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  1. You are 100% correct. The anchor works only when the engine is shutdown. Thank you very much 👍👍👍
  2. I can see the button on the tablet, but it is not lit and pushing it does nothing. Is there a way to activate the button? Thanks
  3. On most helicopters, incl. the H135, the Cabri G2 and the Bell 407, the pilot sits on the right hand side, so this is perfectly normal. I don’t fly the 135, but I’m pretty sure you should be able to get rid of the copilot. It might be in the fuel specs in the toolbar, or somewhere. The manual should specify where. the bindings specific for helicopters have been included in the anniversary edition, but the H135 may still be using the old bindings…ailerons for cyclic roll, elevator for cyclic pitch and rudder for torque pedals. Hope this helps, but anyway, you should definitely look at the manual for answers.
  4. I have the H145, but I seldom fly it. I don't care for all the features and automation, so I stick to simpler helicopters like the cowan 500e and the 206. It may be hard to find the performance specs for the H145. It is probably inside the SOP manual, but I could not find a copy online. Best I could find is this, but it does not show the performance data, only the limitations. https://www.airbus.com/en/products-services/helicopters/civil-helicopters/h145/h145-technical-information
  5. There are way too many variables here. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For instance, if you wanted the fastest altitude gain you would need to know the specs of each helicopter...how fast should you go for the fastest height increase. These will be specified in the specs of the helicopter as they would be for any plane. The speed in general is always dependent on the amount of torque and as long as you don't increase the torque past the maximum value, this will give you the highest speed whether you are climbing or descending. If you exceed the maximum allowed speed in a descent, bad things can happen. To maintain a constant speed, you have to choose a collective torque/power value and maintain altitude with the cyclic. The more torque the faster the speed. if you increase the torque, you will start climbing and you will need to lower the nose with the cyclic to stop the climb. The opposite if you want to reduce the speed...lower torque and raise the nose to maintain altitude. When descending, it also all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. In general you just can't lower the collective all the way or you will likely overspeed the rotors. You need to modulate the speed with a combination of collective and cyclic inputs to achieve the desired speed and rate of descent. If you want to lengthen the glide, you also need to look at the specs of the helicopter to find out what speed will give you the longest glide. Same for airplanes. This certainly is crucial in case or power failure and autorotation. Anyway, what I said still applies. The theory is nice to know, but you need to try different scenarios many times and it will all make sense at the end and become automatic. 🙂
  6. Starting to learn to fly helicopters with an H145 is absolutely the worse way to learn. You need to start with something that does not have any automation and I suggest the Cabri G2 for that. A few months ago, Rotorsimpilot channel on Youtube had excellent tutorials and you could start with those. There are other channels as well that can help. But regardless of how you proceed, helicopter flying is hard. The only thing that helps is lots and lots of patient practice starting with being able to hover a couple of feet above ground and not moving about. This will teach you how the controls interact with each other and you need to understand that before you go any further.
  7. I have a motion platform using 4 Simrig actuators for 3DOF action…roll, pitch, heave. Personally, I find this more than enough for flight simulation. In fact, I tone down the motion as much as possible and I find that less is better in most cases. I fly mostly helicopters and landing a helicopter is harder with the motion turned on and most of the motion is up or down when flying and it very much feels like you are flying in real life. When I flew real Cessna’s, this was what I felt during turbulence and rarely side to side motion, so the 3DOF is certainly good enough for me. Having said that, racing games are different and in that case, an H6 would make more sense. But keep in mind one thing. The existing software for racing games is much, much better tuned than the software for flying. In other words, it will feel more real when you are driving than when you are flying. Unless you are really good at tuning the software, the motion that you feel while flying is not necessarily what you would feel in real life. The telemetry being fed from MSFS is not as accurate as the telemetry that has been developed for racing cars, and that affects the realism. For me, just feeling a bit of motion while flying makes a lot of difference, even if it’s not totally accurate. While flying, you don’t really know what you should be feeling since you have no idea what MSFS is doing while creating turbulence. Is it feeding the correct telemetry all the time? Certainly not as I can feel some motion even when I am stopped on the ground with no wind. Anyway, these are just personal observations/opinions. I’m sure many will disagree 😁
  8. You can put lipstick on a G2, it’s still a G2. 😂🤣. No matter how you try to push the resolution, you can never improve the small sweet spot and the biggest reasons for any lack of clarity are the fresnel lenses that are used instead of clear glass. Even with twice or 3 times the performance of your current system, it will never look like what you see in a 4K monitor. I tried the VARJO Aero and the clarity was definitely better, even with my older system, but I had to return it because I have some eye issues which made it hard for me to focus properly. So I went back to the G2 and resigned myself to waiting for the perfect headset with crystal clarity and a very wide field of vision. 😂
  9. I have exactly the same issue with a CH throttle quadrant…need to move the levers forward just a bit and then back before the reversers engage. That is with the Boeing 737. Are you flying an Airbus type? I think this must be an MSFS issue since they did provide a way to assign an axis to each reverser.
  10. Actually in the upcoming update which is now in Beta.
  11. Thank you for your reply. By saying “type in the box below”, did you mean I should reply to my own post and add more info in my reply? If that is what you meant, anybody who might be interested in what I posted may only look at the original post and miss my reply with the lower price. That is a shame because they might miss a great opportunity, especially if the price decrease is significant. I suspect most people looking for items for sale will only look at the original post, but I could be wrong. One more question please… if the items sells or if I want to cancel the sale, should I not be able to delete my post, or do I need to contact a moderator to delete it? Thank you
  12. Hello, I posted a sale for a complete flight simulator. I would like to edit my post and reduce the price, but I can’t edit my post. Is there a way to do this, or do I need to delete the post and create a new one? Thank you
  13. Exactly the same here. Even more frustrating for helicopters which are much less stable than planes and impossible to recover from low altitudes. 😡🤬😡🤬
  14. I have a 4090, but I am not totally sure what FG is. If it stands for DLSS frame generation, it is turned on, so is that what is giving me the higher fps in MSI afterburner? I guess that would make sense why the developer FPS count does not see the extra frames since they are generated in the GPU. It also makes sense to me now because with my earlier 3080, I did not have Hardware accelerated GPU scheduling, and this is apparently required for DLSS FG. Mystery solved I think Thanks very much 👍👍
  15. Can someone please explain to me why the fps shown in MSI afterburner is double the fps shown in MSFS developer mode? I suspect the developer fps is the correct one, so what is MSI showing? I do have 2 monitors, but even if I disconnect one, the MSI fps is still double the MSFS one. This is not a problem, but I’m just curious to know why this happens. Thanks
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