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  1. Scenery is by AIRWORTHY DESIGNS available at SimMarket.
  2. Some of you probably know the following, but if you don’t, you may find what’s below very useful. If you ever want to show your friends, relatives, children, better half or worse half what VR is all about and what it feels like, there is a very easy way to demonstrate how amazing it is. Simply record your flight with this free flight recorder, and then replay it while your guests are wearing the VR headset. All you need to do is load MSFS, start it in any airport and have engines running in the same airplane/heli when the recording was made. No need to touch any controls, they can simply sit and enjoy the flight in full glorious VR and they can also look around them as if they were the ones flying. You can also change the time of day and/or the weather to let them experience the flight under different conditions. Before this dawned on me, I would pause a flight, give my wife the headset and let her look around with the sim paused, in other words, a still image....hardly a way to wow anyone. But add motion and your guests will either panic, throw up or have the time of their life depending on their age and constitution. Anyway, fun to try even for yourself if you want to relive a memorable flight, or any part of it. The only caveat is that the recorder does not record the actual time or weather conditions. You can set that to whatever you want, but while this is useful if you want a different experience, you may miss some extraordinary weather and cloud conditions that were there during the actual flight. Enjoy! https://flightsim.to/file/8163/flight-recorder
  3. Still nothing showing in the store for me. Is it hidden somewhere out of sight? Thanks
  4. Thanks. Will check it out. Have been too busy flying these days to look at all the posts 😃 Maurice
  5. If helicopters have triggered your interest after learning about the free H135, you may be interested in the new Bell 47. It is pay ware, but the flight model is quite advanced, and quite realistic for most simmers. Some real heli pilots like it as well. Here is a video I made on my first flight with the Bell 47. This is a really, really great platform for sightseeing in MSFS.
  6. Look up Rotor Sim Pilot on YouTube. He has really good tutorial videos on the H135
  7. No problem. Thanks for putting it back👍
  8. No, that is not normal. Are you switching to drone camera while you are recording? I use the drone camera when I am playing it back and I can re-record the flight with the different views at the same time with Nvidia record function, or any other screen capture program. I have several videos on you tube where you can see the results (look for pyramids and Bell 47]. There are a few bugs, but overall, very nice program. Bugs I know of are that some instruments do not show correct values and the cyclic in the helicopter moves wildly when in fact, it should barely move.
  9. If you have shied away from helicopters because they are hard to master, do yourself a favour and try the first free helicopter for MSFS. While it isn’t exactly modelled like real helicopters, it behaves fairly closely to real helicopters and you can learn to fly by starting with the easy option and then switch to the more advanced options as your skills improve. Why bother you may ask? Well, the easy answer is that the great MSFS scenery can best be experienced with helicopters where you can just drop by anywhere to take a very close look, instead of whizzing by at 100 mph and only getting a glance. If exploring scenery is important to you, give it a try. You will love it.
  10. When the game just came out, I had the best smoothest performance even with all Ultra settings and I have videos to prove that. Performance now is nowhere as good as it was in the first day. 🙁
  11. Just a long shot...did you assign the throttle with buttons like ‘increase throttle’...’decrease throttle’, or did you assign an axis instead? I ran into a similar issue when I did not assign my joystick as an axis. I was using ‘elevator up’ and ‘elevator down’ and ‘aileron left’...’aileron right’ or something like that. This resulted in both ailerons and elevator jumping around whenever I touched the assigned buttons. As I said...a long shot 😊
  12. Glad to hear someone else mention the LOD. I thought it was just my imagination 😊
  13. Probably a dumb question, but how does this work if you fly with VR goggles? Can you still play back the recording using an external or other views? in other words is this usable for flights done with VR? Unrelated question, any plans to make this available for Aerofly FS2? Thanks Maurice
  14. Just after MSFS was released, one of the first flights I tried was in the Cub in a storm, in a lightly populated area. At that time, I was amazed at the performance with Ultra settings. As you can see in the pictures and in the enclosed video, I was getting consistent frame rates from the 80’s to over 100. Out of curiosity, I tried the exact same flight today and the frame rates are now 40’s to 50’s, or about half the frame rates that I got several months ago. Even with medium settings, I get nowhere near what I got several months ago with Ultra settings. I have also replicated other early flights and the frame rates were much higher than what I am getting now. This is totally baffling. Microsoft/Asobo must have done something which caused such a drastic lowering of the frame rates. I can never fly with Ultra settings now and yet I was able to in the very early days of MSFS. My MSFS installation is pretty much stock with no addons...free or payware. I would never have known or believed that, had I not made some videos early on. Has anybody experienced the same thing or does anyone have any idea about what is going on? Not sure if pictures were inserted, so will try again if pictures don't show up.
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