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  1. I like and dislike P3D and X-Plane 11, and I think that both sims lack some serious features that would make them more realistic. For X-Plane, the lack of a good weather program and seasonal textures are deal-breakers for me. For P3D, the lack of an easy way to modify shaders and change the look and feel of the P3D world drives me bonkers because doing so with the resources that are currently out there is a tedious and very time-consuming process. Hopefully Environment Force will live up to the expectation that many of these changes will be available in real-time, in-sim. We'll see. On the other hand, the payware airports in P3D are generally awesome, and the level of complexity of the aircraft I have make flying an enjoyable way to waste my time. Sure X-Plane has the Zibo mod for the 737, but it's still a work in progress, and there are limited other options available for tubeliners. I have to admit that much of my angst with P3D is that I've invested more in the sim over the past two years than I would have paid for a private pilot license. With that reasoning, I just can't get myself to start investing in another incomplete sim, X-plane, that will frustrate me as I encounter limitations on that platform. I own X-plane 11, but haven't used it in a year, and don't see myself spending a lot of time in the sim unless some kind of breakthrough addon entices me to whip out my credit card. At the end of the day, let's see what happens over the course of the next year or so, and whichever sim matures the most and provides the best immersion will most-definitely be the one I fly with in the future. Meanwhile, I decided to stop investing in sims and start investing in my R/W pilots license instead, and my first lesson will be in early November. Happy Flying, John
  2. dal330200

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Wow, how did I forget to include that one? That was the one that catapulted my love for aviation into the stratosphere. It came out when I was just entering high school, so it ticked all the right boxes for a lot of different reasons other than flying, but It also did wonders for my over-active imagination too lol.
  3. dal330200

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Man where to start? Before I run off my favorite movies, I want to mention Good Luck, a somewhat cheezy Japanese romantic comedy/drama series that centers around the lives of fictitious ANA employees with a decent storyline. The lead pilot character is someone that many of us can identify with. Love it. You can find episodes on YouTube if you're interested in watching. Now without further adieu, the list. 1. Strategic Air Command 2. Pearl Harbor 3. The Right Stuff 4. Flight 5. The Final Countdown 6. Sully 7. The Aviator 8. Airport. 9. Airplane 10. Airport sequels and Airplane II round out the bottom. Now, let's see what I binge watch today lol.
  4. Your terrain/object lighting and shadow depth may need to be tweaked to make the surfaces lighter. You can also try slightly increasing the tonemap night exp in p3d.cfg. These tricks worked for me in the past, but it takes some patience and trial and error to get things just right. Also, some addon airports have very dark ground textures at night that appear to "absorb" taxi lights and cause them to be very dim, which can accentuate the settings in your preset. John
  5. dal330200

    Water textures

    I have a suspicion that this is more of an ORBX problem than a P3D one. After going through a series of reinstalls over the past couple of months, I've noticed that the P3D default lake, river and shoreline borders aren't as noticeable. So, I guess we're stuck. It's the little things like this that really kill the immersion for me in P3D.
  6. Howdy Folks, I came across an issue recently where the clouds go almost completely dark at night, even under a full moon, once I start playing with my NVIDIA color settings to calibrate the sim. It's annoying because I get the clouds tweaked just right in Tomatoshade until I start moving sliders in the NVIDIA control panel, then the colors change accordingly on the screen, but the cloud lighting gets really, really dim, almost imperceptible. At first I thought this was a problem with my TV setup (I replaced my 4k monitor with a 55in curved), but the same thing happens on the monitor too. I'm pretty sure I have this isolated to the NVIDIA control panel, but I can't really rule out any other issue either. I can restore the shaders and then re-apply them, but as soon as I do anything with NVIDIA, the problem comes back. I'm wondering if there's some kind of setting in there that is designed to improve the display and senses the lighting on the clouds as something that needs to be dimmed? If that's the case, I have no idea where to turn it off. Has anyone else ran into this issue before? Getting clouds right at night has been one of my aspirations in P3D land, and just as it seemed that I reached perfection, this happens. While I can leave the calibration settings alone in NVIDIA and call it a day, the overall display is not to my liking, so it's a tradeoff that I'd like to avoid. Any ideas? Thanks, John
  7. I just figured out the problem. I dialed back 2D panel transparency to get rid of some boxes in VR. Once I put it back to normal, the panels showed up on my screen again.
  8. dal330200

