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  1. Personally, I loathe using them due to the toxicity that usually follows my posts or comments. Even if I have an innocent question, I usually get some kind of snide comment about not knowing where to look for answers. I hate it. It's everywhere- from Facebook to here, and it's also commonplace on forums for both sims. Sometimes I think to get my own channel and start using it as a platform to be able to share my experiences without being battered and muted by the peanut gallery, grammar police, know-it-alls and censors.
  2. I would invest in the RTX just because it will boost performance in X-plane and help your system be more MSFS friendly too. I've been using a 1080ti for a little over a year- it's a great card, but still not enough to run all the eye candy I want. ESPECIALLY if you're running multiple monitors.
  3. X-plane doesn't perform as well as P3D. Maybe vulkan will improve that, who knows. In the meantime, The Zibo is not that performance heavy, but X-plane is. If you have custom scenery, weather, the Zibo and sliders set too high, you'll struggle for performance. I have a 8700k with a 1080ti, and it struggles at times. I dumped P3D a few months ago for X-plane because of the Zibo (prefer it to the PMDG bird, which I flew for 3 years), but P3D is optimized better. The best you can do is try- remember Zibo is free.
  4. Aside from the big things that we've been discussing, I hope someone over at Asobo can remember the little details that kill the wow factor in our current options. Some examples include having good looking contrails, and some that remain in the sky and turn to wisps. How about realistic effects such as spray during takeoff and landing. Maybe some fog over the wings while flying through clouds? Deicing fluid and effects? Other little things that bug me are how unrealistic ground services really are, even with the help of things like GSX and Better Pushback. They also move aircraft very slowly compared to RW operations. Good tools, but we can do better I think. How about how traffic performs on the ground and near airports? These are just a few examples of little things that can really use a boost into the next-gen too. What else comes to mind?
  5. Nothing kills a good mood more than reading through some Avsim posts. Geesh.
  6. I don't mind it in this forum simply because it's a good place to let the pot stir a bit. Once MSFS opens up theirs, I bet much of the discussion/speculation/criticism will move over there. While I appreciate the need for AVSIM to keep things friendly, I also think they get hyper-sensitive at times too. This is a good place for people to vent for the time being, within reason of course.
  7. I fly just as much as before, but I also look at everything I encounter in the sim and dream of the day MSFS gets released.
  8. It doesn't matter. I prefer it after spending more than 1500 hours in both. Deal with it.
  9. no, I'd buy x-plane. Sorry, but that's my recommendation.
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