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  1. Thanks for the info Kyle, as Spock used to say, "fascinating.". I think the NAT system is a marvel to behold, but I've always wondered what happens when things go haywire up there. John
  2. dal330200

    i7 8700 6 cores @ 4.3 VS 1 core @ 4.6

    I upgraded a few months ago to an 8700k, faster RAM and a 1080ti GPU and performance was TERRIBLE, even with it overclocked to 4.6ghz (the limit for stability on my system). Turned out to be the video card. Not the driver, not any settings, but I'm guessing something in the architecture of the card itself. I returned it, went back to my 1060 and tried my luck with a couple of different 1080ti cards, and I ended up with the Zotac AMP Extreme, and performance is much better. Not perfect, but much smoother at higher settings. Still have problems with slow-loading autogen at times, but that's something that LM needs to address, but I don't think they know how since this has been a persistent issue in their forums since v4 came out. Anyway, I had no idea that different manufacturers of GPUs can have varying degrees of performance, but this seems to be the case on my end here. Luckily I get mine through Amazon Prime, so I had 30 days to return them while I was experimenting.
  3. Wow interesting. I wonder if anyone has flight tracking history of a diverted A/C to see how real-world actions match the guidelines.
  4. dal330200

    LatinVFR KBWI Performance Issues

    Thanks for the head's up, I'll go and eat crow on FB now hehe....
  5. dal330200

    LatinVFR KBWI Performance Issues

    Performance is okay on my end. My problem is that there are hills in the airfield. A few others have a similar problem, and we posted it on their FB page, but still no reply as far as I know. These guys do good scenery but don't seem that active on the support end, unless I'm missing something.
  6. dal330200

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    That happened to me too because I forgot to restore original shaders before upgrading to 4.3. I reinstalled the 4.2 client, restored original shaders, then reinstalled 4.3 client. Once you do that, then everything should work fine.
  7. On the topic of technicalities, and my odd obsession with this video clip, I'm starting to wonder if the pilot was on a visual instead of ILS or RNAV, which would add another dynamic to this approach. Does anyone know if DH applies to a visual approach as well?
  8. Ha, I wonder if they heard sizzling too...man.
  9. I still don't know what I would do after giving it more thought than it really deserves, but man, what a crew. I've been practicing go-arounds in the NGX this week, and my hat goes off to the PF for the attempt. However, I'm also a pretty cautious guy, and I don't know if I'd even attempt an approach like that. I remember accidents involving AA in Little Rock and DL at DFW that involved storms, windshear and pushing the edge of the envelope too-far. But again, I'm flying a desk, and I don't have to contend with angry passengers or the logistics involved in the aftermath of a diversion.
  10. Howdy Folks, I just came across this clip on Youtube showing a RJ trying to outrun a thunderstorm on approach. Wait and see the aircraft suddenly bank to the right at about 100 feet AGL...I got queezy just looking at it. Do you think that the crew should have aborted the approach earlier? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb-u8j9gX7I
  11. dal330200

    Feel Like a New Plane

    I was hesitant to get the 757, but I have to say it's one of the smoothest birds to fly. There are a couple of little glitches but nothing that keeps me from enjoying the aircraft in-depth. VNAV doesn't give me much of a problem, my issue is that if I make changes in the FMC while going at time compression above 2x, the sim crashes. The other annoyance is that the wx radar only paints weather 40 miles out...I know there's a fix for the radar in the works (maybe it's out already, I haven't updated in a while), but other than that I love the plane. Fast, smooth, great cockpit, pax views and awesome sounds.
  12. dal330200

    Tomato Shade Update out for 4.3

    I've used both, but for now I'm perfectly happy with tomatoshade. The presets I've been using to compare both are producing almost identical results, but the reflectionmaker is out of this world. Six and one-half-dozen I suppose as to which is better, however I hear that Matt is working on something new and exciting features for PTA, so maybe that will give it a bigger edge over the new competition? REX environment force is also promising to allow us to modify shader settings in real time as well, without having to restart p3d after making changes...so some big things are lurking on the horizon. Can't wait. Happy Flying, John
  13. Howdy folks, I upgraded to 4.3 without a hitch, but I'm noticing some unusual behavior in my MFD. There's now a delay with calculating the descent after I pass waypoints while flying VNAV- All approaches are like this now. Sometimes it will show more than a thousand feet high or low before settling down to normal, and sometimes these delays can last for 5 seconds or so. Also, most of the approaches that I've been flying have been leading me to the wrong end of the airport. I'm inputting the data and transitions properly, but this has happened quite a few times and it's leaving me scratching my head. For example, when I was on one of the KDEN stars into 35L, everything in the FMC looks good, but the MFD displays waypoints and tracks for the opposite runway instead. Odd, but it's happened a couple of times at a couple of different airports. I'm wondering if this is a PMDG bug or a Navigraph one maybe? Has anyone else experienced these little glitches? Thanks, John
  14. dal330200

    PTA Ver 6.2 Errors

    I had problems earlier when I updated previous versions too. If I remember correctly, try to put pta in a new folder or new location from the older version. Then it should install properly. Hope that helps, John
  15. For me, when I tried to update tomatoshade, I had shader errors because they were not the default after switching to 4.3. I had to reinstall 4.2 client, restore the shaders, and then reinstall 4.3. I don't know if PTA will be the same after the update, but it's a simple fix if the original shaders aren't present. John