day one of P3D simming, and I will continue to do so, along with PSXseecon traffic. I don't care much about schedule accuracy, and I can easily modify models and assignments as necessary to make things as realistic as possible. I'll often leave UTLive on at the gate before taxi and after landing, but run PSXseecon the rest of the time. I've also installed BVAI aircraft and replaced a lot of outdated liveries in UTLive, and I can't be happier. My big hope for AI in P3D is that some utility will emerge in the future that will allow us to manage traffic flows in and out of airports, as well as how aircraft vacate runways. Other than that, I primarily use it for the eye candy, but there are times when the immersion factor goes through the roof as I fly with real traffic on approaches. Cheers,
  10. dal330200

    Fuel flow at max reverse

    The most fuel efficient thrust reversers in the world lol. Maybe Boeing can pitch that to customers to sell more jumbos:-)
  11. Welcome Captain. Would you consider getting P3D instead and the PMDG bird for that platform? If you're ever going to spend any real time PC flying, then you'll be glad you made the investment down the line. FSX had a great run, much like the venerable 744, but you'll be missing out on a lot at the same time. P3D is the next-gen offshoot of FSX, and while there's tons that can be done on FSX, it will only take you so far. Regards,
  12. dal330200

    P3d replicates my life! Wonderful!

    I can relate to this. I've done many trans-Pacific trips when living in SE Asia, and P3D allows me soothe my longings for that part of the world when they crop up between holidays. With Singapore now in the mix, my Asian network is getting more-complete, and I look forward to a new BKK sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future. In the meantime, I also enjoy flying to destinations previously visited in the US, which will be even better once KORD comes out. I just wish I can get those shaders just right to cap off the realism even more. John
  13. I always update and then roll it back if some problem crops up after release. I'm happy with the performance of 4.3 for the most part, and things will only get better over time. Each version brings new opportunities to simming, so it's always worth upgrading when the opportunity presents itself.
  14. dal330200

    CS 757 or PMDG 777???

    I think the 777 is more stable, but the 757 performs well. Think of the 777 as 5 stars and the 757 4 stars. I like the cabin modeling and sounds in the 757, and it's also pretty light on the system, and for what I paid, it's worth what I get. However, the 777 is the queen of my fleet at the moment, and will continue to be until perhaps some of the next-gen aircraft roll out in the future. Beautiful bird. John