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  1. SOLVED! I changed to service 1, that seems to work fine. Although flying higher than 2000 ft above the terrain.......the outer edge of the most detailed tiles ...........seems awfully close to the aircraft, think I might look into how to extend that area, so the cutoff between the tile layers isn't so apparent?
  2. I have got tileproxy to work with FSX, and have used EdTruthan's filled in 'proxyuser' file with it. Haven't changed any text at all in that file, and if I fly in the continental USA (Y'know, the main country of America, USA, with most of the states) everything is nice and dandy, and wonderfully clear, (One metre resolution) but then if I fly in any country outside the USA.....Canada, Yemen, Oman, New Zealand, UK, Germany......the pixels jump in size to about 10 to 15 metres square, instead of the good resolution of one metre. Its all blurred really, and not pleasant to fly over. Anyone any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? This is my first post here.