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  1. It does cycle between external and VC. But if I move the external view just a little, it's ok, but if I move it a lot, the end key tales me back to a different part of the cockpit, not the default view. And if I am in a showcase window, then it does nothing. Anyway, the showcase views is what I was mostly interested in as I use it a lot. And getting back from the showcase view to the default view is a real hassle if I even can. Most times, back to the toolbar on top. Thanks
  2. End key never does the same thing for me anyway. . I just tried it and what it does depends on where I am. It does not bring me back to the default cockpit view in every occasion.
  3. I know about making custom cameras. But the view I like is in the showcase mode (fixed camera under the belly). So, if that does not work, you have answered my question. I thought it was only me 🙂
  4. If I move my view inside the cockpit, the reset brings me back. But if go outside, reset does nothing. I can toggle the view from outside to inside, but if am in the default outside view and I change to the fixed view under the belly for instance, I can't get back to the cockpit with one button. I have to cycle through other buttons before I can get back. And sometimes, nothing I do with the buttons on the yoke bring me back to the cockpit. I have to use the toolbar on top. Anyway, thanks for trying. I think Ill give up on the idea of one button to go back to cockpit. It just does not work for me 🙄
  5. I don't know either. I tried that dozens of times and that never works.
  6. Ok, I found the reset cockpit view assignment but it does not bring me back to the cockpit if I am in an outside view. This is very strange.
  7. Edit: To clarify my post, I know there are many ways to get back to the default cockpit view. I only want to know if there is just ONE key assignment that will get you there no matter where you are inside or outside or with the drone. Second Edit: Sorry, but I created my post using an old Avsim account. My current Avsim account is MauBen, not MauriceB
  8. Sorry, can’t understand what you are saying. “Load custom position to another key” ??? I saved the default cockpit position to a key, and I can recall it inside the cockpit, but not if I am in an outside view like a fixed position under the belly of the aircraft for instance. Recalling the saved position does nothing. But maybe that is not what you are saying?
  9. I don’t see a Reset Cockpit view button, but if you meant VFR Pilot view reset, then that is what I have and it does not always work. If for instance, if you go to an external fixed view like under the belly of the aircraft for instance, to get back to the pilot view is sometimes impossible depending on what button(s) you have pressed before. Occasionally, I can get back, but sometimes the only way back is with the menu bar. At any rate, one button that works all the time is the ideal scenario, but I doubt this is possible. I have tried hundreds of combinations and so far, no luck 😕
  10. Not trying to start a rumour, but just wondering if MS can push an update without notifying us in the opening screen. I am asking because I have seen some 'faults' get mysteriously fixed without me having made any changes at all...just start the game and something not working yesterday works today, or unfortunately, vice versa. Am I the only one who experienced that? It would be great if they could/would fix things without our knowledge 😄
  11. Strangely enough. it seems to work today. Made no changes or did not fly since yesterday. Must be gremlins 😆
  12. I started a flight with the engines running and no problem. But then I shutdown the engines and tried a restart and nothing happens. No way to restart from keyboard command either even if I restart the game from scratch. Start switch is jittery and prop does not turn. Also, when the engine was running, the navigation screen was flashing. The G1000 model starts ok though...it’s just the classic with steam gauges that is acting up. It was all working before but broke after the update. Coincidence?
  13. Since you bought it from Steam, you need to move it using the Steam application. It allows you to move games to other drives/folders.
  14. Not sure why but that's what they look like, Most bridges are like that but not all. It's not just me..I saw some other shots with this problem https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k5bNmtB0IclW_UyaybVdP7KPfvUBTgKb/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SGxsKitnHNPlqJYXxVNGR5jS-5K843Gf/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/127GazQD_D_Ja2Dm5qciisO-bx8_fj86S/view?usp=sharing
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