    Restoring Views After Uninstalling VR

    I just figured it out- I changed 2d panel transparency to zero because they didn't display properly in VR. Once I changed it back to normal, the problem was solved.
  9. Hi everyone, I made a similar post in the VR forum, but I'm also putting it here if that's okay (I think more people in the main forum may have had a similar experience). I recently tried VR in 4.3 but I hated it, and uninstalled the Rift and Odyssey. However, now that I'm back in my "normal sim", with Chaseplane, I can't open any windows using the Shift+ method. I tried deleting the cameras.cfg, didn't help. Reinstalled client, didn't help. Uninstalled and reinstalled the CS757 as a test, that didn't help either. This is a problem that seems to run across all of my aircraft, but I have no idea how to get things back to normal. Any ideas out there? Thanks,
  10. Hi Everyone, I tried the Rift and Odyssey last week, but decided not to use them. I uninstalled their respective programs, but now when I go into P3D, I can't open windows via the Shift+ method anymore. For example, there are number of windows in the 757-III and NGX that I use via Shift+. Does anyone know how to get things back to normal? I'm guessing this is related to my VR setup since I didn't do anything else to the sim. Thanks for your tips in advance
  11. Even if all of this translates into just a 20% performance increase over the 1080ti, I think it will be a worthwhile purchase. However, I'm not sure if I'm ready to invest so much into this hobby. I've already popped for the 8700k, the 1080ti and now a 55" TV to keep me flying happy. I also tried to enjoy flying in VR, with great disappointment, but I do think that once the next gen VR emerges, plus the RTX, then we may have something worth bragging about. However, I'm also realizing that I could have been racking up hours toward my pilots license in the real world if I funneled a lot of my P3D money in that direction. So, I've decided to hold off on any more upgrades and work on that goal and re-visit hardware for P3D down the line. However, I'm anxious to hear how some of my fellow pilots fare once the new ti comes out. Happy flying:-)
  12. I've been running a 40" 4k flat monitor for about a year at the highest possible resolution, with loads of addons and high settings. Not bad at all, not bad. Tomorrow I'm getting what's supposedly a pc-gaming friendly 55inch curved TV, so I'm hoping the performance will be on par with what I have now.
  13. dal330200

    My Weekend VR Experience

    thanks for your input, but I already tried that. And, at the end of the day, it is the resolution that is the deal breaker for me. I can't do it. When the next gen headsets come out I'll be eagerly waiting with my credit card.
  14. dal330200

    My Weekend VR Experience

    Evenin' Folks from the VR Flight Deck, I dove into VR in 4.3 yesterday with the Oculus Rift and today with the Odyssey, and I just wanted to share some of my observations in case some of my fellow pilots may be considering doing it as well. I tend to fly the line in P3D, following routes with carriers I like according to as RW as I can make it, and realism and sim-fluidity are very important to me. I also have an obsession with tweaking shaders, cough, but we'll leave that discussion for another day. Right off the bat, VR is terrible in terms of visuals and performance, and I'm sure there's ample discussion to be had in other forums about those things, but I want to emphasize that the videos we see on YouTube and other places do not represent at all what is displayed through the headsets. Imagine looking at the P3D world in an old, pre-digital color TV set. It's that bad. However, the feel of being in the cockpit, looking around, and being totally immersed in that environment completely took my breath away, baked my noodle. Amazing. I got senses of height, distance and movement like never before, and TrackIR is just a tiny representation of what I experienced for those of you who fly with that awesome tool. I tried both headsets because I read somewhere that the resolution in the Odyssey was a little higher than the Rift. I didn't notice much of a difference, and the Rift was much more easy to install, much more intuitive, lighter and more comfortable. It took forever for me to set up the Odyssey, and I also had to sign up for Steam and Microsoft, which was an ordeal for a variety of reasons, before I could get the headset set up. I also had to go pick up a bluetooth USB adaptor for my PC, so if you don't have bluetooth, you need to get it set up beforehand. The interface was clunky and I had to go in and out of windows and programs in order to browse, download and open games. With the Rift, everything could be done in VR, and it was a nice overall experience. Except for that blasted resolution. It's TERRIBLE. Fortunately, I got them with good return policies, so at the end of the day, I didn't lose anything by taking a shot at VR, but they're both going back tomorrow. I tasted the immersion of VR, and long for the day when it becomes a viable alternative to looking at our monitors. I believe this will be the standard in a couple of years, because VR is the future in the gaming (including PC gaming) world. It's just that good. But I have to leave that full immersion behind because I just can't fly in that low-res environment that's available to us at the moment. Lighting is great, the P3D world fills up with weather, autogen, terrain-- everything-- in beautiful, head spinning immersion from top to bottom. But the resolution is just unbearable. I do want to take my hat off to PMDG for the NGX, which in VR looks and feels absolutely like you're in the cockpit. Unbelievable. However, with the low-res display, no matter what tweaks I tried, the gauges were unreadable, the scenery was also pixelated, and frame rates were terrible. There's chatter here and there about how much better VR is in X-Plane and Aerofly, and I was tempted to install X-Plane (I used it a couple of times before removing it a few months ago) to test it there. However, with the limitation being in the lenses/displays in the headsets, I doubt things would be much better on the other platforms, but that's just my suspicion. In any case, if you're a pilot who doesn't mind a substantial, almost crippling drop in detail and performance for the sake of immersion, then you'll absolutely love it in P3D. However, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who needs detail and clarity in their flying experiences. Well, that about sums up my two-cents, and it's with deep regret that I can't be the bearer of happier news. Being in that cockpit was just...wow, and it feels like such a tease to have a taste of what's possible without being able to enjoy it. John
  15. Howdy folks, I'm new to VR and am trying to get everything set up properly. Is there a way to make the cursor move better while in VR? As it stands now, I need to hold still so the cursor doesn't move away while I try to position the mouse to be able to click things. It's not at all intuitive, and the lag, sensitivity or whatever you want to call it is driving me bonkers. I tried flyinside, and I like it, but I also like chaseplane, and I want to run both, but as it stands now, running both at the same time gives me trouble. Any ideas how I can fix this, so the mouse cursor moves with more fluidity or independent from what I'm staring at at the time when I don't run flyinside? Thanks, John