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    I've been simming since FS2, but I took a hiatus for a few years until 2017. I'm an aviation nut and am in the process of turning this lifelong hobby into a career.
  1. 400 days of simming

    I'm in about 5k since the end of 2016, including a major upgrade recently that contributed to much of that amount. I went in hard and heavy, but I can say that I'm finally starting to have things the way I want them. As much as I love simming, I also realize that I could have gotten my private pilots license by now, so it's kind of a remorseful-pleasure. Oh well, at least I got a lot farther, and a lot more often in the sim:-)
  2. Sorry to say that it didn't work for me. I sent you a link to my youtube clip through a ticket to show my particular problem. I get stutters and lags for a couple of seconds when changing views before everything goes perfectly smooth again. I did a complete format/reinstall win 10 and p3d today, made sure drivers were up to date, and everything's good and fresh as can be. Problem still there. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. John
  3. Hi fellow pilots, I'm hoping someone in here can help me with a new problem I'm having. I upgraded to 4.2 and also swapped out my 6700k for an 8700k. After reinstalling everything, I've noticed that whenever I change views with Chaseplane, there are brief stutters and pauses before everything runs smoothly. What puzzles me is that these didn't exist when I changed views in 4.1 with the slower processor. I also upgraded to a gtx 1080ti, and the problem is still there. Please don't confuse this with poor framerates or performance overall. In fact the performance with the new video card is exceptionally better than before. However, it's these 2-3 second lags immediately after switching views, such as from the cockpit to over the wing or back, that I can't figure out. Like I said, it wasn't a problem with 4.1, or any of the earlier versions that I used on the slower system. I do not have FSUIPC installed, and it happens in most of my aircraft, whether I'm at a huge payware airport with settings maxed or at a small one with little scenery bogging down my system. It also happens whether or not it's cloudy or clear, day or dusk, and whether or not my settings are maxed or more in the middle. I'm wondering if it's something with Windows (I have game mode disabled), chaseplane, maybe a bug in the new version of P3D, or something else. Any ideas? Thanks, John
  4. FlyTampa-Midway in v4!

    MDW is my home airport, so naturally, this was the first scenery I purchased back in 2016. It works well in 4.2 as long as you apply the patch. Welcome to Chicago.
  5. 737 Mystery

    I used to drive past there when I was living in Bali. It's definitely a popular stop, but at the time there was no way for me to get down into the cockpit:-(
  6. New Mobo and HD Install

    Thanks for reminding me of that Kyle, John
  7. New Mobo and HD Install

    Howdy Captains, I'm probably going to be installing a new hard drive and OS tomorrow when I upgrade my cpu/mobo. Will I have any trouble activating the NGX when I do? I will also be installing the 777 as well, so would the same answer apply to both? Thanks, John Lynch
  8. Howdy my PMDG friends, I've been doing some text flights in the ngx and v 4.2, and I've noticed that the ac wobbles/rocks at cruising altitude if I have time acceleration set beyond 2x. It's a consistent issue (I thought it was turbulence at first), and it's something that I didn't experience in earlier versions of P3D. I don't know if this the result of something LM did in the update, something in Chaseplane or a PMDG thingie, but I thought I'd pass it along nonetheless. While I haven't had any problems with controlability, I get a little sea sick as I speed my way through longer flights. Just FYI, John Lynch
  9. Hi Everyone, I've been tweaking and experimenting with various PTA presets along with Envshade and Reshade for the past couple of months. One thing I've noticed is that some presets, particularly the new URP 1.2, has an impact on performance. Does anyone know what settings impact performance more than others? I'm hoping to hone in on those and see if I can't find ways to make things better. Keep in mind I'm not talking about in-sim settings, rather a relationship between presets and performance only, so please don't take me down a rabbit hole about sliders and settings. Thanks for your insights, John
  10. Does the FSlabs A320 worth it?

    Oh wouldn't that stink if I paid for sounds that are already there. They do sound different though. Doesn't matter much, I can't really enjoy flying this bird with it's current demands on my system anyway.
  11. Nevermind, figured out I needed to install it into a DIFFERENT location. Everything's fine now. Thanks anyway!
  12. Hi Everyone, I can't for the life of me figure out what happened. P3D froze, I did a reboot, and now PTA won't display properly. I can't adjust the interface to show all of the dialogue boxes where we can make edits. This happened last week too, but I forgot what I did to fix it. I've tried to delete and reinstall PTA and the same problem happens. I reinstalled my video driver and changed resolutions, same thing. Cleared temp files in Windows 10, but same thing. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Thanks, John
  13. Reto, this is what support said I should do- This might be due to a bad wxstationlist.bin breaking everything in your sim. Try removing it (Located in %appdata%Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4) I did that, and I also waited for the runwaylist.bin to load when starting up the 320, and it seems to have worked. I guess that happens whenever we add new sceneries to the sim. Hope this helps you, John
  14. I'm in the beta, and I'm guessing that I have the latest version since it updates quite often, now 4.185...unless there's a different one to download. I installed and reinstalled a couple of times throughout my experimenting, and I also uninstalled and reinstalled the 320 twice. I also checked to make sure no buttons, keys or controls were in conflict, and they're not. Aside from it freezing, another problem that I have is that the 320 defaults to the 2d panel view instead of the chaseplane vc. I wonder if there's a problem in the config somewhere. Otherwise, I'm at a total loss. Thanks for your suggestion, John
  15. Does the FSlabs A320 worth it?

    I can't explain what happened with the panels, almost like they weren't fully-installed. Smears and blurs. I reinstalled it and everything was fine afterward. What's driving me bonkers now is getting chaseplane to work. Half the time it crashes, half the time it's fine.